Full Moon in Sagittarius: Photographs, Gateways and the Key

in memorial
in honor of
til death do us part

The Full Moon in Sagittarius packs themes of reunions, graduations, weddings, celebrations or events that bring folks together. Par for the course given that Jupiter rules the sign. When the Sun is in Jupiter's sign, we are in the fall/winter “holiday season” for many in the Northern hemisphere. This is our Spring version of that. However, the flavor of these celebrations and this Moon are determined by the condition of Jupiter himself. This year, we find him Scorpio which is a deeply macabre party. More like Halloween at the end of May rather than Christmas in July. Plus, Uranus in Taurus gives everything quite the...industrialized feel. It's like, new city grunge. Oil and grease. Grit. Not a shiny new car smell. More of a well worn engine stench. So we have the dark of Jupiter in Scorpio mixed with the heavy metal of Taurus setting the tone for the celebrations this year.

There is also the matter of Jupiter trine Neptune as Venus in Cancer waxes in which can increase sensitivity across the board to emotional issues as well as break down our natural physical or emotional boundaries. To add oomph to that we have both Sun and Moon waxing into square with Neptune.
The good news is Saturn is present. He is semi-sextile the Moon and inconjunct the Sun. This provides some access to boundary and also offers access to maturity. Both help with the amount of water that Jupiter, Venus and Neptune will bring.
Speaking of Venus, she is in Cancer opposing Saturn right now but has a busy dance card ahead of her. She will move forward to trine Jupiter (6/1) and Neptune (6/2) before opposing Pluto (6/5) on her way out of the sign. Then, when she enters Leo (6/13 right after the New Moon in Gemini) she will meet Uranus by square (6/14) and Chiron by trine (6/15) before running over the North Node (6/19).
Mercury, the ruler of the Sun, is barely hanging on the edge of Taurus here. Soon, he will skip over into home territory. But, he won't stay there very long! BEFORE our New Moon in Gemini, he's already in Cancer! He leaves his home sign on 6/12. Zip...that fast. As a matter of fact I was just talking with some friends about how the actual physical pace I'm feeling as most comfortable and effective right now is rather slow, deliberate, patient, methodical...little faster than plodding...but definitely one that is slow enough so that I can remain attentive. The concept of time and events in the outer world, tho? It's going by so fast it's like catching the zip of a speeding train pass by you just on the edge of your periphery. Zip..there goes Monday. Zip...there goes the weekend. Zip...holy crap they are putting out Christmas decorations at the craft store! This has literally been my last two weeks with visions of holiday d├ęcor and all! Like...somebody give Father Time the message we are slowing down here! I think he still feels behind because he was slow marching in Spring..lol.
I guess what I'm trying to say is it feels very obvious to me that time is marching steadily on but the most effective physical pace in this moment has nothing to do with trying to keep up with it. It's more of a “do your own thing as traffic whizzes by you” type of deal that works best right now. To me that says that part of this Moon does deal with easing into your own tempo or speed. What pace is healthfully sustainable to you and allows you to engage in your path forward mindfully. Are you whizzing by your life? Or drinking in the experience?

The journey to get here and where we will go next
snapshots in time

Venus in Cancer is opposed Saturn. There is nostalgia but also the possibility of remorse, blockage, repression, withholding of affection..or flat out not getting an invite thus having the feeling of being shut out. Left behind. Disregarded or forgotten.
Regardless of the “mood” of the celebrations in the atmosphere, it is highly possible that many will not be able to attend them due to various reasons. They weren't invited, can't afford it, are sick, are in relationships that will not allow for it, responsibilities that keep them from it...a myriad of possibilities. We will all likely be in a personal state of memorial whether there is an event to go to or not due Venus' condition. We are remembering our past. Who we were then versus who we are now. While at the same time, casting eyes forward to speculate what memories await our making in the future. Who will we become? With the place we are in right this second joining those two roads. A constantly moving gateway leading us from the past and into the future through both big steps and small.

