Morning Star: Astrology for the week of February 20 to February 26, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

At first glance, this week looks Mars and Mercury are both quite active. Plus, we have an eclipse on Sunday which snuggles right up to Neptune. Whenever I see a mixture of Uranus and Neptune like we have in our week to come, it always reminds me of someone throwing a toaster in a bathtub. We may have some rather “shocking” things which occur in that manner. The main problem, though, is that Mars is volatile. Mercury is firing on all cylinders, so that's a good thing. But, Mars? He's all kinds of irked which wouldn't be bad if that's all we had to deal with. Yet, happening next to an eclipse on Neptune helping to fog things up, disorient and confuse, while also packing increased sensitivity and emotionality? Yeah. Ok. Imagine that you are lazing in a big bathtub filled with lovely warm bubbles. All zen and stuff. Then...ZAP! And, you come up swinging while not even being sure of what you are swinging at. Then, a sink hole opens under the tub and swallows both you and the tub whole jettisoning you both to....I guess we will see when we wake up next Monday. Of course I'm being facetious. But, in my mind, that's what it looks like. So. Let's start with today and work our way through from there. Ok?

This morning, the Moon is still active in Sagittarius. At midnight last night, she met Mars in Aries by trine which could have stirred a bit of restlessness during the night. At 7:32 AM we find her sextile Mercury in Aquarius while in tandem trine to Uranus (9:39 AM) and sextile to Jupiter (11:50 AM). She moves from this active and uplifted position straight into a square with Chiron at 12:57 PM before winding out the day with a conjunction to Saturn (6:38 PM) which sends her into Void status. She will remain Void until entering Capricorn at 2 AM tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, as she rests, Mercury finds Uranus in Aries by sextile at 11:02 PM.
In the early part of the day, we likely feel pretty mobile and active. We are running about checking things off our lists without too many peripheral blips on the radar. Mercury waxes into sextile with Uranus, so we are sharp on a mental level. The Moon is checking in amicably with the associated sky. So, time is zipping and so are we. But, just after midday, there is the hollow echo of Chiron that leads into the Moon/Saturn conjunction which can leave us feeling flat or depressed. Much more encumbered than the early part of the day. The Moon flickers off under this potential dour affect but the brain keeps spinning.
Metaphorically, it's likened to zipping around in your little red sports car in the early part of the day. The weather is nice. You have the top down. Unfortunately, right as you are finishing lunch, it starts raining. The top on the convertible is stuck. You can't raise it. So, you jump in the little speedy car and try to rush home. Except, you are speeding. And, of course, there's a police officer waiting for someone just like you. Your zippy red sports car day ends with a wet interior and a speeding ticket with a court date. Nice.

The best way to handle this is to make your task list ahead of time. Then, ensure that task list lines up with your chosen path ahead. Diligently start checking things off while being mindful of the need for a potential “double check.” Get as much (safely) completed as you can. Then, by early afternoon, take a break. Assess your progress and be satisfied with the pavers (Saturn) that you have successfully laid on your journey (Sagittarius).
Use the evening for gatherings or conversations with friends. Play Jeopardy! Or some other trivia game. The brain will want to be entertained or at least tickled a little. Under Mercury/Uranus we are sharp and quick. It is very good energy for collaborate efforts for those who are concerned with particular social issues or social welfare. Working in teams or groups is highly indicated. Know, though, that the low end of this mixture can manifest in ways that are similar to ADHD or anxiety symptoms. But, just like any other electrical circuit, it operates much more safely and efficiently when well grounded. Jot down illuminating ideas and plans. These lightning bolt inspirations often disappear just as quickly as they came.

Other than being sharp and inspired, Mercury in sextile to Uranus is also very analytical. At it's highest, it operates much like a super computer in its ability to process and analyze data. If you are taking some sort of higher math classes, a lot of things can click together in your brain in regard to that tonight. Outside of that, if you have a complex problem that you need to focus upon without emotional distraction, tonight is a good night to look it over. I mean, the brain is going to be busy anyway. Might as well give it something to play with. For some, sleep may be quite elusive tonight due this. Also, remember, the Moon is Void after 6:00 PM tonight and waning. So, it's not indicated to take action on any plans yet. But, it is a good day to get the mental wheels going in that direction to aid us in mapping it out.
All this, too, is quite indicative of concepts surrounding travel. Therefore, we could hear of or discuss issues of the same. So, yeah, brace yourself for that.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This morning the Moon is active in Capricorn while in sextile to the Sun in Pisces at 8:16 PM. This is industrious, empathic, creative and grounded. It's wonderful creative clay for manifestation of some of the inspirations we may have received yesterday. If you can dream it, you can create so says this luminary mixture.

