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Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for May 20 to May 23, 2017

Saturday, May 20, 2017

This morning we wake up with the Moon in Pisces leaving her overnight conjunction with Neptune and moving in to sextile Pluto. This could equate to a night of deep and restorative rest last night. On the low end, though, it could have been tearful or even caused nightmares. Yet, the sextile with Pluto is not harsh and could essentially bring emotional grounding and a bit more focus.
By Noon, the Moon is square Mars in Gemini and motivations could be confused or scattered. This could also cause disagreements over what to do or just in general. Remember that the Moon is waning if you are having trouble setting priorities. This is a time to wind down tasks and clear out space over and above starting anything brand new. As you clear out space and wipe out your task list, begin to imagine all the things you can fill that Void with in the future as you contemplate your intentions for our incoming New Moon in Gemini on the 25th. Also, with Moon squares, I'm inclined to advise folks to follow the guidance of the Moon...yours or the one in transit. In this instance, there may be much to do standing off with the fact we are tired or feel like withdrawing. The Moon points to what you need. If you are tired, you need rest. Follow that, as an example.

Speaking of Gemini, the Sun moves into the sign at 4:31 PM EDT today. This brings Taurus season to a close and we may begin to feel lighter and more flexible. Gemini is always the sign that I equate to butterflies, elves (especially Gemini rising...they have this elven quality to them) and the ability to laugh...even if it's by the hands of it's own trickster qualities.
At 11:40 PM the Moon squares Saturn and then meets Chiron by conjunction at 2:57 AM. Being able to accomplish something, even if it is small, will help to ease the tension of that square. Boundaries are a beautiful thing and they are invoked here. With the conjunction to Chiron, we may be given awareness of hidden biases or addictions that we need to work to shore up and rectify. These are important issues to address because our ability to cope and accept these Chironic issues will be tested when Saturn turns direct and squares Chiron once more. That's way out in the future...but still a task we have on tap that needs to be an ongoing affair.
Overall, today is good for spiritual cleanings, Hoodoo baths, saunas, detoxes and finishing up projects already in progress. It's good for more leisurely affairs too in so far as searching for new information/ideas that may birth inspiration...especially in the creative realm. Saturn and Uranus are still in trine, so learning and incorporating some of the new and innovative ideas that Uranus in Aries has brought forth is also good exercise. Plus, we can focus in on building boundary and security around these new innovations (particularly in the realm of technology) while setting personal standards for their use. It's time to start incorporating all this rapid advancement in a responsible way. Saturn/Uranus also values efforts taking toward a social agenda, establishing authenticity and even upcycling/recycling. So, in your clearance efforts, before you just throw something away to fill the dump, check to see if it can be recycled or inspect items to see if they can be renovated for an entirely new purpose.

Scattered motivations and the potential for irritability will be the big players. However, after the Sun enters Gemini, some of that could dissipate and, as I said, we could feel a little more flexible and light. The Moon is Void after she crosses Chiron by conjunction until entering Aries at 6:12 AM tomorrow morning.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Moon enters Aries early this morning shifting the emotional realm from dreamy, empathic and perhaps overly emotional to being more prone to be out and active. Her first aspect is a nice and light sextile with our Sun newly in Gemini at 7:13 AM. This feels pretty good! Save the potential for crazy weather (which does have potential in a few areas), it's a good day to venture out and be active. It's also fairly social and favors making new friends.

That social atmosphere is backed by a lunar opposition to Jupiter at 5:39 AM tonight. This is another “get together” aspect (as it waxes in our evening hours) that wants you to remember not to leave yourself out. That means, don't over-accommodate, don't compromise yourself or your priorities and don't pretend to be something you are not just to go along and get along. Balance out the polarity between self and other. Besides that, reach out to trusted friends and enjoy the light and mobile potential here. Since the opposition officially perfects overnight in the time zones I address, dreams may also bring visits from friends/loved ones who have passed over or just be active/vivid in general.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Moon remains active in Aries this morning. Her first aspect is a warm embrace by conjunction with Venus at 10:10 AM. This is nice. Gentle. Likely active. It's also great for self-care and doing what you need to do in order to appease and honor your physical body. It can be competitive...but, it doesn't have to be. It can also be mutually supportive. Meaning, you aren't in a race here. Support others as they chase their ambitions and by doing so you will attract folks that support you in the same way.
I mention the competition factor because at 2:45 PM, the Moon passes by Pluto by square. Plus, Venus is headed that way for the same thing soon. The Venus/Pluto square waxes now but is due to perfect just before the New Moon in Gemini on the 25th.

For the Moon/Pluto square we may see grappling for resources, attempts at emotional manipulation particularly through shaming and use of guilt and other subservient emotional tactics. However, used at the highest and it allows us to face off with our fears, learn to build better and stronger emotional boundaries and to pierce below the surface of the psyche in order to better understand what it is under the hood driving this machine. Expect that not everyone will take the high road and will instead be jealous, forceful, controlling...not that you have to put up with that. Just be wary of the potential and steer yourself away from that if needed.

For Venus square Pluto, on the low end is jealousy or abuses in the realm of finances (even birthing substantial debt) or an over attachment to the material realm are possible. Whenever I see Venus/Pluto in harsh aspect, I often think of vampires and past relationships coming back in to haunt or tempt us. Plus, when Pluto is around temptation is always a factor. Low end Venus/Pluto can suck your materials and life force right out of you. While high end expressions can cause the well to overflow. If you run into old lovers and it's less than a savory affair, look for what you might be missing in the way of lessons and unfinished business. Also look for ways you might unwittingly leave that channel open. As this aspect waxes in and the Moon wanes, it's a good time to deliberately take effort to release yourself from more negative attachments that involve matters of the heart and finances. Shore up leaks and cut the cord on non-supportive or draining/controlling relationships. Also, remain aware of waste and the need to be accountable for such. This includes efforts at upcycling and recycling as well as being a conscientious consumer. Use your spending power wisely and mindfully.

