Morning Star: Astrology for March 13 and 14, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

This morning, the Moon is newly in Libra and now waning following yesterday's Virgo Full Moon. The big news of the day, however, comes by way of Mercury's entrance into Aries (5:08 PM). Yesterday, we were given opportunity under our Full Moon to banish mental baggage and toss negative or self-depreciating scripts. Today, we are ready to begin anew in the mental realm.

Mercury in Aries is often a progressive thinker. Fast talker. Speedy driver and pioneer or advocate in the mental realm. Some notable examples include the brilliantly innovative but sometimes still impish mind of Albert Einstein; renowned director of the Godfather and Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola; subject of the book Schindler's Ark and movie Schindler's List, Oskar Schindler; 1980's Brat Pack star, Dead Zone actor, singer and literacy advocate, Anthony Michael Hall; Lady of the Lamp, pioneer of modern nursing and noted statistician, Florence Nightingale; actress, devoted UK Basketball Fan, occasional guest sports writer, Global Ambassador for YouthAIDS, humanitarian and active contributor in discussions regarding political issues, Ashley Judd.
Mercury's entrance into Aries often denotes an assured change in the weather leading up to Spring. This year, his entrance precedes the Sun's. But, not by much. Pisces season comes to a close as the Sun enters Aries one week from today (March 20). As this occurs, we end up with a rather dense concentration in Aries that includes Sun, Mercury, Venus Rx and Uranus. Yes, Spring will have officially sprung...for sure.

Basically what occurs through this week is a transition from gestation to animated physical life. Birthing, metaphorically and literally, within nature. As the Earth awakens, we begin to respond. Time will be something we try to catch up this week as we shifted our clocks forward over the weekend. However, the shift of Mercury from Pisces to Aries does often feel as if time simply flies by. Again, we may feel as if we are trying to constantly catch up during the transition/adjustment period.

The low end of Mercury in Aries jumps to conclusions too quickly and can be likened to an inconsiderate self-centered rocket mouth which will become VERY apparent as the planet draws more near Uranus.
The only major lunar aspect we have today features the Moon in Libra opposite her current ruler, Venus Rx in Aries, at 10:42 PM. This is uncomfortable, pitting what we need (Moon) against what we want (Venus). Of course, the answer is to balance the polarity which is supported by efforts to balance our need to feel a connection with others against our desire to, also, be accepted as ourselves. If you feel lonely or set apart at this time, know it is likely a good idea to look at the ways in which you relate to others or how you choose partners. We are now releasing under this waning Moon. So, letting go of a fear of authenticity due a subsequent fear of rejection by others fits. Projecting true identity in an effort to attract those who will appreciate you “as you are” is also a worthy exercise. Either way, balancing out the me vs we axis is indicated.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This morning the Moon lingers in Libra. Her first major aspect comes by way of agitating the current Cardinal planet crunch with a square to Pluto in Capricorn at 1:52 PM. This increases our chances at things like emotional manipulation, power struggles and the emergence of personal demons. Moon square Pluto is dark, mysterious...shadowy. Fearlessness is a requirement here as well as strong boundaries. Keep pushing “winter” out the door and opening the windows for new beginnings. Flush the old...release...release...release.

From here, the Moon meets Jupiter Rx by conjunction at 5:52 PM. This can add buoyancy to our mood; but, on the low end can exacerbate the more dark feelings that Moon square Pluto may have dredged up. I'm hearing war drums here. To me, it feels that efforts at peacekeeping may meet with resistance which is a shame because Moon/Jupiter in Libra excels at this. Yet, as Mercury travels Aries and a stellium continues to build in the sign, folks are going to become less and less patient. Less tolerant. However, the high end expression of this Moon/Jupiter conjunction does call us to honor our trusted relationships and to look to wise elders for advice. We may hear of news from advocacy organizations as this energy is quite reminiscent of the Queen of Swords. Advocacy being another positive expression of this energy especially with Mercury in outspoken and progressive Aries.

By 9:05 PM, the Moon is further agitated by an opposition to Uranus in Aries. Rude. Brash. Impulsive and definitely not comfortable or polite. The higher expression allows us to, again, weigh matters of personal authenticity against our need to relate to others. It can also help increase emotional intelligence. On the low end, this energy is anxious and erratic. Mood swings are very possible. What helps is a willingness to try things differently, grasp initiative and innovation which are all more easily accessed when we are well grounded. So, if you feel scattered and off kilter, start there first. Ground, center and breathe.
The low end expression of this can come about by way of someone who is anti-everything just for the mere excitement/adrenaline feed that comes by way of an argument. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Meanwhile, the Sun finds Chiron in Pisces by conjunction. This occurs at 24 Pisces falling under direction of the following Sabian Symbol: After drastic reforms a purified clergy officiates anew. According to Dane Rudhyar's delineation this denotes, “the ability periodically to cleanse from all selfish dross the channels for spiritual service. True vision. Soul-reformation.”
For us, it means an opportunity at personal renewal, to a degree. It allows us to see, feel and acknowledge our collective pain and finding our spot within that. Accepting it. Learning to walk with our metaphorical limp and disallowing denied hurts, biases and how we may be wounded to continue to unconsciously direct us. We forgive ourselves of these things. Accept them while carrying ourselves forward in light of this new awareness.
As Venus and Jupiter continue their retrograde passages, we are continually given insight into ourselves by way of memorial or encounters with past relationships. If we pay attention, we can see exactly how these denied sicknesses, addictions, fears and personal methods of entrapment have affected how we may relate to others (or how we have NOT been effectively able to relate to others). Here we are given opportunity to fully incorporate these pains by way of acceptance and awareness. We become more aware of our wholeness. On the low end, we become embittered, scornful...reactive to our pains instead of using this as an opportunity to heal and accept ourselves.
The Moon remains active the rest of the night. She passes by both the Sun and Chiron by way of inconjunct just after midnight. She reaches Void status at 6:06 AM tomorrow morning following an emotionally stabilizing sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. She remains Void until plunging to the depths of Scorpio at 11:11 AM tomorrow.

I'm going to leave you with something I wrote under the Sun/Chiron conjunction of March 2015 as it is still quite applicable to the Sun's conjunction today:
This is me. Who I am. I have scars. I have pain, sometimes. And, that is not likely to change. There are things that have happened to me that cannot be undone or forgotten. I've accepted that and have come to my scars well. They are a part of me. A part of me I will love, accept, cherish and learn from. However, I will never allow my pain to embitter me and hurt others. Instead, I will allow my pain to birth empathy for others who also may hurt.