Mars in Libra Vs Uranus in Aries-How to use it

Electrical current can greatly enhance our lives but can also destroy us at the same time. I see Mars/Uranus energy much like I do electrical energy. We have an opportunity to be pioneers of this energy.
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When electrical energy is contained in conduit, an insulator and transmitted through a conductive metal and subsequently grounded, it brings us many of today's modern conveniences. The harnessing of electricity was a pretty big deal. And, that is quite an understatement. If you've never studied anything related to the rights over harnessing electrical current (Edison VS Tesla), I highly recommend it. There is quite a story there. And, chances are you were not introduced to what really went on while you studied it in elementary school.

At any rate, electrical current can be greatly beneficial when harnessed. However, when it is NOT harnessed and allowed to run about rampantly, it becomes scattered and, very often, destructive. The same is true of Mars in aspect to Uranus.

Mars in aspect to Uranus can be an itchy and nervous energy. We've been dealing with this (Mars/Uranus) since Uranus moved into Aries. However, Mars in Libra is coming along to make things start twitching even more. Plus, Uranus in Aries is stationed to go direct on the day before the full moon in Gemini. So, what we have is a stationary and powerful Uranus and a build up of emotions (even if the full moon is in an air sign) as we approach the full moon. In my eyes, what that boils down to is the possibility that we are swimming in the lake and lightning is coming.

What happens when you are on a lake and an electrical storm is coming? Smart move would be to get out of the lake. Same here. Get a grip on the emotional side of this. Respond. Do not react. (You are going to want to remember those last 4 words.)

On my mother's side of the family, there runs a very distinct Mars/Uranus pattern. As a matter of fact, the impulsiveness and rebellious expressions of this energy caused the untimely deaths of two of my uncles. I have Mars conjunct Uranus in my natal chart. The conjunction is located in the 8th house and also has Mars conjunct Pluto. I've been in quite a few deadly situations myself. Most of these were perpetrated by me reacting (often rebelliously and spontaneously) instead of responding.

The patriarch of my mother's family had what I call a “catch phrase.” He was a quadruple Aries (Sun and Moon conjunct in the latter degrees with Mercury and Venus conjunct in the early degrees). By the way, he also had Mars in Scorpio trining Uranus in Pisces and Pluto in Cancer with Saturn in Virgo forming a kite with all 4 planets—he knew what he was talking about. He would say, “The main thing is not to get excited.” It took me three decades of life to even care what it was he meant by that. And, it took another decade of life for me to admit that this was true. And, it is true. My grandfather was also an amazing man.

So, while in this Cardinal t-square of a mess there does exist the possibility of spontaneous combustion to a point that it can and will hurt you. But, there is also a wonderful opportunity in it when harnessed and directed appropriately—just like electricity.

Healthy emotional boundaries are of a great importance while dealing with these energies. A healthy emotional body, in general, is also key. In that, know that Mars/Uranus can exacerbate nervous disorders such as anxiety and OCD. Take proper care of these and don't let them go on unchecked. They are true disorders.

One of Libra's shadow traits, procrastination and indecision, can exacerbate that “I've waited until the last minute and now I have to DO or DECIDE right now!” Don't put yourself in that self-perpetrated dramatic situation.

One thing that I cannot preach enough about with this energy in the air is to cut down on stimulants, including caffeine, sugar and nicotine, and increase your dietary intake of water. These stimulants will increase in potency with Mars/Uranus and make the nervous disorders worse or cause the emergence of them. They will work to further scatter the Mars/Uranus energy. Mars/Uranus when scattered is accident prone at it's best. Explosive at its worst.

Think of your emotional body as the conduit. Your emotional boundaries act as insulators. You don't want any breaks in this material and you want to work on regular maintenance of these bodies to ensure they remain intact. This includes practices like meditation, grounding exercises, good dietary intake (decrease stimulants, increase water and work to maintain a healthy diet). Take regular breaks from electronics (cell phones, computers, TV's) and over-stimulating activities.

In taking care of the conduit and insulators, grounding also becomes a factor. The better shape your emotional body (the conduit), emotional boundaries (insulator) and your grounding routines are, the better you will be able to effectively use this energy. When you effectively use this energy, it can fall in the realm of genius. Just remember, there is a very fine line between genius and madness. The care you take toward your emotional body, boundaries and grounding activities could very well prove to be what draws that line.

You, your physical self, are the conductive wire in this electrical analogy. What you are going to want to do is direct this electrical current with the help of your conduit, insulators and ground. It's important to know which direction that is. With Pluto looming within orb, you are going to want to be careful where you point this stuff!

What projects are you working on? Which ones need your attention and which ones do you want to put your energy into? Decide that right now. An endpoint is important to keep the energy from being wasted and scattered. Cut out the distractions. Let go of the things you really don't want to focus on so that you can aim this energy like a laser beam toward where you want it. And, yes, visualizations of this laser beam like energy going where you want it to go are extremely helpful and can be used during your grounding activities such as mediation. Again, be careful where you point this stuff because it is potent. Know your intention for this energy. The progress and level of innovation that you CAN reach is amazing.

