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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of August 14 to August 18, 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017

This morning the Moon remains active in Taurus. At 2:43 AM, she is trine Mercury Rx in Virgo. This is practical and grounded. But, by sunrise she is sextile Neptune in Pisces. We are softened and delivered empathy and compassion. Perhaps a little relaxed or tired. The softened outlook does not last long, however, as the Moon and Mars butt heads at 10:31 AM. This is ambiguous pitting values against personal interests and agendas. There can be conflict here or even a deadlock as this occurs in fixed signs. An opportunity to ease the situation comes shortly later as the Moon sextiles her current ruler, Venus in Cancer at 10:50 AM. I want to say, “Cookies make everything better” and perhaps you reach for those under this sky. Yet, the true power found here is in gentleness, compassion, understanding and a growing concern for the welfare of folks other than ourselves or along with ourselves. It's very territorial and protective. Yet is also steady, safe and comfortable. Many will seek shelter from any potential conflict stirred by the Moon/Mars square.

At 12:34 PM the Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn which brings intensity and fortitude to our emotional outlook. Bellies will growl. Feelings deepen. We are empowered and restored. The spectrum of potential emotions expands to include extreme paranoia or emotionally manipulative efforts all the way to emotional forbearance and steadfast bravery. The focus delivered here is astute. On the whole, though, the Moon/Pluto trine is wonderfully supportive and grounding. If you need to face something down this aspect provides the where-with-all to do so plus it pulls in the circling of wagons for protection in even more tightly.
Later this evening the Moon passes through a Yod which includes the waxing Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius sextile. Emotional maturity and our developing sense of self-worth and value are tested against time, experience and wisdom. Some may discover platforms they formerly stood on erode in light of being tested in real world application. Some may change or alter their concepts of right and wrong due to personal experience or history. And, you know, that's ok. Values and priority do change over time and with age. They should adapt to both our changing personal structure and the growing world. This Yod provides a personal gut check in that area.

At 9:16 PM, the last quarter Moon perfects between the signs of Taurus and Leo at 22 degrees and 25 minutes of our fixed signs bringing the two in very close proximity of our nodal axis which wobbles around 24 degrees Leo/Aquarius. This denotes a time of letting go and continually releasing within this lunar cycle. But, between fixed signs, the letting go is not easy. It is change. It calls for a shift in momentum. Neither of which fixed signs enjoy. But, as it aspects our nodal axis it becomes an imperative factor in our future. However, if the metaphorical ground we are standing on does begin to shift under our feet, we are more likely to move to more solid ground for safety. So, if you are going to stand on a principle or a soap box, make sure it is sturdy enough to hold you up. The main question is to sheer away any activity that is not supportive of a strong set of values. Are you forsaking yourself and becoming too steeped in the collective or matters of friends and group agendas? Are you valuing your talents and yourself as you engage in the world? Are you over-complicating matters and need to bring in a bit of common sense? Are you holding your ground just to be stubborn and refusing to look at anyone's point of view but your own? The outlet for this fixed t-square pulls in Scorpio pointing to issues of power. How you use yours or how you give it away. There are also matters of shadow at play. Take a long hard look at yourself and how you interact in the world and release any habits that call for you to over-compromise yourself, are self-disrespectful or a misuse/exploitation of your talents.

Value systems can be morphed and reformatted...transformed on a very deep level right now. Venus waxes into opposition with Pluto in the morning. Yet, the most common expression of this is likely going to be an adamant stand and clinging to things held dear without seeing how it could be to our own detriment. Pluto is not a light energy. In this instance, he may tempt Venus or even bring her into harms way. At any rate, we are called to reform, change, deepen the relationship with what is truly valuable without attempting to trap or control it. This sky may make us prone to want to hoard all the cookies for ourselves and to hell with anything or anyone else. But, the answer to highest expression here remains, let go of outdated subservient beliefs. When folks show you who they are, believe them. Humble yourself and open your heart to others. Let go of a feeling of not having enough and having to go to extreme measures to get what you want...because in that instance, good sense is lost and the thing of value enslaves you, dictating your behavior. Don't allow yourself to be charmed into being taken advantage of. And, as per typical, be wary of the undead loves popping into your sphere. Old relationships, past lovers, old friends...or someone calling to say your debts have all become due.

Overall, it's a tedious Monday. The Taurus Moon wants to build wealth and security but the face of that is changing. Valuables are under threat and in some instances ripped from our hands. The “rocks” we stand on as principle begin to erode and are challenged in an ever changing world and within increasing volatility. Folks will butt heads. Fight over and for what they think is important. Argue over the slices of right and wrong. But, the real answer is to quit slicing and dicing. Adjust perspective and see the world as one large breathing unit in which we need to come together moreso than we adamantly fight to splinter apart. The route I suggest is to pass out love and kindness. One thing I know Taurus and Leo have in common is hugs. They adore adoration and love. So, maybe in a world filled with hate, violence and fear be part of the counter culture that spreads love for a change. Let go of the rest or any belief that says you need to harm or oppress others in an effort to build and secure a “just” world...because...that's bullshit.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

This morning the Moon in Taurus is Void following a sextile with Chiron at 6:47 AM. Meanwhile, Venus and Pluto perfect in opposition at 7:14 AM at 17 Cancer/Capricorn 18. This is the same degree in which Pluto perfected in square to Jupiter. And, Venus will find Jupiter by square on the 17th. So, part of the energy between the waning Jupiter/Pluto square will be re-fueled by this opposition and the waxing square between Jupiter/Venus. So, I would imagine we could expect to hear news about shady financial dealings emerging at this time in the collective. However, the Sabian Symbols from the opposition tell a deeper story. One of clucking barnyard hens versus a newly free and empowered woman.

For Venus headed to 18 Cancer: In a crowded barnyard a hen clucks among her chickens. Constructively practical, natural approach to life and its simpler joys. Concern over things. Child-like group devotion.

For Pluto moving toward 17 Capricorn: Repressed woman finds psychological release in nudism. Escape from bondage to social inhibitions. Readjustment of relation of spirit to body. Self-purification. Self-confrontation.