Mars bucks our moving forward in a way. Tries to pull us from it by way of his position on the South Node. That part of it feels like “peer” competition. Which you will HAVE during themed events such as these. Folks sometimes do feel like they may fall back into old roles and may compete with former friend and foe alike in regard to who has done the best with their life since last they met up last. Even in the spirit of a graduation there can be competition between peers found in both the graduating students AND amongst the family/friends who are attending! It's all a memorial affair that makes new memories at the same time. This draws forth past and current self expressions for better or worse. It's like being known as being the class “whatever” and using most of your early adult life trying to overcome or avoid that prediction only to be sucked back into by your 10 year class reunion or, yes, your child's graduation. Bonus points on those themes if your child happens to be graduating from a school you also once attended, for example. Sometimes these situations come complete with folks right out refusing to accept who are you now while demanding you be who you were then. People do change. People do grow. You don't have to back your car up for anyone even if who you are not is not comfortable or acceptable to them.

None of this is a dry affair. I'm not saying it's horribly sad. I'm just saying it comes with ALL THE FEELZ. Good. Bad. Uncertain. And all that swirls in the between.

the gateway

Most of the celebrations we attend this time of year are gateways to marking maturity or passage from one stage of life to the next in some way. Here, however, backward, forward and present swirl together and we can attempt to “feel” our position in all places.
The mirage and feel of time blending together is a gift ala Neptune. The God of Sea stations retrograde in mid-June at 16 Pisces 29. At the Full Moon, which features him in touch with both luminaries and the ruler of the Moon, he is at 16 Pisces 23. Typical speed for Neptune has him moving about a second a day in your little ephemeris. He is now taking two days to move one second; and, right before he turns Rx, will hit an average of 3. This Full Moon marks his slow down which means his influence is amplified or felt more strongly. It isn't the “peak” of his power but it is starting to thicken.
From now until the we reach the New Moon in Gemini, we are going to run into people from our past and meet people who will become a part of our future past. In those interchanges and at that gateway we will revisit who we were and sculpt out who we will become meeting with the “karmic” implications of that past all at the same time. See, some of those implications could push us through doors we didn't see as options. Others may block us from doors that we once thought were options. Changes in course due to what we encounter over the next two weeks is quite likely. We still maintain your power of choice throughout. But, if you have your mind and your feet set on going somewhere specific in what you think is a rather certain time frame.....you might be surprised to discover in the next little bit that it's not going to happen exactly like you thought.
I can't tell you that will all work out wonderfully. Say you knocked over a bank in your past and the long arm of the law is just now catching up with you. This was years ago and you had thought you were free of it! You'd escaped consequence and now were planning to invest some of your loot in a Caribbean vacation until...you realize while sitting in the back of a cruiser with your hands cuffed watching a swarm of officers investigating your home that a vacation of the Caribbean type isn't exactly what the Universe has in mind.
Or, it could be the absolute reverse of that or anything in between. You know? We have a sort of “set” vision at the moment and that “set” vision becomes unsettled in some way in our near future all of which is highly dependent upon how we have conducted ourselves in the past. A fact that also says to us...hey...I'm building my future RIGHT NOW!
Because you are. We all are.
Events of this type often involve family (ex spouses, inlaws and all) which feeds right into all this. But, of course, if we are too personally sucked into our own reactions to family and unable to stand off in observance of how the unit operates and how you “auto” respond...you could miss out on some things that you may be able to tweak for the better. And, you know, just receiving notice or invitation to an event like this can kick things off in the direction on a personal level EVEN IF YOU DON'T GO! Merely learning an event is taking place can have an emotional impact. Definitely under this sky.

