Morning Star: Daily Astrology for the Week of April 16 to April 22, 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018

Venus is a busy girl in the early part of our week. Fairly luscious that this occurs under a Venus ruled Moon in the same sign. This morning, the Moon entered Taurus at 4:52 AM. Her only major aspect within this day is a trine to Saturn at 8:39 PM. The day doesn't move quickly. It's more of a steady and purposeful plod. However, time may seem as if it slips by a little more swiftly as Mercury is now direct in the sign of Aries. Plus, there will likely be impatience to deal with as the Sun creeps into his conjunction with Uranus which perfects on Wednesday morning.

We are spared much of the latter today, though. Venus waxes into a seductive opposition with Jupiter in Scorpio at 3:00 AM. In the morning, she is sunk deeply in a trine with Pluto as the Moon leaves a dreamy sextile with Neptune. This is greatly enchanting energy that comes to us overnight and sticks around way after the Sun rises tomorrow. There is yearning that comes with it which wells up from deep inside. My advice is to focus that yearning and attractive power only upon that which you want to grow. Venus in Taurus is fertile all by herself. In aspect to powerhouses, Jupiter and Pluto..that fertility increases tremendously. You will attract more of what you allow your attention to follow. So, only allow it to linger upon desirable things instead of fearful ones. Your attention is likened to currency here. Spend it wisely and deliberately.

This set up could play out as a deep yearning toward satisfaction and indulgence. The low end being greedy, a glutton, spending money you don't have or using seduction as weapon. Not that I have anything against a good femme fatale story. I'm just saying this sky is excellent for one to be written. Because, yes, this is wildly seductive and alluring energy. Matters less what it actually is and more what you do with it.
This is wonderful for gentle self-indulgences. Sharing of pleasures and even efforts aimed at deepening or enjoying current intimacies in relationships. It's rich and the sextile from the Moon to Neptune in the morning makes it intoxicating. Pick your pleasure wisely. Then, once you do, sink all in. While we are sunk in our individual pleasures, and perhaps lingering in dream...Chiron leaves the sign of Pisces and enters Aries at 4:27 AM. Fairly relevant shift right there. But, it's not likely to really make itself known just yet. However, the Aries point is a pretty powerful place. I could be absolutely wrong on not noticing. Chiron could make his presence known in Aries right off the bat. We are pretty focused on Venus things right now more than Marsy ones though.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The air of luscious seduction continues this morning under our Taurus Moon. We may want to linger a bit longer in bed with our satisfaction as the Moon relaxes in sextile to Neptune at 7:28 AM. A rich and hearty breakfast is likely in store as the strong magnetic pull of craving and comes about as Venus and Pluto trine at 9:01 AM. Just in time for the Moon to trine Mars in Capricorn. I have a feeling there is a high chance several baby barnyard animals may be created within these two days. Know what I mean? The ground is fertile. So is the sky. So are we. With the Sun still in Aries, we are on the hunt and the enchantment of the reward is quite enticing. We are both eager and hungry. How that goes depends upon our intent. It is sexy. It is powerful. It is attractive. Aim it at what you want to allure, enchant, seduce and draw to you. Don't chase it. Focus on it and this energy will draw it to you. On, a side note, attempt to persuade yourself from focusing on things you don't want to draw toward you and don't aim this at something you don't want to have following you around for awhile. Plus, remember, we are aiming for quality here.
The trine to Mars gives us traction while the waning Venus aspects give us a carrot at the end of our stick as motivation to work for what we desire. At 4:42 PM the Moon opposes Jupiter expanding how we feel and giving us a chance to evaluate how much power we are giving to things like fear or any of the 7 deadlies. Adjust your perspective as appropriate and know...yeah..Monday and Tuesday are hot and hungry. The Moon now enters the same situation as Venus is leaving. She trines Pluto at 5:19 PM and then meets Venus by conjunction both feeling quite satisfied at 6:06 PM.  

