Morning Star: Astrology for the week of June 19 to June 23, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

This morning, the Moon in Aries creates a nice grounded trine with Saturn in Sagittarius (8:08 AM). This helps us get the week started “on point” and ready to get down to business. At 11:20 AM, the lunar body and the mental body come to point on the same page as the Moon sextiles Mercury in Gemini. New information may be quite applicable in our current affairs. Look for usefulness and application.

By 2:06 PM, the Moon is in a startling and schedule toppling conjunction with Uranus. We started out with good intention and on solid track. However, this conjunction can topple that apple cart so be sure, in your plans for the day, that you leave room for the unexpected. This can also kick start adrenaline and/or anxiety. For that reason, I do suggest trimming your diet of excessive stimulation. Cutting down on things like sugar, caffeine, etc. Also, by way of brain over-stimulation. These factors exacerbate an already “anxious” making set up. Using Moon/Saturn to get you off to a solid and grounded dietary start is a good idea. The next thing, as someone who watches the stars, I know that seeing something like this come in can also kick start and anxious feel of “waiting for the next shoe to drop.” Don't spend all your energy on what may happen. The more harsh aspects (conjunction, square(s), opposition) to Uranus from the Moon happens four times a month under our Cardinal Moons. Ok? Just know this is coming in and deal with what you have in front of you versus wringing your hands over what might happen.
A good way to express this energy is to rise above the immediacy of the emotion and the anxiety in an effort to coolly assess the needed action, if any. Do something new or unusual on purpose or engage with folks who seem to have this natal “coolness” and “chill” about them.
The Moon is waning now. So, emotionality is low...which is good. However, with Mars (our action, drive and initiative) answering so astutely to the condition of the Moon, there could be some anxious and reactive energy on a personal level to deal with. Again, keeping the intake in terms of diet and brain in check helps. Stones such as Lapis, tourmaline, obsidian, pyrite and other grounding and clarifying options can help offset some of the potential harshness with the conjunction as well. Another thing is sticking to any kind of exercise routine you have. This helps to dispel excess physical energy and directs it toward positive end instead of allowing ourselves to be run over by the energy.

The Moon moves forward to sextile the Sun at the tail end of Gemini at 3:43 PM. This allows us to talk things out if needed plus can provide support from understanding and trusted friends. It is quite mobile and forward moving. Collaborative ventures that include active physical activities and friends could be a good way to go with it. The entire day is set up for movement. So, I do suggest making time/room for that as it will help offset the residual angst that can build by trying to sit still in the mix of this.
Following the sextile with the Sun, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus at 5:53 PM. This is a welcomed and much more leisurely shift that grounds our appreciation for the common and everyday. We can rest and enjoy some of the fruits of our labors at this point. The emotional body begins to settle significantly. However, in the course of the day's physicality, it's likely we've worked up quite an appetite. Plan a hearty and healthy meal to end your day with maybe a few little sweet treats as reward for holding it all together today...or not...we deserve a treat either way.

Below the surface of today's Aries Moon (and beyond), Venus holds an inconjunct to Jupiter in Libra and waxes toward a sextile with Neptune in Pisces (perfects 4:26 AM tonight). So, there is a potential for bliss percolating under this day. This creates a Yod between the Venus/Neptune sextile with Jupiter sitting at apex. The secret “trick” of the day may be forgoing the Marsy energy all together and reverting to this more gentle energy brewing below the surface. Greeting anger with compassion or grief with understanding. Yet, while the Moon is in Aries, it may be a hard thing to tap into. Once the Moon passes into Taurus, though, her rulership shifts from Mars ruled to Venus ruled. I think the shift will be quite pleasantly palpable. Jupiter, now direct, moves toward the 14th degree of Libra whose Sabian Symbol reads as follows: Rich landowner takes a siesta in his tropical gardens. Per Dane Rudhyar's translation of this degree: Proper adjustment to the rhythm of nature. Faith in the ordered scheme of things; injudicious dependence upon others.