Find a physical outlet. The best physical outlets are going to be the ones that, of course, discharge your Marsy energy but also allow you to practice their direction. I'm thinking in terms of karate, Tai-Chi, Yoga, Pilates and any exercise where you take energy and consciously direct it in a certain way. These types of things will teach you to control and direct. They will also teach you to respond vs react. They also help with your emotional body. Dancing is also a good one especially with Mars in Libra—just make sure there is nothing to fall off of or trip over while your shaking your booty (not that I speak from experience, or anything).

Breathing. Very important. In our first Woo-Woo Wonderful Show , Dixie mentions Combat Breathing. This is also known as the fourfold breath (that link describes many different breathing techniques as well as fourfold breath). A little conscious effort in this realm goes a long way.

When you combine Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter energy you could very well feel 10 foot tall and bullet proof. Remember, you are not. Jupiter can come into play in two ways. It can give you the foresight and wisdom you need to act appropriately and in your best long-term interests. OR, it can inflate you to the point that you do start believing you are 10 foot tall and bulletproof and that your rebellious and destructive actions are, indeed, justified.

Mars/Pluto is a tremendous amount of energy that can be focused on rebuilding but can also be destructive. You do have the ability to choose. It is a replenishing energy in that whatever you put in energywise will be returned to you. However, bear in mind that this aspect doesn't last forever. You know your limits. Pace yourself. Also pay heed to the lessons of Saturn in Scorpio which speak of energy exchange. You cannot fill a bottomless pit no matter how long you keep at it.

Given those two statements, I bring you the “antidotes” for the negative expression of Mars/Uranus and Mars/Pluto.



The principles of these two cards are excellent fall back lessons when dealing with this energy. Temperance represents the Sagittarian and Jupiter qualities I discussed earlier. Wisdom. Intentional mixing of energies in an alchemical process and foresight are gifts of this card. When out of whack (inverted) it has the potential to be explosive. Patience and diligence are key. Careful mixing of volatile elements to bring forth a common and beneficial third element is the goal.

Strength has nothing to do with physical prowess. It is more of the conscious control of your own inner vicious beast. He or she can be destructive. However, when properly harnessed it becomes a force to be reckoned with in a good way. Channeled. Purposely directed. Laser beam. Problem with this is realizing that YOU are in control of this instead of constantly being at odds with someone else you may believe is in control. That tiger may want to come off the chain but you have to remember the consequences of allowing someone to push that trigger for you. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it feels darn good to turn that beast loose on someone you think deserves it—but in the long term it rarely proves worth it, especially to you. So, harness it and use it for your best good and not for the destruction of others.

Can you control this energy? The bigger question is, can you control yourself, your drives, your motives? Can you acknowledge your shadow and embrace it as part of yourself while choosing to express the highest vibration instead? Are you going to react? Or will you respond.

Mars/Uranus/Pluto is excellent energy to have in emergency situations. The surgical and precise movements know exactly what needs to be done and does it lightning quick. (Save the baby, stop the bleeding, put out the fire) However, it's key to realize that not everything is an emergency. Allow me to repeat that, NOT EVERYTHING IS AN EMERGENCY. Remaining grounded and working to keep an intact and healthy emotional body will be key assets through this time period. You can do amazing things with this. You can also get quite a high off the adrenaline rush and ferocity of the speed associated with this energy. Either potential is out there for you to choose.

Dates for exact interactions of Mars/Uranus:

December 25th at 3:33 AM EST at 8 degrees 37 minutes. The Moon in Libra hits a conjunction with Mars in Libra/Uranus in Aries at about 6 PM EST this same night. The last quarter moon (Moon in Libra square Sun in Capricorn) occurs at 8:49 AM EST.

April 23rd. Mars Rx opposing Uranus direct in Aries. This meetup happens at 13 degrees and 38 seconds with Pluto at 13 degrees Capricorn and so is Jupiter in Cancer. So, yeah. Be mindful of your actions with the first pass because all the big players are involved with the RX pass.

June 25th. Mars is direct and opposes Uranus in Aries at 16 degrees 13 minutes right before a new moon in Cancer. Did you catch that? First pass occurs on the last quarter moon leading up to a New Moon in Capricorn. Last pass occurs only a few days prior to a New Moon in Cancer. The polarities of Capricorn and Cancer are in play with the polarities of Libra and Aries.

*On a personal note, from me:
One thing that I struggle with is that I will be consciously working to direct all this energy while it seems everyone around me is popping off and exploding and not even trying in the least bit to be mindful or even be responsible for what they are doing. I'm controlling myself and they are just letting it fly. The bloodlust that accompanies Mars/Pluto can be lured to just go nuts on something that can only be equated to a Vampire feeding frenzy. Sigh. And, I reach a point where I think, “Gosh Durn It! It's just not fair that all these motherfuckers (excuse me, I have Mercury in Scorpio) are just freely giving into impulse and consequences be damned!” At that point I'm tempted to give in and blow up right along with them. Don't fall for it, sweet pea. Life ain't fair and it's not about what THEY are doing it's about owning and what YOU are doing. THEY are not the boss of you, remember? You are the boss of you and each of you will meet the consequences of your actions one way or another. Don't allow Mars/Uranus to push to one of those moments you may regret. Or, at least, that's what I tell myself.*
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