Morning Star: Astrology for April 24 to April 25, 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hopefully many took the opportunity to rest and restore this weekend. Now, with the beginning of the work week upon us, we may feel (at least temporarily) that our feet are once again a little more solidly underneath us. We are ready to venture forth and engage in the outside world with Moon in Aries. Plus, this morning, Mercury in Aries was steadied a little bit himself with a trine to Saturn at 4:16 AM. This indicates an inward affair of employing the information we've learned thus far and incorporating into our plans to move forward.
The Moon strongly wanes in her balsamic phase now. So before we start anew under the New Moon in Taurus, this lunar phase offers us a chance to put a few last pieces of information together to wrap up what we were doing in the last cycle. There is a bit of stability and personal rectification that can happen here. Feelings of resolve, assured direction and absolution. It is a day of adulting.

Yet, that boat is about to be rocked a bit as the Moon prepares to pass by harsh aspect by all the other Cardinal planets in the sky. She begins that tonight with a not so harsh opposition to Jupiter in Libra at 11:25 PM. This can denote a nice balance between that found on the axis of self and other. A place of satisfaction. On the lowest end our perspective may be blown out of proportion in regard to personal emotional matters and if you find that to be the case, know that you can adjust perspective and balance those scales pushing on whichever end is lacking. Giving away too much of yourself...push down on the side of the scale that delivers you a little more self-respect and personal attentiveness. Find you are too isolated and feeling like a cast out lone wolf? Reach out and balance that with the other. Either way, it's not a particularly harsh thing but it can call us to readjustment of those scales.
This is a great day for taking the initiative to wrap up unfinished business. The mental body is settled and certain for a minute. But, that's not likely to last. Take advantage of that and get your ducks back in their proper rows.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Today is the day that the Universe takes things to an uptick a little. We begin early this morning with a potential sense of doom or personal darkness looming on our doorsteps with an early morning square from the Aries Moon to Pluto Rx in Capricorn (4:47 AM). There's a bit of a sense of wrestling with personal demons here in which we will need to be self-honest and bravely face them down. There could be some power struggles here as attempts to tell you how you should feel about whatever. Remember, no one has the right to do that. You feel whatever you feel and realize their call to control your emotions is due to lack of ability to deal with their own. Let it go and deal with you.
By 2:05 PM the Moon is scattered and blown apart by a conjunction with Uranus in Aries that is quickly followed by a conjunction to Mercury in Aries at 4:31 PM. This is anxious making and could deliver unsettling news to the public body. Know this is just the beginning of the unfurl. The WHOLE story is yet to be completed and likely will NOT be totally rectified until following the Full Moon in Scorpio when Mercury passes by Uranus a third time and finally rectifies all this by trine to Saturn...also a third time...on the 11 of May. OF MAY! So hold at bay and let all this come in. The good news is again the emotional responsiveness of the Moon is low despite this anxious making set of aspects. So, we can hold steady for the moment as this begins to unravel.

That fact is punctuated by way of a mature and stable trine from the Moon to Saturn at 5:54 PM. The emotive body resettles and takes the mature stance in regard to whatever it is called to deal with. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus at 9:57 PM.
Today is a good day to be flexible while leaving room for the unexpected to occur. There will be little sparks from a fire or two that may burst forth unexpectedly for us to deal with. With emotionality low, we can deal. Then, by late this evening, as she settles in stability with the trine to Saturn and reaches Void status, the previous unexpected we had to deal with seems like a distant memory and we go about our night somewhat unencumbered and unflappable.

Know, though, if the Moon's passages across Uranus/Mercury were particularly unsettling for you there is some recalibration and coping mechanisms you may need to set intention toward because this is going to occur again over the course of the next two weeks. At that time the emotional body won't be as settled and things will have an even sharper edge. So, note what you did right in regard to dealing with today's brief unsettling energy and plan to re-use those efforts as we move forward into this Mercurian fostered storm brewing on the horizon. Note what was ineffective and make vows for reformation of that. Right now, the storm is swirling off in the distance only making it's presence known by way of a few short lightning bolts here and there. But, it will come to shore quickly. Create a nice safe place for you to retreat to when that occurs. Keep clearing the space for such a place in today. Getting rid of what you don't need, stockpiling what you do, tying up loose ends and such. And, you know, real storm or hypothetical may not be a bad idea to stock up on some basic supplies.