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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Moon in Libra 2017 Balance in motion and trust thyself

For the Sun and Moon at 27 Libra: A spot of light in clear skies; an airplane sails calmly. This is a “rise above” symbol encouraging us to soar above happenings in an effort to get a wider perspective and to look at the situation objectively in observation. It is a quiet affair. Not one where we are weighted down with emotion. We are not judging, either. Just observing. Rising above the perceived stress of the situation in an effort to gain a more clear view.

For the Moon's Ruler, Venus, at 7 Libra: A witch feeds chickens frightened by a hawk she had tamed. This brings trust to mind. Obviously the witch trusts the trained hawk. The chickens trust the witch. But, the biggest amount of trust comes from the witch and is directed at her confidence (trust) to train the hawk effectively and still keep the chickens safe. The person in the symbol is denoted as a witch for a reason. Witches are in tune with nature and aware of their shadow as well as “darker” powers. In order for a witch to be effective, she must know what she is capable of and all the ramifications of that.

The Sun and Moon are in waning square to Pluto. They've already endured the pressure of his sideways gaze. Now, they both move forward and will soon pass by Jupiter in Scorpio by conjunction. However, Vesta who is holding ceremonies of worship in the house of Libra is TIGHTLY square Pluto. This presses the shadow side of Libra and the way we uphold her principles out in the open. It also brings about the issue of power plays and abuses within relationships, emotional manipulation efforts and fear of being cast out or rejected.
The Sun and Moon are also in a precise opposition with Uranus which beckons us toward authenticity without excuse or edit. Jupiter in opposition to Uranus for the duration of this year has brought this issue to importance on a personal level over and over again. Now, we are given an opportunity to incorporate that sense of balance into our ego and emotional systems. We realize we have the right to be who we are. We realize we have the right to be accepted as we are. We realize we can remain independent entities even while in relationship. We don't have to get lost in them. We don't (or shouldn't) have to censor ourselves in response to what we perceive as “expected” behavior. This are issues we must be more comfortable with in an effort to form more stable and healthy relationships. It is also something we need to consider prior to making intentions at this lunation. Also know this can create anxiety, impulsiveness and reactiveness. That's where the symbol for the Moon itself comes into play asking us to rise above the commotion and take a longer more clear view of the situation.
Our ruler for this New Moon is also in Libra and working on her own square with Pluto and subsequent opposition with Uranus. The personal challenges we face will soon be incorporated (and tested) within our value system. The ways in which we value others will change as we change our view of ourselves. If we are restricting ourselves we are more easily offended. If we appreciate ourselves and give ourselves permission to be what it is we are then we are more likely to accept someone else as they also are. When we realize that we are independently functioning beings who CHOOSE to be in relationship with others then we are less likely to become overly attached within those relationships thus not as likely to veer toward clingy or manipulative efforts to get someone to be who we want them to be. We realize we pass by others sometimes only temporarily so that we can mutually learn from the interaction. There is no real ownership attached on either side. Only experience to add to our journey as we are blessed to have had the chance to interact in the first place. We leave space for others to grow when we feel we, ourselves, have license to grow as well. We are less threatened that way. Venus will be tested in such a manner that we will see where we may be overly attached or fearful of being rejected or alone.

Another exacerbating factor in this equation is Mars in Virgo square Saturn and Lilith in Sagittarius while Mars also holds at a precise inconjunct to Uranus in Aries. Yeah. I don't really like that set up at all. Uranus pokes at Mars to react. But, Saturn blocks him from doing a whole lot. That is ridiculously frustrating in my experience. It's not that we are not allowed to jump. We can jump the wall that Saturn puts in front of us. But, in order to do that, we just can't go running at it blindly, impulsively or erratically. We essentially have to jump HIGHER. Meaning, consciously thinking about our options and sifting through them like a good Virgo does in an effort to find the most effective route...that may or may not need explosives. Most likely not. Though, it would be MUCH easier to just blow the thing up than sit down and actually think about what may be the best option.
Lilith is a bit of an instigator here. Prompting Mars in Virgo to quit being so demure and “clean gloved.” I can almost hear here beckoning, “Do it. Come on. Be a little crazy and wild. Why are you so afraid? Goody two shoes.” But, Mars in Virgo isn't necessarily daring. Taking risks that may lead him out of his routine makes him nervous. So do messes. Blowing stuff up is messy and doesn't really help anyone. But, there's Lilith. With a match. Daring him while Uranus pokes at him. There could be a part of us that feels as if Lilith and Uranus are setting us up to fail. Kind of how Lucy sets up Charlie Brown to fail every time she holds the football for him to kick. But, Chuck keeps falling for it...doesn't he? Poor Charlie Brown.

However, we are not being set up to fail. We are being set up to challenge ourselves in the midst of our insecurities and trust issues. That brings me to the symbol for this New Moon's ruler, Venus. The symbol speaks of a witch feeding chickens who are frightened by a hawk. Now, she's tamed the hawk. So there has been some level of trust fostered between the two. She also feeds and cares for the chickens. So, in order for them to be OK with the presence of a known predator they must be able to trust the witch. Otherwise, they would surely think she was setting them up for failure (to be dinner) too. Yes. Trust is an issue.
Of course, it is with Jupiter in Scorpio. Yet, if you can gain the trust of a Scorpio, that's really a big feat. An accomplishment, even. But, where does that trust need to begin? You know what I'm going to say, right? On the inside. It always starts from the inside out. The witch much trust her ability to train before she could ever trust the hawk's responsiveness to it. She would have had to have been aware of and awakened to her own power which is probably why she is referenced as a witch here in the first place. If she were uncertain of her own powers, she may have scuttled the chickens to safety. But, she doesn't. She keeps feeding and reassuring them it will be OK. Not only because she trusts the hawk ; but, she also trusts her own abilities to train him. We begin by learning how to trust ourselves and our judgments to decide our next step. We must also learn to trust our abilities to provide for ourselves even when danger is perceived. Without that self-trust, we are scattered and questioning ourselves. This takes away from the energy we need to move forward. That self mistrust could be the very obstacle that Saturn is presenting to us to overcome.

All in all, in true hall of mirror Libra form, what this New Moon says is the best place to start in regard to learning how to relate to others is through learning to relate to yourself. The best way to build trust in a relationship is to begin by trusting, knowing and accepting yourself. Then, you follow through with that displaying integrity and honesty while continuing to respect yourself with each decision. In the words of an Aquarius, Janis Joplin, “Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got.” This is where we begin.  

