Morning Star: Astrology for the week of April 23 to April 28, 2018


When I first started looking at the Moon's for 2018, our Full Moon's in Scorpio (coming in this weekend) and Taurus (waaay into Scorpio season in the Fall), plus the New Moon in May really caught my eye. Reason being, the Full Moons each make a fixed cross with our nodal axis. The New Moon in Taurus in May ushers us straight into Uranus in Taurus as Mars moves from Capricorn to Aquarius (officially in his retrograde shadow). So, the two (Mars/Uranus) hang in square at 29 degrees of Cardinal and then both move to their new signs before the next morning. Both, in retrograde shadow.
Those are some big movements. This is a big week. The energy really ramps up as Mars passes by Jupiter and Pluto. Plus, Mercury is quite relevant as he meets Saturn by square for the 3rd time and trines the nodal axis for a third time. We will also have a sextile between Venus newly in Gemini and Chiron newly in Aries.
As a time frame reference, Mercury's last two passes in square to Saturn occurred on March 11 and April 5. The final square is on April 25th. That will be the first one to occur with Saturn retrograde.
His last 2 trines to the nodes occurred on March 17 (under the New Moon in Pisces which was conjunct Chiron) and April 1. On the 1st, he and the Sun met while both were trine the North Node. The third trine comes in on Saturday, the day before our incoming Full Moon. I would not be surprised if there is a linking of information here in some way that plays out to be quite relevant in our collective and individual futures. Only problem being, there is a lot of other powerful stuff happening within this week that something as non-forceful as a trine from Mercury to the North Node could be missed. The Moon is still active in Libra during this trine and even passes by Mercury on the evening of the 27th as she also sextiles the nodes.

But, the power is definitely in the Mars/Pluto/Jupiter interaction. That's what is going to be calling most of our attention this week. Pluto stationed retrograde yesterday evening. The conjunction between Mars and Pluto occurs on the morning of the 26th...meaning Pluto has still yet to settle into his to his Rx station fully and is likely vibrating quite powerfully. This kicks off a new Mars/Pluto cycle which does feature a Mars retrograde just barely out of the gate.
Mars will not turn retrograde until the end of June. But, he will enter his retrograde shadow on May 12th right before the New Moon in Taurus. With Chiron now in Aries and Uranus leaving Aries, what is going to be important during that retrograde is increasing our personal Mars expertise. We are going to see shadow in relation to Mars influenced by Uranus. Meaning, some socially themed movements could reveal themselves as ineffective or screwy in some way. This can relate to movements we encounter in our future or those that have already occurred that we circle back to revisit. We will also likely be talking about internet warfare and advanced war technologies in general throughout this period in global matters. But the main call on a personal level is to work on increasing your Mars expertise, as I mentioned.

What's relevant about that is something I have learned only within the last few years. As an example, I have Mars in Libra conjunct Uranus and opposed my Chiron in Aries. That has been the most historically problematic area of my chart my entire life. Add to that the fact that the opposition also makes a square to my nodal axis with the North Node part of that falling in my 1st house and you can see a lot of additional relevance there. My problem in the past being that I thought I needed to take my Libra Mars and make it more Aries. That is not the case. In this “increasing your personal Mars expertise” we are not learning about Mars in Aries. We are not exercising that kind of prowess unless we have Mars in Aries in our natal chart. This is about the learning the high functioning of your OWN Mars or getting laid flat by its shadow operations. So while, yes, this will be a lot about the underbelly of Mars in Aquarius. It is more specifically about your own Mars and how you use it or allow it to run amok. We are likely going to find a few ways we have tendency to wreck ourselves but also be given an opportunity to refine and re-launch how we use our Mars by the time its all over. Our expertise increases as a result.
So..yeah. It's kind of a busy week. Par for the course, the Full Moon in Scorpio is rather beastly, in my opinion. I will be writing more about that as the week moves forward.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Ok, back to today as we walk through this step by step. This morning the Moon is still active in Leo. She passed by the nodes before day break this morning while also passing by Saturn by inconjunct. Her first aspect today is a square to Jupiter at 11:46 PM.
The square to Jupiter brings the waxing energy of Mars in sextile to Jupiter (perfecting at 1:13 AM) strongly to the fore. The danger here is trying to do more than you can realistically handle and blowing the whole thing out of proportion (and our ego right along with it). What happens as a result of going about this the wrong way is frustration and quite possibly a tantrum especially if we are so engulfed in over self-importance and a skewed perspective. It can be rather dramatic. Actually. In either a good way or a bad way. But, you don't have to be a player in all that! It's not a requirement. What this energy is best used for is looking down the long path ahead of us, discerning what it is we need to take care of in order to meet the potential challenges we may meet with on that path and for taking initiative to proactively deal with things we see may become an issue.

