Morning Star: Astrology for April 12 to April 15, 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This morning the Moon in Scorpio moves away from her opposition with Mercury Rx in Taurus and uses most of the day to wax into a watery trine with Neptune (8:49 PM). This can feel emotive, lethargic or somewhat lax in regard to engaging in physical activity. It is more dreamy and creative than productive for the most part.
With this, we could have feelings of remorse or regret. However, we are given opportunity to purge and release more negative emotions here. Allowing the clouded waters to run through and out of our systems so that cleaner and gentler waters can replenish us. In other words, don't fight tears if they come. Allow them to flow out of you and cleanse your emotional system.

This is also a day of high intuition/empathy. Given Mercury's current retrograde status, it is a good idea to assess non-verbal communications as much as the spoken words. The indication is to go full lean into the concept of flow. In that, follow the day where it beckons you to go instead of trying to force a time schedule upon it or make it overly inflexible.
Creative efforts blossom nicely under this sky. Music, art or poetry could be a saving grace in so far as instigating motivation, producing calm/ease, setting a personal rhythm in the day or to help us access/release more deeply swirling emotions. Many will be inclined toward quiet and introversion. One possibility, though, as we are super-sensitive and more empathic under Moon/Neptune is that we could become easily irritated, nervous, impatient or edgy as we pick up on the vibes coming from the Sun waxing toward Uranus. If this is the case, I suggest downplaying interactions with others and, if possible, taking some time outdoors to ground or engaging in gentle physical activity to offset some of the potential angst. There is also potential for seething.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

There was a good chance many recaptured some rest as the Moon was trine Neptune last night. Always a nice reprieve following Full Moons that are notorious for robbing folks of sleep. Either way, many likely feel restored this morning as the Moon in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is, of course, preparing to station retrograde. At this aspect we find him one minute from his station point. He will officially retrograde on April 20. What this aspect may bring is a returning feeling of determination and an inclination, once again, toward production. It can be used for tenacity and grit in the realm of clearance efforts. Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn is a great time to work on moving large obstacles.
Just don't expect those efforts to be fulfilled quickly. This is a slow and sure process of un-layering.

As we move forward into the day, the Moon passes by the Sun and Uranus by inconjunct. This can cause a fleeting feeling of having to rush and do. But, it leads us to the lunar opposition of Mars in Taurus (8:04 PM) which could lead to a feelings of not progressing quickly enough or demotivation. There is a bit of ambiguity as well as the Moon is inclined to bear down and move mountains and Mars in Taurus has a tendency to leisurely graze when unmotivated.
The inclination that comes from the Moon's inconjunct to the Sun and Uranus gives us a hint at the potential impatience we are looking at tomorrow as the Sun officially finds Uranus by conjunction overnight (1:30 AM). Prior to that conjunction, though, the Moon passes over both Chiron (11:20 PM) and Venus (00:19 AM) by watery trine and reaches Void status until entering Sagittarius tomorrow morning at 6:27 AM. Moon in Sagittarius is not likely to help with the impatience factor. But, she will be down with the adventurous energy coming from Sun conjunct Uranus. Both are rather future minded and are ready to move forward.

The water trines with Chiron and Venus are relaxing. And, given that the Moon is Void as Sun/Uranus perfects, we may sleep rather well despite it. But, as the Moon passes into Sagittarius, we will become more inclined toward activity and exploring new territories.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Folks who fair the best today are the one's who are independent, inventive, willing to take a few risks and feel free to try new and inventive ways to do things. Those who lack these qualities or those who are uncomfortable with changes in routine will find this day taxing. Any restrictions placed upon us will feel extraordinarily cumbersome.
The Sun and Uranus met at 25 Aries upon this Sabian Symbol (as per Dane Rudhyar): A double promise reveals its inner and outer meanings. Fortuitous cooperation between inner and outer elements of being. A sense of responsibility to self or to society.