At 6:37 PM, the Moon dances with Mars in Gemini. These two energies between Aries and Gemini have a tendency to get on marvelously. Again, it's light and active. Great for dancing and socialization or fits well with the ongoing wind down of things we have left on our task list that need completion prior to the New Moon.
Overnight, the Moon will conjunct Uranus (3:00 AM) and trine Saturn in Sagittarius (2:16 AM). There's a type of satisfaction that comes with the ability to live authentically and remain personally aware of and accountable for ourselves. If you are not on par with this, you might feel quite unsettled...that's your cue to deliberately make changes or adjustments. Otherwise, it's a fairly stable thing that could have us dreaming of all the wonderfulness we can create from our strong, well boundaried and authentic space.
Following the conjunction with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus at 8:33 AM in the morning.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Moon shifts gears and enters Taurus at 8:33 AM. This is more stable and grounded than what we experienced with the Aries Moon. But, also more stubborn and less flexible. It's good for plodding and setting a slower pace than Gemini Mars may be comfortable with. Plus with Venus waxing toward Pluto and just leaving her opposition with Jupiter, some may be inclined toward big purchases. As long as it fits in your budget, go for it. Plus, mindful and purposeful purchases is a nice expression of Venus/Pluto. Just make sure you are getting what you paid for and remember to check for quality and potential return on investment.

The Moon does meet Mercury by conjunction at 10:14 PM. Other than that we have the Taurus Moon in all her splendor save a minor aspect from Mars. The night favors routine and practicality. To enhance sleep, a nice warm bath, a massage or a little sweet snack before bedtime may help. Yet, Taurus loves the good sheets especially after they've come freshly from the wash along. Add that with a little sachet or spritz of lavender and you've got Taurean kryptonite my friend. You'll sleep like a child.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for May 15 to May 19, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Today looks rather stable for the most part. We wake up with the Moon in Capricorn in sextile to Neptune at 5:52 AM. It is industrious but willing to accommodate. The sensitive leader Moon that maintains a sense of compassion for those under his wing is a figurative representation of this Moon. This can be quite creative and empathic but remains grounded and purposefully driven.

From here the Moon moves on to square Jupiter in Libra at 6:12 AM. Again, not a horrible aspect. It could amplify emotions or steer the mood toward being less dour. We may feel as if we have a lot on our plates. Yet, overall, it's fairly buoyant.

The Moon continues through Capricorn passing over Mars in Gemini by inconjunct at 11:01 AM then sinks into a conjunction with Pluto at 4:25 PM. And, here's the thing about all that. Mars ventures into out of bounds status today. He goes rogue. Out of reach of the regulating body of the Sun. This is not rare. However, it does mark a period of time that can be rather daring and physically active. With that, forward progress can, indeed, by made (which is a blessing to hear, right?). What we want to do, though, is remain conscientious of our motivations, where it is we are initiating and how, plus remind mindful of our actions themselves. Mindfulness is key since we don't want to end up severely progressed on a path that is not really of our choosing. Do much. But, know what you are doing. You know? In that way, we can progress where we need/want to without wasting this on efforts that don't support our overall goals.

Gemini can be easily distracted. Mars in Gemini has a tendency to talk a good game but needs to remember that talking about doing something and actually doing it are two totally different things. This is actually true of all our Air Mars placements. Thinking about doing something is not doing it either. There is a need to ground action into the physical sphere. Talk less. Do more. While focusing on the true task at hand which is something we should be well practiced at given the beginning of this Spring's plodding pace. So, while we will be filled with wonderful aspirations, inspirations and physical energy may return to accommodate that, remember there was a reason we were so practiced and schooled in focus and diligence prior to Mars reaching this unleashed and rogue status. So that we can use it to maximum benefit.

The GOOD side of Mars in Gemini is that he can multi-task. He is also driven to make friends and social contacts that can further him on his chosen path. Networking is an astute talent and being a social creature (like a high functioning Gemini) can pay off now and in the future. Plus, this guy is generally a lot of fun. His actions are light handed and often joyful. Plus he remains nimble and able to juggle more than one task at a time.

Now, as our boss Moon passes sideways by Mars, she gets an inkling of all his wonderful plans. Then, as she meets the higher octave of Mars, Pluto, by conjunction, she becomes eager. Perhaps inflamed with passion and desire. Hungry to achieve these ambitions being birthed by Mars.

We are quite familiar with the negative expression of Moon/Pluto by way of emotional manipulation, abuse and a desire to control just about everything. The high expression coming from Capricorn though is to control the base and primal desires and direct them toward a goal. Self-control and mastery of more subservient fears. To use this aspect set up to the highest, assess the goals of Mars but speak not of them. Keep them to yourself and channel any energy that you may have used to openly speak of what you are planning to do instead toward implementation. Remember, the hallmark of Capricorn is goal setting, leadership, follow through, integrity and fortitude. Imbue Mars in Gemini with this focus and use the Moon/Pluto conjunction to plot your path with determination to follow through with those efforts. But, yes, keep your plans to yourself for now. Talk less. Do more and remain intent on focus.

Mercury resides most of the day at the 29th degree of Aries. So, there is a push...almost an impetus to get started right now. An anxiousness as Mars and Mercury remain in mutual reception for the last of this evening. At midnight, though, Mercury moves from Aries to Taurus. This means he is due to settle down substantially and take a more practical and common sense approach to his task list ahead. Also remember the Moon is waning now. The best place to start with getting things accomplished is to begin with what you already have in place and wind down existing projects so that you can give full and undivided attention to these new ventures you may just now be feeling called toward. The best time to initiate new action comes with the New Moon in Gemini. From now until then, we are laying ground work for that by clearing off our current agenda. Mars remains out of bounds all the way through June. So, this heightened energy is going to last awhile. Pace yourself. Plot it out and plan to follow through.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Any efforts you took in grounding out the energy of late yesterday evening comes in handy today. We begin with the Moon still in Capricorn early. She trines our Earthy Taurus Sun just before daybreak (5:19 AM) and then moves from that stable position to square Uranus at 6:24 AM. We are grounded and settled but there is potential for anxiety to creep back in. Morning routines could be upset or feel scattered and erratic. Don't be afraid to wing it in light of the unexpected. Maintain your steerage.