It helps to remember where Mars is located. He is in Capricorn holding accountability for his actions. But, as he waxes toward Jupiter and Pluto...he's going to be eager and hungry. He may be prone to take short cuts or go about things in a shady manner which is soooo not a good idea. Jupiter in Scorpio will wrap you right up in the consequences of such behavior. Instead of getting sucked in by shadow, maintain your humility and your pace. Mars sextile Jupiter replenishes itself energetically rather quickly. So, a slow and diligent pace with an air of determination and willingness to work can definitely equate to smooth progress toward our goals over the next few days. Just don't get greedy! Don't think you have to be or are a superhero. Nose to the grindstone. Yes. But, no cutting corners and make sure you are putting this energy to use for you instead of being assailed by temptation to go about things in a shady manner just to get what you want. Or do. Those are your consequences not mine. (But if you do and it rolls back on you; you will likely hear me half whispering half cackling “I told you so” in your dreams.)

The rest of the day moves forward under this Jupiter vibe. Pull in and out for perspective and gut check yourself for humility versus visions of grandeur. Keep your pace steady and your eye on goal for best results.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Still under an active Leo Moon today. Mars sextile Jupiter now wanes but the power is still accessible. The bigger news shifts to Venus as she enters Gemini at 12:40 PM. You may spot the first butterfly of your season today. (I actually saw my first one on 2/, I noted it in my journal). But they will be flittering about more for everyone and..of course, here come the hummingbirds, too.

At 2:41 PM the Moon makes a wonderfully freeing and energizing trine with Uranus. From here the Moon is void until entering Virgo at 4:41 PM. The trine is good for escaping to the outdoors or trying something new. We may be tempted to launch something new at this time but I recommend waiting until the Moon clicks back on in Virgo. Rather I'd recommend using this space of the Void Moon to take a break. Get some wind in your hair. Move around freely for a bit. We can get back to toil and task rather easily with Moon in Virgo. The break can help refresh us.

At 5:05 PM, the Moon meets with Venus in Gemini by uncomfortable square as Venus also sextiles Chiron in Aries (8:41 PM). This occurs at 0 degrees of each respective sign. Venus in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries can play out several ways. It can be an uplifting boost from friends. Or, it could also be a heart touching moment with the same. It is likely to be a little of both. Not comfortable. But, likely tender. We may not meet with the tears that can come from this until tomorrow evening as the Moon opposes Neptune and Mercury squares Saturn.
At 1:18 AM the Moon is in an Earthy trine with the Sun in Taurus. This is better and more comfortable compared to this evenings Venus/Moon square. But, due the condition of our Moon's ruler (Mercury) there could actually be some worries that nag at the back of our brains affecting our sleep. Mercury perfects in his third square to Saturn in Capricorn at 5:29 PM tomorrow.
This morning and early afternoon are pretty light. But, as the Moon moves into Virgo, the energy does shift a bit. The evening grows a little tender and potentially worrisome. Be very gentle with yourself and if you are caught in worry, steer your brain toward thinking of solutions instead.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I started typing about this day and automatically had tears in response. There could be some of that for us to deal with in this mix. Yesterday's Venus/Chiron sextile now wanes. But, the effects of that likely remain. We are steady as we wake this morning, though, as the Moon trines Saturn at 8:31 AM. That movement will magnify the waxing Mercury/Saturn square which perfects this evening at 5:29 PM just a few hours before our Moon potentially meets with a watery meltdown in opposition to Neptune at 8:05 PM.

Virgo is definitely a sign that is probably relieved that Chiron in Pisces has moved on for now. Many folks with overloads of energy in this sign probably wish Neptune would move on too. But, for now, he is eroding away at our Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo generation rather diligently. Those of that generation are catching all the big players right now...except for Uranus. Otherwise, they are getting a storm of energy from Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto. The latter of which are actually empowering. But, Neptune? That's a washout if I've ever seen one. Or, flushing out, perhaps. Bless the delicate bellies of Virgo. What I'm witnessing in my location is actually an outbreak of Hepatitis A with at least 4 states issuing advisories for folks to be vaccinated. So, yeah...there's that.

Today, though, largely holds the potential for the mark of depression. It can also swing to hyper self-critical thoughts or speech. Or we may project the same kind of negativity onto the “other.” Either way, there isn't much happy to be had. So, if you manage to find some, know you will be among the lucky few and should be grateful for that.
Otherwise, we really need to lighten up on ourselves as this is pressured with the release coming straight out of the emotional body likely by the way of tears. Please be easy with yourself. You can aim your efforts at production today if you feel up to it. Keep your pace slow, if so. There may be emotional matters that come in to distract you. But, mostly, I'd advise maybe just puttering or tinkering a bit while attempting not to take the work load so seriously. The brain is crunched. We are prone toward negative thinking. What we really need to do is resort to self-care over and above everything else.
The Moon does pass by Jupiter at 3:29 PM. We could have quite relevant symbolism bubble through in our dreams. Might be a good idea to note it and study it, if that holds true for you.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Alright. We re-center and refocus this morning as the Moon trines both Mars and Pluto in Capricorn before dawn. Mars and Pluto perfect in conjunction at 6:50 AM after the Moon is rendered Void. She remains Void until entering Libra at 9:14 PM. So, our brow furrows. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. But, with a Void Moon? We don't need to be launching off new stuff. We are looking at adding finishing touches to existing projects, winding down existing jobs and...well, personally I will be finishing my Spring cleaning. Also a good undertaking for the day. In the gardening world, this would be a good day to churn some nutrients into your soil or cover up your beds with mulch if you haven't already.