In chaotic times such as we are living in right now, finding a way to keep your own candle of “faith” lit can be a challenge. Yet, the ability to do this does come subtly from Vesta who now resides in Leo. Faith in the Universe plus faith in yourself to be able to handle things as they occur needs to be an active and daily exercise worthy of our commitment. Plus, as Rudhyar mentions “the rhythm of nature,” it sincerely helps to note how you personally respond/perceive these energies as they come in so that you are more aware of your personal tempo as it corresponds to transiting energies. I often recommend “Moon diaries” that allow a person to make a few simple notes about things that stand out to them in accordance with the Moon's transits, position in sign and aspects. I know that sounds like much ado about something so simple. However, I've found the notes (even the simplest of ones) help me to better get in tune with the daily movements of the Moon while providing a nice simple reference for me to revert to for information under any given Moon. All that being said, I'm not expecting a big bunch of crazy today. I think once the Moon transitions into Taurus things are going to feel quite a bit better. Then again, I'm a Libra with a Pisces Moon that (after deliberate observation) has realized Aries Moons are not my favorite kind of energy by transit. It could be right up your alley though! So, noting how this stuff bears personal effect does have validity. Either way, it is MONDAY and lots of folks are averse to that to begin with especially when we start the day with what looks like a solid and workable format that gets blown to dust. Saturn in a mutable sign, though, calls for flexibility in our keep that in mind and roll with it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This morning we wake up to the Moon's ruler jiving harmoniously with her higher vibration (Venus sextile Neptune). The Sun's ruler, Mercury, is doing the same with HIS higher vibration. At 5:31 AM Mercury in Gemini sextiles Uranus in Aries. Remember the fog? Remember the conflation and distortion of the truth? This clears up significantly within this day. So, what we have is the mind clearing, the heart opening, a grounded emotional affect and plenty of room to move forward on this last day of Gemini season.

By 11:22 AM, the Moon moves in to sextile Mars in Cancer which is ANOTHER ridiculously sweet set up. We are able to “get into” whatever tasks lie ahead of us and we do so under this envelopment of fluid grace and grounded gentleness.
I'll take that ALL YEAR LONG! For real, this is a sweet set up to have in your Solar or Lunar return, should that be the case. I'm quite envious of our Taurus Moons who get to linger in this for a month. And, it just keeps getting better! The Moon next moves forward to enter this lingering Venus/Jupiter/Neptune Yod. She passes by Jupiter by inconjunct at 4:01 PM, sextiles Neptune at 5:25 PM. The conjunction with Venus occurs at 6:25 PM. It's all very solidly honey sweet and gratifying.

The Moon remains active through the night. But, when we wake up tomorrow, the Sun (00:25 AM) and Mercury (5:58 AM 6/21) will have both passed into the sign of Cancer. The Moon meets Pluto by trine (00:26 AM) one minute past the Sun's transition to Cancer. From here, she is Void until entering the sign of Gemini at 6:45 PM on 6/21.
The Lunar Cycle goes out on this blissful and gratifying note. Then, as the Sun, Moon and Mercury shift under tomorrows long VOC Moon...we might actually feel as if we've woken up in some form of altered reality or at the very least become more aware of the shift. Solstice or Litha rituals are best performed while the Moon is active.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This morning, the Moon in Taurus is Void until late this evening (6:45 PM) when she passes into Gemini. However, the rest of the sky keeps moving forward and fills the Void with curdling or enlightening intuitive hits as the Sun and Mercury meet in Cancer at 10:15 AM. It looks as if whatever comes in will stew a bit until the Moon reactivates allowing us to put the pieces of what wafts in as a result into more clear form.

There is a sextile to Chiron from the Taurus Moon at 4:52 PM. My personal jury is still out regarding calling out a Moon as Void when there is a lingering aspect coming in from Chiron. Today would be a good day to kind of observe how that plays in, is the Moon truly Void following the the sextile with the Sun or does it remain active until passing by Chiron. Pretty sure the way the collective pulse feels during this Sun/Mercury conjunction may help to assess that. We'll see.
The Sun/Mercury conjunction occurs at 1 Cancer. The Sabian Symbol reads as follows: Sailor ready to hoist a new flag to replace old one. Per Rudyhar, “The nascent desire to align oneself with a larger and more significant life trend. Compelling decision. Repolarization.” This “knowing” that may come as a result of this Sun/Mercury conjunction could work to alter our personal perspective in such a way that it changes the whole ballgame. We may be ready to leave something behind only to get a totally different feel of the situation all together. Or, we may find the final push we need to leave a less than comfortable or supportive situation in favor of etching it out elsewhere. Either way, we are prompted to respond to higher call and walk forward with that. Yet, we are certainly encouraged to not take this “knowing” lightheartedly or to apply it haphazardly. Be sure in your decision making and take the time you need. There is no race. There is, however, time (and reason) to think things over fully prior to calling out your decision. It has been a long road for me in terms of understanding the quote, “It is not wise to act impulsively upon insight.” I know that not everyone has this problem. But, for my fellow ratchet brains out may also struggle with such, spare yourself. Make conscious well informed decisions that pay your future self favors instead of just burning down an entire city block just to roast a marshmallow. K?