The Moon then goes on to sextile Chiron which is a test of our coping mechanisms and our ability to set a positive example. This occurs at 9:50 AM and ushers the Moon into Void status.

What I suspect is that Moon/Uranus has potential to either wake us up spry or upset our apple cart. Don't be too upset if normal routine plans go awry. Life happens like that sometimes. Deal with things according to their priority. Know that “dealing with things” is probably what we will spend the rest of the morning doing.


The Moon re-activates in cool headed Aquarius at 1:51 PM. The gut check with that will be that she squares off with Mercury newly in Taurus shortly after (2:56 PM). This pits over-complicating things or over-thinking things against a call for common sense. It can also have an emotional push to try something new but it's hard to wrap our brains around that since it will push us from our comfortable routine. To balance it out, do employ some common and grounded sense in emotional situations. But, coax your mind toward new ways of operation by offering it the incentive to do so. These are both fixed signs, so the struggle could be real. Balance it out with practicality and incentive toward change if that is what you deem necessary for yourself. Aquarius Moon may accuse Mercury in Taurus of oversimplification. Yet, Mercury in Taurus will accuse Aquarius Moon of over-complicating things or being too cold and detached from reality. Touch ground but remain open to change.

Overnight, we have some criss-crossing inconjuncts. The first comes by way of the Sun to Saturn at 1:30 AM. The second from Jupiter in Libra to Neptune in Pisces. This colors in the dreamscape. Sagittarius rules dreams. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Neptune is sleep and also the ethereal plane while the Sun in Taurus makes all this seem real. Pay attention to what happens in the dreamscape. If you don't remember, trust there was important and relevant work that probably went down there tonight.

Jupiter inconjunct Neptune could cast a haze or fog over both today and tomorrow. Where things seem just out of the confines of real. Again, use the Earth energy we have on hand to ground and stabilize but enjoy the watercolor feel. Also know this makes “reality” a very bendable thing. Use that to your advantage if you can.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This morning we are a bit hung over from the Jupiter/Neptune inconjunct. However, the Moon does make minor aspect with Saturn at about Noon which can help us to ground things out as that aspect wanes. The Moon remains active in Aquarius.

At 2:10 PM, the Moon passes by Venus in a nice sextile. This is relaxing, upbeat, prone to be out in the wild and active. Lean into what makes you feel good and grab a few friends to tag along if you'd like. It's not very productive but it can bring a sense of ease and freedom to the day.

The Moon continues on the upswing and has her social inclination tickled with a windy trine to Jupiter at 5:17 PM. This favors social interaction and hanging in light conversation with one's tribe. This windy but warm breeze persists as the Moon now moves on to make yet another Air trine...this time with Mars in Gemini at 1:39 AM.

It's an active day, surely. But, it's not one that is necessarily pressurized. It's easy breezy. Favoring light activity over sweaty. Social fun over seriousness. Laughter is great medicine as is just getting out and being mobile. It feels rather light and upbeat communication is favored. It actually looks like a good day to play hooky...rebel against what you are expected to do and have a little unscripted fun instead. Why not?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Moon is still breezy and light and in Aquarius. However, our Taurus Sun is humbled a bit and perhaps discovers a thorn in his paw by way of a sextile to Chiron. This helps us to become more empathic to the plight of others while also recognizing our own limitations. We can support one another in this way. It's solid but empathic. Stable but not completely dry or devoid of caring. Hugs likely fit well as well as non-judgmental support of self and others.

Sun/Chiron perfects at 4:06 PM. Then, the Moon moves into a sextile with Uranus in Aries at 5:02 PM. Yep. We all have our limitations. We all have limps we need to work with. Once we accept that, we can move forward more freely. This is the kind embrace of knowing that you nor I are perfect and that's ok. It's the friendship given to self and others in spite of imperfection. The warm embrace and acceptance of whatever limitations we find and the impetus to deal with that and do whatever we had in mind anyway. In our own way. In our own time without worrying about judgment from the outside and dismissing more sour self-judgments as well.

We are all a little weird by someone's standards. So? Go with it while accepting the differences in others as well.

The Moon quickly moves in to sextile Saturn at 5:07 PM bringing stabilization and accountability to the table. Of course, this also denotes the waxing trine coming in from Saturn and Uranus which is due to perfect at 2:17 AM overnight. Rebel with a cause. Change your mode of operations with a goal in mind. Write your own rules. Remain self-accountable but don't be afraid to do your own thing.

In the meantime our Last Quarter Moon perfects at 8:34 PM echoing the same type of tension we felt when the Moon squared Mercury. Over-thinking versus common sense. Making it too complicated versus over-simplification. Release where necessary. Enjoy the fact that emotionality is shrinking from our super intense Full Moon in Scorpio...let go...let go...let go. A little practicality and common sense goes a very, very long way. Following the last quarter, the Moon is Void until entering Pisces at 11:53 PM tonight.

Friday, May 19, 2017
This morning, the Moon is in dreamy Pisces. Overnight, Saturn met Uranus, officially by trine for the second time. The first was at the end of December last year. This is self-accountability mixed with personal authenticity and ingenuity. It is the mark of the rebel with a cause and can equate to progress made toward social issues or simply solidifying one's independence by way of being personally accountable and responsible. This occurs at 26 degrees of our fire signs.

The Sabian Symbol for Uranus at 27 Aries: (From Dane Rudhyar's Wheel of Significance) Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained. Beginning of mental maturity and slow growth of the creative faculty. Revision of attitude. Mental house-cleaning.

