Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 17 to July 21, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

This morning the Moon is in Taurus as her current ruler, Venus, finds Neptune by square at 10:30 AM. This occurs at 14 degrees between the mutable signs of Pisces and Gemini. Values and what we want may be obscured at this time. We may be placing too much emphasis on the ideal while missing the boat that bring practicality. However, our Moon is quite realistic and grounded which may help while her ruler is basically “love drunk.” It does bring emphasis to the higher expression of Venus. Neptune is the higher octave of that planet. So this mixture begs us to soften in areas that may be too rigid. Have empathy where we may be overly judgmental. Remember the dream and the ethereal vision of love and ground yourself in the reality of now while overlaying the two. Beautiful venetian dreams of creation and art can manifest in physical life under this aspect. And, a strong sense of self-worth and practicality can offset any questions or haze that surrounds concepts that relate to love and money. Practicality. Common sense. Grounding while daring to open your heart up a little to the creative and ethereal works well here.
In the background of this day, however, emotional angst and reactiveness grows. Mars in Cancer meets Uranus in Aries by square at 9:37 PM. What's really interesting about that, though, is leaning into the higher function of the Taurus Moon and employing Venus/Neptune appropriately by allowing empathy to soften harder more judgmental places, delving into creative and ethereal realms while remaining grounded and practical helps to manage this catalyzing square. What does Mars in Cancer ask of us anyway but to do (Mars) the Moon (Cancer). Correct?

If that is so, then, the suggestion from this aspect is to do the Moon (Mars) in our own individual way (Uranus). To dare to be inventive and inspired. Using methods that increase your independence and personal freedom instead of risking it on impulsive behavior that know...perhaps land you in lock up with no freedom or independence. To look for ways to be both independent and compassionate from a very firmly rooted position. Don't rebel just for the sake of rebelling. REBEL WITH A POINT!
The lower end has us feeling as if the heart is forlorn. Forgotten. Empty. While Mars in Cancer and the Moon both are hungry. Should the hunger or uncertainty grow in such a way that we feel threatened or insecure, then Mars in Cancer could stir us toward spiteful or self-implosive tendencies. Yeah. We could blow up our own apple cart or shoot ourselves in the foot by way of reactiveness. But, if we start seeking out Venus early and use her energy to feed the Moon, then the wild independent and willful streak that comes in later this evening is more inspiration and motivating instead of rolling over into a “mad bull in a china shop” or severely self-destructive scenario.

The “feel” may be to rush. But, the answer is to plod. Think about what you are doing. Ground. Don't over-complicate things. Lean toward the common sense and practical answers first and, then, work to seek out Venus however she may appeal to you. Remain well centered and keep a side eye on the path ahead of you deliberately aligning everything around that. North node is in Leo. This is more about you than “them.” Remember that as well. Don't let circumstance or the actions of other control what you decide to do. Take your time to assess whether you are responding to the situation or whether you are allowing it to dictate your actions. Act independently...use your anger intelligently should that be a part of this. Breathe through adrenaline and aim for precision and conscious action.
Following the Mars/Uranus square, the Moon gentles and softens by way of a sextile to Neptune just after midnight. So, even though there may be a “heat” in various moments throughout the day, that it does pass and it is quelled by both Earth and Water. My cards for the day literally said, “It's going to be hot outside. Stay well hydrated.” So, both physically and energetically, this is the way to go.
Sometimes, I invite crazy in too...because often, my crazy is at a much higher level...there's a very thin line between genius and madness. The trick is to use it as a jump rope.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This morning the emotional body meets with restoration and rejuvenation as our Taurus Moon meets with Pluto by gritty grounding trine at 7:31 AM. Things have settled a bit. Hopefully we rested well. And, now we have the power to very closely inspect whether our coping mechanisms in light of our being metaphorically triggered are effective or if they just further exacerbate our own wounding. Mars in Cancer meets Chiron in Pisces by trine at 9:21 AM. By reviewing how yesterday went and honestly looking at how you managed that swirl of energies is going to show you where you need to strengthen your boundaries, may be overly or inappropriately empathic, where you are easily distracted and what events stir you into action and whether or not you are able to keep your wits about you when that happens. It is a very personal type of assessment. Can you maintain focus when the atmosphere may be in flux? Can you make independent and self-respectful choices when stuff gets nuts? Can you separate yourself from the pack in an effort to steer yourself or do you continually find that your initiatives are largely dependent upon the rest of the world's cooperation?