So, basically, you can spend your time deflecting and gossiping about others. Finger pointing and sitting in your little cliques reveling about the failings and juicy tales of the lives of others. Or, you can face yourself down. Focus on where you need to let bondage to social inhibitions (expectations and pressure) go and dare to stand naked in front of this group of clucking hens without fear of their clucks regarding how dangerously brazen you are. Or, how you should conform. Many will take the safe route and hide behind the gossip and juvenile mentalities. The strong will stand boldly naked in opposition to being chained to such social expectation thus learning to be themselves regardless of the pressures it may bring. They will face off honestly with themselves thus becoming emboldened with wisdom as a result. Brazen. Empowered. Free...or keep clucking and miss the entire point.
The Moon wakes back up in Gemini at 10:07 AM providing plenty of wind for our clucking hens. But, with Mercury's ruler retrograde in Virgo, if what you have to say doesn't act as true service to others or contain useful tools of solution, it's best to shut your clucking beak. Or, at the very least, leave the hens to their little prison coops and go about your own life all free range and stuff. Yeah, in a world of caged, fearful and complacent chickens, be the one that breaks free.
The rest of the day passes without major aspect. The Gemini Moon will square Mercury Rx in Virgo which reinforces the theme of “help or just shut up” and “make it practical and useful or quit wasting air.” But, for today, we are mostly experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly of Venus in Cancer. I suggest digging deep for these values you've built your life around and make sure they can sustain you for the long haul instead of looking to deflect attention from yourself by chatting it up about everyone's dirty laundry.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

This morning the Moon is still active in Gemini and gets her wings curbed by curt Mercury in Virgo before daybreak. But, the most interesting aspect pattern comes in this afternoon as our Gemini Moon creates a Yod with Mars in Leo and Pluto. Mars in Leo can seethe in regard to personal desires in aspect to Pluto. But, the light Gemini Moon is more inclined toward sociability than violence. What this Yod calls us to do is to assess our motivations and how they align with our connection to the social and our emotions. We are to mix motivation with emotion while striving toward matters of integrity and fortitude. But, this could lead to abusive or violent efforts when the malefic agendas align within a small (or large group). We can have a peace mafia or a movement that is much more insidious. Choose the twin you align with carefully and ensure that what you are putting yourself behind is a matter truly of your own agenda and you aren't just going along to get along. Do you decide what action is best? Or does circumstance and the folks you surround yourself with help to determine that. I encourage you to step out on your own for a minute to check. There is both shadow and empowerment accessible here. But, the only way to get to the higher expression is through conscious choice and subsequent conscious action. Don't allow yourself to be led into something that really doesn't belong to you or align with the truth of you. Instead, maintain your ability of choice, perspective and action.
This Yod spans between our early morning hours and into our afternoon while also including a lunar square to Neptune at 8:35 AM. So it would be VERY easy to be tricked into a subservient agenda. To be led naively to metaphorical slaughter. Boundary up and ground...completely avoid the crowd of crazy folks if you can. Find your voice.

After the intensity of Moon inconjunct Pluto begins to wane, she waxes into square with Jupiter in Libra. Folks gather. Information is exchanged. We reach out to friends and feel we need to hear all the news and discuss our opinion about it. Which is fine. What we don't want to do is allow this windy trine to whip up some sort of malefic collective movement. We are looking for peaceful acts that help to bring folks together instead of continually putting them odds here. Both Libra and Gemini are social signs. Just like our South Node. But the low expression of all this brings in an opportunity for things like “Mob mentality.” When the mob is angry and violent things go sideways very quickly. But, if the Mob can foster a mentality of peace, acceptance and may be worth falling into. Just ensure that you are being true to the truest expression of self even if that means going against the common grain a bit while remembering there is no high expression of ANY energy that calls for you to hurt or ostracize others. None.
At 9:41 PM, the Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. The mood sobers. Harsh truths and stark realities are delivered. Then, overnight, Venus squares Jupiter and we shift from “need, need” and “want, want” to wanting to share openly. To realizing that true value can't be carried in a wallet. To reach out to our fellow man...or, the more malefic forms of want and need may grow and some may wail “what about mine?” The best use of this is gentle generosity. Random acts of kindness. Nurturing in an effort to help instead of control. And, acceptance of our fellow humans. Justice is served either way.

Thursday, August 17, 2017
This morning the Sun and Moon played nicely together by sextile. Then the Moon in Gemini moves on to square Chiron (8:50 AM) and sextile Uranus (9:39 AM) before reaching Void status. The morning starts off on the right foot as long as agenda is aligned with true self and honoring the freedom and right to be. The Moon remains Void before sinking into Cancerian waters at 12:14 PM.
The morning is out and about. Perhaps social. But, the evening is reserved for more private affairs. We want to go home or at least snuggle up to the comforts of home.
The Moon makes no major aspect the rest of the day. We are encouraged to marinate in our own stew and perhaps may feel like retreating to our shells for safety and solace. It's a good day for home cooked wonderfulness and quiet personal sheltering.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Early this morning, our Momma Moon met with our fix-it Mercury. Perhaps a handyman comes to visit in an effort to repair what Mercury Rx has screwed up. But by 10:17 AM the atmosphere is saturated with water by way of a lunar trine to Neptune. No one is prone to move very quickly and all are quite sensitive. We may even be tired or easily distracted. Or, we could be lost in the ethereal world of our own dreams. The lingering in the fog doesn't last long.

Venus brings sobriety by way of an inconjunct to Saturn at 2:56 PM and the Moon is quickly shuttled into depth and grounding by way of a lunar opposition to Pluto in Capricorn at 4:46 PM. Then, she squares Jupiter in Libra at 8:53 PM. This is excellent for emotional purges and ridding the home of what is no longer needed. It's also a pretty good set up for becoming overly paranoid, greedy and blowing perspective way out of proportion. The best bet is to deeply inspect fears instead of become overly reactive and desperate in light of them. Plus, do some perspective adjustments to ensure you have a clear unfettered view of the situation. Or, are you being overly dramatic...because, that's at question during Leo season and during a Moon/Jupiter sextile. Scale it back and be realistic if you need to.

At midnight, the Moon meets with Venus by conjunction. The most satisfied are squirreled away safely in their nests. This brings want and need together nicely. So, in the potential of not having enough to go around in the middle of the day, maintain a sense of integrity, faith and patience. Self-care efforts are greatly beneficial as are airing of more deep grievances/fears amongst trusted and wise friends in an effort to debunk the fear's power. Surround yourself with creature comforts as best you can. Continue releasing this cycle in preparation for the next.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the roller coaster ride into the ecliptic: August 9 to August 13, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's the weirdest thing to me; but, it seems like things are unfurling both quickly and slowly. At the same time. As if time were this bendable thing but remaining out of our control. As if the tempo were being set by a drunk jester who sits back and laughs saying, “Watch, when I turn this dial the humans speed up. But, when I touch this one, they slow down.”