Gosh. That looks painful, doesn't it? I'm always reminded of the scene in Julius Cesar where he is slain by more than one sword. Et tu, Brute? Do you know the scene?
We hold on to many thought patterns. Sometimes those thought patterns are negative and thus bear negative influence in our life and relationships. When we recognize these thought habits, even when we know they are detrimental to our overall health and well being, it can be hard to let go of them. It's almost as if we shield our vulnerabilities with doubt, fear, hate and disdain. So, when we meet with personal challenge to these mentalities, we can often feel threatened. As if our wounds and vulnerabilities are exposed. This is what we know. What we have known. Once that knowledge is stripped from us, we begin to question everything else. It is scary to let go of fear. It is scary to let go of anger. It is scary to let go of hate. However, once you are willing to let those things go and face your own vulnerabilities a new type of awareness and knowledge enters to fill the Void. This new awareness is filled with much more supportive feelings and often opens perspectives that we were unable to see due what we had been previous used as a shield.
In this card, we are at the very end of a cycle of Swords. Swords do relate to thought processes, thinking, communication. All these contain a secret but certain power. I say secret because we often over look how powerfully we may edit ourselves within interactions with others due to “shields.” But, the words you speak and think carry power whether you realize it or not.
This New Moon offers you a chance at alternative perspectives. In the symbol for Venus, we are given three if not four perspectives of a very interactive scene. We can speculate how the chicks, the witch and the hawk may each feel. At the same time, we are given opportunity to also assess how we feel in response to the picture created. The three actively in the scene are bound by trust. That's unspoken but obvious otherwise the scene the would play out differently. Your reaction to it can, in turn, tell you a lot about yourself. Notice and observe your thoughts in response.
As we end this cycle of Swords, become aware of your thought processes overall. How do you initially respond to situations? With fear? With curiosity? With love? All this is adjustable. Your perspective is under your control. You can switch lenses at will. Fear not letting go of the scripts that you shield yourself with in favor of a higher more loving perspective. Choose to look beyond how folks present themselves and search for their core. If you need to, metaphorically put yourself in their position and imagine how you might feel in their situation. However, do not veer toward thinking for someone or trying to predict their actions. That is of minimal importance in comparison to what you feel on your own as you assess the situation. We are looking to release negative thought patterns. Become comfortable in our vulnerabilities and declare that we will deliberately foster an alternative perspective when needed instead of relying on more outdated and harmful scripts. A blank page awaits you after you finish this exercise in letting go. Fill it with your new thoughts and ideas. Let them flow easily from your mind and onto the page without judgment or force. Observe them. Learn from them. Incorporate their lessons into your ongoing journey.  

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of October 15 to October 20, 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Last night, after the Leo Moon was rendered Void following a trine with Uranus, Mercury perfected in opposition to Uranus (3:52 AM). This morning, after what could have been a restless night, the Moon resides in Virgo as Mars opposes Chiron.
But, spirits are soon lifted as the Moon sextiles Jupiter early in the day. This sets a practical tone. It's wonderful for “Dark Moon cleaning efforts” and putting fine detail on current projects you may be finishing up.
The rest of the day goes by without major aspect. It's a good day for pittering, tinkering or just relaxing. No fuss. No fluff.

Many will recapture some rest if they didn't sleep well last night. The Moon will oppose Neptune overnight to help us.

Monday, October 16, 2017

We may be a little slow on the draw this morning; but, things even out nicely as the day moves forward. The Sun is sextile Saturn as the Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn. We are production oriented. Accountable and given the grit toward follow through, tenacity and completion here.
It's Monday. A good Monday for work and grown up things.

At the end of the day any progress you make...something you can look back on feel going to ease the tension/pressure that may wax in from the Moon square Saturn late tonight. Roll up your sleeves. Get something done or make strong effort in that direction. Today is a day to “adult.”

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mercury has shifted gears to join Jupiter in Scorpio.

This makes me glad. Though, as the Sun lingers in Libra, some folks may find the resulting language that ensues from both Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio...harsh, rude, offensive. But, the blessing of that is when these two bump heads, a stream of truths, long held secrets, subservient plans and manipulations are going to be unleashed. Ahhh...yes, my friends. The plot. She thickens nicely. And, it's coming very quickly.

Now, I'm not saying this is going to be wonderful uplifting news that comes from the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio. But, it is powerful. I don't know about you; but, this Mercury in Scorpio native wants some truthful answers for a change. And, this set up just may bring at least some of the information we have all been waiting on. The conjunction waxes now. It is due to perfect early in the morning. Keep your ears peeled. There is going to be information spewed in this day that many will want to take note of. Can't do that if you are too busy shooting off your own mouth.
Early this morning, both the Moon and Mars pass by Uranus by inconjunct. Then, the two meet by conjunction at 7:28 AM. This spins us off to duty and perhaps has some nuance to that makes things feel rushed or hurried. The key is employ your Virgo “fix it” skills in new or inventive ways. Be innovative in problem solving and what have you to appease Uranus' call to new. Slow down. Set a manageable pace and follow through step by step..improvising when called to.

The Moon is Void after this conjunction. She wakes up in Libra at 1:36 PM. She meets Venus in Libra at nightfall. After the Moon clicks back on, that's likely when the chatter begins. Don't forget that Scorpio is a water sign. Don't just listen to what is being said. Feel and watch non-verbal communication cues to get the most clear part of the story. Keep stuff in perspective. Know this can manifest as shouting or a very loud and long string of expletives. But, there is truth that comes out at this conjunction that is probably pretty relevant.
Now, this is not to say that it is a horrible day. An interesting one. Surely. Windy, yes. There could actually be some crazy weather patterns that emerge from this. But, Moon conjunct Venus in Libra is amicable. Gentle. Satisfied and feels pretty good. Plus, the Moon is very, very dark scaling back the chances at being overly emotional...not that Moon in Libra tends to be that way in the first place. It is an Air sign, though. That most definitely has concern over logical truths. So, no..not likely horrible. But, very likely, interesting.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Today the Moon is very, very dark. We are certainly in full release mode. By this morning, some truth has leaked out. By nightfall, we could be obsessing about it as the Moon squares Pluto. Fixated. Paranoid. Feel betrayed or manipulated. This is also a marker of emotional abuse or malefic power efforts in relationships.

Remember, we are closing here. Whatever information that comes to you by way of Mercury/Jupiter was meant to help spiral you toward that end. It is also a time in which we benefit greatly from conquering or addressing our fears. But, there will be strong temptations to resort to impulsive or rash means.
That's not the way to go. What we need to do is incorporate this truth as we receive it. Heed the call to closure. And, prepare to make a fresh a start. The New Moon begs us to do that.
It's time to ditch outdated mentalities, time to improvise, time to turn our perspective to the future and make plans about what we are going to do about it. It's time to improvise. Innovate. Experiment and carve new paths.

The New Moon itself, opposes Uranus as the Sun sextiles Saturn. Mercury remains fairly close to Jupiter. This gives our New Moon intentions a magical sort of power. Wishes have strength and solidness. Of course, the caution of “be careful what you wish for” is implied. But, if you can close a chapter, declare a new beginning and find a hopeful and optimistic place within your heart to declare a fresh start...this is the Moon to use.
Today, we are weighing our options. Listening to the information coming forth from the boiling thickening stew. But, the main act is to aim toward closure. Clearing out. Finishing and shutting the door behind us. Sweeping the threshold clean. Aaand, maybe hugging your Astrologer. Her birthday just might!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

So. About this Sun/Moon opposite Uranus thing. We have energy this morning that can help us ground some of that out. It comes by way of the Sun and Moon also sextile Saturn. This brings grounding. Boundary. Accountability. Maturity. Can we just dump a big ol bucket of that over the whole world? Yeah? Cause that'd be great!