The Sabian Symbol for Saturn at 26 Sagittarius: Flag bearer distinguishes himself in hand to hand battle. Exaltation of physical valor as necessary support to lofty race ideals. Spectacular effort. Endowment beyond realization.

This aspect, under a Pisces Moon and accompanied with the fact that Venus waxes into opposition with Jupiter (10:12 AM) is a very promising set up. It could be the dream realized. A lucky break. A sign that you have the ability to manifest your dreams and create whatever it is that you put your whole self consciously into. The imagination tickles itself with that potential as the Pisces Moon passes by Mercury in Taurus prior to the Venus/Jupiter opposition at 5:39 AM. Set your intentions solidly. Say a little wish, even, if you'd like. Then, stay open to opportunities and possibilities as they present. Walk into this day with a positive attitude and a vow to be deliberately joyful and watch as that kind of energy returns to you...sometimes in rather unexpected ways.

It's a perfect day for sharing your joy as under a Pisces Moon the mood can be contagious. Spread yours or catch someone else's but boundaries are nicely in play so that you can build your own joy and exude it through authentic personal expression and sending that out into the world to spread like wildfire. It's great for gentle generosities. Taking time to stop and smell the roses and notice everyday blessings. It's great for the imagination and creative efforts. All in all, it's a nice Friday that holds plenty of room for feeling pretty darn good one way or another.

The Saturn/Uranus trine also involves a kite with the transiting nodal axes. It is time to break away from the pack. This set up is surely impetus to do so. Use it wisely and deliberately. Make your mark! Be true to yourself and shine on. Break through.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for May 11 through May 14, 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Moon in Scorpio is Void most of the morning. This gives the piqued emotionality of the Full Moon in Scorpio time to settle down. The pot simmers.

The Moon reactivates in Sagittarius at 1:01 PM EDT. Just in time for Mars to officially find Neptune by square. The Moon is in fire but our fire planet is a little drunk. There could be a desire here to become more mobile by way of the Moon. However, physical energy could dissipate. Motivations could become confused. Or, folks could be tired or sick. Feel for the flow and follow that. Which means, if you find that physical energy is high...go with it and monopolize upon the high tide. If you are feeling tired and distracted, don't push yourself. Float on along. Whatever you feel, go with that. Don't kid yourself, though. The Full Moon was kind of exhausting. If you need to take a rest, don't shortchange yourself. Mars is headed out of bounds and toward a trine with Jupiter. There's a lot of potential for days ahead that are more supportive for physical activity.
Meanwhile, though, Mercury finds Saturn by trine at 4:15 PM. So, while physically we may not feel up to par, the brain settles from it's interaction with Uranus and final decision making can occur. I really think this will be nice after two weeks of electric brain shocks. We can let what we've discovered during that time to solidify and incorporate the facts into our future decision making. We may not like what we know. But, we can use it going forward.

It's a good day for thinking, philosophizing and letting the body and emotional system rest in favor of really rolling all this information that was unleashed over. If you have a message to deliver, it will likely bear impact upon the audience. I do encourage you to listen to what is given by way of conversations today. It will be solid and likely usable stuff.

Friday, May 12, 2017

This morning the Moon is active in Sagittarius on Jupiter's day. Or the Day of Thor. However, you want to look at it. I prefer Thor. I'm not a huge Jupiter fan. He knows this.

The Moon did make a lovely trine with Venus in Aries before dawn. It's comfortable and mobile. Though, few were likely stirring for it. It could have produced a few sweet dreams though and may kick start some Jupiterian activity for later in the morning just in time for Mars to trine Jupiter himself at 6:20 AM. We likely feel better this morning unless you have some wonky aspects in your chart that overrule that. There are issues with Mars/Jupiter, though. We could place too much emphasis on doing for others when we need to focus on our own agenda. We could over-extend or over-reach. Perhaps even over-promise on what we can effectively deliver. But, other than that, it's a great day for gentle generosities and becoming a little more mobile. Stretching your legs. Going for a walk. Coming into the moment and allowing your body to drink all that in. Even some lighthearted social interaction fits well.

Of course, the catch to that is going to be the Moon squaring off with Neptune at 5:10 PM. The more you are out and about, the more permeable you are to the energies you surround yourself with. That's kind of what Moon/Neptune does. It dissolves boundaries, increases empathy and intuition. It can also cause fatigue and increased emotionality. The good news about that though is that it you can steer it to work in your favor. Surround yourself with positive upbeat folks and those kind of feelings become contagious too. Or, set your mood by the music or art or you expose yourself too. Another possibility is that we feed off the Mars/Jupiter energy as it waxes in and then by Moon/Neptune we are ready for some social withdraw or a nap. That's all fine. Just know that the energies you surround yourself with could very well rub off on you and some folks could become fairly emotional a result of this.
It's kind of important to note that. Because, the next stop the Moon makes is a sextile to Jupiter in Libra less than an hour later (5:59 PM). So, emotions are permeable and then become amplified. Note how you feel around certain folks and in certain situations. If it feels bad, slimy or yucky...dismiss yourself from it quickly. But, know the increase in empathy could be helpful if you really want to be able to relate to someone. Then you can steer Moon/Jupiter toward more uplifting and supportive things if you choose. Meaning, your uplifting perspective could rub off on someone else too. Makes it a great set up for random acts of kindness or just being nice for no other reason than to attempt to spread that sentiment. You feel good as a result of brightening the day of someone else. I fail to see how that could be a bad thing. It's definitely a day in which being kind and considerate to others is accentuated. You just don't want to over-extend or over-promise yourself. Be realistic in it, you know?