Yes. It does occur to me that Mercury is in his retrograde shadow. It also dawns upon me that Uranus has just turned retrograde and that does have some bearing upon the “feeling” of time. However, what hits me about this more is that Mercury is edging into opposition with Neptune. No wonder the jester seems drunk. No? But, he will not perfect in this opposition until AFTER his retrograde is complete. Mercury turns Rx on August 12th just one degree shy of creating that opposition with Neptune officially. That does not mean we won't feel it (Mercury/Neptune) as it does hold bearing in the energetic net even when not exact. The influence will wane as Mercury retrogrades. But, the Neptune feel of “time being elusive or shape shifty” is going to remain apparent until Mercury has backed up a few degrees or so.
To add to that, this week, Uranus (the higher vibration of Mercury) meets Neptune by semisquare skewing our concept of time and advancement even more. It's a weird thing. And, yet...that is merely the tip of the ice berg, friends.
There are SO many subtle nuances within this week and the following as we march our way toward the super hyped Solar Eclipse in Leo. Will it be all that it is being built up to be? My brain wants to say “no” but in my heart I'm screaming, “Yes!” In truth, no one has really any idea as most speculate but still hold in place with bated breath. Mercury and Venus dance together a time or two between now and then. The Moon creates flickering yods with Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter in Libra and Sun/Mars in Leo...punctuating points in time that are going to matter in our future yet we are not likely to see how until we are much further down this road.
So, Mercury, the Moon and Venus are of relevance this week as are our outer planets. But, of even more relevance under this umbrella of time between eclipses are the Sun and Mars. How we act upon the impulses of ego is going to be a big deal in dictating how this second eclipse unfolds for us. Plus, our past actions are tied into this as well. Go figure that with the BIG eclipse coming to the sign of Leo. What's even weirder is that it seems that most of the table has been set for that big event. Much already ripped from our hands and out of our control as if we were just waiting for the judgment of...what, exactly? I don't know. I feel a familiarity connected to that sense of “waiting for the other shoe to drop” or “impending judgment.” As, I'm sure the rest of my generation and many others do as well. I grew up in world that seemed to linger in waiting for the end of life as we know it. Some even seemingly yearning or wishing it into fruition. Some who got tired of waiting and blow their own world up all by themselves. Some attempting to grasp a semblance of control in a chaotic world who veered to extremes thinking that they could circumvent or create the End of Times on their own. Now, apocalyptic reference makes me yawn. I've been through enough bomb and disaster drills in my youth to know how this goes. You tunnel deeply into a place deemed “safe” by someone and protect your head while praying for the best. And, that's about all you can do. Except, wait.

This morning, the Moon resides in Pisces. The collective body will likely become a bit quiet and withdrawn. We gestate for a bit in Pisces and this Moon is excellent for detox, emotional purging, resting/restoring and even spiritual cleansing such as smudging, decluttering, etc.
At 1:46 PM, the Moon makes a sweet and gentle trine with Venus in Cancer. Talk about the mark of a homebody. Holing up in secure bliss. Indulging in the comforts of home or just bringing along a nice home cooked meal with you to work for lunch. It's those little gentle touches that matter. But, remember, this can also be emotional as the trine does occur in water.
Venus issues are due to become even more watery as she enters trine with Neptune. Yes. Venus is soon to be under duress as she comes into contact with our outer planets beginning with Neptune and moving forward to square Jupiter, oppose Pluto and square Uranus while ending with a trine to Chiron. Even though we are focused upon the ecliptic and the Mercury retrograde, Venus is also rising as a factor in the collective energetic influence.
At 2:52 PM, the Moon stands off with Mercury in Virgo which can actually help us bring some of these more confused and foggy thoughts/perspectives to better ground. Still yet, Neptune and the fact that Mercury is in shadow does bear influence. Check for the accuracy of information. Ask for clarification if you need it. Aim to speak to understand (which includes listening) instead of being bated into an argument or just accepting things at face value. Mercury/Neptune shades the truth and its much easier to be misunderstood under this sky. Speak clearly and concisely while remembering to listen and intake information with discretion.

At 7:15 PM, the Moon sinks into her current ruler, Neptune by conjunction. It is likely to be an early night for some and an emotional night for others. Tears are likely as well as fatigue and potential bouts with illness or lethargy due to medications prescribed for the same. This is where we need to stop and rest while continuing our detox/emotional release efforts.
Folks are sensitive today. My suggestion is to leave them be and focus on the issues that are relevant to you while allowing others to deal with those that are relevant to them.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Moon still resides in Pisces this morning but she receives a restorative sextile to Pluto at 2:23 AM. This offers us a little more strength after a solid night's rest and hopefully strengthens our resolve and boundary in order to deal with this day more effectively.
Between 3 and 4 AM, the Moon crossed over the tip of a Yod created between the Sun in Leo sextile Jupiter in Libra. This is how much worry is yours versus how much worry you are allowing yourself to carry around that doesn't belong to you. Pisces Moon is the empath. You feel what others feel and your own emotions can become muddled and confused as a result. This is exactly why Pisces Moon natives NEED time to themselves. In an effort to recalibrate and discharge the emotional system of what it may have picked up in interactions with the other. This Yod encourages us to balance that. To learn to recognize the difference between being a supportive friend and a friend that carries around or is slain by the baggage of others constantly. Good boundaries are called for as well as a strong sense of self. The latter of which involves both the Sun and Mars in Leo.
As the Sun rises (5:03 AM), however, Venus in Cancer makes a sweet sextile to Mercury in Virgo. We want to nurture and reach out to help others fix things. We may be prone to DIY projects or little fixer upper ventures in our own homes. This set up is perfect for that! Just remember the Moon yod and bear in mind its not your responsibility to fix folks or enable them. If they ask for help, be supportive and advise the best you can. If they don't, don't feel as if you have the right to enforce your wonderful answers upon them. Refocus on what is yours and get your hands busy fixing that.
Mid-morning is rather interesting as well. Mars meets Neptune by inconjunct. What some folks are experiencing right now, on some levels, is fatigue and even digestive/sickness issues. This is partially due our last eclipse that opened the door wide for several different kinds of purges including purges in the physical body that is likened to sudden release of toxins. The other part is 100% Neptune with Mercury opposing and Mars now inconjunct. So, yeah, some of us were temporarily wiped out by this. And, we will continue to purge, physically, mentally, verbally stuff that is threatening to poison us if we attempt to hold on to it. So, if you are tired and/or sick enlist Mercury in Virgo to help you feel better. Be your own best caregiver wherever you are in that. Say what you need to say. Purge what you need to purge. The waning Mercury/Venus sextile supports us in those types of efforts.

At 9:39 AM we are dried out and sobered while being gifted this glorious thing called boundaries through a lunar square to Saturn. No, it's not fun. Yes, it can be depressing. But, it can also feel like being thrown a life raft after you've been struggling to stay afloat on your own in a turbulent sea. Grab hold the grounding that is accessible and accept the harsh truths as they may come. It is what it is.
At 5:25 PM, the Sun is boosted with a sextile to Jupiter in Libra. Perhaps we receive help here or just feel a bit better. This marks the Sun's exit from the Yod with Neptune and Pluto (where we found him at the Full Moon) and, as mentioned, Mars is now ready to pass through the same. Also know that even if Sun/Jupiter does help you feel better, Neptune is still in play. Don't overestimate your capabilities or attempt to take on too much. Re-engage at a slow and mindful pace.
At 10:04 PM the Moon is poked by Chiron prior to reaching Void status. Don't deny issues. Find ways to effectively cope and nurse any seeping wounds instead of allowing them to fester. The Moon remains Void until entering the fiery realm of Aries at 1:23 AM. That is going to catalyze action and whip up the other fire planets in the sky. Be well rested in an effort to meet those demands tomorrow.

Friday, August 11, 2017

This morning, the Moon is in Aries which delivers us a little more get up and go. However, for some, it will mean anger, frustration (due lack of ability to move forward at the rate one thinks they should be able to) and general hot headedness all around. This is very much (with Sun and Mars in Leo and now an Aries Moon) a time in which folks are wrapped up in their own problems and perhaps having difficulty seeing past that. I'm not saying that we should not be personally invested. I'm saying that we should be but without attempting to run over other or bully our way to where we need to go. Keep that in mind. Manage anger/frustration by remembering Mars is in a precarious position. Match efforts to flow and grace while still putting your personal signature on it and leave others to their own thing. Don't forget to check your perspective and attempt to see beyond your own problems, too.