Anyway, grounded, mature and accountable is the precise way you want to deal with this energy. It can feel likened to a quickening, a burst of inspiration, impulsive actions/words/conclusions, anxiety, restlessness. Well grounded, however, and it becomes uplifting, hopeful, fresh, new...perhaps even optimistically exciting. Grounding is key, however. Otherwise, the “electric” energy from Uranus is a loose electric wire whipping in the backyard. Volatile. Temper it. Be mindful. Make conscious decisions.
Our New Moon officially pops forth with opportunities for wishes and fresh starts at 3:13 PM. After the lunation, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 9:42 PM. So, yeah. We switch from optimistic to intense and penetrating fairly quickly. The Moon meets up with Mercury and Jupiter overnight and into our early morning hours which could bring forth some rather...interesting dreams or overnight secret conversations. Other than closure preceding this New Moon, there is also the element of self-trust that becomes an issue. Or, at least that is what I have gleaned from the Sabian Symbols involved. They are as follows:

For the Sun and Moon at 27 Libra: A spot of light in clear skies; an airplane sails calmly. This is a “rise above” symbol encouraging us to soar above happenings in an effort to get a wider perspective and to look at the situation objectively in observation. It is a quiet affair. Not one where we are weighted down with emotion. We are not judging, either. Just observing. Rising above the perceived stress of the situation in an effort to gain a more clear view.

For the Moon's Ruler, Venus, at 7 Libra: A witch feeds chickens frightened by a hawk she had tamed. This brings trust to mind. Obviously the witch trusts the trained hawk. The chickens trust the witch. But, the biggest amount of trust comes from the witch and is directed at her confidence (trust) to train the hawk effectively and still keep the chickens safe. The person in the symbol is denoted as a witch for a reason. Witches are in tune with nature and aware of their shadow as well as “darker” powers. In order for a witch to be effective, she must know what she is capable of and all the ramifications of that.

Our Guidance Card for the New Moon is none other than the 10 of Swords. So, yes...closure. Yes, a new conversation begins.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Ah..yay! Friday! Can you believe there are only 11 days left in October? It's like the month just flew by!
Today, we wake up under a Scorpio Moon joined with Mercury and Jupiter. By nightfall, our Moon has heard enough...most likely. And is either weary or emotionally sensitive as a result. She is trine Neptune as night falls. It is time for the Scorpion to retreat to its craggy cave. It's time to rest and recoup. Some may feel the desire to indulge in escape by way of Neptune. Don't go overboard with it. But, definitely feel free to take some quiet down time and allow yourself to rest and restore. The Moon sextiles Pluto in the early morning. Any efforts at personal restoration are strengthened and empowered by that early morning aspect.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for October 8 to October 13, 2017

Sunday and the First of the week look rather cumbersome. This is partially due to introductory Scorpio lessons coming in as Jupiter enters the sign. We've had preview before as Jupiter squared Pluto by transit from Libra. But, on September 10, practice is over and we are on to the real deal. Jupiter will stay in Scorpio for about a year shining his spotlight on all that is good, bad and ugly about the sign. He only passes through the initial 13 degrees once. So, we are going to pre-study a bit this week to get a head start. A quadruple ruled Venus sky (Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Moon) dawns Sunday as Venus squares Saturn. This teaches resourcefulness. How does one become resourceful? Usually by force as access to Venus has been restricted in some way.
Then, as the Moon moves into Gemini and Air becomes a factor with lunar trines to all that falls in Libra, we learn about manipulation, temptation, greed, fear, obsession, paranoia as both Sun and Mercury square Pluto from Libra. As a residual, we have the opportunity to learn how to better manage our fears. How does one learn to manage their fears? By having them put in their face for them to deal with. See what I mean?
The best way I've seen to deal with the week ahead is “focus and finish.” Any ongoing projects you have, any chores or tasks you may have ahead of you, this is the time for the finishing touches and follow through. Distractions will likely abound. Sometimes they will serve as distraction. Others may beg to be dealt with. Sheer away the distractions. Deal with what needs to be dealt with. Then, refocus on your task ahead and follow through. Finish. It's time to start wiping the slate clean and readying ourselves for the last quarter of this year. Focus and the tenacity to follow through while adding fine detail and edit are high functions of this sky. But, know there are also several ways it could go sideways. Don't make that your concern until it becomes one. Shortages, lack or loneliness may become issues Sunday into Tuesday. The result of that will likely kick off fears that are exacerbated by Sun/Mercury/Pluto. Acknowledge and square off with these fears instead of ignore them. They bear relevance pointing to things you can do to improve. But, we have to conquer or effectively deal with the fear before the course of action will become clear. Once you do that, though, the energy spent on fear is converted to strength.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Today we find ourselves under two luminaries who both fall under Venus' rule. Unfortunately, their ruler is also square Saturn. Venusian pleasures and comforts are in short supply, restricted, suppressed.
I have this square in my natal chart, but flipped from Venus in Virgo to Saturn in Gemini. It's not a happy, happy, joy, joy placement..I can attest to that. In a natal chart, though, natives slowly grow into the blessings of this placement. We have a lifetime to learn how to be responsible and accountable in matters of love and money. We learn to do well with very little resource. We learn to be appreciative for the times in which Venus does see fit to bless us. We understand that solid and stable love is built over time. We blossom late but strong. We pay for quality and function not trend, not label...and most with Venus/Saturn in their natal have fairly simple tastes preferring classic beauty that has endured the tests of Father Time and the language of antiquity.

By transit, though, there isn't much time to get used to it. It can feel lonely. Lacking. Wanting. Dissatisfied. Locked out of the Garden of Paradise. Denied. Forsaken. There is not much that is “pretty” about it.
Normally, this would barely be a blip, though. A strain on resources and feelings of bliss/appreciation are temporarily limited but soon resolves itself as the aspect begins to wane. But, BUT, seeing as what comes next in the way of major transit...a Venus ruled Mercury and Sun both heading for a square with Pluto? The lack of resource, loneliness, feelings of falling short, being unacceptable or unloved and shortage of joy could quickly prompt some to subservient action, greed, manipulation, thievery or hoarding of resource for oneself with no intention to share with others who may lack. Folks will be more prone to respond to the temptations and fang toothed promises of Pluto following this period of tightened resource.

On a personal level, the best way to deal with this in my opinion, is to allow yourself to be humbled by noticing the simple mundane blessings around you. Be resourceful. Start from where you are begin laying a foundation. Know that the quick and easy route is usually not everything its cracked up to be. This is our chance to stare down our fears of “not having enough” while realizing there are ways in which we do have some control over that. Improvise. Don't let a feeling of self-loathing or unworthiness stop you from connecting with others or attempting to pool resources and share talents toward a certain goal.
Do something nice for someone at random. Doesn't have to be complicated. Simple truly is the name of the game here. Expect, though, that through this period that fear, paranoia and greed are going to be the very things that trip folks up. Endure. Make do. Shift your focus. Innovate. Protect and honor the resource you have. And, beware the snake charmer who swoops in with wonderful promises of wealth and abundance just when you are feeling totally impoverished.

Quite literally, though, this energetic aspect in terms of creativity is wonderfully expressed by way of refinishing old furniture, making something old look new again or for re-purposing items in artistic ways. That appeases Venus/Saturn and the Sun/Mercury/Pluto square. Make something old, ugly and no longer lovable into something that feels beautiful again.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Paranoia and temptations toward ugly rise with the Sun and persist throughout the day. The Moon resides in Gemini now and hits a confusing and emotional square with Neptune in our early evening. Mercury and the Sun are now officially square Pluto. Dark. Gloomy. Forlorn Monday.