The Moon moves on to create a little ambiguity between the emotional state and physical desires with an opposition to Mars at 6:46 PM. To balance this appropriately, remember the positive qualities of Jupiter. Generosity. Truthfulness. Humility. Grace. Jupiter still touches both Mars and the Moon here. So, his positive expression is the fulcrum you need to reach for.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Today starts out well enough. The first major aspect from the Moon is a trine to Uranus at 5:47 PM. So, that's pretty nice even it may make us temporarily manic. Holding true to accountability and authentic self-expression is the way to go with this. Especially since the Moon finds Saturn by conjunction a little bit later at 6:58 PM. That brings us to ground rather quickly but can also solidify emotional boundaries, cause accomplishment to be emotionally supportive and stabilize the otherwise erratic potential of Moon trine Uranus. It's a great set up to embark on innovative solutions for long standing problems especially those that may arise as hindrances from the emotional body.

The Moon remains active as she then squares Chiron at 9:21 PM encouraging us to lean into effective coping mechanisms which both Saturn and Uranus can help with by way of detachment, grounding and boundaries as appropriate. Then, it all comes home to roost in the mental body before we go to sleep with a lunar trine to Mercury at 10:16 PM. This is going to play out in relation to how effectively we can steer the mental body (which needs to be a deliberate act right now). It could cause us to be up with brain spin. Or, it could mean our minds are settled and optimistic about brighter days. You hold the keys on that depending on your perspective. So, feel free to zoom in or out as needed. Jupiter and Saturn continue to rewind. So, matters of our personal history can be revisited and effectively re-scripted. In doing so, our perspective on the future and how we think about that could also be altered in a positive way. Maintain your license to change your mind so you can rest more easily. Either way, it's likely a night of active dreaming. Keep your dream diaries and a pen close.
The Moon is Void following the trine with Mercury until entering Capricorn at 1:39 AM.

Sunday, May 14, 2017
Ah Mother's Day. And, all the good, bad and ugly that goes with that. LOL. Seriously. It's kind of a tedious thing for me to talk about holidays anymore. I never know who (or what) I might trigger. Especially when it comes to holidays that deal with family. So. Let me just say, “Happy Mother's Day” and leave it at that.

Interestingly enough, though, the Moon is in the sign of Father on this day. Or, it could denote the crone or older Mom and grandmother. Or, it could even relate to a father who had a more motherly role. Or, the worst end...the cold and unfeeling Mom. So. Yeah. There's that. It's really kind of sober and adherent to things like tradition and routine, though.
There are no major aspects throughout the day. So, we experience the well boundaried and responsible Capricorn Moon in all her purity. Until an uncomfortable square with Venus that comes in at about 10:30 PM. This is where we deal with all the uncomfortable stuff that holidays like this may dredge up. Just remember, if you have issues with the whole parent are not your parent. They are not you. Your children are also not you and so on and so forth. Be nice to yourself. That's the main call of this square and stow your negative self-assessments for now. If you didn't have the ideal parent there is nothing stopping you from being that ideal in an effort to parent your own inner child effectively and just letting all that other stuff go for now. It's also perfectly ok to mourn what wasn't though. That's an important effort taken in self-care, for sure. Again, be nice to yourself.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Morning Star: Full Moon in Scorpio

The following is an excerpt from my ebook, By the Light of the Moon still available for purchase covering all the Moons of 2017 in the merchandise tab.

For the Sun at 21 Taurus: Moving finger points to significant passages in a book. This symbol often reminds me of book divination. This is where you grab a random book; flip through the pages and allow your finger to land on a random passage. Here, though, the finger seems to be deliberately seeking out previous written information for it's significance. It's showing you the important parts...the point. What was relevant about a past event or passage in your personal history. It can also be indicative of an ability at astute recall of past events. You can scan your memories for significant and relevant information that may pertain to what you are encountering today.

For the Moon at 21 Scorpio: Soldier ready to face charges of desertion for love's sake. He left the war to follow his heart. Love won. And, he is willing to face the consequences of that. This Symbol depicts just that. Opening your heart to love and following it where it may lead you while being accountable for the consequences that you may create along the way. It is also a new perspective offered by a change in motivation.