Keanu has Sun/Uranus conjunct in his natal chart.. As Neo in the Matrix he is channeling that into a very Sun/Uranus role

Now. On the lowest end, Sun/Uranus is anti-everything. Anything you can do, it can and likely will do it the opposite way just to be different. It is also wildly inspired, unpredictable, rebellious and absolutely DOES NOT like to be bossed around. Sun/Uranus likes to call its own shots and has not the first inclination toward doing things the way they have always been done. It goes into situations looking for places ripe for an upgrade, modernization, streamlining or change in general. Sun/Uranus also likes the “shock”factor and revels in the unexpected. The conjunction can be quite impulsive and spiteful at times. However, when the energy is well directed and we are able to recognize/avoid the pitfalls, folks have a tendency to become more authentic, more independent and more willing to do things in their own way and in their own time without fear that what they want to do is brand new, unusual or something no one has tried before.
A sense of self-accountability and an inclination toward social issues both accompany this aspect on the high end which is reinforced by the waxing trine between the conjunction and Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. Sun/Uranus has similar qualities of Sun in Aquarius. With the conjunction occurring in Aries we have robot/computer warfare, the hunter who uses modern technology, beheadings, headaches, arrhythmia, explosions, sword fights, clumsy/uncoordinated movements, space exploration, mechanical body parts/prosthetic, wars with aliens and a great tendency toward hot heads, impatience and impulsivity. This is a good time to solidly and consciously birth a more mature, more authentic version of ourselves by way of physical re-inventions (make-overs or just donning a new and unusual look) or just by giving ourselves authority to call our own shots. “Give a damns” will splinter and break apart all over the place.

The low end of this energy though has a quite severe edge. It can be explosive and temperamental. It can be spiteful, cold and cutting. It can become predictable in its anti-everything, reject and rebel nature. And, it is rebellious and non-conformist. Don't for a minute think that it is not. Sun/Uranus is THE rebel. However, with the trine to Saturn, that rebel energy is best used toward solid cause and conscious self direction. The best cause to direct it toward is upholding the rights to freedom and independence of all and efforts that support such.
This can be a lone wolf aspect. The outlier or outcast. But, Sun/Uranus also works well in networks and teams in an effort to achieve collective/social goals. The problems come when folks try to boss Sun/Uranus around. Again, this aspect is rebellious and resistant. Sometimes to the degree that it even rebels against itself! It needs to be able to move freely without overly restricting structures. Some may be inclined to blow up restrictions. Others will may be inclined to burn themselves to the ground (self-implosion) by being overly-reactive or even just to make a statement. The key is to keep a cool head and ground out the harder edge of this energy in an effort to be independent and authentic without jumping over into mania or cutting our noses off just to spite our faces.

Also be mindful of our planetary retrogrades. Sun/Uranus has very little patience and may try to move too far too quickly. The sky is just not geared to accommodate that right now. Our best bet is to take control of the steerage. Make independent decisions. Be unique. Be inventive. Try new things. But, also, keep the pace steady. Avoid over-stimulation and definitely provide yourself with a physical outlet to offset the potential jittery and reactive nature of this aspect. Just getting outside can help ground this energy to a manageable level. Irritability is high.
The Moon moves through Sagittarius largely unaspected today. Her energy adds more fuel to the whipping Sun/Uranus conjunction. It is a great day to get outside or take an impromptu trip/adventure as long as you can remain enticed by the unexpected instead of fearful of it. I do recommend staying out of high-traffic areas as this is only going to increase irritability. Know that there could be a sense of urgency to this day. However, cutting down on stimulants and allowing the body to move to discharge excess energy will help to offset some of that allowing the day to unfold more smoothly. Avoid impulsivity and instead learn to breathe through adrenaline that may come forth as a result of catalytic circumstance in an effort to respond appropriately instead of just being wildly reactive. This is not the day to lose your head literally or figuratively. Be careful about what you stick your neck out for. Mars in Taurus is hanging around Algol, the head of Medusa, and semi-sextile Sun/Uranus. So, for real, this energy has an assured edge. Be careful and alert out there! There is potential for folks to really act out of character.

Medusa smite by Scebiqu from Deviant art