No one wants to talk to each other. Everyone is trapped in their personal melodrama. Some have already sold their soul. Others are fearful and paranoid. This is your opportunity to recognize the fears that may well up and deal with them effectively.
Step lightly. Keep your stimulation to a minimum. Know that with the Moon square Neptune, it's going to be a lot easier to empathically pick up on the negative feelings of others. Personal isolation is not a bad idea. Remember, focus and finish. We end the week with triskaidekaphobia and begin with the Monday from Hell.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Things start to level out today; but, we are not entirely out of the woods yet. Thankfully the more harsh aspects in the sky are loosening up. However, we still have the Gemini Moon opposed Saturn and Venus moving into opposition with Chiron. We see clearly and without a doubt how we may have shot ourselves in the foot in the love or money department. We may see how we were taken advantage of. Allowed ourselves to be finagled in times of desperation. Shown how we just took out a loan with terms that are impossible to repay or see how we compromised our integrity.

Jupiter enters Scorpio early this morning. Meaning, our introduction is over. We are learning (Jupiter) about power (Scorpio). Deep dark secrets are revealed. We open the book on intimacy, sex, taboo, the occult, death, greed, if turning pages of pornography haphazardly mixed within the pages of a True Detective Magazine which is also filled with “get rich quick” ads while on a bus filled with scary clowns. These are no light lessons. These are unforgettable lessons that touch folks at their core, exploits their fears while abusing them with manipulations of power and debt.
The gift of Jupiter in Scorpio is a nearly psychic sense of subservient intent, endurance, focus and deep well of wisdom...eventually. But, his lessons are not easy or gentle in the sign of the Scorpion. They do penetrate deeply and there will certainly be a few “unforgettable” moments as Jupiter transits this sign created within the collective.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Moon has transitioned from Gemini to Cancer this morning. We may want to hide in our shells. May feel moody and Mars in square to Saturn is not going to help much, unfortunately. He's going trace Venus' footsteps here meeting with the blockage and curtailment of Saturn today and moving on to oppose Chiron (showing us how we shoot ourselves in the foot regarding our ability to initiate and maintain motivation or engage) on Oct 15th.

Today it may feel as if we have been tasked with breaking down a cement wall with only a wet noodle and find we could make more progress by just slamming our head against it. If your efforts fail, you feel restricted or a time out. Cater to your needs and revert to efforts of self-care. This will pass. If it is something that HAS to be done today, take your time and use experimental or untried methods to circumvent blocks and obstacles. Ask for help if you need it. Know when walk away from frustration for a bit and come back to insurmountable problems with fresh eyes. Don't push yourself too hard.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

This morning the Moon still resides in Cancer perfecting in square to our Sun in Libra to form the Last Quarter Moon. The loveliness of this day comes by way of a stabilizing and reality filled sextile between Mercury and Saturn. Some of the thoughts that went sideways are rectified within today.
However, the Moon meets at cross purposes with Mercury at midday and then squares the higher octave of the same as nightfall comes about. In the meat of the day, Mars (though still in orb of a square to Saturn) offers the Moon an energy boost by sextile in the early afternoon.
which is actually a very Libra thing to do
Minds straighten. Emotion and motivation align. Yet, things may not go entirely as planned. Be prepared to improvise while aiming to keep your schedule flexible. Physical work during the day (though it may feel like tedium at times) will have dispel any excess angst brought forth by Moon/Uranus thus decreasing our chances at a knee-jerk or unconscious response to sudden unforseen stimuli. Again, refocus and finish.
At midnight, the Moon sextiles Venus at the end of Virgo and enters Void status. She remains Void until entering Leo at 2 AM.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Ah...Friday the 13th. Sweetly earmarked as a good day for horror flicks as the Moon squares Jupiter in Scorpio early on. The rest of the day is filled with mere minor aspects. The Sun/Mercury wane away from Pluto. Making today great to play with fear more so than be slain with it. As I mentioned horror flicks, haunted houses or just preparing for Halloween fit well within this day.

It's funny. The day notoriously bent for scary stuff is actually the lightest day of our entire week.
We do have the potential for some upset on Sunday as Mercury opposes Uranus as Mars opposes Chiron. A startle may cause us to run so fast that we trip and fall, as an example. But for the most part it doesn't look horrible. Plus, Venus enters her resident sign of Libra in the morning! I recommend setting some time aside to recoup from this week, finish up whatever remains; then, get out and enjoy some of the essences of Autumn this weekend.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Full Moon in Aries 2017

For the Sun at 13 Libra: Children are blowing soap bubbles at a youngster's party. This indicates the things you do just for fun. Nothing productive comes from blowing soap bubbles. It's all just clean play. But, these things allow the brain the wander and loosens us up at the same time. There is room for fancy and idle dreams. Relax and day dream. You never know what kind of inspiration may come from just playing with no agenda.

For the Moon at 13 Aries: A bomb that failed to explode is now safely concealed. This symbol was in play during our Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius. There was danger. We may not have even known about the threat until we found the bomb that did not explode. At that time, our mind races with what “could” have happened but fortunately did not. This gives us a renewed sense of what is important and also reminds us that tomorrow is not necessarily promised. Of course, we also start to wonder about how the bomb got there. Who put it in place? What we can do to shore up security and keep something like this from ever happening again? The failed threat causes us to think and may catalyze a feeling of both fear (what if there are more) and relief (thank goodness it didn't go off). In that process of thinking, we contemplate ourselves thus learning more and perhaps fostering a change in perspective. This was likely a very stirring wake up call in which we should understand that things could have been much worse.

For the Moon's Ruler, Mars, at 19 Virgo: A swimming race nears completion before a large crowd. Ah, competition. It often comes up when we pit Aries and Libra against one another on the me/we continuum. There is cheering for the competitors. Not that they can hear it necessarily. This means that the biggest push for completion comes from inside the swimmer. She can revel with the crowd after. Either way, we are nearing the end so many are putting their “all” in for that final push to the finish line. Competing can be fun. But, so can encouraging others to the finish line no matter their pace. It's a reciprocal good feel if you can bring your mind off the competition itself. They win. You win. They complete it giving it their all and you are subsequently inspired. Either way, the race draws the attention of many. Therefore, the competitors illustrate a conjoined voice that illustrates itself through action.