For the Moon's Ruler, Pluto Rx, at 19 Capricorn: Five year-old girl proudly does her mother's marketing. When I was three or four, I watched my mother as she furiously cleaned house. As a person with Venus in Virgo, I wanted to help. To the bathroom I went with a full can of S.O.S. Cleaning Powders. My mother walked in to the bathroom about midway through my efforts to find me enclosed in a cloud of bleach dust. After that, she taught me how to help in a way that I didn't risk gassing myself to death. In this Symbol, we have a daughter proudly emulating what her mother has taught her. She's still quite young. Someone who can do marketing at the tender age of 5 is way ahead of her time. Apparently, she has good role models who have instilled in her the confidence and knowledge she needs. With the Moon's ruler falling on this degree, chances are you have been prepared for what lies ahead as well.
Folks that live on the Taurus/Scorpio axis through their natal chart are the heavy lifters of our Universe. The veritable Atlas who holds the weight of the world on his shoulders. I've worked with many folks who have this kind of set up. They could undertake the labors of Hercules and make it look as if they were merely slicing butter. However, sometimes, they need to be reminded that they really don't have to do that. Some burdens can be lessened, shared or shrugged off entirely. It really isn't their job to support the entire Earth and her problems.
In this chart, we find exactly that type of set up between the Sun and the Moon. Both are being imbued with power by Pluto who is very closely connected to his commitments to status and leadership by way of a conjunction with Juno. However, we've got Mars over in Gemini who wants to jaunt about freely with his buddies (trine Jupiter in Libra). Mars in Gemini doesn't do cumbersome. He multitasks and doesn't attempt to juggle bowling balls. He is also precisely square Neptune. So, yeah, good luck getting any heavy lifting out of that guy.
As our Symbol for Pluto would indicate, though, we have been well prepped and are ready show off our abilities. You do realize that is an ego thing, right?
Plus, Mercury in Aries is conjunct Uranus. Each are in trine to Saturn. Our brains are busy and filled with new inventive ideas and inspirations. Are you really going to stand there just holding up the world to prove that you can and miss out on all that opportunity?
How about we look at this burden we are carrying around and see if we can't let some of it go instead. This will free up more time and space so we can become a little more limber and mobile. As much as the axis between Taurus and Scorpio is about endurance and heavy lifting, it is also about the fairness and equality found within an exchange. For example, you don't want to pay $100 for something that is only worth a few pennies. That is not a fair and equitable exchange. The amount you invest should be equal to the quality of product you obtain.
You also don't want to keep investing in things that offer you no return on investment but only serve as mere drains on your finances and/or energies. For example, being overly jealous, envious or attempting to control others is a big fat waste of time and energy. It's much better to shore up the energy you would have used on those worthless affairs and direct them to something that offers you something back. This is actually a wonderful Moon to release your attachment to things that drain you such as all that I've just mentioned and more. It can be used to release negative attachment to a person. It can be used to pay off debt. It can be used to shore up finances and streamline investments. You can purge all kinds of ugly stuff but you've got to be willing to “go there” and “look at it” first. Meaning, there could be some soul searching attached to this whole set up. We are re-prioritizing (which should have been at least partially settled during Mercury's recent retrograde in Taurus..thus preparing you for this) and shoring up energetic and financial drains. Creating voids that we can refill with better, more rich, more fulfilling stuff.
Pallas in Aries comes to our Gemini Mars via sextile. This can help him figure out what steps he needs to take and in what order. The square from Mars to Neptune, though, is nothing but contemptuous. Again, we are not in straight line production here. We move gracefully and in adherence to the currents. Monopolizing upon building waves of momentum and resting/flowing when the seas are more calm. Force is just not going to cut it. Flow is what we need.
Jupiter in sextile to Mars tells me he has help available if he needs it. The only problem (the low end of that energy) is that he can also be swayed off course by others. Mars in Gemini is prone to distraction and losing focus. Or, he could become way too full of himself and over-estimate or over-promise in regard to what he is realistically able to deliver. Watch out for those tendencies. But, yes, realize this is not straight line production. We are at high risk of talking more about what we plan to do than actually doing it. We are easily distracted and may be trying to juggle too much or push too hard. Letting go of distraction, our need to push our agenda, or an overwhelming desire to do it all and be it all to everyone are all tendencies ripe for purging at this Full Moon. What we are looking for is clarity of purpose, focused and purposeful expenditure of energy and release of burden, accordingly...all done while our ego energies are firmly in check.

Stones and such recommended to assist with this Lunar Movement:
Red Jasper
Apache tear
Moss Agate
Green Aventurine
Shard/Black Tourmaline
Jade or Honey Jade

Dietary recommendations for this Lunar Movement:
Meat. I turn into a voracious carnivore under a Full Scorpio Moon. Most often, it is a craving for red meat, too. White meat such as chicken or pork also fit the bill just as well. Though, I do realize this is not for everyone. However, at this Moon, we do need protein in some form or another. There are meat alternatives that also offer protein such as beans, nuts, rice, quinoa and polenta. No matter how you look at it, with our “heavy lifter” axis in play, protein is a necessity here.
With Mercury and Uranus conjunct in Aries, there is some “itchy/twitchy” to deal with so staying well hydrated and veering away from overloading on chemical stimulants helps us to mete that energy out more smoothly. Our Taurus energy may crave sugars and sweets. Indulge in these minimally to keep from becoming too hyped up.
Basically what we are looking for is healthy but “stick to your ribs” in an effort to provide sustainable energy. It is going to be tempting to smother foods with rich gravies or heavier sauces. Use these in moderation as they can slow you down or cause a feeling of heaviness that makes it difficult to remain mobile. Dip your food instead of smothering it in these sauces for best results here.  
The Page of Cups

The Page is a symbol of youthfulness and naivete. He is a curious and creative student that has a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve. He would certainly be one to act upon the Symbol we have for the Moon...willing to risk it all in the name of love. At this lunar movement, we find that the North Node has officially entered the youthful and creative sign of Leo. This leads us to seeking out the very essence of our true self. Much of the Nodes journey through Leo will show us how it is we are empowered as individuals through our unique talents. It also will encourage us to dip into fun, joy, creativity, blushes of romance and perhaps a little risk taking. In order to do this, we must reflect back upon our younger years and attempt to remember what it was that brought us joy. Chances are, it was something much more simple that what we would conjure up as adults. But, whether you grab your coloring book, your legos or just escape into the world of fantasy by way of book or other entertainment venue, this card suggests you remember what that felt like. To do something just for the mere joy of doing it. No agenda. No deadline. Just for fun.
Aside from the powerhouse Moon in this chart and the intensity brought from Scorpio, we also have a lot of lighter energies in the sky. We have the impish and sparkling fairy energy of Aries that holds Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Eris and Pallas. Plus, we have the elven and butterfly like youthfulness of Gemini that comes by way of Mars, Ceres and Hekate. Under the more cumbersome part of the sky, the Page wants you to lighten up and spend some time in idle fancy and dream. Cast off the lead balloons, burdens and responsibilities for a bit. Enjoy lighter, gentler more entertaining venues all in the name of love.
There is always a caution to be wary of becoming overly naïve when this Page is in play. So, while you are allowing yourself to enjoy more child-like wonders and activities, bring your grown up wisdom with you.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for May 8 to May 9, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017

Early this morning, the Moon in Libra squared off with Pluto in Capricorn. Coming off a rather sedate weekend, this could have caused a bit of panic and even some nightmares. I feel today may actually feel like a peak in energy due the Moon's movements as we come upon our Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday night. This is due the fact that the third Mercury/Uranus conjunction is strongly waxing into play and the Moon will pass by this catalytic energy by opposition today.

