Morning Star: Astrology for the Week of February 6 to February 12, 2017


In the past few weeks, we have been experiencing quite a shake up. Relationships broke up or solidified under our recent Venus/Saturn square. Resources may have been in short supply. Our abilities to be resourceful and grateful tested. We were likely also tasked with testing our ability to tolerate our own company. Then, our First Quarter Moon pushed us further out of our comfort zones. Challenging us to face our fears of change, self-awareness and evolution and stretch our abilities into new territories, methods and venues. This week, we have our first eclipse of 2017 under a Full Moon in Leo.
The pieces fit together when we realize that the agenda of the North Node's entrance into Leo is to teach us about ourselves. To show us something we may be overlooking or denying. To help us to become more aware of who we are individually. To give us a chance to become more whole and integrated. Really. We are not being punished here. We are learning. Though, admittedly, at times the lessons are hard and we can be resistant to seeing our own reflections.
For this week's eclipse, the nodes remain across the axis of Virgo and Pisces. Our South Node haunts us with confusion. While our North Node begs us to begin introspecting and seeking the truth from within. To sort through the confusion. To triage and deliver good care to what we may find to be injured. We blend Virgo and Leo during this “in between time” in an effort to be able to look at ourselves from the perspective of a care giver. No judgment inflicted. Just observation of where it hurts and why with the intention of helping. Most likely, regardless of the catalyzing events that these eclipses may pack with them, you will know yourself a little more intimately by the time they pass. Something about you will be brought to your attention to either face honestly or with denial. That's what is being “shaken” from us during this time.
I've looked over all the eclipses of 2017. Like most folks, these events make me a little nervous. The energy feels wild, unpredictable and scattered. But, I've been paying attention to them long enough to understand that in retrospect the changes and shake ups they bring look a whole heck of a lot like some kind of divinely orchestrated intervention. Chaos, in the moment, though. It's like the Universe pushes us into necessary change through venues we would not ordinarily choose for ourselves. Perhaps in ways we were not even able to fathom. Within that, you are not powerless. You have choices of action and perspective. However, ecliptic events happen swiftly. So quickly and so stirring that “in the moment” we can't see the bigger picture because we are too busy running around or dealing with it. The thing to remember this week is that the goal of this eclipse is to reveal something about you to you (and maybe others...maybe not...point being, YOU are the main audience). Your biggest job is to believe what you are shown and to begin operating within that new awareness. That, my friends, is an ongoing theme throughout the year and is especially punctuated during the eclipses.

It's not going to tell you something obvious. It's not going to say you are this role or that role...mother, father, son, daughter, wife, truck driver, waitress. No. It goes deeper. Not the roles you play. Not the jobs you do in the outside world. But, what lies under the crust of the identity you project into the world. UNDER that. Opens up a window to give you the opportunity to better know your soul...your essence...WHO YOU REALLY ARE. You know that breaking that crust comes through unexpected challenges, already. Right?
I think the upcoming week will probably be eventful. The weeks leading us into eclipses are often eventful too. Have you noticed? The chain of events for this set of eclipses has already been set into motion. The dice has been rolled. Changes are happening to us and from the inside out. But, I look at the rest of the sky this week and see the Sun sextile Uranus and trine Jupiter. I see minds shifting and becoming more inspired as Mercury moves into Aquarius. I see that inspiration taking gentle action forward as Mercury dances with Venus by sextile. I see many being uplifted here. Personally empowered. And, I think even though it might be intense at times we might just end up feeling better. Less stuck. Less dependent. If we choose to learn and become more self-aware. All good things. But, like I said, it may be hard to see that, “in the moment.” Mainly because it is so very personal. I do encourage you to NOT be fearful of the sky opening up to rain rocks on your head. Be brave. This shake up could throw a few valuable gems in your lap too.

Monday, February 6, 2017

The big news coming into today is that Jupiter turned retrograde overnight. This, can be a very subtle thing. Believe it or not. Jupiter is not known for subtlety. There's just a lot going on right now and a Jupiter station can be easily overlooked. But, it also means that our “all planet direct” energy has reached a close. We will now review our philosophies in regard to Libra, realign perspectives and likely have what we project out into the world reflected back to us through others. Hopefully, we will also review our relationship with the media to a degree that we realize how much we are effected by it. And, I'm not talking just about the news. I'm talking all of media..entertainment venues included. Any published information. As in, do you just swallow it whole? Do you allow someone else to spoon feed you their truth? Or are you able to think for yourself? These are very good questions to ask yourself. Take your eyes off what the “crowd” is doing and observe how you respond to the story they are selling. Stop with the “he did this” or “she did that” and note what you are doing and how what “they” say affects that...and you...and the way you conduct your life. Look for ways that you put too much emphasis on the opinions of the “other.” Look to where you may be too accommodating or too inflexible. 