This Moon re-emphasizes the need to remain an individual even when in relationships. It calls for balance between self and the other. There may be a push/pull between deciding to be active or just being leisurely. That choice is best made according to how you feel. Follow that.
Jupiter is in new territory and on his way out of Libra here. He will enter Scorpio on October 11. He has only just begun his journey with the scorpion at the next lunation. He does not retrograde back to these degrees either. Between 23 Libra and 13 Scorpio, we only get one pass. In the meantime we are adding new information to our personal stories as he traverses the “fiery way” found between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio. We will meet with “trials by fire” in regard to our personal philosophies, religious beliefs. What we publish to the world. How we project ourselves into relationships and matters of intimacy. He is also finished with his oppositions to Uranus. The two are within orb now. But, the year long interaction between the two is finishing up.
Neptune is a secret player at this lunation as he is inconjunct the Sun. This sideways interaction has us questioning matters of identity. Finding the answer to that question points right back to the Moon. Who do you feel you are? What is it at your core that drives your motivations? Are you who they say you are? Have you adopted certain roles just because that is what is expected of you? How much of your identity to do give to others? Does what you say match up with what you do? How good are you with follow through? Hey. I am a Libra...I know how all that works. We can get lost in the sea of everyone else. This is a chance to individualize. Seek who we are without outside influence.
Venus and Mars are precisely conjunct under this lunation too. So even though the signs of Libra and Aries (our Sun and Moon) are at opposite polarities, their rulers are snuggled up on the same page in Libra. This helps to make the opposition a little harmonious. It will ask you, though, to inspect the reasons why you are so prone to jump in an help and fix. Is it merely to be of help? Are you being asked to help? Or just taking it upon yourself to fix and advise? Check your ego for the answers here. Sometimes the sign of Virgo worries that she doesn't do enough. Over-extending and forcing yourself on others with the “perfect” solution for everyone is not always our job. Becoming too involved in the business of others without being invited is just not a good thing. But this energy is really good for refining that.
Most likely, the largest antagonistic energy coming to this Moon is Pluto. Pluto likes to control. We could see some forcefulness and emotional manipulation here. At it's highest though this Cardinal square wants us to fearlessly explore our own shadows and become more aware of how that bears impact on what we do and our identities. But, yes. There are likely power struggles and battles for control that are kick started here. That part is actually pretty interesting considering Jupiter's soon entrance into Scorpio will teach us all about power exchange and use. This Full Moon is certainly good prep work for this incoming syllabus. Still yet, we will be tasked with final lessons from what we should have learned from Jupiter's transit in Libra. We incorporate and employ these on our future journeys. We've had plenty of time to grow up (Saturn) and innovate (Uranus) how we relate to others. Now we get to show those new talents off.
The outlet for the Cardinal T-square falls in Cancer right beside the transiting Part of Fortune. Your ability to deal with personal emotional waters, nurture, care and move forward gracefully and gently come into play. Your metaphorical “pot of gold” lies in the concepts of Cancer. It's the fulcrum for balancing out this Cardinal crunch. Force met with gentleness or our crab skitters sideways away from it. True story. Sometimes the best way to deal with a power struggle is just to let go of your end of the rope.
Some folks will feel they have outgrown certain relationships under this Moon. It happens. Others will find themselves surrounded by others who have no idea who they are. This should encourage them to be themselves more boldly instead of feeling lonely. It's just change. Cardinal signs are great at initiating in the midst of that. So, take the lead. Be yourself. Maintain the sense of your own power and put it to use how you choose. Be in tune with your emotional body and remember, you can walk away and choose something more fun than arguing or playing tug of war.
One of the big problems for Libra is the reflex. Somebody hits you; you mirror their actions. Any other time, you would not have even considered hitting someone. But, they started it! So, you forsake what you feel is “right” because of what someone else did. Or, you change or veil your opinion just to get along with someone else. You over-accommodate and allow folks to control what you do and never even realize it. Until right about now. It's an important concept to think about and assess. Are you you no matter who you are with? Do you stand by what you feel is right and just or does that change depending on who else is in on the conversation? Can you debate without having to poke at emotional banjo strings using only facts and proven evidence? Can you say what you feel directly? Or, are you just throwing out hints in an effort to get others to jump on your bandwagon and do your bidding? Hints infuriate me. As a matter of fact, if I pick up on them, I normally ignore them on purpose. I'm sure they have their place somewhere in this energetic continuum. But, it's so much easier to just give someone information straight. Aries energy is going to help with that. So, if you catch yourself beating around the bush, why not just come right out with it? Learn to live with disagreement and not seeing eye to eye. We can get along and still not agree on every little thing. Definitely pay attention to whether you feel like you are allowed space to be yourself without having to alter that according to the company you keep.

Decisions were made at the last lunation. Justice is served at this one. What we have here is a call to assess evidence. Both ladies in this version of the Justice card have their eyes covered. In Rachel Pollack's book “Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom,” she states the following in reference to this card, “Card 11 indicates that the psychic laws of Justice, by which we advance according to our ability to understand the past, depends on seeing the truth about ourselves and about life.” I feel like that statement is the kicker here. The Sun and Mercury are huddled together in Libra both inconjunct Neptune. So brain and ego strive for these balanced positions of Justice; but, are hit sideways by potential distortion, uncertainty, haunted memories or flat out fear. We may have information confused. We may be editing ourselves due the folks who are around us. We may be uncertain or shaky within our sense of identity and our memories of how we became who we are. But, the Moon tries to pull us out of that. Calls us to be brave and assertive through our emotional body. To dare. To be bold. I'm not so sure Libra is comfortable with boldness. Libra WILL at a lower vibration edit herself in an effort to not “make waves” and prevent others from feeling uncomfortable. True story. Many of us heard things like, “pretty is as pretty does” or “children are to be seen not heard.” Those little things sink in over time whether we believe them or not. Before we know it we are unconsciously operating within those scripts. Sometimes, Libra sizes up bold as rude. In reality, bold doesn't have to be rude or brazen. Bold can be a gently burning fire. It doesn't have to be something that is so in your face it scalds your eyebrows. The point is to realize where it is you may be over-compromising your identity, how you think and what you say out of fear of someone's reaction to it.

Some of the problems associated with what I just mentioned could be a result of comparison. As in, how much you try to compare yourself to someone else. Or how you feel you measure up. That's a Libra thing too. Compare and contrast. But, thing is, we forget we are not comparable. Your path is different than that of anyone else. How can there be a comparison? This of course points to the swimming race symbol. You may not be able to best everyone in that race. The truest competition comes between altered and edited versions of yourself and the challenge to be more wise, self-assured and authentic. The challenge is to do what you do to the best of your abilities regardless of how that may or not measure up to your neighbor.

Basically, what all this says to me is that before we can be unbiased and deliver true Justice, we must confront ourselves and our (for lack of a better word) personal bullshit first. Otherwise our ability to remain detached enough to weigh out the facts and evidence is hindered. So. We follow the Moon's cue by first being brave enough to look at ourselves honestly in the mirror and assess these matters of identity or identity censoring and THEN step out and engage. Honestly. It may look like we are doing nothing at all. Just passive play. Blowing soap bubbles. But, on the inside, there is a whole lot going on in regard to figuring out how it is we are to come to terms with ourselves.

Sometimes engaging in activities we enjoyed when we were younger can help us remember what the pure essence of ourselves is like. For example, I have this box of memories. In that box is a baby book my mother kept. In that baby book she wrote that I had learned my first nursery rhyme at about 2 years old. “I see the Moon. The Moon sees me. God bless the Moon. God bless me.” Yeah. There I am. Before anyone had a chance to tell me who I was. Before I was given opportunity to believe them. And, here I am now...writing a book about following the Moon. Sometimes, it all comes full circle like that.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Things you need to know about your Astrologer

Dear readers, colleagues and friends:

I apologize in advance for the length of this address. This is a topic I have much to say about and plenty to share with the folks who frequent my site. I have found sludge in my profession.
Over the weekend, I was greatly triggered by information that I just happened to trip over. You see, historically, I am one of those “middle of the road” gals. What I mean by that is that I have been at one time or another in my life a registered Republican, Democrat and an Independent. I have no party loyalty. I do this thing where I go to and read the platform of folks that are running for office rather than adhere to a certain party affiliation. I want to know who I am voting for and what they stand for above and beyond what party they align with. This is why you do not read me specifically writing about any certain party in the political realm. I also have readers outside the US. I try to keep my writing relevant to them.
Writing and Astrology are my primary focus. I also have a Mercury placement that devours information. Those two things (my interests and my brain) give me a tendency to look up a lot of birth dates. I've studied a countless number of charts in an effort to understand more about Astrology and how it works. I have tendency to be one of those people that likes to draw my own conclusions, make my own decisions. I study things inside and out until I understand without trapping myself in what previous teachers/students/advocates for Astrology tell me is true. That mentality is not exclusive to Astrology. This is just how I'm built. I'm curious. I'm independent. I think for myself and study what I'm interested in deeply. I don't take the words of someone else automatically as fact. I check things out on my own, first. I most definitely encourage others to do the same even in terms of what I may publish.
All these habits were in full force when I ran across an article over the weekend. In that article, they were specifically speaking about “women fighting for white male supremacy.” I like to figure out what makes folks tick. I do not think you can see a tendency toward racism, sexism or anything about such things like that in a person's chart. That is your humanity (or lack there of), not your Astrology. However, after reading the article about this lady, my curious brain kicked in and wanted to see her chart. She is a public figure from what the article says. So, I thought her birth info would be easy to find. I'd not heard of her before reading this write up.
I type this person's name into my handy dandy Google bar and put the word “astrology” after because this often turns up the pre-cast charts from different sites. Except, when I typed that in, my results turned up this persons very own Astrology writings. It also turned up several Astrology sites that directly referenced her work. Some of those sites were from Astrologers I have read and respected in the past. Their mere affiliation with this person who is married to a high ranking member of the KKK has prompted me to cut those who have cited her work off completely as sources of information. That, too, was a huge disappointment. By the way, the person who was subject of the article I was reading, publishes her Astrology writings right on her site that was built specifically to push a White Supremacy agenda. If you link her site, you link directly to a website that promotes and supports this disgusting mentality right alongside Astrology.
I was mortified. To put this succinctly in regard to how it played out, I went looking for understanding. What makes someone who supports an agenda of white supremacy tick? How do you even rationalize that? Especially as a woman? Because, this mentality preaches the suppression and subservience of women... another thing I can't wrap my head around. The first thing I found behind what makes someone aligned with White Supremacy “Tick”...was my very own passion. Astrology. I say mortified. But, it was bigger than that. My reaction was visceral. I stopped there. I never looked up her birth information. Anger usurped my curiosity.
As a matter of fact I wanted to address this in public the day it occurred but was unable to handle my emotional reaction at that time. I wanted to do a video about this but I am STILL unable to do so without tearful eyes and quivering lips.

I don't think it is wrong to be viscerally and emotionally affected by something like White Supremacy, racism, bigotry, ageism, sexism...all that sliminess. Yet, I want to be effective in how I address this and my emotions are a distraction to my point.

I'm not naïve to the fact that Astrology and the Occult were both fascinations to Hitler. He dabbled in all kinds of stuff. I have no interest in knowing what made that man tick. I have no interest in studying whatever justifications or what have you which are out there about Hitler. I realize, now, that I blurred those things out as having no any relevance to what I do. There mere previous association of Astrology with the Nazi movement, all by itself, makes me feel it is now necessary to bring this to light.

Astrology is an open book. The practice is unregulated. It is a tool that can be used for just about any cause with symbolism that can be manipulated to push all sorts of agendas. For example, you can use a hammer to fix something or you can use a hammer to hit someone on the head. The intention lies in the user not the tool. I realize that too. This is another reason I want to make my intentions crystal clear. I have no time to play with Fascists. Or entertain to them.

So. In the event that someone has interest in both the suppression and exploitation of others and also happens to be an Astrology fan, let me be clear, I am not the Astrologer for you.
However, if you have an interest in learning Astrology, like the way I write and enjoy my readings as a source of personal knowledge delivered with the intent of empowering you upon your personal journey; then, I am your gal.

That being said, in order to make my goals for writing Astrology clear to my readers and those who may tumble across this site in the future, I'm going to write them here.

Things you should know about this Astrologer

  1. I write daily astrology to empower people with knowledge and awareness of the current energies in our sky. How to use them. What the pitfalls may be. The potential circumstances it could whip up as a result.
  2. I also write these daily astrology articles for my own use. Astrology is nothing less than a passion for me. A continual source of learning and understanding. Sometimes, when I write a forecast for the week I often don't remember the day to day specifics. So I refer to these writings through the week in order to keep track of my day to day on a personal level. Writing weekly forecasts for myself is how the blog of Shock Therapy came to be.
  3. I cater to a specific audience by use of the language I choose. Most of my readers have a basic knowledge of Astrology. I may begin to write with less astro-lingo in the future in an effort to cater to a more broad audience. However, that audience still will not be one that supports folks who wish to oppress the rights and freedoms of others.
  4. Should you be someone who agrees with a White Supremacy agenda, is fascinated with oppressing/controlling others, wants a white washed world or spews an oppressive agenda against any race, religion or culture, I am not the Astrologer for you.
  5. My readings are specifically for folks who want to know more about themselves and the world around them. I try to connect Astrology to current events in an effort to help folks see how the energy works. I do not point my clients in any specific direction. My personal judgment has no place in your readings until I discover you are exploiting my talents for illegal activity, mentalities like White Supremacy or to manipulate others in a malefic way. I aim to guide you through the energies at hand. Show you the tools you have to put to use by way of transit, natal astrology or progression. I will support you and encourage you in making your own decisions and defend your right to have authority over your life.
  6. I consider myself a pioneer in the Astrology realm. Even though Astrology has been around forever. Many of the old texts are written in a language that exudes outdated values that no longer serve us. You can see this written in the Sabian Symbols just as one example. I wish to be part of the movement that looks at Astrology with fresh eyes and brings it into more modern mores and standards.
  7. I wish to help unite folks. Not divide them based on their beliefs. I support and work with folks from various religions, races and walks of life. Often folks seek me out when tremendous change is happening in their lives and need to see the picture of what is unfolding more clearly. That is why I named my business “Shock Therapy.” I often show up before or just after something hugely transformative has happened such as death, break up of long relationships, people finding themselves and the audacity to be that, births, marriages, long-term is not uncommon for folks to find me at those times in their lives. I'm not a light worker. I work in the shadows to help those also there find their own way out.
  8. I am also a medium and work extensively with folks in the grieving process. This is commonly referred to as being a psychopomp. These are services I do not advertise nor do I collect money from them. The situations find me and I'm able to discern where I can be of help and when. Most often, my daily life leads me where I need to be without me having to do a thing.
  9. Astrology is my passion. I did not pick it up as a trade because I thought it would bring me fame, large sums of money or notoriety. I picked it up because fueling my own passions makes my life more fulfilling. It also fulfills another passion...empowering and assisting others. I have no problem refusing money or support from someone who touts a slimy agenda. I have absolutely no desire to support, enable or advocate for anyone who aligns themselves with such folks, either. If this is too controversial for you, you find it insensitive or you happen to be one of those folks who is offended that I don't condone this stuff, you are welcome to exit. However, if you would like to hang in with me along this journey that is steered toward helping the world get past this kind of thinking, I not only embrace and support you, I honor you.

I will not knowingly support nor assist with plans that include illegal activity or any one who may harbor a racist, bigoted, sexist or White Supremacy agenda. I do not wish to benefit from these activities. I do not need money nor support from anyone with that type of mindset. I was told this was a bad business model. To automatically exclude potential customers. I do not care. My conviction over-rules my desire for success and my ambitions in this realm. If working with Astrology means I must pander to folks with this convoluted and subservient mindset, I'd rather scoop up excrement for a living. Quite frankly. I do not think it will come to that. So be it if it does.

As an astrology lover and a person who commonly cites the articles of other Astrology writers, I encourage everyone who reads this to continually check out who it is you are citing; who it is you are reading; and, who it is you are allowing to have access to your information by the way of Astrology readings and consultations. The match is no different than picking out any other type of professional. In this Astrological period we have been very challenged to both figure out who we are and what or whom we may be dealing with. I encourage fact checking and taking the time to do this in everything you read. I'm pleased to see this seems to be trend that is catching on. It could be quite embarrassing if not infuriating to discover that you have cited or paid for advice from someone who is a blatant White Supremacist or who harbors such mentalities. Unless you care not to be affiliated with such vile examples of humankind. I care. Do not be afraid to research and ask questions of any professional you may hire.