image credit drakitaa-deviant art

The Moon opposes Mercury at 3:43 PM and moves on to oppose Uranus at 4:48 PM. This is a rather unsettling energy that could cause disagreements or arguments. The final conjunction of these two occurs early morning on the 10th and it can't come soon enough in my opinion. I miss the solid common sense of Mercury in Taurus. This Mercury/Uranus business is usable but it's left many in a semi-short circuited state in which some mental concepts are being made way much more complicated than they need to be. Plus, it can be nerve wracking and particularly unstable especially due the fact it's been vibrating in the background for the last two weeks. Enough, already.
At any rate, today the Moon passes by the waxing conjunction that can't come to an end soon enough. It could be upsetting to the Libra Moon who is down with a good debate but not so much down with rudeness or a lack of decorum. It's hard to have an intelligent conversation with someone when they are screaming over you. It's hard to have an debate with someone who has lost touch with reality or cannot come up off a singular minded point of view to see the whole picture. All that holds potential for frustration. The best bet is avoidance of situations or discussions that could become heated. Save it for a time when folks are a little more sane and the conversation can be more productive. This is mainly just a set up for needless drama. I'll gladly take a pass on that.

By 7:00 PM, the Moon stabilizes in sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius prior to reaching Void status. This settles things before we retire for the night. The Moon remains Void until entering Scorpio at 1:02 AM.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The big news today under this Scorpio Moon is the fact that the Sun in Taurus meets Pluto by trine. I've been sick for weeks. I'm hoping for some physical restoration here. I have no doubt I'm not alone in that and am also fairly sure this transit will be supportive to many. We are looking at potential restoration of the physical and emotional here as we are under the influence of so much Pluto. Deeply rooted repairs are possible. Clearing and stabilizing reconstruction. Traction and grit.

This trine perfects at 2:20 PM at 19 degrees of our Earth signs. Along with tomorrow's final perfection of Mercury to Uranus, this leads us into our Full Moon in Scorpio. It looks a lot like a jump start to me in which final pieces of the puzzle plunk into place and we can move on. I also think there is quite a bit of potential to move quickly forward following this Full Moon as Mars will soon enter out of bounds status soon after. Now, there are downfalls to that. But, we've been dealing with a somewhat grating “stuck in place” type of astrological energy for some time. A boost in a forward direction may be a good thing. I'm kind of looking forward to that. If nothing else, the powerful Earth trine offers essential grounding as the extended shocks to our system meet with crescendo.
The Sabian Symbols for this trine read as follows:

For Pluto moving toward 19 Capricorn: Five-year-old proudly does her mother's marketing. When I was three or four, I watched my mother as she furiously cleaned house. As a person with Venus in Virgo, I wanted to help. To the bathroom I went with a full can of S.O.S. Cleaning Powders. My mother walked in to the bathroom about midway through my efforts to find me enclosed in a cloud of bleach dust. After that, she taught me how to help in a way that I didn't risk gassing myself to death. In this Symbol, we have a daughter proudly emulating what her mother has taught her. She's still quite young. Someone who can do marketing at the tender age of 5 is way ahead of her time. Apparently, she has good role models who have instilled in her the confidence and knowledge she needs. With the Moon's ruler falling on this degree, chances are you have been prepared for what lies ahead as well.

For the Sun moving toward 20 Taurus: Wisps of clouds like wings are streaming across the sky. (from Dane Rudhyar) exalted state of consciousness; lightness and breadth of being and understanding. Mystical and ecstatic self-expansion.

It all looks very stabilizing to me and I think it will be a welcomed energy. It's a good day to feel better and to re-root yourself in some common sense and grounding. This is good for reconnecting to the physical and grounding while taking time to also regenerate and restore a bit. Most will be focused on their own agenda today with little left over for socialization and small talk. Take care of business if you can or use the rich Earth energy to recapture your grip on simplicity and reality. We've been shocked and scared and rattled enough. This is your opportunity to dig in your heels and survive in spite of all that.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for May 6 to May 7, 2017

Saturday, May 6, 2017

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo creating a sobering square to Saturn in Sagittarius at 8:43 AM. This aspect prefers task oriented and organized to haphazard non-production. It is a good day to choose from your task list and bring something to completion. At 9:40 AM, the Moon opposes Chiron and reaches Void status. She remains Void until entering Libra at 2:21 PM.
Once the Moon shifts from Virgo into Libra the mood moves from task lists to a more social agenda. Knock your chores out early in the day so you can relax a bit this afternoon.

At 11:22 PM the Moon opposes her ruler, Venus, currently in Aries. This is not harsh but not entirely comfortable as it calls for balancing of the axis between self and other. Negotiations may be called for or compromise. Most will put their own priorities first and may need to be coaxed to bend in team or collaborative efforts. Win-win situations work best, of course.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

This morning the Moon lingers in Libra meeting Mars in Gemini by trine at 11:57 AM. This is another socially minded aspect that may have us inclined toward being outwardly mobile. Day trips or mini-outings with friends fit nicely. Conversations flow rather easily and folks prefer to keep things light.

The social air continues as the Moon meets Jupiter in Libra at 7:02 PM taking the night out on a positive note. Most feel fairly well or at least don a mask that would indicate such. This is a good day for parties, gatherings or just collaborating with friends. It is light and most will not want to delve into deep or serious topic. There may be deeper feelings swirling in the periphery but most are willing to ignore those for now in favor of lighter times.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of April 29 to April 30, 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017

We are getting zero breaks from the Mercury/Uranus interplay in Aries this weekend. Yesterday, Mercury met the God of Lightning by conjunction for a second time. As the two hold in tight orb (as Mercury is moving RIDICULOUSLY slow) the Moon in Gemini will pass by them by sextile just after midday (1:29-2:14 PM EDT). This is good because it is by sextile. However, it can be quite emotionally affective because we are under a Gemini ruled Moon. Many may feel there is too much information coming in too quickly and its hard to keep up. Some may feel frazzled. Others manic or over-stimulated. However, others still could be flourishing in this. I feel this is the most unsettling to folks who have heavy water in their chart. Your mileage may vary on that. But, electric energy such as this has a tendency to scatter in Water whereas Fire can put it to use and Earth can ground it out. With heavy Air, the mental activity uptick is probably a welcomed thing. But, for our more sensitive watery folks, this ordeal of Mercury/Uranus in Aries can be quite unsettling and anxious making. Remember, grounding is your friend. You do have permission to scale back on becoming over stimulated. I can tell you that if you feel today's Moon sextile these two in a harsh manner, then buckle up because it gets a little harrier when the Moon in Cancer squares them on Monday.