Meanwhile, Mercury is waning in his sextile to Uranus as he finds Jupiter by trine at 1:28 PM. This reminds me of law and legal eagles. If you need that type of advice, this is a good day to seek it. Otherwise it is rather windy and filled with big ideas and plans. It is also inclined to be concerned with the future, issues of travel and socially geared initiatives. On a mundane end, it brings accentuation to matters of lighthearted friendship as well as team/group initiatives. If you mapped things out last night, this is a good time to begin implementation. Just ensure that you realize that talking about doing something and actually doing it are two separate things. Be mindful of the need to follow through. Mars is in Aries so we are prone to engage. Many won't need the reminder.
All this pretty much sets the tone for the day. We end at midnight with an uncomfortable square form the Moon in Capricorn to Venus in Aries. Yet, a sextile from the Moon to Neptune may relax us just enough to get some rest.

The only other major blip on the radar is due the fact that (also throughout the day) Mars in Aries is waxing into square with Pluto in Capricorn. Alright, so, that's a pretty big blip. This perfects overnight at 3:57 AM. Now. I can argue with you that Aries is just as much a pixie as it is a warrior. However, right now, the energy coming from Mars in Aries is vicious and blood thirsty. In aspect to Pluto, he is no joke. As in, things could become ugly. Overly forceful. Bloody. Dangerous. At the very least, there could be power struggles and subservient efforts at control. The Moon is going to enter this equation tomorrow and the mixture is anything but light and fun. It's actually kind of scary. Not so much a glittery pixie. Mars is going to link up the waning square between Pluto and Uranus while also dragging Jupiter in Libra into the equation. Our emotional bodies are going to be right in that mix. Ironically, the outlet for the Cardinal crunch falls in Cancer. That means astutely handling and directing your own softer emotional body is going to be what balances this out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

As I've mentioned, today is scary and intense. The Moon in Capricorn is about to join the square between Mars and Pluto at around 2:30 PM. Things are dark and stormy inside and out. Not to mention potentially dangerous. Be careful out there.
This forceful, violent, paranoid, greedy and basically “ugly” energy continues throughout the day. Plus, it's going to get poked at. The Moon squares Uranus at 8:45 PM and opposes Jupiter at 10:24 PM. We are collectively dragged into a veritable Battle of the Gods.
Just as much as this energy can be used for subservient and violent means, it can also be used for matters of survival and self-perseverance. Yet, there is likely so much going on that we will have very little time to think of anything else. With the outlet falling in Cancer it is best to tend to your own emotional state while also ensuring/protecting matters on your immediate home front. Yes. Hiding in your shell until it is less chaotic works here.

If you are out and about in the world today, know that dangers are lurking. People will likely be stressed, reactive and at the very least paranoid. Keep your boundaries astute and know where the safety exits are. We are staring down the barrel of an eclipse. That makes the energy unstable already. Add this volatile mix to it that and it becomes a VERY good idea to stay alert to your surroundings and just aim to be safe. If...IF...all is well, you can use this energy to really push through projects and bring things to completion. Otherwise, shelter in place.
The Moon meets Chiron by sextile at 11:59 PM and then, thankfully, she becomes Void. She'll remain Void until entering Aquarius at 12:18 PM.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Today the dust begins to settle a bit as the happenings of the last few days continue to trickle out and become known. The emotional body remains mostly latent as this occurs. The Moon reawakens in Aquarius at noon. Meanwhile, Mercury is cooling his jets as he finds stabilizing Saturn by sextile at 4:46 PM. The facts are becoming clear and certainly being inscribed into the history pages.
As the Moon reawakens she is cool and wise in Aquarius. We continue through the day in discussions of recent events and trying to put the pieces of all that has occurred together in a detached and logical manner.

The day clicks by swiftly without any other major aspects. At this point, we are merely trying to figure it all out.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Yesterday's cool emotional detachment continues into today. The only major aspect is a lunar sextile to Venus in Aries at 10:41 AM. The energy is still quite scattered due the incoming eclipse. But, we are better able to handle ourselves within that dynamic. The mixture of the Aquarius Moon and Venus in Aries is reminiscent of protests/marches and collaborate forward moving agendas. These seem to have potential to be non-violent and more prone to peaceful demonstrations. Yet, the reaction from the outside world is still pretty angst riddled as Mars now waxes toward the Uranus/Jupiter opposition.
The Moon remains active through the night as she also meets Mars by sextile at 2:47 AM and Uranus at 4:53 AM. Sleep is likely restless if existent at all.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

This morning the Aquarius Moon is trine Jupiter in Libra bringing a bit of buoyancy and optimism to our mood. It's windy, of course. But, it is also prone to bring like minded groups of individuals who are in pursuit of higher freedoms and independence into the public spotlight. On a personal level, it feels a bit better. A small gift of lightness is delivered.
By midday (1:12 PM) the Moon is stabilized by a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius before she reaches Void status. We've left firm footprints across collective history this week. As the Moon goes Void discussions of those events will likely occur and the details solidified.
From here, the Moon remains Void until entering Pisces at 7:25 PM tonight ushering us straight into the eclipse. However, Mercury beats the Moon in his transition to Pisces which occurs at 6:08 PM. The Moon catches him by conjunction at 7:36 PM.