I want to name names. I want to tell you who the article was written about. I want to call out those who have gleefully cited her work. However, I do not want those names attached to me or my business. If you re-read what I've just written, you will see that I have given you all the information you need to discover what I have, should you feel inclined. I will not tell you what to think. I just encourage you to do it for yourself.

I have a tendency to believe that I live my life in such a way that I would not be mistaken for someone who would try to manipulate or oppress folks. Many of the other Astrologers I know do this as well. Still yet, colleagues and friends, I encourage and support you to address the dark history of Astrology and define where you stand in that mix with your own readers as I'm sure you would not want to be mistaken as someone who supports or continues to promote that dark history. If you frequently share Astrology articles, I would also suggest you check whose words you are spreading for more than just accuracy.  

Monday, September 25, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 25 to September 30, 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017

This morning the Moon wakes up amicably but spends most of the day in harsh aspect to the rest of the sky from Sagittarius. Plus, Mercury in Virgo also squares Saturn in Sagittarius in our early morning hours.
Mercury in Virgo is very precise. Very particular. But, he also speaks as a service. He thinks with an end goal in mind as he is results and solution oriented. I've also worked with enough Virgo's to know that this placement along with anything else in the sign can be harshly self-critical. Over-analyzing and picking apart self for the smallest thing. Then, allowing that self-berating to run over and spill on out into the world.

With Mercury in Virgo square Saturn, we are given a chance to hone our communication skills. Use the power of our words. Be precise in the message we want to deliver. Or, even, solidify plans that we have only penciled into our agendas. On the lower end, you may feel negative. Have heavy thoughts. Feel as if something is holding your tongue in place because you have things to say but cannot find just the right words to express yourself. Or, this aspect can cause frustration with a person to a degree that they indiscriminately swing their sword simply due that.
The best way I've found to handle that is an adherence to the truth. If you are writing something, edit it for clarity and grammatical error. This set up is great for finding mistakes and editing purposes in general. If you are called to a speaking engagement, ensure you have a solid grasp on the information that you are delivering and practice answering questions that may arise. No fluffing a facade that says “I know what I'm talking about enough to fake my through.” That doesn't typically work out well under Mercury/Saturn. Folks are more inclined to pick apart any verbal or written error they find.
Which may give one pause when delivering information into the public realm in general....the knowing folks may pick apart. After editing what you are trying to convey for grammatical errors, ensure what you are trying to deliver fits either a bill of service, conveying essential facts and, most of all, ensure it is true.

What I'm seeing more and more is a fatigue with click-bait articles. Information delivered just to whip folks into a frenzy that, in the end, is found baseless. An intolerance of lies and information manipulation in general. Mercury square Saturn will intensify this fatigue, intolerance and lack of “funny” found in being whipped up by inaccurate, false or misleading info. I don't think it is a good idea to spread that malarkey any day. Yet, this atmosphere has brought me to a place where it is commonplace for me to check sources, be wary of the sites I click on and learn to recognize rhetoric when I see it. I'm sure you are rather well practiced at this by now too. Employ those talents and look at taking in information the same way as you would putting it out under this sky. Is it useful? Is it true? Is it accurate?
Sagittarius Moon is playful and likes to be a prankster. Enjoys when folks laugh. Needs joy, laughter, wide open roads, exploration and broad horizons. Due the nature of this Moon, some folks may put information out there meant to stir folks up in an effort to lighten the atmosphere or create a few laughs. Those efforts are unrewarded today. Find another way to spread joy. One that actually works should you hear the call to levity brought forth by the Sagittarius Moon. We need the levity but this tactic of shattering monotony has become so common while devolving into such a triggering issue that it is no longer funny. That trick is all worn out.

At the end of this day, many are likely plumb tuckered out. We may go to bed early or due the harsh aspects within this day we may just decide we need to retreat from the world, escape into a movie and glass of wine. It is also possible that the crunch of Mercury/Saturn bore emotional effect stirring depression or tears. Either way, our evening hours make room for us to deal with whatever may bubble up in the emotional realm as a result of this day. Self-care and rest are indicated. Along with a nice hot bath followed by a luxurious foot massage, mayhaps.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Today still feels a lot like trudging as our Sagittarius Moon again finds conflict with planets residing in Virgo. Later this evening, she meets Saturn by conjunction after having squared Mars and while traveling to a square with Mercury.
Trust me, there are going to be times in the first of this week where some may feel as if they cannot do or say anything right. Either they are self-corrected or called on every little mistake they make...not even able to tie your shoes right and that's bad because they have Velcro closures. You know? Be easy with yourself. Cut others slack on little slights or minor errors. Don't be overly focused on perfection. View things from the perspective of practice and layering on of experience. Be honest and factual in your dealings and ask folks if there is something you can do to help before you start doling out unsolicited advice or assistance.

Setting a slow and manageable pace suits this day. In work efforts, paying attention to detail and making adjustments as necessary are all worthy affair. Mood is likely serious or task oriented..but would rather be doing something fun. Focus in. Accomplishment of some type helps the Moon/Saturn/Mercury square go by this evening with less friction. We can rest more easily and satisfied tonight if we are able to look back upon the day that has passed and sincerely say, “I've given it my best effort” regardless of the result. So, in the meat of the day set yourself up to be able to reassure yourself of such later.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This morning, we may step out of our doors a little more lightly than we did the first couple of days this week. The Moon is still in Sagittarius and finds herself uplifted by gentle aspect to both Uranus and Jupiter. Both of whom appear as our “star” Astrological players today as they do perfect in opposition just after midnight tonight. It most certainly feels a little different that the Mercury/Moon/Saturn interplay from the beginning of the week.
Our Sagittarius Moon is Void from 7 AM this morning until waking up in Capricorn at noon. This movement brings grounding, personal accountability and maturity to emotional matters. All nice things to have even if it isn't some kind of racing fun stuff. We need Saturn in this mix somewhere as we move forward as the challenges and crunch from the First Quarter Moon perfects just minutes before the Jupiter/Uranus opposition clicks into place. Grounding and an ability to keep your eyes on your purpose are essential in handling whatever may come up from either of these aspects.

Though both of these movements involve Cardinal signs, we do not have a cross here. The Jupiter/Uranus opposition occurs at 27 degrees of Cardinal while the First Quarter perfects at 5 degrees of the same. As the Sun traces Jupiter's previously laid steps through Libra, we incorporate his lessons into our ego system. The square from the Moon to the Sun at the early degrees of Capricorn/Libra calls us to begin employment of this new wisdom. To incorporate it into our current operations. Meanwhile, the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus calls us to balance the polarity between our right to be accepted as ourselves and the emphasis we place on the importance of our relationships. We want to blossom in relationship not have our petals stomped. We want to learn to live together instead of turning cold, overly detached, reactive and driven to a point where we dehumanize folks who may believe or be different in other ways in comparison to ourselves. We seek out relationships that boost us and encourage us to be authentic. During the Jupiter/Uranus opposition oppressive and dominating relationships are prone to be blown apart or hurriedly left. The squash of expectation and a feeling of being required to compromise “self” in an effort to meet demand becomes to much to bear. Intolerable. Some will react to that and as a result some relationships will end. That's just how it goes. It's usually justified. It's usually for the best. It can still be upsetting. It still comes with friction. The thing to do is balance all this out and seek out those kinds of relationships in which you do not have to pretend to be something you are not while offering the same space to others in return. We are never going to be all be the same. Thank goodness. But, we can co-create a space that offers acceptance for differences and upholds a persons right to be whatever it is they find themselves to be. This is a good day to model how folks in that kind of open atmosphere may behave.

