Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 29, 2014

I think events rarely occur by happenstance. Sure, accidents happen. But, I think we give more credit to things happening via chance or luck (good or bad) more often than it warrants.


When I look at someone's chart and see a series of hard aspects coming in, my first question is, “Why? Why does this person need this to occur at this time in their life?” Most of the time, I can look forward in the chart and see what that reason is. Sometimes the answer lies in something about to perfect in the progressed chart.

That isn't to say that if you had Pluto on your Moon that you needed your Mother to die or something to that effect. Sometimes horrible things happen to good people and there is no explanation for it. What I'm saying is that the penetrating depths and forcefulness of Pluto to your Moon was needed for something. And, it becomes a very personalized search to discover what that “something” may be.
For example, Pluto to your Moon didn't kill your Mother. Ok? The world doesn't revolve around your transits. However, Pluto to your Moon coming when your mother died gave you the emotional endurance to survive it. That's what Pluto/Scorpio does...endures, survives, emerges like a Phoenix from the ashes.

With that line of thought, I've been thinking about Mars being retrograde when engaging in this Cardinal Cross. Why do we need Mars to be retrograde? Pluto is retrograde too. Why do we need that? On a side note, it's interesting to notice that both Pluto and Mars rule Scorpio. Since these two are involved it pulls Saturn into the mix (even if it isn't really involved by aspect) which is currently in Scorpio and co-ruled by the two.

No matter what rationalizations I may come up with for that, I do not think any of this is happenstance or by coincidence. That being said, if the planets are where they are and moving how they are for a reason, then I think its important that you know how to embody the highest expression of the planets involved instead of trying to fight or go against the energy.

It is important to know about shadow expressions so that you can recognize them. However, the point of planetary movements is not so you can sit idly by watching shadows on parade. That is, unless you are discovering your own shadow and consciously rectifying that.

We need Mars to be RX in this passage through the cross for a reason. Does that mean we are supposed to be indecisive, passive-aggressive and procrastinating now? Not necessarily. However, it does mean that we are to re-evaluate our motives for partnering, re-evaluate our actions within partnerships, maybe even RE-DO some past actions in relationships and a big part of it is so we can see what things look like when the shoe gets put on the other foot.

Christina Rodenbeck of the Oxford Astrologer brought this to my attention with her article “11 things you can do with Mars Rx in Libra.” She mentions the concept of role reversals in relationships. And, after I thought on that for just a second, I realized, she is right! In my relationships I have seen a power shift and experienced complete role reversals. I really started paying attention to what was going on with this dynamic. Be aware of this possibility in your current relationships and observe what it is like to be on the other side of the fence. You can learn some interesting stuff.

So, why is this important during the Cardinal Cross? I'm not 100% sure, but being able to see things from the perspective of the “other” could very well affect what actions we take. Mars is a personal planet being transformed under this pressurized sky. That means that this cross (even though it involves outer generational planets) transpires on a global AND personal level for many. Don't get caught just shadow watching. Pay attention and try to work the energy by using its highest expression.

In this article, I give clues as to how to work with Mars in aspect to Uranus. It is very much an alchemical and channeling type action. Conscious direction. And, you cannot consciously direct something if you are allowing the energy to run over you. Remember, though, that this is an opposition. You may find yourself embodying one side of the energy or the other.

There will be things that happen outside of our control with this Cross. However, there is also opportunity to employ the energy. It would be a shame to waste it by letting it run rampant without attempting to use any of it. That's a lot of energy! Use it.

This morning, we find the Moon still in Pisces. At 9:45 AM EDT, Moon perfects in trine to Saturn in Scorpio. This gives a chance to reinforce our boundaries after a particularly watery and nebulous day yesterday. Saturn helps us shore some of that up and become a bit more emotionally stable. Objects in the fog start taking tangible form.

Venus in Aquarius perfects her trine with Mars Rx in Libra at 3:05 PM. This is a fresh breeze blowing across the waters. Venus trine Mars is charming and amicable. We want what is best for the collective with Venus in Aquarius at its highest expression. We realize that how we act in relationships (Mars in Libra) does indeed play a role in sending ripples into the collective. Mars Rx is reviewing those actions sometimes throwing ghosts of relationships past in our faces to examine.

More times than not, when you ask someone, “What would you have done differently?” they answer with, “I wouldn't change a thing.” But, I guarantee if you actually had a time machine and could send someone back to their past, they would start trying to tweak things and do them differently in one way or another. Say you wouldn't all you want. Let me zip you back in time and test that theory. You would do something differently.

Well, we have no time machines that I know of right now, but Mars Rx in Libra is an analytical review of past actions. Note what worked and what didn't because those will be lessons we need going forward in partnerships.

Venus in Aquarius also perfects her square to Saturn in Scorpio today at 5:15 PM. This is tense and can bring forth tightness in matters of money and feelings of loneliness. Deliberately used to its highest expression though, we become responsible in matters of money and debt. We become stable and secure partners in the name of learning about intimacy and shared resources. And, we do so because we realize that all these things do affect the world around us. Ripples.


The Moon goes void after Venus' pull to ground occurs with the square to Saturn.

Moon leaves Pisces for Aries at 9:55 PM tonight. Remember what I say about this passage? It feels like a very rude wake-up call. Aries heralds dreamy Pisces Moon to WAKE UP! SNAP OUT OF YOUR DAY DREAMS! ITS TIME TO GO!

And, I've found since Mars has been RX, Aries Moons feel particularly grumpy. We begrudgingly get out of bed and go. It isn't because we want to. It isn't this joy filled “WHEEEEE, the time is here!” type thing like you feel when it is FINALLY time to leave for your vacation or something. Its more of a, “Grumble, grumble.” slam the lid on the coffee, slam the coffee pot into the slot, push the damn button...wait...impatiently. “Grumble, grumble” sling open the shower curtain, start the damn water, get in...this day is coming whether you want it to or not and even though we can't stop it, we can passive-aggressively slam things around in our preparations for it.

Use today to find ground. Rest and prepare. Get mundane chores out of the way. But, do so slowly and without expending all your energy on them. You are going to need that energy tomorrow and for the upcoming week. Nurture and expend it wisely.

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Aries which looks very much like a catalyst to me. It is within orb of being conjunct Uranus...both Sun and Moon. Moon WILL conjunct Uranus and pass through the t-square shortly after the New Moon perfects. Sun WILL conjunct Uranus and pass through the t-square in the upcoming week. This is the Sun and Moon's pre-t-square to speak. Discern who you are, where you are and how you feel. Delineate your required actions from there.