The Key and the Crossroads

Hekate is at 2 Leo nearing a conjunction with our North Node in Leo. This Moon marks a personal crossroads moment. Major decisions about the future of our individual life's journeys will be made both by us and for us based on past action and future ambitions blended together as we stand at that crossroads.
Hekate stands opposing our past actions (Mars on the South Node) holding her lantern upon the potential found in our future (Hekate conjunct NN). She is square Uranus so at this crossroads we will likely be faced with change. By square, it's not likely a change we would willingly choose. More like an upset or something rather unexpected. She is trine Chiron meaning we are aware of our limitations. She is also in an out of sign sextile with Mercury which will tighten and become more limber once he enters the sign of Gemini. The “Shock” of Uranus comes first, though. Only after that push out of “what was expected to happen” will be able to see the other options available to us. It's like we go from having A or Z to choose from only to have one of those options removed. But, then we realize there are even more letters in the alphabet than just the first one or the last one. The shock removes a block. Which is a good thing! Yet, when that happens, it is unsettling and worrisome for a bit. It kind of knocks us off guard. But, with a handle on your coolness and a realization that this is how it is, you'll be well positioned to then monopolize upon what presents itself to you afterward.

Hekate's symbol at this Full Moon reads: Mature woman, her hair just bobbed, looks into mirror. Sense of freedom from age and realization of the value of youth. Self-creation and independence from fate. Will-power.

The Moon will trine Hekate prior to this Full Moon's perfection while the Sun passed by her in sextile right after meeting Chiron by the same a few days ago. You can see the comparison of then and now. The woman in the symbol has taken on a new look and is reflecting upon just that. She is creating if not re-creating following a period of experience by choice not force. She is gracefully transitioning into the next stage of her life.
The Full Moon is the gateway with the secret “key” to that door being found in our sense of self; acceptance of what was and what is “now.” Plus, realizing the power in our choices. You are the key master. All you have to do is unlock the door.
The Moon is also in waxing trine to Juno in Aries which is a commitment to a new start, taking ones own initiatives/fighting your own battles, commitment to independence/autonomy, moving forward, engaging...living...pioneering
Pallas is in Cancer (patterning of emotions, intuition and familial patterns..home life) squaring Juno in Aries (commitment to move forward under the initiatives created by a “sense of true self”). With that we are looking at either personal authenticity in actions undertaken...likely wholly personalized...or the potential of going along to get along or following the crowd. Or allowing ourselves to be pulled back or regressed into roles that we have outgrown.
We are also looking at a call toward clear and conscious action versus reactive/rebellious action with no real discernible cause while Mars is in Aquarius. Now, some actions may appear rebellious but if they are independently and consciously fostered there may be good cause for that. WE are considered “rebels” as an example if we do not act like people demand we do or if we refuse to follow everyone off a cliff. You know? Sometimes there is warranted cause for going against the grain.
The Moon in Sagittarius rules Pallas currently. Jupiter is retrograde, these are past emotional patterns, family karma and conditioning again present with this. With Jupiter/Neptune I want to say there is potential to dissolve or erase karmic patterns once our behavior within it is recognized and made conscious. However, that makes it sound a little easy. There is actually a process involved in the whole of such an undertaking which one aspect or one Full Moon isn't going to wholly take care of. We can make the patterns conscious and deal with them forthright starting from right here, tho. Plus, if we use Mars in Aquarius on a high functioning level we can actually stand off and observe some of the ways we have been unwittingly conditioned to respond or “be” while being given license to begin bringing that under conscious command as well.

Tin roof...rusted
Metal and salt water. Corrosion.

There's kind of a rusty...smell...taste...something around this Moon, though. As if someone forgot to oil the Tin Man and now he is squeaking. Which actually does make sense given that Mars is in the sign of the robot and there is some wet weather out there. Plus, Mars is wrapped up in a sneaky little Yod. Saturn in Capricorn and Nessus in Pisces frame the South Node and both meet the North Node by inconjunct. This means the North Node sits at the apex of that Yod with Mars in Aquarius drawn back like an arrow ready to shoot right through the whole thing. It's not a technical term; but, I like to call that a boomerang yod. With Mars involved it can be quite “reactive”...knee jerk...reflexive rather than conscious action. Nessus is a trickster and he can represent our own past shadiness or where we have misplaced trust and the fact that it could be catching up to us now. While we will likely have to accept whatever it is that brings to us, we will have choice in response to even that. We can take our first step in the right direction seeing the potential past missteps and accepting our accountability in that or we can become hardwired. Cold. Bitter. Cast blame for our circumstances while forsaking any accountability resulting in the freezing up and rusting of the Tin Man's joints. OR, we can own this shit and decide that today is the day we make a purposeful step in a new direction while dealing with our consequences.