The rest of the day passes without major incident. However, at 1:18 AM Venus trines Neptune and we may feel essentially “over-done” with life in the Mars Moon world and be looking for a nice secluded hole to crawl into. Hopefully one with comfort foods and a safe, secure place to nest. I suggest you go full lean into inklings such as those. With Neptune Rx, we could see some veils dropping in regard to things like money or relationships. All the better reason to find a good cave for solitude.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ok, the Moon is still in Aries and there is a whole slew of stuff happening today. We are just waking up from the haze of Venus trine Neptune this morning following a lunar square to Venus less than 20 minutes later. At 3:40 AM the Moon found Mars in Leo by trine and moves on to square Pluto at 8:28 AM. This is where bottomless pits of need (Venus/Neptune) meet with greed (Moon/Pluto) and potentially desperate or manipulative measures in an effort to fill those empty voids. The better use here is to remain compassionate toward others but monopolize upon the focus that Pluto brings allowing you to sheer away distractions and focus efforts on your goal...instead of shooting yourself in the foot. Be that strong boss with yourself that directs you toward long-term goals while reminding yourself that most things take time, patience and hard work. Taking short cuts that involve compromising who you are or manipulating/bullying others might get you to your goal more quickly but eventually your malice will catch up with you. Is it Karma? Is it God? Is it cause and effect...I have no idea. But, what you put “out” there always comes back to you for better or worse regardless of who/what you believe sends it back to you. Be in this for the long haul and lean toward thoroughness while allowing the Venus/Neptune trine to deliver creativity into your efforts.

It's also going to be important to be flexible this day. Aries Moon is a go getter! But, our efficient Mercury in Virgo is a drunk dude stumbling backward. He stations retrograde today just one degree shy of Neptune. So, Mercury related things could go haywire or be screwy which can definitely throw plans/schedules into meltdown. So, have a goal today. But, know you might have to be flexible in regard to doing it. Yeah, kinda like full effect of Murphy's Law. Aries Moon is not going to like it one bit and will be tempted to lower it's Ram head and charge at whatever it is. Meanwhile, the Sun in Leo (lunar trine at 1:28 PM) might over-dramatize or make a bigger deal out of what is going on than need be. (Think meltdown likened to a 2 year old temper tantrum here...yeah, lot like that). Slow down. Be patient. Be flexible. Take a break to chill out or shake it off if you need it.
The Moon does grow up a bit and stabilize as she trines Saturn in Sagittarius. Here is were we are able t draw upon past experience and set our perspective on the next step more clearly. Mercury officially turns retrograde at 8:56 PM.

My guess is this could be a rather dramatic day. Moon in Aries with Mars in Leo is one fiery bunch of energy. There will be a lot of folks focused on doing their own thing and likely in a rush to do so. But, many will be slowed or frustrated by Mercury Rx. Therefore, not happy campers. Not to mention we start the day off with a Moon/Pluto square which is not exactly soft cuddly energy, you know? Take today with a grain of salt. Leave folks free to run around like chickens with their heads cut off. If you don't take yourself too seriously and can direct this fire toward productive or even FUN means, while not getting too torn up if everything doesn't go exactly as planned or on schedule, you'll be fine.
Anxiety or “surprise” could be a factor in the middle of the night or that keeps us from sleep. The Moon does meet Uranus by conjunction at 4:02 AM.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Most likely, when you woke up this morning the Moon was in Taurus. If you woke up before daybreak (on a Sunday) chances are the Moon had just left her conjunction with Uranus. Following that, the Moon was Void until entering Taurus at 6:41 AM.

Today is good. Solid. Grounded and much more settled than what we experienced under the Aries Moon. The Moon in Taurus makes no major aspect. The only other thing going is the Sun in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius. Nice! We are called to act like mature responsible folks and veer away from more childish and overly dramatic “flares” as negative expression of Leo. This stabilizes the day a great deal.
Folks could be stubborn, of course. But, there is no need to go pushing buttons on the playground because we are all grown here right? Get good and grounded. Deal like a big kid with whatever needs to be dealt with and enjoy the potential boring, yet, solid feel to this day.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius--It's all about YOU

For the Sun at 16 Leo: Refreshed by a storm, fields and gardens bask in the Sun. I love the feeling that this symbol represents. However, you don't get to that fresh revelation until after the storm. That must be weathered and faced first. Storms are symbolic of crisis. The water offers cleansing and we don't always get to cherry pick what gets to be “cleansed” and what remains untouched. We can, however, conduct and shelter ourselves in center of peace and protection until the storm passes allowing (as if we have a choice but to allow) it to strip and wash away both on the inside and out. It's scary going in especially when we are fearful of what can be lost. However, being reminded that all things and people can be lost to the storm in a blink of an eye can surely reorient us to what is truly important.

For the Moon at 16 Aquarius: Business manager at his desk studies a complex project. This symbol calls for focus, thinking and concentration. All of which are really hard to do when the emotional body is in flux. In that, dealing with our emotional bodies is the first task we must address. Once we have a deeper understanding of how we feel and why, we can then invoke the logical brain toward problem solving. We need to be in command here. Consciously steering from the helm in order to manage the situation. This symbol also reminds me of the 8 of Coins. We have experience that we have previously built to get us to our current plateau. It's now time to take that experience and acquired wisdom and stretch it into new ventures while leaving ourselves open to learning and experiencing more.

For the Moon's ruler, Uranus Rx, headed toward 28 Aries: Now. I've found two different illustrations of this in my search of the Sabian symbols. One is (as described by Blaine Bovee and Lynda Hill) A large disappointed audience.
The other is (taken from Dane Rudhyar) A crowd applauds a man who shattered a dear illusion.
But, here's the thing, regardless of how it is stated it equates to the same thing. The Emperor is naked in some way and the reaction from the crowd is two fold. One half cheering. The other disappointed at the revelation. Either way, something is given away here and the matter of “self” is placed on the other end of it as witness. What is likely set to occur here is exposure in the realm of the public. Meaning, as part of the public, we will be witnessing the exposure. Our current perspective of the world at large will dictate whether we cheer over the shattered illusion or are disappointed. In either instance, it is relevant to understand that even though we are part of the collective who will witness the exposure, we are also “self” in which matters of “self” will also be exposed to the public at the same time. In other words, we may see (or have it pointed out to us by witnesses) where we, too, are naked and where malefic factors of Ego may play a part in that. These include but are certainly not limited to matters of pride, pomp, showy-ness, willfulness and, in general, pointing at core issues of the identity that have served to historically be factors for the entirety of its existence.