Following this conjunction we enter a rather extended period of a Void Moon that allows us to linger in the pleasure of that Venus/Moon conjunction for awhile. The Moon doesn't enter into Gemini until 8:03 AM. Meanwhile, Saturn stations retrograde in Capricorn at 8:40 PM. Be ready for an integrity check. As Saturn retrogrades we are called to self-accountability. However, the manner in which we conduct ourselves during this retrograde will be judged when Saturn turns direct later in this year and retraces his steps. The best use of this energy has us assessing the foundations of what we have built thus far. Pluto's retrograde will be much of the same deal. All of which giving us opportunity to strengthen our foundations and add layers of detail that will support us more firmly in the future. Construction has not stopped. But, at these turning points, we will want to pause to ensure everything is going up sturdy.
But, not tonight. Tonight under this Void Moon we are more likely to sink back into our pleasure sources in an effort to remind ourselves of the good things in life. The little personal pleasures and times of comfort and enjoyment.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The mood shifts from satisfied to curious as the Moon enters Gemini this morning. The last two days have been a rather slow plod in which we may have been a little distracted by seduction and pleasure. Today, though, under an Air Moon which finds Chiron in Aries by sextile as the Sun finds Uranus in Aries...all of a sudden everyone has a bee in their pants or something. Gotta go! Gotta do! Right now!
This is the last conjunction the Sun will make to Uranus in the sign of Aries. By the time we make another trip around the Sun and land back in Aries season next year, Uranus will have already begun breaking ground in Taurus. He will retrograde back to the latter degrees of Aries eventually. But, he and the Sun will not meet here again. Today's conjunction (10:00 AM) occurs on the following Sabian Symbol: 29 Aries: A celestial choir has arisen to sing cosmic harmonies. At-one-ment of consciousness with comic powers. Harmonic understanding and faith in the order and meaning of life.

Sounds good, right? It is a beautiful symbol. However, we are still looking at Sun conjunct Uranus which on the low end can lead us to impulsive actions instead of mindful ones. We are driven to act quickly with a methodical Mars and potentially easily distracted Moon..meaning, our focus could be a bit off kilter under Moon in Gemini. So, while the inspiration and feeling of freedom and personal authority that comes with this conjunction, just slow down a bit. Think about what you are doing.
Thankfully, that is accessible under this sky as well. The moon only makes one major aspect within this day which is a sextile to Mercury in Aries. More Fire and Air in mixture...could make for a windy day if nothing else. We are significantly lighter and more mobile than we have been for the last two days. So, ease into this electric energy with awareness and resistance to being pushed into action until you are ready to consciously respond.

There may be some issues with frustration tolerance here as well as Sun conjunct Uranus is definitely not known for it's patience. This energy is quite active and not something I recommend trying to sit still with. It's great for trying new things or embarking on adventures. But, we may need to breathe through some adrenaline surges, a few blips of anxiety/panic or just cool our jets a bit so we can make our actions conscious instead of going for the knee-jerk immediate response. So, regardless of what you feel inspired to do today, do it while well grounded and with mental engagement. Otherwise, the conversational winds pick up. Folks are more social. We are ready to get out and about and BAM it's suddenly Spring! Still plenty of room for weather to be wicked in areas. Sun/Uranus can produce that and in the morning the Moon is square what that looks like to me is warm and windy that could lead to some wetness as we get more deeply into this. Perhaps thunderstorms and, yes, I definitely expect some wind. So go! But definitely take your brain with you.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

This morning we wake up under the fog of the Moon in square to Neptune (10:12 AM). This can run the gamut of fatigue, emotionality, sensitivity, above and so below. The external weather is confusing and that likely translates quite literally to the emotional sphere this morning. Plan to take a little extra time to get engaged today because it does look like a slow start for various reasons.
The Moon makes only minor aspect throughout the rest of the day coloring in personal nuance in regard to how the day unfolds. Then, at 11:13 PM, Aries season comes to an end. The Sun enters Taurus.
image credit Alessandra di Cicco
So, we need to be slow entering this day and by the end of it we can leisurely sink into a more manageable pace as compared to the uptick in tempo we might have encountered under Sun/Uranus. We relax a bit here and become a little more steady. Patience returns. And brings stubbornness/tenacity with it.

Friday, April 20, 2018

This morning, the Gemini Moon makes a fresh breezy sextile with Uranus at the end of Aries before reaching Void status. This is a light feel and more active than yesterday morning. That sextile dawns just after sunrise at 8:06 AM. It does feel rather fresh and light. Which is nice. From here the Moon is Void until entering the sign of Cancer at 10:28 AM. The light breeze of Gemini is replaced by the waves of Crab. Our bellies growl and we yearn for comfort.

image credit: Tamara Philips
At 11:17 AM, our Cancer Moon embraces the Taurus Sun...and, isn't it time to start thinking about things like summer salads and seasonal fresh goodies? Yes. Yes, I think it is. The beginning of our week and the end of it could very well be spent around a table spread. At the first of the week, a seductive and rich display. The end, more inclined toward the good comfort food that Mom used to make. Either way, we are likely going to want to get the groceries to prepare for this. Because, it is hungry.
Today, though, also happens to be pretty darn sweet to put things in the ground. Today and tomorrow are planting days and the sky is absolutely perfect for it. So, if you have a garden to get out, today and tomorrow are the days to get on it! That rich window of opportunity for planting opens as the Moon enters Cancer at 10:28 AM today all the way up until she is rendered Void at 10:59 AM on the morning of the 22nd. I strongly advise you get your plants in the ground by the night of the 21st, though.
Overall, today we are looking for soothing. Self-nurturing and feathering one's nest are among the best expressions.