Under a long VOC Moon and Mars conjunct Pluto, though, it looks a lot like brooding and seething to me. This will be the part where folks may be tempted to take short cuts or resort to subservient measures to push their personal agenda. Again. Not a good idea. The better use of this is focus and follow through...clearing out debris, recycling, upcycling or even releasing negative attachment or regaining control over habits that may threaten our health.
The Mars/Pluto conjunction occurs 21 Cap 17 falling under the Sabian Symbol for 22 Capricorn which reads as follows (From Dane Rudhyar): Defeated general yields up his sword with noble dignity. Apparent defeat that spells real spiritual victory. Bowing to custom. Conquest through conformity to established norms.
Of course Pluto is retrograde. He will not pass over the 22nd degree of Capricorn for quite some time. He is now moving toward the symbol for 21 Cap, so it may help us even further to consider that degree as well: Cap 21: A relay race. Each runner springs eagerly into place. Extreme of cooperation and give and take in life-relationship. Full surrender of self to service. Planned grouped behavior.

This is surrender and cooperation not the extreme “be or be killed” that we would typically assign to Mars/Pluto energy. But, the latter is what folks will be more prone toward. So, eyes in your own lane. Focus on your own tasks. Keep your radar up! If something feels “off” or just “not right” trust and follow that instinct guiding yourself out of the way of potential danger.
The Moon will make her first opposition to Chiron in Aries at 10:08 PM. She then moves forward during the night to trine her ruler, Venus in Gemini at 2:49 AM. The Moon is fat and building now. We will very likely feel the restlessness and pressure of the Full Moon from today all the way until the beast culminates on Sunday. is a beast.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Even though the Moon met amicably with her ruler last night by trine, this is not what I would call a “happy” Libra Moon. She may try to mask the pressure she is feeling; but, underneath, it's really not pretty.

In the middle of our day, the Moon squares off with task master Saturn at 1:23 PM (likely getting called out for procrastination or avoidance or using the internet outside of policy at work). Then, she likely encounters a bit of brash rudeness or loudness with an opposition to Mercury in Aries at 4:18 PM. Folks are inclined to want to be amicable and nice under this Moon. You know? Keeping everything airy and light. But, the rest of the sky makes this hard for Moon in Libra to manage. The best bet here is a to get hold of yourself. Negotiate and compromise instead of argue. When in doubt, do an emotional well being check before you do anything. There is a loose cardinal square lit up with Moon/Saturn/Mercury that finds outlet in Cancer. So the answer to this pressure is gentleness moreso than force. That gentleness and nurturing needs to aimed directly at self before given over to others, though, we may be concerned for them at this time as well.

The rest of the day passes without major aspect from the Moon in Libra. But, the tension remains as we move into our tomorrow. “Fed up” is what is coming our way and the top will be primed to blow right off that under our Full Moon.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

I want to remind you here, again, this is the day that Mercury will trine the nodal axis. There is a lot of pressure in the sky and internally. With that, we could easily miss the relevance of the information that is delivered within this day.

We begin with the Moon square both Mars at Pluto between 11:19 AM and 1:19 PM. That's ugliness that Libra will recoil from when faced with. She has the talent to perceive potential disputes before they occur heading them off at the pass. She also has the talent of negotiation and compromise. All these skills will be strongly exercised and needed today. Balance. Communication and cool head are the requirements for successful navigation of this day. We may have to disconnect or take a lofty view of our own emotions to pull it off properly.
At 1:33 AM the Moon opposes Uranus at 29 degrees...quite the powerful place for them to meet. There is a sudden rush of energies that is released here just as the Moon crosses over into Void. She enters Scorpio at 3:12 AM...and our “beast” of a Full Moon officially arrives.

Today, aim to be the peacemaker. The one who can see both sides and bring factions together on the same page. Plan to lead by way of your actions.  Put your sites on calm, cool, collected and well balanced in the emotional sphere. The conflict our Moon meets with in this day is going to set the stage for what we experience under the release of the tomorrow's Full Moon.
Thankfully, the Sun does meet with Saturn by trine in the morning. So we have an air of accountability about us as well as a view of our long term goals which may help to offset some of the other potential which could be downright cruel or the very least. Moon is fat. Emotions are high! Be alert in engaged coming into this weekend.