New Moon in Libra 2017 Balance in motion and trust thyself

For the Sun and Moon at 27 Libra: A spot of light in clear skies; an airplane sails calmly. This is a “rise above” symbol encouraging us to soar above happenings in an effort to get a wider perspective and to look at the situation objectively in observation. It is a quiet affair. Not one where we are weighted down with emotion. We are not judging, either. Just observing. Rising above the perceived stress of the situation in an effort to gain a more clear view.

For the Moon's Ruler, Venus, at 7 Libra: A witch feeds chickens frightened by a hawk she had tamed. This brings trust to mind. Obviously the witch trusts the trained hawk. The chickens trust the witch. But, the biggest amount of trust comes from the witch and is directed at her confidence (trust) to train the hawk effectively and still keep the chickens safe. The person in the symbol is denoted as a witch for a reason. Witches are in tune with nature and aware of their shadow as well as “darker” powers. In order for a witch to be effective, she must know what she is capable of and all the ramifications of that.

The Sun and Moon are in waning square to Pluto. They've already endured the pressure of his sideways gaze. Now, they both move forward and will soon pass by Jupiter in Scorpio by conjunction. However, Vesta who is holding ceremonies of worship in the house of Libra is TIGHTLY square Pluto. This presses the shadow side of Libra and the way we uphold her principles out in the open. It also brings about the issue of power plays and abuses within relationships, emotional manipulation efforts and fear of being cast out or rejected.
The Sun and Moon are also in a precise opposition with Uranus which beckons us toward authenticity without excuse or edit. Jupiter in opposition to Uranus for the duration of this year has brought this issue to importance on a personal level over and over again. Now, we are given an opportunity to incorporate that sense of balance into our ego and emotional systems. We realize we have the right to be who we are. We realize we have the right to be accepted as we are. We realize we can remain independent entities even while in relationship. We don't have to get lost in them. We don't (or shouldn't) have to censor ourselves in response to what we perceive as “expected” behavior. This are issues we must be more comfortable with in an effort to form more stable and healthy relationships. It is also something we need to consider prior to making intentions at this lunation. Also know this can create anxiety, impulsiveness and reactiveness. That's where the symbol for the Moon itself comes into play asking us to rise above the commotion and take a longer more clear view of the situation.
Our ruler for this New Moon is also in Libra and working on her own square with Pluto and subsequent opposition with Uranus. The personal challenges we face will soon be incorporated (and tested) within our value system. The ways in which we value others will change as we change our view of ourselves. If we are restricting ourselves we are more easily offended. If we appreciate ourselves and give ourselves permission to be what it is we are then we are more likely to accept someone else as they also are. When we realize that we are independently functioning beings who CHOOSE to be in relationship with others then we are less likely to become overly attached within those relationships thus not as likely to veer toward clingy or manipulative efforts to get someone to be who we want them to be. We realize we pass by others sometimes only temporarily so that we can mutually learn from the interaction. There is no real ownership attached on either side. Only experience to add to our journey as we are blessed to have had the chance to interact in the first place. We leave space for others to grow when we feel we, ourselves, have license to grow as well. We are less threatened that way. Venus will be tested in such a manner that we will see where we may be overly attached or fearful of being rejected or alone.

Another exacerbating factor in this equation is Mars in Virgo square Saturn and Lilith in Sagittarius while Mars also holds at a precise inconjunct to Uranus in Aries. Yeah. I don't really like that set up at all. Uranus pokes at Mars to react. But, Saturn blocks him from doing a whole lot. That is ridiculously frustrating in my experience. It's not that we are not allowed to jump. We can jump the wall that Saturn puts in front of us. But, in order to do that, we just can't go running at it blindly, impulsively or erratically. We essentially have to jump HIGHER. Meaning, consciously thinking about our options and sifting through them like a good Virgo does in an effort to find the most effective route...that may or may not need explosives. Most likely not. Though, it would be MUCH easier to just blow the thing up than sit down and actually think about what may be the best option.
Lilith is a bit of an instigator here. Prompting Mars in Virgo to quit being so demure and “clean gloved.” I can almost hear here beckoning, “Do it. Come on. Be a little crazy and wild. Why are you so afraid? Goody two shoes.” But, Mars in Virgo isn't necessarily daring. Taking risks that may lead him out of his routine makes him nervous. So do messes. Blowing stuff up is messy and doesn't really help anyone. But, there's Lilith. With a match. Daring him while Uranus pokes at him. There could be a part of us that feels as if Lilith and Uranus are setting us up to fail. Kind of how Lucy sets up Charlie Brown to fail every time she holds the football for him to kick. But, Chuck keeps falling for it...doesn't he? Poor Charlie Brown.

