Morning Star: Astrology for May 11 through May 14, 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Moon in Scorpio is Void most of the morning. This gives the piqued emotionality of the Full Moon in Scorpio time to settle down. The pot simmers.

The Moon reactivates in Sagittarius at 1:01 PM EDT. Just in time for Mars to officially find Neptune by square. The Moon is in fire but our fire planet is a little drunk. There could be a desire here to become more mobile by way of the Moon. However, physical energy could dissipate. Motivations could become confused. Or, folks could be tired or sick. Feel for the flow and follow that. Which means, if you find that physical energy is high...go with it and monopolize upon the high tide. If you are feeling tired and distracted, don't push yourself. Float on along. Whatever you feel, go with that. Don't kid yourself, though. The Full Moon was kind of exhausting. If you need to take a rest, don't shortchange yourself. Mars is headed out of bounds and toward a trine with Jupiter. There's a lot of potential for days ahead that are more supportive for physical activity.
Meanwhile, though, Mercury finds Saturn by trine at 4:15 PM. So, while physically we may not feel up to par, the brain settles from it's interaction with Uranus and final decision making can occur. I really think this will be nice after two weeks of electric brain shocks. We can let what we've discovered during that time to solidify and incorporate the facts into our future decision making. We may not like what we know. But, we can use it going forward.

It's a good day for thinking, philosophizing and letting the body and emotional system rest in favor of really rolling all this information that was unleashed over. If you have a message to deliver, it will likely bear impact upon the audience. I do encourage you to listen to what is given by way of conversations today. It will be solid and likely usable stuff.

Friday, May 12, 2017

This morning the Moon is active in Sagittarius on Jupiter's day. Or the Day of Thor. However, you want to look at it. I prefer Thor. I'm not a huge Jupiter fan. He knows this.

The Moon did make a lovely trine with Venus in Aries before dawn. It's comfortable and mobile. Though, few were likely stirring for it. It could have produced a few sweet dreams though and may kick start some Jupiterian activity for later in the morning just in time for Mars to trine Jupiter himself at 6:20 AM. We likely feel better this morning unless you have some wonky aspects in your chart that overrule that. There are issues with Mars/Jupiter, though. We could place too much emphasis on doing for others when we need to focus on our own agenda. We could over-extend or over-reach. Perhaps even over-promise on what we can effectively deliver. But, other than that, it's a great day for gentle generosities and becoming a little more mobile. Stretching your legs. Going for a walk. Coming into the moment and allowing your body to drink all that in. Even some lighthearted social interaction fits well.

Of course, the catch to that is going to be the Moon squaring off with Neptune at 5:10 PM. The more you are out and about, the more permeable you are to the energies you surround yourself with. That's kind of what Moon/Neptune does. It dissolves boundaries, increases empathy and intuition. It can also cause fatigue and increased emotionality. The good news about that though is that it you can steer it to work in your favor. Surround yourself with positive upbeat folks and those kind of feelings become contagious too. Or, set your mood by the music or art or you expose yourself too. Another possibility is that we feed off the Mars/Jupiter energy as it waxes in and then by Moon/Neptune we are ready for some social withdraw or a nap. That's all fine. Just know that the energies you surround yourself with could very well rub off on you and some folks could become fairly emotional a result of this.
It's kind of important to note that. Because, the next stop the Moon makes is a sextile to Jupiter in Libra less than an hour later (5:59 PM). So, emotions are permeable and then become amplified. Note how you feel around certain folks and in certain situations. If it feels bad, slimy or yucky...dismiss yourself from it quickly. But, know the increase in empathy could be helpful if you really want to be able to relate to someone. Then you can steer Moon/Jupiter toward more uplifting and supportive things if you choose. Meaning, your uplifting perspective could rub off on someone else too. Makes it a great set up for random acts of kindness or just being nice for no other reason than to attempt to spread that sentiment. You feel good as a result of brightening the day of someone else. I fail to see how that could be a bad thing. It's definitely a day in which being kind and considerate to others is accentuated. You just don't want to over-extend or over-promise yourself. Be realistic in it, you know?

The Moon moves on to create a little ambiguity between the emotional state and physical desires with an opposition to Mars at 6:46 PM. To balance this appropriately, remember the positive qualities of Jupiter. Generosity. Truthfulness. Humility. Grace. Jupiter still touches both Mars and the Moon here. So, his positive expression is the fulcrum you need to reach for.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Today starts out well enough. The first major aspect from the Moon is a trine to Uranus at 5:47 PM. So, that's pretty nice even it may make us temporarily manic. Holding true to accountability and authentic self-expression is the way to go with this. Especially since the Moon finds Saturn by conjunction a little bit later at 6:58 PM. That brings us to ground rather quickly but can also solidify emotional boundaries, cause accomplishment to be emotionally supportive and stabilize the otherwise erratic potential of Moon trine Uranus. It's a great set up to embark on innovative solutions for long standing problems especially those that may arise as hindrances from the emotional body.

The Moon remains active as she then squares Chiron at 9:21 PM encouraging us to lean into effective coping mechanisms which both Saturn and Uranus can help with by way of detachment, grounding and boundaries as appropriate. Then, it all comes home to roost in the mental body before we go to sleep with a lunar trine to Mercury at 10:16 PM. This is going to play out in relation to how effectively we can steer the mental body (which needs to be a deliberate act right now). It could cause us to be up with brain spin. Or, it could mean our minds are settled and optimistic about brighter days. You hold the keys on that depending on your perspective. So, feel free to zoom in or out as needed. Jupiter and Saturn continue to rewind. So, matters of our personal history can be revisited and effectively re-scripted. In doing so, our perspective on the future and how we think about that could also be altered in a positive way. Maintain your license to change your mind so you can rest more easily. Either way, it's likely a night of active dreaming. Keep your dream diaries and a pen close.
The Moon is Void following the trine with Mercury until entering Capricorn at 1:39 AM.

Sunday, May 14, 2017
Ah Mother's Day. And, all the good, bad and ugly that goes with that. LOL. Seriously. It's kind of a tedious thing for me to talk about holidays anymore. I never know who (or what) I might trigger. Especially when it comes to holidays that deal with family. So. Let me just say, “Happy Mother's Day” and leave it at that.

Interestingly enough, though, the Moon is in the sign of Father on this day. Or, it could denote the crone or older Mom and grandmother. Or, it could even relate to a father who had a more motherly role. Or, the worst end...the cold and unfeeling Mom. So. Yeah. There's that. It's really kind of sober and adherent to things like tradition and routine, though.
There are no major aspects throughout the day. So, we experience the well boundaried and responsible Capricorn Moon in all her purity. Until an uncomfortable square with Venus that comes in at about 10:30 PM. This is where we deal with all the uncomfortable stuff that holidays like this may dredge up. Just remember, if you have issues with the whole parent are not your parent. They are not you. Your children are also not you and so on and so forth. Be nice to yourself. That's the main call of this square and stow your negative self-assessments for now. If you didn't have the ideal parent there is nothing stopping you from being that ideal in an effort to parent your own inner child effectively and just letting all that other stuff go for now. It's also perfectly ok to mourn what wasn't though. That's an important effort taken in self-care, for sure. Again, be nice to yourself.