Within this day, we move from the airy logical world of Aquarius into the ethereal seas of Pisces through both the mental and emotional bodies. Clear sharp edges become blurred and hazy. Mindsets shift gears as we begin to incorporate more intuitive and emotional nuance into our thinking processes. We melt. We pray. We go from flying to floating. We could also become much more sensitive and emotional. I encourage you to let loose of the any reigns of control you think you might have. What we are headed towards cannot be controlled nor predicted. Ecliptic related events have been unfurling for several weeks now. They are getting ready to come to a quick head. Now, I'm not saying that the eclipse itself is going to be horrific. The week's earlier movements of Mars are what were so severe. However, it does seem as if we slip into some sort of transient or ethereal state which leads to both endings and new beginnings that begin to take shape as the New Moon perfects tomorrow.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

This morning, our New Moon eclipse dawns at 9:59 AM. The Sabian Symbols for this lunation read as follows:

For the Sun at Pisces 9: The race begins: A Jockey spurs his horse to great speed. There is a feeling of a quickening that happens in this degree. Adrenaline is raised and we hold steady until the starting pistol fires...hopefully. Because, if you or your horse jump prior to that, you are disqualified all together. A well seasoned jockey can connect with the horse and keep it steady until the timing is just right. Then, once everything clicks into place it's “Katie bar the door” because we are off at top speed toward the finish line. Still, we are not bolting off unconsciously (or at least that is what we are trying to avoid). There is a specific target and a specific goal. We are expending our energy toward that. Our blinders (aka: boundaries, grounding) will help us to focus in.

For the Moon's Ruler, Neptune, at 12 Pisces: Candidates are being examined by the lodge of initiates. You might not realize it right now; but, your performance is being observed. Folks are watching what you do and will judge you according to your actions more so than your promises. What this means is this eclipse can open an unexpected door of opportunity based on current or past performance. So, be mindful of what you do when you may think no one is paying attention. Chances are someone is noting everything you do.

By 3:56 PM, we are in full emotional melt as the Moon finds Neptune by conjunction. Just a few hours later, Mars officially finds Uranus by conjunction. Here's the toaster in your bathtub. We are drifting, drifting and BAM! Startled into action. We hit the ground running on that note straight into next week. Mars completes his opposition to Jupiter in the morning as the Moon is refortified to a degree during a lunar sextile to Pluto.
This is a good time for springing forward with well designed plans. Only thing, is you have to do it consciously otherwise we are just going to look like a flurry of hens scattering about with our heads severed. So, keep your head about you as you move forward. Be wary of timing as well. Plus, a standard caution as Mars is all heated up and electrified in conjunction to Uranus, USE YOUR ANGER INTELLIGENTLY. We are very prone to impulsivity and reactiveness here. Ground and purposefully direct your electric circuit. If you need to bust up bad habits or even addictions, now is a wonderful time.

Know that this eclipse opens up veritable worm holes. So we may need to be on our toes to traverse this seemingly new and foreign territory. That means all senses need to be astute and awake (which is kind of hard with a stellium in Pisces huddled around Neptune). But, grounding will help and the influx of Neptune at that point becomes very creative and quite intuitive bringing in even more information from our higher senses. Use the information you receive wisely on your path forward. Don't be afraid of slamming doors. They merely mean one has opened somewhere else which could lead you to a land that you'd barely dared to dream possible. But, under this sky, so much of the impossible can indeed manifest for better or worse.

Calibrate your compass. Wait for the starting pistol and GO! While keeping a very observant eye on your surroundings watching for opportunistic worm holes (doors of opportunity) to open up to you. Also, however, be wary for the potential of the sneak attack. When things become confusing and or blurry there are folks out there that use that to their advantage but to your detriment. Shore up online security matters and batten down the hatches on any back windows you may have left unlocked. Do more than you speak and be mindful of who is listening when you do. That extends from face to face communications all the way to phone and online conversations, as well. This could also denote a well orchestrated “set up” in which we are lured to reactiveness on purpose. We could be instigated or provoked. Again, be mindful of what you are doing. Your natural reflexive reaction to catalyzing stimuli could be anticipated by some and invoked for the purposes of your own undoing. Play smart!