Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of March 18 to March 19, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The weekend does offer some relief as a result of the constant purging and cleansing emotional rains we have experienced lately. The pressure between the Sun and Saturn starts to ease and our emotional systems begin to glean wisdom from these rather astute emotional issues. Yes. The Sun peeks out a bit. We feel a little better overall and, for a little bit, we even dry out to a degree.

We begin this morning with the Moon in Sagittarius as Mercury in Aries meets Venus Rx in Aries by conjunction. This occurs at 10 degrees Aries: A scholar creates new forms for ancient symbols. It could bring a new perspective in regard to past relationships or financial dealings. It could bring information from these same places, as well. Running into old schoolmates and peers would not be a stretch. These meetings could give you new and reflective insight about yourself. Meaning, you could meet an old friend who says, “I always think of you when...” or “I always considered you the X type of person.” This works to show us, in part, how we were perceived at different times in our lives and allows us to decide if we agree with it or not. It may be positive or negative. That purely depends on our perspective of the thing. We could also receive messages regarding love or finances as well as trip over past momentoes that directly correlate to past loves or financial dealings. Maybe you run across an old checkbook register and compare your finances of today to those of yesterday. You could just as easily trip across old love letters that were stashed away somewhere prompting you to compare who you were in past relationships to who you are now. It does seem rather reflective. But, it is reflective in a way that gives us information that we can use on our journey forward.

At 4:59 PM, the Moon dances with Venus Rx by trine then grabs Mercury to join in the twirl at 7:06 PM. This allows us to further integrate information from our past travels into our future journeys. This is light, mobile and free-thinking. Offering fresh perspective and...maybe even some laughter! How great is that? This is great for casting off more cumbersome burdens in favor of spending time with friends, dancing...just getting out and basically shaking some dust off however you choose. Leaving yourself open to adventures and tempting your palette with exotic or foreign flavors is a good way to go with this. Take a break from the suffering.
As the night moves forward, the Moon does square Neptune at 11:57 PM. This is where the chance for tears comes in to play especially if you reached for an import beer as you were out dancing. Remorse/regret can take place here. But, on the higher end it increases our empathy for those who also suffer as we do and could produce a deep and sound night's sleep. Of course, this all depends on how we choose to handle the messages we may receive today. If we maintain a willingness to learn from past experience, a sense of being able to laugh at yourself, humility and optimism it goes much more easily. If you are consistently clinging to and past relationships or mourning them, could lay your head down on a tear soaked pillow. I personally think we've had enough of that already. Go out and have some fun. We all need a break. This is a wonderful opportunity to take one.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

This morning the Moon is still active in Sagittarius. We may be slow to wake up due to last night's square to Neptune.'s Sunday. A perfect day to sleep, why not!
By 4:37 PM the Moon is elevated by a sextile to her current ruler, Jupiter Rx in Libra. This is another boost to our mood that shouldn't be overlooked. We are feeling better and that certainly counts for something.

This is our last day of Pisces season, as well. Tomorrow we wake up in the realm of the Ram as the Sun enters Aries at 6:29 AM. This night goes out with a lunar trine to Uranus at 9:33 PM. It suggests we approach situations with joy, optimism and a flare of individuality. It also says that creating happiness is an inside job and encourages us, again, to be willing to try new and unusual things.
The Moon does square Chiron overnight (1:30 AM) and remains active through the Sun's passage into Aries tomorrow. Our emotional maturity increases along with our ability to maintain proper emotional boundary as the Moon meets Saturn by conjunction early tomorrow morning before reaching Void status. Sure, we are not going to be thrilled it's Monday since it lingers on our doorstep dressed like doom. But, we have surely dealt with more difficult situations.
Use today to continue building on your good mood from yesterday. Use the last bit of the Pisces Sun to enhance creative efforts. The Moon is still waning so releasing your grip on more depressive or restrictive feelings is still en vogue. There are echoes from the past still coming forth with our retrograde planets. Know these come with an agenda to teach us not to torture us.
The Moon remains Void after 6:38 AM tomorrow morning and re-activates in Capricorn at 11:31 AM.