Let's have a look at the Sabian Symbols for the First Quarter Moon and this Jupiter/Uranus opposition in an effort to glean more information about what this day may bring about.

The Challenge of the First Quarter Moon:

For the Moon at 6 Capricorn: Ten logs lie under archway leading to darker woods. Illimitability of experience, as man moves from completion to ever greater fulfillment. Keenness in knowing. Thoroughness.

For the Sun at 6 Libra: In trance, a pilgrim beholds his ideals made concrete. Inevitable confrontation with the concrete results of one's ideals. Lesson to be learned from it. Willingness of heart.

The fine “balance in motion” challenge of Jupiter opposite Uranus

For Jupiter at 28 Libra: A man in deep gloom. Unnoticed, angels come to his help. Spiritual sustainment given to him who opens himself to his full destiny. Slow realization of betterment. Unsolicited help.

For Uranus Rx headed toward 27 Aries: Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained. Beginning of mental maturity and slow growth of the creative faculty. Revision of attitude. Mental house-cleaning.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

This morning the Moon is still active in Capricorn. For the most part, she plays amicably with the rest of the sky passing by our personal planet stellium in Virgo by trine and Neptune in Pisces by sextile. The big news of the day, though it will involve the Moon tonight, is more about Pluto than anything else. He stations direct today. I view this as a good thing. However, as he stations direct, there is this feeling of sludge or of being gunked up. That is because he has gathered residual sludge during his retrograde period that was left behind during his first passage through these degrees of Capricorn. In response, the easiest solution is to, of course, remove the sludge. Clear out the gunk. Focus efforts on debris removal with the end goal of making a steady path forward for ourselves. Otherwise, the sludge becomes likened to quicksand or hardening cement. Scooby warned us of such.

Also know that the stationary position of Pluto makes his power seem rather strong. Pluto is no light energy. He will tempt you. Taunt you. Play with your deepest darkest fears. He can create paranoia, obsession and greedy attempts that aim to grapple with and misuse power.
Yet, these are the tools he uses to shed light upon our personal psychological demons. Those things amassed in the sludge that is dredged up which we do not want to face about ourselves or others. However, the longer we deny these things or avoid cleaning up our own psychological residual gunk the more festered and putrid it becomes. Whereas, once we find the courage to face off with this stuff and take action toward directing it toward something more supportive, we are instantly empowered and transformed...just by that act alone. Pluto plays with spinelessness. He thinks it is funny when you are scared. Even though he also knows that fear is exactly what you allow to trip you up sometimes. He relishes in tenacity and grit. Bravery. Fortitude. And, he will pull every trick in the book in the way of temptation in an effort to see if you really have these qualities. Often, folks will fall for his tricks when really it is a better bet to build and strengthen these traits when their weaknesses are brought to our attention. Either way, even if we view the pressure this brings forth and witness the residual sludge of others, this is about cleaning up your own mess before you go off worrying about one that may belong to someone else.

The Moon finds Pluto as darkness spreads across half the world. Fitting. I think. Don't allow the seepage of demons or residual sludge to stop you in your tracks. Focus can be found to stare these things down or clear out obstacles. But, you won't find it in acts bent on escape or avoidance. Though, our Libra Sun may have us inclined toward such. This is about self-confrontation, awareness of our own psychological pitfalls and employing the ways in which these things leak out as lesser energies toward broader and more conscious purpose. It is possible that some may experience this as a “dark night of the soul” type of thing.

Friday, September 29, 2017

This morning, things may not go as originally planned. That happens when the Moon is in harsh aspect to Uranus as she is today. Uranus like to shock and upset apple carts. Tip off the fight or flight response. He brings things into our awareness by way of this trickery. Makes thing shifty and uncertain. Uncomfortable and unpredictable. However. When wrangled appropriately he allows us to step back in non-self-judgmental observation to our innate emotional responses. He triggers us. Yes. But, he also encourages us to learn to ground those triggers and catalysts out because he knows his actions have a tendency to bring the truth of a person out. If you want to know the truth about yourself and learn more about why you have a knee jerk reactive response to some things, hold yourself steady through the storm of Uranus and rise above the call to immediately respond in an effort to observe yourself instead. There is worthy information, there. Though, admittedly, it is much easier to describe how it can be done than to actually achieve it. It helps to know the end point though. It is not really just to make you lose your mind and be riddled with anxiety. But, it sure does seem that way sometimes.

Uranus also calls us (especially with Moon in Capricorn) to foster new and innovative solutions to long standing problems. He pushes us to that end by making those long standing problems very apparent. Yet, what you need to remember in that is usually when this guy is hanging around, it is not the way that has always worked in the past that will solve this issue. It requires a new line of thinking. It requires a new perspective. It requires experimenting with new methods. It requires a future minded outlook that sees beyond the immediacy of the exacerbated issue. Uranus requires modernization while tasking us with remembering, “The needs of the many outweigh the desires of the few.” That's not exactly how Spock put it. But, you get the idea.
This aspect (Moon square Uranus) occurs at 7:21 PM and is quickly followed by an opposition from Venus to Neptune and a square to Jupiter in Libra. Someone is playing with our values. Manipulating us with something we hold dear. Fogging things up in the realm of money or relationships as the Moon hits this triggering point. Then, as she squares Jupiter, whatever is brought up and our potential reaction to it gets blown way out of proportion. We over respond. Over-react. Make the thing bigger than it needs to be while the entire time the answer is step back...wait...change your for the bait and switch...don't allow yourself to be manipulated and ensure you are sizing things up correctly. Saturn the crap out of it in other words. Hold steady. Ground. Grow a set of boundaries. Refocus your eyes on your purpose and take the steps you need to take in an effort to get to that end and disallow someone from distracting you from that.

Whatever this is, whatever this stirs up, the language that comes about from it is going to be centered around Venus. Mercury moves into Libra at 8:43 PM after the Moon is Void in Capricorn. The Moon remains Void until entering Aquarius at midnight. In the morning, we will be thinking about what is fair, what is just, what is logical. We will be concerned about freedom and the rights to the same. Many will scream “UNITY” when all they really want is for folks to agree with them. When they don't, those folks that disagree have no place in the original screamers “unity” anymore. True unity is NOT born in conformity. True unity of self comes from acknowledging the good, the bad and the ugly parts that reside within and putting them toward common goal and falling under a common set of values and ideals. World unity works much the same way. It has nothing to do with making people fit into molds. It has to do with allowing folks to break those molds and thus supporting them in becoming more whole selves instead of shutting them down.
The problem with all that is Venus is still eschewed. Some folks may be questioning their own values not to mention wondering what is going on with their money and relationships. Give the air time to clear. Know that while Neptune is retrograde he has tendency to drop veils (and it may break your heart when you see what he shows you) so be a good Libra and don't make any judgment calls about anything until you've had time to listen to all sides of the story and gather/weigh all the facts. Because, even though frustrating at times, this is what Mercury in Libra does best even if it is accused of taking forever to make it's up mind.