Watch your recent “I” statements for clues in that.
What we have here is what I refer to as a boomerang Yod created with two generational planets who have been in sextile for many lifetimes. Of course the orb has ebbed and waned but everyone in existence on this planet at this time has this sextile between Pluto and Neptune in their charts. As a matter of fact, few Astrologers even pay attention to it because it has been in play for so long just kind of dictating different themes of different generations. For example, the foundational themes of a generation can be viewed by looking at the art, music and creative expressions that “defined” that generation. These artistic expressions define our generations, yes. The issues that catalyzed their creation, subsequently, become part of the “houses that built us.” However, individual response to that varies...which is where the Sun comes into play here. There may be matters of ego that developed in response to these generational issues that we are unable to recognize because they are so deeply ingrained within us. However, that is what up for exposure now. Showing what developed within you as a result of these generational themes and showing you, at the same time, how you are prone to expression of that for better or worse.
The boomerang comes into play because we are witnesses of this exposure within the collective but it boomerangs back as we, ourselves, are exposed at the same time. You will likely notice this with the folks around you as you can vividly see the thorns of their psyche exposed. The downfall of it is not taking the time to inspect yourself for the same because I promise you, you are not exempt. Even if it is a quiet affair without a public display (which could be the case if the Moon falls in a private sector of your chart)...exposure happens and someone will likely bear witness even if they don't say anything. The entirety of the point, though, is that you notice. That you keep a watchful eye for matters of malefic Ego that have run in the background operations of your life and are as obvious as the nose on your face, probably, to others but something that is SO innate to you that you never really paid attention to it.

The weaving of themes within this is so intricate and detailed...very personal...tying all kinds of things together and putting them “at issue” in such a way that the immediate message of ALL of it may only be apparent to you as you are the only one that knows the truth of your past history; and, you are the only one that can note the pattern of themes in an effort to see how they have played out across the time span of your own life. So, yes...witnessed on the outside; but, that is a mere sliver in comparison to what you may find when you take the time to introspect or self-inspect the depth of what is truly going on here.
In those personal revelations you may be disappointed with yourself or happy with you find. Others may bear witness one way or the other, too. Point being, now you know. Is this something you want to keep doing? Or has this been a continual source of your own undoing that you've failed to see before that you are going to allow to continue?
AAAAH! And, there's the clutch. Because some of this stuff is going to be difficult to admit to yourself. Something so deeply ingrained within you comes forth and on a personal level that may be hard to face.
However, as advice, we have the Empress. The supreme mother. Who points to our Cancerian energy which holds Venus, Hekate and Ceres. The highest expression (not what you may have experienced) but the HIGHEST expression of the Empress Mother is acceptance and unconditional love of the child. Even with the child's faults. Even through the child's temper tantrums. The mother loves and takes care of the child while being honest WITH the child about the things he/she may be doing to hurt themselves that they are not aware of. Gentle nurturing self-acceptance and guidance toward more conscious and supportive self-expression at the same time is what is warranted. But, you can't do that if you are stuck in denial or pride that says there is nothing you are doing wrong and it's all the fault of everyone else. You see? Because, it's not. You play a part in some way and that “role” that you play without even realizing it is what is exposed here. Sussing out the root instigator within yourself that causes that continual role to emerge is the trick.

With me it's willfulness and malefic pride. From the day I was born, “I will do it myself” has emerged out of my mouth over and over and as soon as I was able to say it. Without permission. Without knowing what I was doing. Without seeking advice/instruction. “I will do it myself in the way I want or die trying” is the full length of the statement that continually serves to point to my own demise. Or, “Watch me.” A Uranian statement (natal Sun/Mars conjunct the lighting God) and a reflexive “cut my nose off to spite myself” knee jerk reaction that is wrapped up with my Chiron who forms a boomerang Yod in my Any kind of “You can't” implied or spoken outright toward me that may insult my sense of independence is automatically met with “Watch me.” Then, I will follow through (self-destructive or successful) until it is done...overdone, even. This fact IS as obvious as the nose on my face to others but something that is so “innately me” I've failed to see it. I keep circling back to the time I outright asked my mother, “If you had to describe me when I was a kid, what would you say?” She immediately said, “You were a very willful child.” LOL. She saw it when I was a toddler. I was in the throes of midlife before I saw it and realized it. AND, even though I can vividly see it now...I'm lax to change it because it is me! Yes, I see who I am. And, that's literally WHO I am. As I adamantly stand on that, you know? How that unfolds is still up to me. I maintain power of choice and awareness. I can work to change it or continue to be slain by choice. Main problem being, “I” really don't know any other way while the admission of “not knowing” is another Chironic issue that bubbles up to play here for me too. Sun/Mars/Uranus (opposite Chiron)..Mercury in the 11th (inconjunct Chiron and square this eclipse)....the shadow of that Uranus action there is that it expects itself TO KNOW and feels “less than” or inadequate when it doesn't or has to admit that. Venus in Virgo also inconjunct my Chiron and semi-sextile this eclipse as my natal Saturn (sextile to my Chiron and trine the Moon/sextile the Sun at this eclipse) plays a part here too...ALL OF THE AFOREMENTIONED PLANETS that bear relevance here are either currently receiving Neptune/Pluto transits or just did (Pluto being furthest ahead and filling in the “just did” as in just did trine my Venus, sextile my Mercury and square my Uranus while Neptune hits all that shit right now).
Suffice to say...that's “MY” story. That's how this is playing out in my chart and it denotes feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth that feels better when it “proves” itself even if it is to my own detriment. There is a story about YOU in here, though. That's what you need to be looking for without letting the drama coming forth from the collective exposure distract you from the boomerang that points right back at you. It is very deeply woven in your chart and within the personal time line of your life, I'll say again, so the entire truth of it (even with public exposure) is really only accessible to you because you know your personal history (and yourself) better than anyone else.
So. What are to let go of at this Full Moon eclipse? We have the choice of freeing ourselves from the malefic expressions of ego that may have woven themselves into our identity and served only toward self-destruction or being chained within these malefic cycles. a end result...we are given awareness and a choice echoing the them semi-sextile between Uranus (RULER OF THIS MOON) and Chiron in Pisces in which Uranus is trying his damnedest to help us free/liberate ourselves from these things that we deny or try to coverup/escape but continually undo (Pisces) ourselves with.
So, all that covers this boomerang Yod, right? Where, then, lies the answer in the best way to navigate it? What are our tools?

Bearing in mind the advice of the Empress, we have the Mystic rectangle that holds 3 Goddesses in its entrapment and includes that very same Pluto/Neptune Yod AND Mercury in Virgo...who just happens to be in shadow. In other words, “fixing” or using this awareness to foster positive personal change is going to be a process of winding and rewinding and unwinding all in the interest of 1) converting this Pluto/Neptune into something more beneficial through personal awareness 2) picking apart that which is relevant WITHOUT cutting self apart but instead UNCONCTIONALLY ACCEPTING (Venus) what is found and like the highest expression of “mother” nurturing ourselves and redirecting in a gentle way that shows a more beneficial and conscious expression of what you find. It may involve changes and restructuring of both perspective and daily routine but it goes without saying that once you stand at the crossroads and “witness” what emerges there your moves forward and your personal “outlook” on yourself and your life will be forever altered. Oh...hello there Hekate. 3) feed what you want to grow (Ceres in Cancer/Empress) and 4) Vesta in Virgo says pay homage and honor to the detail and says to remain self-honest while appreciating your power of choice and ability to “fix” what needs to be fixed. Because, you can. Because, that is what is going to benefit you most (recognizing, accepting then subsequently redirecting toward more positive expression) in the end.
And it totally sucks. I'll tell you that. But, if you can do this the efforts are 100% worthy. Free yourself from yourself through self-awareness and acceptance and convert unconscious malefic Ego expressions (as they are exposed to you) into something more self-supportive and conscious, instead. Sounds simple. Totally ain’t. It's deep. It's personal. It's convoluted. Yet, that is our task at hand. Remember that as you witness this go down in the collective; because, it WILL BE a dramatic show. The thing to focus upon is the boomerang that points right back to YOU. Don't get wrapped up in the sea of the collective and miss it. The Eclipse is going to isolate it for you and a great amount of positive personal change COULD come as a result if you don't allow yourself to be distracted away from it by the outer chaos. In other words, the Full Moon in the Collective report says...DON'T GIVE ALL YOUR ATTENTION TO THE COLLECTIVE BECAUSE THIS IS ABOUT YOU. JUST. YOU.