Answer those for yourself and make adjustments as necessary. Don't beat yourself up too much if you were thrown off course yesterday by catalyzing events. We are learning. That was just practice. Now we are wiser because of it and have learned some things that may help us deal with the same type of situations in way that is answers moreso to self-direction than outside circumstances. To put those lessons into deployment immediately, we can start cleaning up the mess (if applicable) and re-calibrate ourselves in an effort to decide consciously what our next steps should be.
At 12:02 PM, the Moon squares Mercury in Leo. We may hear some squawks out there that have missed the boat in regard to what yesterday was all about. You'll hear some say, “Where is mine?” or “What about me?” The answer to any wailing of the sort is to mind your own business. Worry about yours and you while maintaining focus and try not to take yourself too seriously at the same time.

At around 4 PM, Venus shifts gears and meets with Jupiter by trine. There is a call toward socialization here as well as an influx of air that can help lighten us up a bit. Sometimes, Taurus can feel heavy. This helps and brings more Venus to the Moon but it's a different type of Venus than she is used to. Here Venus is expressed verbally. Entertained in the mind. Used in an effort to perhaps enchant or entice others or may give us an idea about how our value systems can be widened in an effort to not only accommodate ourselves on a broader more welcoming path but may also have room to include others. Entertaining trusted friendships and talking things over in that venue is greatly encouraged as well as looking to the opinions of others to get a more broad perspective. Now, I'm not telling you that you should go after Venus based on what others tell you. However, their experience may be relevant one way or another. We are just swapping ideas here and enjoying ourselves here.
As night falls, the Sun in Cancer meets the Moon in Taurus by sextile. This calls us away from the more social airs of the evening and pulls us back home. To rest. To comfort. To take time to let the happenings of the last few days settle in so that we may gain insight and stability. Overnight, the Moon meets with Mars and Chiron in tandem sextile. We learn. We grow. We develop stronger coping mechanisms in light of being triggered...we sleep in the bed that we have essentially made for ourselves by our responses to recent stimuli. If that bed is not comfortable, then you know there is work to be done. If it feels good, well...obviously you are on the right track.

Following the sextile with Mars at 2:12 AM, the Moon is Void until entering the sign of Gemini just a little over an hour later (3:32 AM). We wake under a sky that calls for flexibility and a sense of curiosity. Information seeking in the realm of things you need to learn to further you on your path is where you should allow your compass point to fall.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This morning the Moon flits in Gemini as her ruler, Mercury in Leo, is stabilized by a nice trine to Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. What do you need to know (Mercury in Leo) to ensure your direction upon your path toward the future (Saturn Rx in Sagittarius). This also gleans information from YOUR past experience and begs you to apply that wisdom as you make decisions. It is active and inspired but grounded and matured. It also begs you to place your personal signature upon everything you do. Make it yours. Declare ownership and be proud of your accomplishments while maintaining a willingness to continue growing while keeping focus on your goals.

The mind is active but steadied here and that's nice to have under a Gemini Moon. Be curious. Follow your interests. And, seek to gather information and knowledge that is relevant to you without allowing yourself to be distracted by what the world tells you is important or relevant. You get to decide that. Not anyone else. If you need permission to give yourself that authority (to focus and center yourself in the relevance that is your own life)...consider it delivered here.
This the general theme of the entire day. The Moon squares Neptune at 2:20 AM and hopefully ushers in a night of deep restorative sleep filled with a soft water colored palette that serves to inspire us through dream.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

This morning, the Moon in Gemini flits lightly past Jupiter in Libra bringing..again...a sense of lightness, sociability and amicability. Keep following your interests and let your curiosity inspire you to learn more. At 7:40 AM we are blessed with a Moon/Venus conjunction that shows us the benefit to being open to entertaining new and fresh concepts while also helping us to work with others toward our mutual goals. It's friendly. It's light. It enjoys gentle conversation and receives support from true friendship in its pursuits.

