Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of March 25 to March 26, 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017

This morning the Moon drifts into Piscean waters at 6:07 AM. This quenches the thirst brought forth by much of the fire/air energy under the Aquarius Moon and Mercury's recent aspects. The air becomes moist and foggy as we soften a bit ourselves. Shortly after the Moon's entrance here, Venus backs into the Sun in Pisces at 6:18 AM. This occurs at 5 Aries falling under the following Sabian Symbol:
A white triangle with golden wings on its upper sides.
I feel that our warrior Aries Sun is disarmed to a degree under this sky. We have the potential to really assess our hearts discovering that when two people are in relationship a third energy is produced from the mixture. We may assess past or current relationships; how we engage in those; how appreciation and gratitude are exchanged (or not) and make decisions about how we approach or initiate these relationships in the future. It's gentle and it's soft. We are humbled. Gentled. Potentially slain by love and compassion. As we melt, our brain flashes with memories and insight as Mercury continues through his Cardinal crunch.

This energy fills in the day. It's gently memorial and offering occasional kisses from the past as well. Overnight, the Moon meets sturdy Mars in Taurus by sextile (2:44 AM) while sinking into Neptune (4:24 AM). This is wonderful for a solid night's rest. It calls for a gentle touch and could conjure blissful dreams. Pisces and Taurus make lovely bedfellows.

It's a great day for being leisurely or wrapping up existing projects. It's also stellar for cleansing in the physical, spiritual or energetic realm. Soaking or hoodoo herbal baths work well. So does a freshening of your physical realm by way of cleaning/organizing or using natural cleaners (vinegar or sage) to freshen the air. If weather permits, opening windows is a great way to let the stale air of winter out of your home.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The atmosphere remains wet this morning. The fog hangs. Yet, lightning pierces through the mist bringing inspiration and insight with it. The Moon remains in Pisces slowly waking up from her deep Neptunian slumber as Mercury is shocked awake by a conjunction with Uranus at 11:06 AM.
At first, the flashes may seem unsettling. But, they likely hold information we have been long looking for but unable to capture. As we soften under the Pisces Moon, our system becomes more open and sensitive to these.

This conjunction occurs at 24 degrees Aries: A window blows inward shaped as a cornucopia. Are you ready? This breath of fresh air aspect could bring the awareness we have been looking for. We are ready to leave this ecliptic cycle behind us and start fresh. This conjunction provides the final impetus in preparation for that. Brain lights start flashing like lightning bugs on a dark summer night. Like POPROCKS have been embedded in our brains. This is hopeful and welcomes fresh perspectives, new ideas and a feeling of waking up within one's life. That wake up call preps us for action and a new cycle that comes forth tomorrow under our New Moon in Aries. Are you ready? I'm ready. I'm chomping at the bit ready but willing to walk through these final washing away steps and wait for the potentially inspiring insights to occur before I take off. The day is full of “Eureka!” and “AHA!” moments that rush into the psyche like divine intervention by way of new wisdom.

There is a chance for cutting words and harsh sword-like tongues. Those that are wounded are prone to lash out. Yet, some of those words can cut malefic ties freeing us from their bondage and catapulting us into a new future. Time speeds up as the Pisces Moon tries to keep up. Anxiety can come forth here. Realize that intuition enters the body through the emotional system. Often, the body can interpret this as a feeling of impending doom and react anxiously because IT FEELS anxious. But, whether the intuitive hit forebodes forthcoming good or negative potential IT FEELS the same way. So, don't automatically jump to doomsday conclusions. Work to settle anxieties and be not afraid of the “other shoe” may be the one you've been looking for. Either way, we need to know what is given to us through this aspect. Observe. Listen. Let the messages come. Just don't use your tongue as a weapon unless you are aware of the impact. It is likened to rocket fuel. That doesn't mean you want to let that rocket go off all on its own without the control of your conscious steerage. Hold tight the steering wheel and don't preemptively bolt out of the gate before the signal of the starting pistol. Hold steady.

Awareness and emotional fortitude deepens as the day progresses and the Moon is graced by a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn at 3:53 PM. We awake in the morning to the dread of Monday by way of a square from our Pisces Moon to Saturn in Sagittarius. At this point, we know what we need to do. We cannot deny the truth we have just discovered. And, we can assess that there is a long path ahead to fix what has been perceived as broken, abused or offended. But, with heads bowed and hands raised, we say our final prayers for support and guidance before we rise to conscious engagement. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Aries at 10:12 AM.

We are ready to go. But, we are not blood thirsty warriors coming out of the gate at the New Moon in Aries this year. We are gentled and compassionate warriors. Peaceful Warriors. Spiritual, empathic and wise, ready to fight old battles in new ways. We are certainly ready to stand strong, lock arms and defend our rights to acceptance, love, security and inclusion. Nothing else will do. It's all of us or none of us. Just you wait and see. Are you ready?
Use today to continue to lighten your load. Say a little prayer for the journey yet to come. Use love as your shield and compassion as your battle ax. If you don't think there is true power in love and empathy, then you've never witnessed the pull of an ocean riptide. Never been taken to your knees by grief. Never felt empowered by love. Never seen how the persistent caress of water wears away the rough edges of a rock. Know this is not your typical beefed up warrior energy. This year, we truly learn the art of fighting like an intelligent, compassionate, confident and wise WOMAN. AHA! BRING IT. It's time to further develop our tactics that do not involve violent aggression and oppression, in other words. The ability to charm and negotiate are strong. Plus, we start becoming more prone to try to bring folks together instead of continually push and splinter apart. We are also prompted to learn more about deescalation, conflict resolution and prevention rather than hand to hand combat or fighting fire with fire...eye for an eye and all that. "Fighting" becomes more about a slow water running over a rock...more so that brute force.