This morning the winds are kicking (metaphorically or literally) under a Gemini Moon trine to our Sun in Aquarius (5:40 AM). I said last week that this week was so windy it kind of felt like March. This is one of the reasons. But, there are plenty more. There's a lot “blowing” around out there.
Good news is, this is by no means a cumbersome aspect. It's light and potentially buoyant and opens the door to talking things out and/or airing of grievances in an intelligent manner. From here, the Moon moves into sextile Uranus at 11:20 AM. More uplifting. Allowing us to foster a bit of emotional independence (instead of continually being slain by rhetoric). Still windy and becoming a little more active.

The winds do not stop here but start to take on an even more personal nuance as the Moon trines Jupiter in Libra at 2:34 PM. Many may feel uplifted here. Relaxed. Joking. More mobile. Inclined to gather in groups over coffee or in conversation. And, then...there's Saturn. The Moon finds him by opposition at 5:54 PM. A hard truth brings our “flying high” feeling to a quick ground. We are left to turn these real and potentially hard to swallow facts over and over in our heads trying to glean some type of understanding.
It's like flying a kite. In the beginning of the day, that kite flies and soars and is magnificently animated. Then, something happens. The wind stops. The kite suddenly plummets straight to the ground. Thud. Yeah. It's like that. We are brought to ground by the truth of something very quickly. There's also a chance that we finally get our ears full and decide we've been manic enough for one day and put up a wall of boundary...shut the door and the windows and let the wind blow around outside on its own as we mull it over. And, mull it over we will.
Following this aspect the Moon is Void until entering Cancer at 2:03 AM tonight. The dust that was kicked up under this windy day floats down and settles in the emotional river. Maybe that kite didn't plummet to the ground but came down to punch us in the gut. Either way, tomorrow this becomes astutely emotionally affective.
In an effort to weather these winds, definitely take time to filter what you expose yourself to. Be choosy what information you feed (Moon) your brain (Gemini). And, by all means, with this much Uranus in play, reserve your right to think for yourself regardless of what some windbag tries to tell you. Otherwise, enjoy the lightness and the “buzz.” Feel free to move around and shake some dust off. Just know the landing comes swiftly and potentially harshly. Strong boundaries are going to help us make that transition more easily.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Not only does our emotional affect change due the Moon moving into Cancer last night; but, our mindset is also due for a shift as Mercury leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius this morning at 4:36 AM. Now, I'll tell you...Mercury in Aquarius is brilliant. Really. It is a very intelligent placement. Sometimes, too intelligent in so far as the placement has been known to play jump rope with that thin line that separates genius and madness. Plus, it has a tendency to over-think and over-rationalize and REALLY does not like to admit that it doesn't know absolutely everything. Sometimes, this very intelligent and very logical placement will choose an alternative perspective just for the sheer fun of being different. Sometimes, it's gets so locked in on “knowing” that it rusts with any sort of influx of emotion or feeling. But, at it's highest most functional level it is wonderfully inspired, collaborative, socially minded (versus singularly minded) and is filled with innovative ideas.
However, anyone that has Mercury in Scorpio or Mercury in Taurus who has dealt with a lower functioning Mercury in Aquarius can tell you that this placement has a tendency to be too “up in it's head” sometimes. “Sometimes the solutions are simple..common sense,” says Mercury in Taurus. “Sometimes your fear of being wrong or your fear of soul searching causes you to miss the forest for the trees,” says Mercury in Scorpio. To truly aim for the highest pole of this energy you must be willing to think for yourself. Independently. Instead of just jumping on the bandwagon or going along to get along or whatever. Group think becomes an issue when we misdirect this energy. Mania and anxiety become factors when we allow too much stuff to invade our heads meaning we also need boundary. When we attach too much weight to the opinions of others without taking the time to think for ourselves our thinking processes and ability to reason becomes handicapped. When we are fearful of or resistant to listening to the non-logical information that our emotional and intuitive systems are trying to deliver to us, we miss out on a huge part of the picture. The answer is in balancing all this without loosing your sense of self in the process. You are in the collective. But, you remain an individual piece of the bigger puzzle. Or should. Because, that's kind of important.