I will leave you with my chosen “poster child” for the eclipse. The song that I'm going to post were essentially his “final words” to the collective. In his chart, you will find that his Jupiter in Leo is conjunct the Sun at this eclipse. Johnny Cash was very prideful and his end reflections in this video are very telling of a man who can now look back on his life with a deeper sense of understanding for better or worse. This hollow echo of reflection and truth 100% encompasses the feel of the ecliptic. Take it from Johnny, as he is one who surely knows the effect of malefic pride. He built and “empire of dirt” and tells you that you can have he can now see that empire was of pure irrelevance in regard to what truly “made” his life. Humble hard words to swallow. But, there is no more relevant truth to this. You can read the story behind this song here.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of August 1 to August 5, 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Early this morning the Moon in Scorpio met Chiron by trine at 4:55 AM; then, Uranus by inconjunct. She is Void until entering Sagittarius at 8:02 AM. Her only major aspect is a square to Mercury in Virgo at 10:00 PM.
In the meat of the day, she does make minor aspect (inconjunct) to Venus newly in Cancer while finding both Jupiter and Pluto by semi-square at 12:15 and 1:15 PM respectively. Semi-squares are a 45 degree aspect. It's interesting because this means that the Moon is passing through the midpoint of the waxing Jupiter/Pluto square due to perfect on August 4th. With that, we will have some nuance in relation to that square trickling into the collective mood at midday. With the Moon in the sign of the Archer, ruled by Jupiter, it is a time in which deep truths could emerge thus leading us into the hard or strained discussions brought forth by the Lunar square to Mercury later in the day.
The operative word here is truth and not insidious conflation. Mercury in Virgo can separate the wheat from the chaff in regard to information of use and falsehood. So, there may be a shifting of personal awareness and perspective as the day unfolds. Potentially, there could be disagreements over varying perceptions as we attempt to sort this out.

Semi-squares do create tension and both Pluto and Jupiter are big and powerful players in our skies at this time. So, some of what may be published on a wide or public scale could stir discomfort that leads to a desire for action in response to the friction. On the whole, it looks like a wrestling match between the good angel on your right shoulder and the more insidious entity on your left. You know? As if the emotional body struggles in regard to how to respond to the impetus brought forth by these minor aspects. However, it can also provide focus, emotional fortitude in response to seepage of truth and proclamation. Again, minor aspect. But, given that it occurs in the middle of the day involving two of our Supergods (Hades and Zeus..especially since Zeus' wife, Juno, is at risk of being seduced by his enemy right now), it is not to be underestimated. The main thing is to keep looking for the truth, avoid going to unnecessary extremes but feel free to put this “itchy” energy to use consciously.

Overnight the Moon will create a fiery trine with Mars in Leo right after midnight. She remains active through the night while working to ignite another fire trine with the Sun in Leo (4:45 AM) just before daybreak tomorrow. All this is the mark of activity and if you can keep your wits about you and your compass pointed toward your true North (overall goals), you can use the fire sky to make quite a bit of progress. As you may know, this doesn't come without the potential for distraction due world events and the like. But, it is possible to redirect your focus toward supporting your own initiatives and we are highly encouraged to do just that. The Lunar square with Mercury will assist us in sheering away distractions and refocusing on the task at hand, well.

Wednesday, August 2, 2016

The Sun and Moon dance in trine early this morning giving us the “get up and go” energy we need to start the day. But, it doesn't last long. At 11:44 AM the Moon meets Neptune by square which could create fatigue, over-sensitivity or just a feeling of confusion. Extended periods of fire can be exhausting. We are in the heat of the summer in the Northern hemisphere and this set up between Moon and Neptune most definitely points to a need for being properly hydrated. Don't push yourself too hard. Rest when you feel you need it and, of course, drink plenty of water especially if you are spending a lot of time outdoors.

At 6:55 PM the mood brightens a bit as the Moon meets her current ruler by sextile. This in connection to the Lunar square to Neptune could hinder productivity but still has room for progress especially if you take the necessary time to rest. As the sun sets and the temperatures begin to cool, it's a good time for gatherings of friends and barbeques...just welcoming a lighter feel to the end of the day.
At 10:31 Uranus officially stations retrograde. It won't take long for him to settle himself down from here which may ease some of the things he threw off kilter while stationing (electrical problems, appliance issues, internet connectivity, widespread communication device issues, etc).
At 3:37 AM, we ground a bit as a the Moon conjuncts Saturn Rx. This is a self-reckoning that soberly looks at personal situations in an effort to get ones bearings and weigh/measure progress. It's stabilizing but not “barrel of monkey” fun. It's very sober. Could be felt as depressing; but, is also very solid ground to stand on.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Moon remains in active in Sagittarius today. But, there is no major activity stirred by her following her early morning conjunction with Saturn. We are grounded. Focused and the fire sky continues to encourage us toward action.
At about 5:30, the Moon makes tandem aspect to Chiron and Uranus (square/trine respectively) before shuttling off into Void status. This can cause over-reach and a feeling of needing to rush. Yet, again, with Uranus we are looking for mindfulness and precision which can help us avoid stubbing our toes on Chiron by moving too far too quickly. The trine with Uranus is energizing and can light a fire under us helping to bring progress to whatever we are dealing with. Adjust your aim and keep climbing.

The Moon remains Void until entering Capricorn at 8:37 PM.
Focus on your agenda today. Dare to try something new and be innovative in problem solving efforts. The sky supports such conscious activity today. What you don't want to do is be off the chain reactive as that could lead to literal injury or knee-jerk non-self-supportive action in response to triggers.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Uranus has crossed the threshold of critical mass at this point as he continues to settle in his retrograde status. However, the battle between Hades and Zeus doesn't reach that point until today. And, that bears impact upon the collective mood as the Moon is RIGHT THERE as the two meet in square to make it personally affective.
This morning begins as the Moon stands off (opposes) Venus in Cancer (5:23 AM). This can denote friction between women or a personal debate in regard to want and need. There can be disputes over the business of running a household or challenges that arise as a result of work/homelife imbalance. Even out the scales if you find that to be the case.

