Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of June 17 to June 18, 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017

By most accounts, it's been a long week. Now, we slide into Saturday under the remnants of the Pisces Moon creating the Last Quarter square to the Sun in Gemini at 7:33 AM. This occurs at 26 degrees mutable shortly following the Moon's square with Mercury (8:30 PM last night) and Saturn (3:45 AM this morning). So, what we have tied together here is a mutable mixture of Moon in Pisces, Sun and Mercury in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces (at 28 degrees).
Last Quarter Moons are time for release. The outlet for this mutable crunch falls in Virgo with the Moon reaching Void status as the aspect perfects. A good way to use the release energy is, of course, through cleaning your physical space, organizing something, spiritual cleanses or just taking time to triage/organize tasks/schedules or revert to self-care. Part of clearing out and release deals with decluttering the mental body, as well. Purging irrelevant information, bringing focus to potential distraction, letting go of haunting memories or employing information that matters while working to separate fact from fiction.

Normally this is not a heightened emotional time allowing us to look at the happenings of our world and put things in a more logical perspective. There is an incoming conjunct to Chiron, though, so there could be a few water works that occur as we release. Employed with gentle and supportive coping mechanisms, it can be felt as a cleansing cry.
The Moon remains Void until shifting gears into Aries at 1:55 PM. Here the mood does change quite a bit pulling us out of any remaining fog. Her first aspect is a square to Mars in Cancer at 6:03 AM tomorrow which may have us on the prowl or on the hunt. We may feel more motivated and become a little more prone to activity. Yet, the square to Mars is not a comfortable thing and could even catalyze some early morning disputes. Remember, you are not you if you are hungry. And, you are particularly NOT you if you are hungry under Mars in Cancer. I'd plan a hearty and fulfilling breakfast in the morning to both support your energy and get you off to a good solid start for the day. It is likely to be a busy tomorrow as the Sun waxes into sextile with Uranus. Social and outgoing...just don't be too loose lipped or irresponsible, though. Mercury does wax into opposition with Saturn as well. Sibling rivalry on Father's Day? Possibly. So, are speeding tickets under Mercury/Saturn...mind the traffic laws.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

This morning feels a bit different than our previous days under a Pisces Moon as Neptune turned retrograde. Today, the Moon is fully in Aries having just left a morning square to Mars in Cancer at 6:03 AM. Now, she moves on to oppose Jupiter calling us to balance out the axis between self and other.
The bigger news, though, doesn't come by way of the Moon; but, rather, the Sun. At 2:47 PM he is perfecting in sextile to Uranus in Aries which, along with the Moon/Jupiter opposition, calls us to be more social and outgoing as well as encouraging us to be authentic and independent. Meanwhile, Mercury drags into opposition with Saturn at 3:08 PM. While the body may feel more free and mobile, the mind may feel heavy. Some may be called out for being fickle, lying or not paying attention. Or, as I mentioned yesterday, speeding. Gemini Sun sextile Uranus would love to roll the windows down and turn the radio up while letting the wind whip through his hair. Which is fine. Just don't be all Aries Moon low vibration selfish and think the road unfolds just for you. Don't get too carried away, in other words.

As far as Father's day goes, “Dad” values your independence and ability to self-direct. However, due Mercury/Saturn there could be disagreements between siblings or friends on this day. So, be accountable for what comes out of your mouth as well as for what you do on the road. On the lower end, this could bring hard realities or truths or just a head full of worries and responsibilities. Give yourself a break if that is the case. Sun/Uranus can help you wriggle free and Moon in Aries doesn't typically haul around concrete. There are ways to offset this.
As the night moves forward, the mood darkens and becomes more intense. At 10:37 PM, the Moon squares off with Pluto. This could call forth nightmares as we sleep (especially with Mercury/Saturn) or paranoia. Or, it could give the evening a rather sexy and alluring turn. Either way, it's not exactly frolicky like Moon/Jupiter and Uranus/Sun feel we had earlier. This has more meat..more depth and calls us to face off with fears and shut the door on worrying about things that haven't even happened yet.

The Moon remains active through the night. Monday morning, we find her in solid “get down to business” trine with Saturn in Sagittarius at 8:08 AM. Back to the grind we go! But, under the surface there is Venus inconjunct Jupiter. This will create a Yod with Neptune which is still in force under our Taurus Moon which falls under Venus rule. So, if Mercury/Saturn and the past week left you yearning or feeling defeated, know there are definitely sweeter days ahead just around the corner.