Full Moon's are often a lot about letting go. Releasing. Banishing. Culmination. Blossoming. This Moon is good for all that as well. More over it is about 1) looking back 2) accepting what was after viewing it with more mature eyes 3) accepting what is (along with accepting our accountability in both) and then turning our face to the horizon journeying on as we do.

Tarot Guide for the Full Moon in Sagittarius
The Queen of Cups
Repeats 8/11 at the New Moon in Leo.

The Queen definitely points to our bodies in Cancer and their condition. She also draws forth the watery trine between Neptune in Pluto which Venus now waxes toward. In that, there is a very loose kite created with Venus in opposition to Saturn and her wide contact to Jupiter and Neptune. The swirl of the water trine can be rather disorienting even if beautifully flowing. Saturn provides and anchor and grounding for that while a kite is said to offer us some protection.
Yet, the Queen also represents our feelings/emotions about the concept of Mother. How we experienced our own Mother. Our ideal of the concept of mothering. Our experiences as mother and even grandmother. All that has a tendency to get a little triggering for some if not downright messy. The Queen suggests and supports us in caring for ourselves emotionally and following the cues there before we embark upon anything. If you are having issues with family or the concept of Mother, it may be a good time to withdraw into self-care to help heal/soothe these issues. Putting self first in that regard is just a good idea. And, the water coming forth from this Queen could certainly rust the Tin Man. Mars in Aquarius is a water bearer...not a swimmer. So, even if we go the “cold as ice” route there is a quite severe chance at melting making it all the more important to heed your emotional body.
Pallas resides in Cancer too. And, when you first imagine the Goddess, in Cancer one would presume she is ill placed. Pallas is logical, strategic born of her father's frontal lobe. So, in the watery realm of Cancer, how could she be comfortable. However, her talents in this realm deal with recognition of emotional and family patterns which will be given rise for your inspection as the events of the Full Moon unfold. She doesn't sink into the emotions but notes them and can further assess what built this dynamic by looking further into her lineage and dynamics of the family as a whole. It can be an emotional affair but Pallas at her best processes this as merely information through her logical body rather dryly. On the low end, she could birth plans of strategic emotional manipulation which is not the best way to go but she can also help you to clearly see how that may have occurred to you in the past as well. Plus, the sign of Cancer in my opinion, is the most psychic of the whole zodiac. This placement can help you better learn to read the cues you receive in this manner thus increasing your ability to appropriately respond to them.
The Queen of Cups also encourages you to express your emotional body through creative form. And, that can be the creative form of your choice. It's the point of allowing emotions to flow emotions from you and outward into a tangible form such as a work of art or even intangible in the form of music. She encourages us to be soft and nurturing to ourselves. Once our own cups are filled and overflowing we can then share that with the world. But we really need to put how we feel and our own self-care first before embarking on any of this stuff. Once that is achieved, the Queen then suggests emotional gentleness with others and a willingness to go softly with the flow of events. See this energy affects everyone. So even if you feel as if you are suffering due this that or whatever, it's important to realize many are in similar boats and there is no need for further infliction of suffering, manipulation and guilt. There are better ways to deal such as increasing your own boundaries and realize folks my be acting peculiar or triggery because of their own emotions connected to this Full Moon.
The Queen also follows the Moon itself. In Sagittarius, we want to strive for the good feels, the celebratory joy, seek out experience and drink in exotic flavors of life. Once the Moon emerges from Scorpio, we too are ready to emerge to brighter days and leave the doldrums and grave digging behind us. We can't forget them or the implications of karma and shadow because of Jupiter's position. But, we don't have to give that all our energy either. Take care of you. Ensure the food is good and plentiful. Be gentle with others while also being mindful to note your own auto-responses for you own information in regard to issues with family and past events.