At 2:23 PM the Moon in Capricorn and Mercury in Virgo meet via trine and grounding, practicality and an ability to formulate a workable plan/framework is accessible. This Earth trine is glorious to have in midst of all this fire. Put it to use by way of integrity, responsibility plus a little sprinkling of usefulness and good common sense. We can veritably touch ground and gain traction here. Which, we are going to need as the screws tighten on the Jupiter/Pluto square just one minute later (2:24 PM). There's pressure here. But, the Earth trine can help us to remain grounded through it and may actually allow us to figure out a way to put the pressure to use in terms of productivity.

At the end of the day, though, we experience a brief reprieve from this pressure and are gifted with a chance to relax a little. The Jupiter/Pluto square has crested and now begins to wane (even though we are not entirely done there, yet) and the Moon moves forward to unwind with Neptune. Relaxation and withdraw from social interaction in an effort to rest/restore are wonderful things to gift yourself at this time. The sextile comes about just before midnight. Get well rested. The Moon will re-ignite the War between the Gods briefly but in quite a punctuated manner tomorrow morning as we continue our trek toward the Full Moon eclipse on August 7.

Major Astro notes for August 2017

8/2 Uranus stations Rx at 28 Aries 32
8/4 Jupiter in Libra square Pluto Rx in Capricorn at 17 Libra/Capricorn 31
8/7 Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius 15 Leo/Aqua 25
8/12 Venus in Cancer trine Neptune Rx in Pisces 13 Cancer/Pisces 29
Mercury stations Rx in Virgo at 11 Virgo 38
8/13 Sun in Leo trine Saturn Rx in Sagittarius (21 Leo/Sag 17)
8/14 Last Quarter Moon (Moon in Taurus square Sun in Leo...and the nodal axis..22 Fixed signs 25)
8/15 Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto Rx in Capricorn 17 Cancer/Cap 18
8/17 Venus in Cancer square Jupiter in Libra 19 Cancer/Libra 26
8/20 Mars in Leo sextile Jupiter in Libra 20 Leo/Libra 00
8/21 Sun in Leo trine Uranus Rx in Aries 28 Leo/Aries 24
New Moon Eclipse in Leo (28 Leo 53)
8/22 Mars in Leo trine Saturn Rx in Sagittarius 21 Leo/Sag 11
Sun enters Virgo
8/24 Venus in Cancer trine Chiron in Pisces 27 Cancer/Pisces 42
Venus in Cancer square Uranus in Aries 28 Cancer/Aries 20
8/25 Saturn stations direct in Sagittarius at 21 Sag 11
8/26 Venus enters Leo
Mercury Rx in Virgo conjunct Sun in Virgo 3 Virgo 48
8/27 Jupiter in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius 21 Libra/Sag 11
8/29 First Quarter Moon (Moon in Sagittarius/Sun in Virgo) 6 degrees Mutable 11

8/31 Mercury Rx re-enters Leo

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the Weekend of July 29 to July 30, 2017

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pranks meant to stir fear and phobia. Insidious Clowns. That is what we were dealing with in the US the last time Jupiter in Libra was in square to Pluto. There were other headlines that did correlate. But, this one was easy to remember. Now, the bolts on that square tighten, yet again. The next Jupiter/Pluto square perfects midweek. However, the headlines between this “war of the Gods” have already began trickling into our sphere. Threats from foreign enemies (which has been a thing, anyway), killer carnival rides, public tirades of profanity...all Jupiter/Pluto. These two are insidious bedfellows. With them, they squeeze the ugly out of the collective and put it on public display. Some inflated and meant to catalyze fear/phobia. Some, horrific tales in which a happy result was anticipated. Public threats and shaming. Self-righteous proclamations. It's all coming to the fore now and will continue to be at issue as this square waxes in.

A prelude, also likely, of the shadow we will see emerge from the future expressions of Jupiter in Scorpio. Not that there are no positive expression of that. But, the energy of Jupiter in Scorpio is the same as the energy coming from Jupiter square Pluto. Same energetic mixture just delivered in a different way. Difference being, a square is forceful and creates discomfort in folks until they respond. The entire passage of Jupiter through Scorpio is not continually forceful. However, it will teach us about proper use of power. Educate us about the shadow that lies beneath and teach us more about survival, in general. There is much more to that transit. But, that is the general overview.
In terms of survival, we are now entering a time period in which a person's character may be severely tested. Perhaps folks respond to the fear/paranoia catalyzed by this square negatively. Perhaps personal situations arise as a result of the ecliptic and folks are tempted to go to extreme measures under Jupiter/Pluto. These are all possibilities.
An overly pumped Ego would have us consistently and adamantly defending ourselves. Which, is not a bad thing. It all depends on the effectiveness of the path we decide to take in that. We remain open to our powers of choice and perception (which may also be skewed by this square). As the Full Moon eclipse on the 7th waxes into our awareness, a door opens for exits. Then, the New Moon eclipse, opens a door for entrances...stepping out...stepping into. For example, under the effects of the Full Moon, someone may suddenly leave a job opening up an unexpected position for someone else to walk into under the New Moon. A couple may suddenly divorce opening the door for two new potential mates as they newly single non-couple re-enters the dating arena. Someone moves out of one house opening the door for someone else to move in. It's shifting. Some of the exits may be shocking or unexpected...and yet, serve as opportunity for someone else in the future. Not that the leaving person has no further opportunities. They do! They automatically get a fresh start...enter a new type of life and may meet with a opportunity to do something more fulfilling than what they are leaving behind. Crowns of power are exchanged and people are shuffled around like a deck of cards and re-dealt.

Now. Lets add to that a little. The Jupiter/Pluto square occurs on the 4th. The Full Moon eclipse on the 7th. But, on the 2nd, Uranus stations retrograde. Uranus is catalytic energy. Shakes things up and makes it nearly impossible to not react. Nearly, I said. Not entirely. However, his energy is very punctuated right now. It's a station point that few pay attention to but it is likened to a Mercury Rx station on crack, in my opinion. Plus, it could be the very catalyst that sends some folks toward measures taken out of desperation. We still maintain power of choice but the situations this may bring could cause it to feel like we need to choose quickly. Yet the higher vibration ALWAYS calls for mindfulness and breathing through/grounding out the adrenaline in an effort to find mindfulness and conscious choice.
Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. So, what we are looking at are things like squirrelly internet issues, electricity outages, public transit breakdowns/accidents...and that other shoe dropping. So, yeah, today's lunar aspect to Uranus (opposition 5:31 PM) as well as the one incoming once the Moon reaches Capricorn (on the day Uranus stations Rx) are going to have particularly punctuated Uranian themes moreso than what previous passages have brought about. Cardinal Moons aspect Uranus harshly 4 times a month. Yet these incoming with Uranus in station are very strong.
If you've been reading here for a while, you know what I advise in regard to the basics of a Uranus transit. Prepare for the unexpected. Reduce the stimulation that you take in through diet and through your brain and try to remain grounded particularly if you are receiving direct transits from Uranus right now. Physically move around to dispel excess physical energy. He lingers at 28 degrees Cardinal.