At 8:20 AM, Mars shifts gears and leaves the watery realm of “Do the Moon” Cancer and enters Leo which says...”do you.” The energetic shift into Leo helps us get a better grasp of what stirs our personal creativity, what inspires you, what motivates you and how you engage in those in your own unique way. The lower end is selfishness and an over-emphasis on malefic ego tendencies. You don't have to outshine anyone. All you have to do is find your own light and give it permission to gently lead you forward. This sets the stage for our First New Moon in Leo at the end of the week. Deliberately seeking out the ways in which your personal unique expression can be used in attempt to further you in you in your initiatives is the goal. What lights your fire? What desires or initiatives are important to you? These are important questions to entertain at this time while remembering there is room for everyone to shine should they choose to do so.
At 3:33 PM the Moon is opposed Saturn begging us to take what we've learned and apply it. Some may feel hobbled, depressed or forlorn here. Moon/Saturn is not joyful and Gemini has vast interests rarely declaring favor of one thing other the other. Gemini can also be easily distracted by the next new sparkly thing. But, this aspect wants us to grow that tendency up and use our interests and curiosity toward a certain goal. Grounding your perspective to that end helps offset some of the potential heaviness here.

At 6:05 PM the Moon passes by her ruler, Mercury in Leo, by sextile. Another reminder to assess information and its relevance by gauging how it applies to you and then refocusing on that which is relevant in that way. Sheer away the rest as distraction as if it were gum on your shoe.
Meanwhile, the Sun waxes steadily into square with Uranus. Remember Monday? Remember how you had to declare independence over allowing outside circumstance to distract you from your own agenda? Well, welcome back to it. This calls us to be wiser more conscious (mindful) beings in light of things like catalyzing circumstance, emergent situations, anxiety, reactiveness, self-explosive tendencies and encourages us to reach out for those ways in which we can focus on our own independence and level up our ability to focus in on what is truly priority in our own lives. It is rebellious. It is reactive. However, when you keep reminding yourself that the end goal here is to achieve a state of emotional control/independence and focus upon your own initiatives without allowing others or outside circumstance have control over starts to make more sense. Also bear in mind that folks will likely be edgy and will not respond well to being told what to do. Just another reason to keep your hands on your own steering wheel instead of attempting to push others in any certain direction. Nodes are still in Leo. This is still about how you conduct the business of “you” more than anything else. Excuses of “they made me” or “this made me” fall flat in this day even though the low expression of Jupiter in Libra may have some reaching for those lines. It's not true. In the end, there were choices and we choose what we choose. No one or no thing “made you” and within that realization and acceptance of the same...there is power. The high end of Jupiter in Libra puts the matter of the “other” into proper perspective. If you find yourself blaming others for the circumstances in your life, perhaps you need to adjust yours.

If you do get catalyzed and blown off course,'s all practice. You will learn from the experience and can use those valuable lessons to make more conscious decisions in those “sped up” moments in the future.
At 1:42 AM, the Moon passes by Uranus by sextile. It really, on the whole, doesn't look like a wonderful night for sleep. With Uranus in play, the brain may be a busy place. Who knows, maybe those late night endeavors of the mind lead to wonderful inspiration. But, keeping your intake of stimulants and information in check through the day is going to help. The Moon squares Chiron 20 minutes later and reaches Void status. Meanwhile, the Sun waxes into a trine with Chiron at about the same time. That place where you shot yourself in the foot aches. Maybe don't do that again.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Moon came home to Cancer at 4:11 AM this morning. She is without aspect for the majority of the day. She meets with Neptune by trine at 2:35 AM tonight. As the Sun and Moon both linger in Cancer today, it's a great time to really get in touch with the health of your emotional body. This is perfect for efforts at nesting and self-care. The lion resides in her den today surrounded by creature comforts and happy to just preen and nap. Rest. Restore. Feed yourself and your nest well.