However, we are not being set up to fail. We are being set up to challenge ourselves in the midst of our insecurities and trust issues. That brings me to the symbol for this New Moon's ruler, Venus. The symbol speaks of a witch feeding chickens who are frightened by a hawk. Now, she's tamed the hawk. So there has been some level of trust fostered between the two. She also feeds and cares for the chickens. So, in order for them to be OK with the presence of a known predator they must be able to trust the witch. Otherwise, they would surely think she was setting them up for failure (to be dinner) too. Yes. Trust is an issue.
Of course, it is with Jupiter in Scorpio. Yet, if you can gain the trust of a Scorpio, that's really a big feat. An accomplishment, even. But, where does that trust need to begin? You know what I'm going to say, right? On the inside. It always starts from the inside out. The witch much trust her ability to train before she could ever trust the hawk's responsiveness to it. She would have had to have been aware of and awakened to her own power which is probably why she is referenced as a witch here in the first place. If she were uncertain of her own powers, she may have scuttled the chickens to safety. But, she doesn't. She keeps feeding and reassuring them it will be OK. Not only because she trusts the hawk ; but, she also trusts her own abilities to train him. We begin by learning how to trust ourselves and our judgments to decide our next step. We must also learn to trust our abilities to provide for ourselves even when danger is perceived. Without that self-trust, we are scattered and questioning ourselves. This takes away from the energy we need to move forward. That self mistrust could be the very obstacle that Saturn is presenting to us to overcome.

All in all, in true hall of mirror Libra form, what this New Moon says is the best place to start in regard to learning how to relate to others is through learning to relate to yourself. The best way to build trust in a relationship is to begin by trusting, knowing and accepting yourself. Then, you follow through with that displaying integrity and honesty while continuing to respect yourself with each decision. In the words of an Aquarius, Janis Joplin, “Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got.” This is where we begin.  

Gosh. That looks painful, doesn't it? I'm always reminded of the scene in Julius Cesar where he is slain by more than one sword. Et tu, Brute? Do you know the scene?
We hold on to many thought patterns. Sometimes those thought patterns are negative and thus bear negative influence in our life and relationships. When we recognize these thought habits, even when we know they are detrimental to our overall health and well being, it can be hard to let go of them. It's almost as if we shield our vulnerabilities with doubt, fear, hate and disdain. So, when we meet with personal challenge to these mentalities, we can often feel threatened. As if our wounds and vulnerabilities are exposed. This is what we know. What we have known. Once that knowledge is stripped from us, we begin to question everything else. It is scary to let go of fear. It is scary to let go of anger. It is scary to let go of hate. However, once you are willing to let those things go and face your own vulnerabilities a new type of awareness and knowledge enters to fill the Void. This new awareness is filled with much more supportive feelings and often opens perspectives that we were unable to see due what we had been previous used as a shield.
In this card, we are at the very end of a cycle of Swords. Swords do relate to thought processes, thinking, communication. All these contain a secret but certain power. I say secret because we often over look how powerfully we may edit ourselves within interactions with others due to “shields.” But, the words you speak and think carry power whether you realize it or not.
This New Moon offers you a chance at alternative perspectives. In the symbol for Venus, we are given three if not four perspectives of a very interactive scene. We can speculate how the chicks, the witch and the hawk may each feel. At the same time, we are given opportunity to also assess how we feel in response to the picture created. The three actively in the scene are bound by trust. That's unspoken but obvious otherwise the scene the would play out differently. Your reaction to it can, in turn, tell you a lot about yourself. Notice and observe your thoughts in response.
As we end this cycle of Swords, become aware of your thought processes overall. How do you initially respond to situations? With fear? With curiosity? With love? All this is adjustable. Your perspective is under your control. You can switch lenses at will. Fear not letting go of the scripts that you shield yourself with in favor of a higher more loving perspective. Choose to look beyond how folks present themselves and search for their core. If you need to, metaphorically put yourself in their position and imagine how you might feel in their situation. However, do not veer toward thinking for someone or trying to predict their actions. That is of minimal importance in comparison to what you feel on your own as you assess the situation. We are looking to release negative thought patterns. Become comfortable in our vulnerabilities and declare that we will deliberately foster an alternative perspective when needed instead of relying on more outdated and harmful scripts. A blank page awaits you after you finish this exercise in letting go. Fill it with your new thoughts and ideas. Let them flow easily from your mind and onto the page without judgment or force. Observe them. Learn from them. Incorporate their lessons into your ongoing journey.