Plus, tonight, Venus meets up with both Chiron and Uranus who both remain on that 28th degree. Things like electric or computerized appliances have a tendency to be a bit haywire. So, perhaps you have something like that occur and are forced to respond with Venus/Money. Uranus stations DO that! It screws up big systems...grids, networks, flight patterns. So, yeah, imagine you are pinching every last penny you have just to make it until the next payday only to have a major appliance break down...or the electric goes out thus wiping out your food stores. Or, imagine trying to hold everything together in your home and being successful thus far with that only to have that ability taken from your hands because severe weather has forced evacuation...see what I mean? Much of this is out of our control. Lack of control and uncertainty coming at folks' foundations is scary. That's when we resort to extreme or dire measures and I'm certain we will see some of that this weekend and into next week.
In those times, for a lot of folks, the first inclination is going to be to fight. Rage. Declare, I am the superhero that can fix this! We may pridefully refuse to leave our home despite impending a matter of fact, pride in malefic terms is going to be what unseats folks in a lot of instances through these eclipses. All the wailings of ego. But, truth be told, survival is not all about fighting. Adrenaline equals fight OR flight and those of who have and continue to survive know that certain situations may call for one or the other...the objective being to live to fight another day.

At any rate, the character, the true ability to self-direct is tested within folks. Why? Because this is Leo. This is the axis between creative self and integrated groups. Can you be true to who you really are or is who you are dictated by what occurs or who is around you? Can you accept when a door unexpectedly opens and you are pushed through its exit? Or are you going to claw to the sides in desperation? Are you able to flow with the circumstances and remain optimistic that...perhaps this means there is something better or more fulfilling for you out there. Perhaps, this is just the shove I needed? Maybe my time is finished in this place or there is good cause behind this even if I don't see it yet? It all depends. On your character. Your faith in yourself to handle unexpected change. Your ability to direct yourself or inability to control ego...again, this is Leo. The Sun. The core essence of life. Your heartbeat and all that you are. Challenged and squeezed until the “truth of you” comes out. What IS the truth of you?
Last night, the Moon passed by the Jupiter/Pluto square. All you have to do is read this morning's headlines to see how that played out bearing in mind Jupiter/Pluto themes and being on the lookout for Uranus' early news as well. Today, the Moon is fairly stable following a sextile with Saturn at 4:27 AM. This is followed by a trine to Venus in Gemini at 4:26 PM. Yet, following that, the potential catalytic nuance from Uranus begins to be a factor.
At 5:30, the Moon is inconjunct Chiron and opposed Uranus. See, these two are in semi-sextile. Uranus being the front runner in that is actually trying to pull Chiron forward in development by bringing AWARENESS to these Chironic triggers, thus, helping us to liberate from them. To evolve our coping mechanisms in light of them. To act more independently in spite of them. His methods, typically not pleasant. Folks are anxious, reactive and potentially triggered. Watch for that awareness to trickle in. What triggers you? How are you initially prone to react to that? Is your reaction self-supportive and self-respectful? Or, are you the type that just likes to cut their nose off to spite their face? Good at blowing your life to smithereens? Astute at shooting yourself in the foot? All in the interest of a malefic ego push that says, “I'll show you”? Observe. Discover. Adjust as necessary.
(I'm laughing...because my Sun/Uranus/Mars conjunction in Libra is fairly prone to ALL that if I'm not paying attention).

After the Uranus opposition, the Moon is Void in Libra until entering Scorpio at 8:24 PM. At this point, the mood deepens further and that whole “survival” thing becomes more of an issue. However, the initial “surge” of adrenaline form Moon/Uranus has likely passed. For now. We are just stewing in it more or less.
Then, overnight, Venus has her time with the electric disco God (sextile Uranus at 4:04 AM) and an opportunity to shoot herself in the foot with Chiron (square Chiron 3:45 AM). Impulse buys on the internet? If it's a large purchase, I'd wait. Getting intoxicated and calling someone up on the spur of the moment? Probably not a great idea. Bolting in the middle of the night from an abusive or subservient relationship...maybe...go the safest route. No jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, k? Sometimes that is waiting it out for the best time after preparations have been made. Sometimes that is running RIGHT NOW; because, you are in danger. The live to love or buy another day. True stuff that the heart may skip a beat or two. Feel restless and responsive. Make sure you assess they “why” behind that...the trigger...before you do anything with it. Love and spend wisely while making decisions that are self-respectful and a true expression of you not a knee jerk reaction in the moment. That's your advice for the day.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

This morning the Scorpio Moon meets with Mercury in Virgo by sextile this morning (5:21 AM). Perhaps this is where we call the repair guy for whatever broke down yesterday. Or, maybe we just call up a friend for some practical advice. I can tell you this. If it is possible for something to be figured out...a mixture of Scorpio and Virgo will find it. From here, the Moon moves on to square Mars in Leo at 9:03 AM. Then, we are off to the perfection of the First Quarter at 11:24 AM perfecting at 8 degrees fixed.

The First Quarter is going to exacerbate feelings of frustration. Ambiguity and tension/pressure are par for the course. Mars' presence here is not helpful. Neither is that person over there in the corner screaming his agenda in an attempt to get folks even more whipped up in his efforts to start a revolt...or encourage one. Thing is, though, anyone making such efforts...especially due to pure personal Ego invested interests...might experience that backfiring. For example, they whip up a crowd alright...but not to align with his agenda. Instead, they line up against the instigator. Folks will likely be quite wise to and sick of efforts such as this. Because, there is some real serious stuff going down and who needs someone whose main motive is just to whip things up in an effort to force their own agenda making it worse? Maybe think twice before trying to push any kind of agenda today. Help if you can. Ask for help if you need it. Otherwise, don't go screwing with folks.

Ego vs Shadow. Harsh interplay between Scorpio and Leo is not pretty. Plus, the feel between fixed signs can be equivalent to being trapped in concrete. Immobilized. We are already anxious and now it feels like the walls are closing in and there is no escape. The desperate measures continue to pop in our awareness. The best advice I can give you came from a very wise Sun/Pluto person, “If you hit rock bottom...quit digging.” If you are stuck, at least you aren't sinking. Weather what you can instead of doing something that...may initially relieve pressure but, in long term, serves only to make things worse. Decide whether its wise thing to fight or to flee.

At 11:30 PM, the Moon trines Neptune...I suggest a glass of wine. Maybe two. Take your finger out of the dam. Whatever you've been holding back, let it out. Let the emotions come forth so that you can clear your system. Safely. This is also time for gentle acceptance. Realizing, “ok, so this is where I am. I accept that. Now what?” Tomorrow the Moon does refortify and refocus with a sextile to Pluto. Cleansing the emotional system of what is overflowing the dam will help. We use less energy when we let it go thus reserving some for future use. Be gentle with yourself here. The adrenaline has left for a moment and we are left in deep quiet...alone with our swirling emotions. Allow the waters to run until they are clear thus clearing your perspective, as well.
If you are in the mood for creative efforts, the energy of the day is great for re-purposing, exerting your efforts at being a junk gypsy or yard sale re-invention wizard. It's great for creating mosaics particularly with broken pieces of tile, dishes, etc. Take what is broken, no longer useful or in need of repair and breathe new life into it. Turn your pain (and broken things) into art.