Morning Star: Astrology for April 19 to April 21, 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

We begin today under the call for a final purge brought forth by the Last Quarter Moon at 5:58 PM. This Quarter is discussed in a little more depth in yesterday's write up. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Aquarius at 6:53 AM.
In looking at the rest of the week unfold, I realized that by the weekend much of our sky will have changed. First, the Sun kicks off the change with his movement into Taurus at 5:28 PM today. Mercury Rx greets the Sun by conjunction but falls back into Aries tomorrow at 1:38 PM. Pluto stations retrograde at 3:41 AM tomorrow. Venus makes her final square from Pisces to Saturn Rx in Sagittarius on Friday morning just after Mars shifts from Taurus to Gemini about an hour earlier. To me, those seem to be fairly astute changes. Mars in Gemini is certainly not Mars in Taurus. Venus leaving the crunch with Saturn and Chiron is a relief. Mercury Rx in Taurus is certainly not Mercury Rx in Aries. A Venus ruled Sun is of course not the same as a Mars ruled Sun. So, yes. Things get jostled around a little bit. I think most will welcome that as the feelings of being stuck and wading through mud dissipates for a little bit. What I find kind of crazy about that is just as all this change occurs our Solar body enters a realm that is not necessarily comfortable with change. So, while parts of us seemingly limber up for a bit, it still may seem a bit unsettling at first just because it's different.
Today, however, is a lot about Mercury. The Aquarius Moon meets with him by square just after day break (8:32 AM). This, along with the Last Quarter, will set the tone for today. There is some mental pressure and there is also emotional pressure both that point toward a need to reform thought and release.

This conflict between the emotional and mental bodies and persists until the Sun passes into Taurus and is brought into this Mercurian mix by way of conjunction to our winged messenger at 1:55 AM. Brains spin. It's likely a restless night especially if we were prone to over-stimulation during the day. Plus, as Pluto stations there may still be a feeling of being stalled to a degree.
The conjunction of the Sun to Mercury occurs at the genesis of Taurus. From here, Mercury will head toward Uranus, turn direct and pass over Uranus again. This conjunction to the Sun is just the beginning of an influx of information to which the physical body will respond while Mars falls under Mercury's rule. The Sabian Symbol for tonight's Sun/Mercury conjunction reads as follows:

Taurus 1: A clear mountain stream flows through a rocky defile. Dane Rudhyar expands with, “Purity, excellence and immediate availability of the strength and power of being. Refreshment. Self-sustainment.”

This does indicate a clear stream of information/communication flowing between and around obstacles (rocks). We could hear more talks of leaks of information, for example. I suspect that any information received will continue to grow in clarity and perhaps be accompanied by lightning bolts (shocking revelation) as Mercury nears Uranus. What is clarified could also have a thing or two to do with Mercury's first pass by Uranus on March 26. That takes us ALL the way back to the day before the New Moon in Aries. It's highly probable that we will hear themes from that time repeat and be given a chance to gain more clarity about them in an effort to incorporate it into the now as Mercury stations direct in Aries on May 4th at 24 Aries while Uranus resides just one degree away at 25. So, I would suspect that information may flip/flop, come in quickly and with echo as that occurs. Today is likened to an introduction of that veritable storm. And, anytime Mercury is activated in such a way it could bear prominence upon our weather throughout by way of literal storms. I'm kind of pondering earthquake potential too with the conjunction of Sun/Mercury occurring in an Earth sign during Pluto's station retrograde.

This is my cat, Mercury. He's mimicking his namesake planet's conjunction to the Sun 
Pluto stations retrograde at 3:41 AM at 19 Capricorn 24. I do get a sense of things breaking apart as I look at this set up. But, it could very well be a break up of stuck information and mental/emotional stagnation while we are under the guidance of an Aquarian Moon.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The speed of the brain hits an uptick following Mercury's conjunction with the Sun yesterday. He officially heads back to Aries at 1:38 PM. The slow and steady common sense of Taurus is brought back to us by way of the Sun. But, the brain and mental body become rather unsettled. The state of Mercury will increase in importance as Mars shifts into Gemini tomorrow morning.

The Moon casually lingers in Aquarius for the most part this morning. Her first aspect is by way of a windy trine to Jupiter in Libra at 2:52 PM. This, along with the re-entrance of Mercury into Aries may have tongues wagging. But, the state of the Moon is inclined toward issues of social justice and collaboration. Aquarius Moon is not typically known to be overly aggressive unless there are other factors in a person's chart that inclines it to such. However, I'm sure there will be much to talk about today and a lot on folks' minds that they are trying to make sense of. Many have been subtly withdrawing to a degree from the areas of being overly mentally engaged. But, there may be impetus to re-engage in collaborative dialogue here.

On a personal level, this is a good day to spend in light socialization. We may whisper in small groups or look for social reprieve from worldly pressures. Any time Mercury is scattered or punctuated as he is now, it's a good time to clean and organize in your physical space. This especially true under a waning Moon. So, spiritually inclined cleaning such as smudging your personal space can become an outward activity that helps to organize thought as well. Just don't let your brain get too carried away just yet. We may have been given hint at the information but the whole story has yet to be revealed. In other words, it is a good day to begin the dialogue in regard to whatever concerns may be brought to the fore for you. However, hold off on making final decisions for a bit as there is likely more relevant information incoming.

Friday, April 21, 2017

This morning the Moon meets her ruler, Uranus, by sextile at 6:17 AM. This is an early upstart energy that likely has us waking spry. Shortly after, Mars leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. This causes us to be prone to react/respond to information. However, with Mars in a Air sign we may talk more about what we think we would do rather than actually do anything. However, physical action will likely correlate with the state of the mental body for the duration of this transit.

At 7:10 AM Venus makes her final official square with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. There is pressure here but it is soon resolved. We are given another chance to assess leaks in the realm of relationships (enabling, pouring love and heart resource into empty unfillable vessels) and finances prior to Venus retracing her steps back into Aries. Resources could still be tight, but they too are likely to begin to loosen the purse strings following this. Venus is reborn and set free to begin anew with all the experience she has gleaned thus far in tow. Today is the beginning of the end of Venus' drag.

The Moon moves on to sextile her traditional ruler, Saturn, at 11:20 AM offering us stabilization in the emotional realm and tempting us to regain some optimism in regard to dealing with the long journey ahead of us. Then, she winds out the day and her active trek through Aquarius with a sextile to Mercury Rx in Aries at 2:24 PM. From here she is Void for a little over an hour until entering Pisces at 3:44 PM.
Now, the Moon in Aquarius goes out on a logical and semi-stable note. However, her entrance into Pisces changes the set up. Logic gives way to emotion that is anything but rational. There is confusion, sentimentality and a melting of sorts. Her first aspect is a square to Mars in Gemini at 4:15 PM. At this point, we may be unsure of what it is we need to do next. Mars in Gemini is a multi-tasker and with Moon in Pisces that task list could seem endless and we could melt in despair over that or just confusion in regard to information in general. The best bet is to just take a break. Give the information time to congeal and resolve. Dismiss and isolate yourself from potential over-stimulation which is only going to exacerbate confusion and ground. The Pisces Moon meets our grounding Taurus Sun by sextile at 7:26 PM.
I know. It feels like over and over again we are getting the message of “hold at bay” or “not yet” or “don't rush, go slow.” We need our patience but its been taxed to an excruciating degree. Yet, still, we are prompted to wait it out and deal with our inner selves in that process. Pay heed to your physical/emotional needs moreso than letting the demons of the mind run the show here. Address the personal (emotional/physical) NEEDS first and after that the information has more of a chance to clear.