Either way, emotions rise under the Cancer Moon just as the brain is struggling to become more logical, more detached...more cool. Incorporate the information from both systems without trying to squelch out one or the other. Blend them. Together they paint a more detailed picture of who you are.
Just after day break, our Cancer Moon makes an uncomfortable square with Venus in Aries (6:56 AM). There is a clash here between what we want; how we plan to engage in getting it and how we feel. To balance that, remember this is not a race and you have the right to declare your own pace. “I want to go out and conquer the world! But. I feel like crawling in my shell and hiding from the world at the same time.” Did you know you could essentially conquer (change) the world just by conquering (changing) yourself? Just a thought. BONUS! You can totally do that from under your comforter...while eating chicken pot pie.

Balance it out. Adjust your perspective. Quit looking outside and take a minute and look inside. Cut away the distractions that keep you from doing so. Many will seek distraction though; because, sometimes sitting still in introspection is like...the MOST uncomfortable thing. Those that are comfortable with their own company are going to fare the best.
The friction between the signs of Aries and Cancer persists as the Moon also squares off with Mars in Aries. There has to be an easier way. There has to be a better way. There has to be a way that doesn't make me feel horrible. There is. But, you have to find that for yourself. Let intuition and emotion be guides in your initiating efforts. Don't just pass these hits off. Listen to them. They are trying to tell you something.
By nightfall we are melting down and becoming tired under the Cancer Moon trine Neptune in Pisces. Why not a night cap? Or a hot tub? This is where the personal nuance of the day starts to take affect. We are sensitive and have heard enough. Self-care is greatly recommended. Alone time. Meditation. Finding your center. Listening to your intuition and emotional systems (as if this aspect is going to give you much of a choice). Good news is we will likely sleep quite soundly even if we do flop into the bed a little earlier than usual. Monopolize on the opportunity to withdraw and get some rest. We are likely going to need it. Under an incoming Full Moon Eclipse, insomnia is par for the course.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Alrighty. And, then, there was today. Things get a little testy. We begin under a the dark veil created by a lunar opposition to Pluto at 8:42 AM. This can kick start all kinds of ugly potential like paranoia, greed, emotional manipulation and other subservient means meant to control and/or persuade. However, the deeply stirring energy of Pluto is also yours to be had. This can instill a sense of fortitude, bravery and endurance. How that plays out for you is really dependent on how comfortable you are in emotional waters to begin with.
From here, the Moon moves on to square catalyzing and provocative Uranus in Aries (1:53 PM). We are poked. We are prodded. We are pushed, again from our comfort zones. It's noisy and rambunctious and LOUD out there. Our Cancer Moon does not appreciate it one little bit. Over-stimulation and fatigue breeds anxiety and nervousness here. Back up your boundaries. Folks are going to not only be overly-sensitive and grumpy, they are also going to be fearful and reactive. Ground this veritable electricity out. Unplug. Shut the door. Withdraw and detach. Be a good steward of your emotional system by delivering what it is you need at this time. If you need to distance yourself, then do so. You don't have to guilt yourself for that. Thankfully, this square will also break your “give a damn” to a degree. But, yeah, the whole set up is fairly stormy. So, if you find yourself whipped up in an emotional hurricane, it might be a good idea to leash yourself up to a very deeply rooted tree until the storm passes. Of course, I mean this metaphorically (step up boundary and grounding efforts) but if you really want to tie yourself to a tree I'm not one to try and stop you.

Tides begin to rise again as the Moon trines Chiron at 4:20 PM and then quickly finds Jupiter (now Rx) by square at 5:01 PM. Observe carefully. Whatever the “other” did to help you get all whipped up, they could have been just holding up a mirror. I'm not excusing obnoxious and rude behavior. However, I am letting you know that what you see and are prone to react to likely has something in it for you to learn from (particularly about yourself), too. You will encounter reflections of yourself within your interactions with others. Your best bet is to recognize it, believe it and then subsequently deal with it. Relationships are a continual self-learning laboratory.
Following the square to Jupiter, the Moon spins off into Void status and we are left to contend with the swirling waters. None of this is particularly comfortable. Yet, discomfort can lead us to positive change.
The Moon remains Void until entering Leo at 4:42 AM in the morning.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

You have probably noticed that this week swept by fairly quickly. Mercury in Aquarius has a more swift step than Mercury in Capricorn. However, by the time we get to today, the air is crackling with Full Moon Eclipse Lunacy. Eh, periods of temporary insanity really do make you appreciate the brief wafts of sanity, stability and routine when they come. Right?