The Moon in Gemini makes no major aspects until tomorrow at 4:05 PM by way of a trine with Jupiter in LIBRA. Again, take your time if there is call for decision even if it may look as if you are procrastinating to the outside world. Also, if you have trusted and wise friends or colleagues and are in need of additional input in regard to the situation, that lunar movement is stellar for talking it out in an effort to gain true perspective.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Gemini Moon is free to flit about as she will today. We can lighten up if needed. Remember to laugh. The potential buoyancy builds as the Moon meets her airy and jovial friend, Jupiter in Libra. They've plenty to talk about and catch up on. This is good for light conversations with friends. Checking in may help you bring resolution to heavier problems and listening to what has been happening in their lives may give you a break from what has been happening in yours. Either way, it is breezy and supportive.

Shortly following, though, the emotional tides rise and the dam holding back the tears can break. Talking it out could cause an emotional purge. We may have suddenly feel as if we've heard and socialized enough and are ready to retreat. The Moon squares Neptune in Pisces at 5:19 PM. This is also good energy for a nap, a cleansing cry, putting your emotions into words and grievances into the open air gently and empathically but likely drenched in watery feels.
The Moon remains active through the night. And, it is likely a quiet night as the Moon lingers in square to Neptune and moves toward a harsh opposition with Saturn in the morning. Keep flushing out/cleansing your system and your physical environment in an effort to make room for the fresh and new energy coming in with our New Moon in Cancer. I's grown dusty, tired and musty. We are almost through...keep sweeping.

Friday, June 23, 2017

This morning, the Gemini Moon is sober and perhaps a little dour. She opposes Saturn in Sagittarius at 8:32 AM. This is the mark of the mature student whose subject matter can relay seriousness and focus. It's good energy to take a moment and attempt to organize your day or take care of outstanding business. It's just not the “jump up and down” kind of joyful feeling. It's very real. Very solid. Calling us toward maturity in our social interactions, current lessons and our ability to express our emotions.

Things do lighten a bit as the Moon leaves Saturn and enters into a sextile with Uranus at 2:46 PM. We are ready to cast of the shackles of Saturn in an effort to move about more freely. Taking care of business in the earlier part of the day and focusing on the tasks you must complete boosts this Uranus aspect. Take care of that and the Moon revels in your ability to stay on task and follow through independently. Then, we can lighten up and become more freely mobile.
From here the Moon is Void until entering Cancer at 6:08 PM. There is also an ouchy square with Chiron that comes in to remind of our stubbed toes at 4:18 PM. And, yet, we are on our way to finishing this cycle and turning over a new page in our Moon cycle. The New Moon in Cancer perfects at 10:32 PM under the following symbols:

For the Sun and Moon at 3 Cancer: An Arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons. In this mixture, who is more astute in wandering icy canyons? The explorer? Or the reindeer? In truth, the two probably work together. One relying on intuition and instinct (reindeer). The other relying on logic and experience (explorer). It is the blending of the two that are imperative here. Neither should be discounted as each has their unique values, talents and skills. It is learning to heed both that is the trick. This may be new territory. But you have tools, experience and assistance to turn to if needed. Trust yourself in all ways. Work together by monopolizing upon the strengths of each individual involved.
Light a candle. Say a prayer. Set your intentions. Draw down the darkness of the Moon and prepare to start scripting this new chapter.
In the background of this day, Venus waxes into an alluring, seductive and rich trine with Pluto in Capricorn. There is tremendous power of attraction and manifestation in that. This aspect perfects at 4:56 AM. Let your heart lead the way in your intentions and know that whatever it is you yearn for can be attracted into your life by way of your power of intent and focus. Plant your seed in this rich and fertile ground.