How we choose to cope here is actually fairly important. Mercury and Uranus are pretty wild. So, sometimes, even while employing effective coping mechanisms it can be fairly teeth gritting. It's a very impatient and on edge kind of energy on the low end. Impulsive. Sharp tongued. Yet, it gets increasingly worse the more we keep allowing ourselves to become over-stimulated. The number one best way to help offset some of this is to step away from your electronics and get outside to ground. Saturn is accessible here by trine. Go for a walk. Sit on the porch. Satisfy curiosities with a quick day trip. Just be careful and know folks are kind of edgy right now. And, this “edgy” feel has hang time. As in, Mercury does not make his 3rd pass to Uranus until May 10th but he never moves more than a degree away from Uranus as he stations direct. That is constant mental stimulation that can quickly lead to overwhelm so knowing when and how to detach from that and ground it out is going to help. Be very careful while traveling or driving just because this is an unsettled and unpredictable type of energy. Many will feel as if they need to do things quickly and in a rush. But, unless it is an emergency, definitely take your time as rushing could cause a tendency toward being accident prone. Eyes on the road. Hands on the wheel. Definitely watch for others in the way of pedestrians, animals, motorcyclists, bicyclists, other drivers, etc as the roads will likely be a fairly busy place. Use less densely populated routes when possible. Also, don't forget our actions are answering to this energy as Mars is in the Mercury ruled sign of Gemini.

After the Moon passes by Mercury and Uranus by sextile, she moves on to square Chiron and oppose Saturn prior to reaching Void status. The outlet for that mutable t-square falls in Virgo..another Mercury ruled sign. The Gemini Moon is curious and with wide eyes is prone to try to catch all the lightning bolts from Mercury/Uranus flitting from one topic to the next, while employing Virgo helps us ground some of that out. Saturn to Chiron calls for well structured coping mechanisms and says there is absolutely no room for denial of Chironic issues. They must be dealt with and Virgo is the energy that can help with that. But, it will call for Virgo's prowess in the realm of triage and separating the wheat from the chaff. Figure out what it is that is coming in by way of information that bears true importance to you. Gemini will try to drink it all in. While Virgo says, “Nope. Don't need this, or that, or this.” She will focus according to matter of importance instead of trying to spread herself too thin. As we weed through the information putting it into proper priority and perspective then it is much easier to deal with what we need to deal with in a more grounded and forthright manner. The need to ground remains essential at this time. This is not easy energy to sit still with.

The Moon remains Void until entering Cancer at 9:49 PM. Her first aspect is an uncomfortable square to her cohort Venus in Aries at 11:00 PM. There could be a bit of ambiguity between want and need or there could be a small burr under our saddles that makes it hard to settle down to rest tonight. The effects do not last long, though. Besides, under a Mercury/Uranus sky such as this, if you are resting at all consider that a cherished miracle. It is VERY easy to become scattered and unfocused under this sky. Take your time and don't let this energy make you feel as if everything needs to be done all it once...however...know it WILL try. We all have potential for very itchy trigger fingers and sharp tongues right now.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

As the Moon moves forward into Cancer, things do have a chance to settle down a bit as she meets our Taurus Sun by grounding sextile (3:20 PM). Most are more inclined to shut the door on the outside world and attempt to foster a bit of a reprieve from the chaos found there...which is certainly not a bad idea. This does look good for good food and cherished family. Unless, you've got tensions happening there and in that case it might be better to just dine alone until that pot simmers down a bit. But, good food and non-abrasive company are the way to go with this. If you are feeling particularly abrasive then it might be a good time to call a personal time out with no company at all.

Saturn finds Chiron by square for the second time at 4:41 PM calling us in toward employing effective coping mechanisms and ditching denial for complete acceptance and awareness works well here. These coping mechanism are self-employed. As Saturn is Rx the disciplining of such is on our own shoulders and it involves solid boundary and grounding. We deal in the way that works for us best while realizing what works for us may not work for everyone.
The Moon does move on to trine Neptune which can bring some relief to the angst. However, as aspects between the Moon and Neptune can increase empathy, it could also make it easier for us to pick up on the angst from the rest of the world. Detach. Withdraw. Take a break and ground for best results. Drink plenty of water and let the rest of the world deal with their stuff while you deal with your own. By 11:23 PM, the Moon begins to move through the Cardinal Crunch with a square to Jupiter. This is where emotionality can become overblown. We could be skewing perspective and need to step back a bit. However, it can compound GOOD feelings too. So, how this plays out will have a lot to do with how well you handled yourself in the meat of today.

Monday is a May Day that holds true to its name. Except, I don't see it as much as a joyful circling around the May Pole May Day as much as I see it as an emergency call kind of May Day. So, that makes attempts at resting and detaching from outside stimulation today an imperative. This will be edgy and going into that tired on top of that is really bad deal. Keep that in mind and take things slow and easy while veering away from over-stimulation and distraction. Ground and boundary. Ground and boundary. The pique of the “fireworks” with this comes as the Moon squares Mercury and Uranus tomorrow between about 2:35 PM EDT and 4:23 PM prior to the Moon reaching Void status only to usher us into the pressure of the First Quarter Moon which perfects on Tuesday. The banjo strings will be pulled tight and many may feel as if they are walking on eggshells. It is quite edgy and definitely bearing emotional impact. So, again, rest up and steady yourself ahead of that.