By 10:27 AM we start to notice that how we personally feel about certain things may not fit with the current collective mentality as the Moon opposes Mercury in Aquarius. Again, you are a piece of this puzzle. You fit somewhere even if it may feel like you are at odds with the world right now. We have energy coming in next that is going to help you find that niche. There can be disagreements here. Sword battles. Debates and conflicts of interest. Mercury in Aquarius is quick, sharp and dry. Smart. There could be some good ideas presented here if we remain willing to listen.
By 12:21 PM, the Leo Moon is trine Venus in Aries as the Sun waxes toward a sextile with Uranus in Aries (4:17 PM). An astute awareness of who we are, what we feel and what we want dawns on us. We walk away from the arguments and refocus on what is personally important or with valuable intel. The Sun in sextile to Uranus encourages us to honor our individual differences while still realizing that we are all in this together. Your personal talents are useful. You fit somewhere. We are very determined to find those personal niches or carve them out under this sky. We will define ourselves to a degree here. Crafting ourselves. We may not realize it in the moment. But, that's what is happening.

The night goes out actively. By 9:06 PM the Moon is busy dancing with Mars in Aries. This Fire Trine along with the fact that the Moon is so fat and full she could pop, might keep us up later than usual.

Friday, February 10, 2017

This morning the Moon is still active as Mercury in Aquarius finds Venus in Aries by sextile. This is nice. Intelligent. Gently motivated. Friendly. A breath of fresh air. This lightness continues to build and we remain active as the Moon finds Uranus in Aries by trine at 5:37 PM. Where oh where have we placed our freak flags? Oh, there they are. Fly, babies, fly.

Our Moon continues growing until she finally blossoms to Full in Leo at 7:34 PM. The Sabian Symbols read as follows:
For the Sun at Aquarius 23 (also the Moon's ruler): A big trained bear performs sitting on a huge chair. This denotes a prepared performance. In other words, a bear doesn't just put on impromptu shows using a chair. There has been preparation and practice to prepare him for this. This is also a symbol of possible unnatural conditions or unfamiliar environments. Even with that, previous experience has likely prepared you. There is also a sideways hint at balance and grounding by mention of the chair. Performance is more than just the talents you were born with but skills that have been honed, weathered and schooled. Here, the wild beast has been tamed for entertainment purposes. You are likened to that beast that needs to adhere to your own “lessons learned.” Be steady and strong while remembering that you are the vehicle for your will.

For the Moon at Leo 23: The bareback rider in a circus thrills excited crowds. Flexibility. Balance. Again, like the symbol for the Sun, plenty of prep-work and practice prior to the actual event. The bareback rider is completely in control of her body even under the uncertain movements of the horse. She also maintains a somewhat psychic connection with the horse itself. She has practiced with him. He trusts her and she trusts him. Both make their jobs look seemingly effortless. The two, at times, seem to operate as one unit rather than occupying separate and completely different bodies. This draws to mind our centaurs..namely Chiron who greets this Full Moon Eclipse via inconjunct. There is no room for self-doubt here. Trust yourself. Become “in tune” with your inner drive/will (the horse) and maintain an air of flexibility and balance (the rider) throughout while keeping all senses astute and clear of distraction. It's just you and the horse. Focus and realize, you've practiced long've got this.

The Moon remains active. She next meets with a rather pleasant sextile with Jupiter (8:41 PM) in Libra and lovely trine with stabilizing Saturn in Sagittarius (00:54 AM). See. You got this. Relax. Enjoy the rest of the show. From here the Moon is Void. The relief is palpable. She remains Void until entering Virgo tomorrow morning at 8:53 AM. There will be very few who go to bed early tonight. Why not stay up late? Enjoy the night. The neon blue electricity in the air. We can sleep in tomorrow. Enjoy this.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

This morning the moves from dramatic and performing Leo...but oh, that was fun. She moves into more demure Virgo at 8:53 AM. We still feel pretty good. Feelings of good cheer and good friends continues as the Sun in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Libra at 10:26 AM.
The day progresses under this humble yet uplifting feel as the Moon makes minor aspects across the sky coloring in personal nuance. It's a likely a good day. Wonderful for jaunts with friends and just hanging out to chat. Feels grounded. But, a little more wise and more self-assured. The low end will be critical and selfish. Perhaps aggrandized. But, the high end won't see that. They'll be too busy self-creating happy.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's the perfect morning to sleep in. The Moon in Virgo is just leaving an opposition with Neptune in Pisces (4:43 AM). It's been an eventful span of time. Why not take this opportunity to just laze around and rest a bit?
The day leisurely moves forward. The Moon finds Pluto by trine at 6:04 PM and with our renewed sense of confidence, wise self-awareness and integrity in tow, we roll up our sleeves and get prepared to face another week. This aspect is stable and rich. Focused and practical.
Monday might linger like a dense formidable fog in the distance; but, we are ready for whatever it might decide to bring.
This is a good day for resting or practical purposes such as preparing for the week ahead or catching up on cleaning chores. It's not particularly eventful. Not rushed or pressured. Just relaxed enough that our feet can touch the ground.