At 8:43 Pm, the Moon is put off by Mercury in Aries. There could be disagreements here, anxiety or a brief blip of discomfort. That is met with some pressure toward accountability as the Moon opposes Saturn newly in retrograde station at 1:51 AM. An over-active mind and a sense of anxiety could lead to depressive and stuck feelings overnight. We are reminded of our responsibilities here.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Last night's emotional pressure leads to today's emotional release as the Moon finds Neptune in Pisces by trine just after noon. This is watery and creative. Relaxed and dreamy. The Moon then moves on to oppose Mars in Capricorn (6:37 PM) before making another water trine with Jupiter in Scorpio (8:57 PM). We are looking for creativity and escape in the early part of the day. Then, as the opposition to Mars comes in we are looking to methodically progress. Once the trine to Jupiter perfects, we are focused in on our goals but also likely ready to relax a bit. It would be an overall good day to relax if it weren't for that pesky Mars aspect. So, leave room for a few light chores so you can feel as if you've accomplished something but mostly prepare to drift leisurely through this day.

Tonight, be ready for indulgence and perhaps some grown up pleasure time. Following the trine with Jupiter (which is also pretty seductive) the Moon opposes Pluto at 10:22 PM. Pluto's power is quite focused as he quivers in station right now. So this opposition is powerful. The low end leading to using guilt/shame and emotional manipulation to persuade or control others. On the high end though this is wonderfully fertile and has room for personal indulgences. The Moon remains active through the night as Pluto stations retrograde at 6:45 AM.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

We wake slow, steady, hungry and stable this morning as the Moon is in luscious sextile with Venus in Taurus. That feel doesn't sustain for the day, however. The Moon moves quickly forward to square with anxious making Uranus at 10:59 AM. There is a bit of a rush of energies and semi-kick in the pants here to get the ball the rolling. Yet, following this catalytic square, the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 1:10 PM.

Gah! I'm eventually going to have to talk about Chiron in Aries. I will. But, know it's under protest. LOL. I am a Chiron in Aries native and after several years of having that point played with by outer planets, I'd be just fine if I never heard the words Chiron in Aries again. The truth is, Chiron returns are difficult. They present challenges. We have been prepared for those by way of midlife transits and direct hits to Chiron (from Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter) for the return. And, I have seen beauty emerge from folks after. I know that it all fits into the 2nd Saturn return and in the logical brain it makes wonderful sense. But, if you think for one minute that I look forward to dealing with my triggers? Um. Nope. Not looking forward to doing to the work that I will need to do to reach the final beautiful emergence of my Chiron return. I'll do it to the best of my abilities. Of course. Just like anyone else. But, looking forward to it is a bit too much for me muster at this point. Maybe that will maybe not. Either way, here it freaking comes.

The Moon's first aspect from the sign of Leo is a trine to Chiron in Aries. Bringing with it the mark of potential selfishness and immaturity. We will be able to see how a wounded sense of self and a lack of ability to assert ourselves has led to the development of our personality and how it affects our self-expression. This is not foreceful. At the lowest end, what you have at potential is likened to a primary school child's meltdown. On the highest end we are shown these wounds so that we may heal them.
At 5:47 PM, we meet with the pressure to perform energy of our first quarter moon. We are encouraged to put our personal signature and add the same kind of designer flair to whatever projects we may be working on. But, there is pressure to engage here and take solid steps toward any goals or intentions we sat at the New Moon. One solid and personally illustrated step in the right direction is what is called for. Overnight the Moon will trine Mercury in Aries filling our dreams with exciting restlessness.
Tomorrow we are going to be inclined to add more pressure to ourselves as the Moon squares Jupiter and Mars waxes toward the same by sextile. Remember the pace. Slow. Methodical. Deliberate and avoid over-estimating what it is you can realistically achieve resisting the urge toward herculean and super human effort. Otherwise, you may end up in disappointment for not being able to complete all your over blown expectations. So, stick slow and steady progress as a target you aim for when headed into your tomorrow. We are going to want to go to fast and hard. But, really, what we need to do is knuckle down and be mindful of the step by step.
Sadly, tomorrow is our last day with Venus in Taurus. She enters the butterfly land of Gemini on Tuesday.