Morning Star: Astrology for the week of January 30 to February 5, 2017


This week, Mercury in Capricorn is officially out of his retrograde shadow and ready to make quite a bit of noise. I'm sure you've noticed that travel and new executive orders (Mercury in Capricorn) that affect the same are in the news. Both, of course, Mercurian matters that do bear direct affect upon our reputation as a country (Capricorn). These issues, and likely more, will persist and grow in importance in our week to come. Also due Mercury's busyness this week, we may also see severe weather pop up as if our internal swirl becomes illustrated in the skies. This is especially true while Mercury waxes into connection with Jupiter and Uranus tomorrow. Yes, today's gray and gloomy skies could lead to more severe weather in the near future for some parts particularly in the way of severe winds or ice.
Also, Venus is now in her retrograde shadow but will transition to Aries this week giving us a rather active stellium in that sign (Mars, Venus, Uranus). After Mercury bounces off all the Cardinal planets (having already exercised his shadow and power while conjunct Pluto) and after Venus moves into Aries, we experience the pressure of our First Quarter Moon that perfects between the signs of Taurus and Aquarius.

Our First Quarter is a harshly fixed set up in which the wheels of evolution and change (Aquarius Sun) butts heads with resistance (Taurus Moon). This occurs at 15 degrees of our fixed signs putting the Moon in waxing trine to empowering Pluto in Capricorn. The Cow Moon not only has it's heels dug in but her head bowed while focusing purely on the push back.
At the very end of this, Jupiter stations retrograde and our “all planets direct” energy comes to a close. Due Mercury's heavy involvement in this week's sky and the fact that we will soon have a stellium in Aries (which includes the Moon on Tuesday and Wednesday) tells me that the pace will likely be quick throughout the course of this week. Much information will pour quickly in and the general populace will be tasked with integrating that as quickly as they can in an effort to respond effectively. I would like to pick a few “high test” days in an effort to prepare you to hit the ground running. But, in earnest, once the Moon hits Aries on Tuesday, the pace jump starts and doesn't really slow much from there...well...until the block wall that emerges at the First Quarter. To a degree it feels very much like a runaway train that suddenly smacks into a block wall. A sudden quick jolt out of the gate ends in a subsequent sudden stop. Keep that in mind as we try to keep up with this week.

Monday, January 30, 2017

This morning we wake up slowly as the Moon lingers in conjunction to Neptune at 6:18 AM. There's that potential of oversleeping, being affected by illness, emotionality or grog due this. Any preparation you completed last night to help you be ready will be greatly appreciated by this morning.

This dreamy, foggy state persists as the day moves forward. However, we do begin to grasp some traction and grounding by way of lunar sextile to Pluto at 7:28 PM and Mercury at 10:31 PM. Some may start to feel a little better. Most likely, though, this is a brief restorative interlude as the Moon does also conjunct Chiron (3:10 AM) and harshly square Saturn (7:11 AM) as we move into Tuesday.
I know that Monday's are traditionally a day for rebooting the work week. However, this Monday is less outwardly ambitious and best used toward recuperation efforts or self-care. Many folks are emotionally wrung out. Others are sick. In the midst of that we are facing down a week that is going to call for us to be attentive and on top of our “game.” Due that, if possible, use today to get yourself well positioned. If that means staying home to take care of or deal with yourself, then, do what you need to do. If you are out in the productive world, expect folks to be sensitive and emotional. Some may also be contagious. Boundary work becomes accentuated in an effort to maintain stability and focus. If you are in contact with folks, employ good personal hygiene by way of hand washing and keep your hydration levels high.

Grounding stones such as hematite, shard and jet are excellent help for maintaining boundary and offsetting some of the wateryness of this day. If you are home and healing, stones such as larimar, angelite and citrine are highly beneficial. Tiger's eye can help ground, protect and energize which makes it a good option for the day as well.
The main things to remember today are along the lines of slow, easy and patiently while stepping up efforts at boundary and hydration for best results. The pace will pick up from here. So while we may not be able to maintain a slow pace throughout, grounding, boundary and hydration remain at importance in an effort to be able to channel the incoming antsy electricity that is about to effect all matters of Mercury (thinking, communication, travel, etc).

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

This morning the Moon is leaving her conjunction with Chiron and headed straight toward the sobering harsh realities of Saturn in Sagittarius by square (7:11 AM). This can denote grumpiness or depression. However, it can also be used for increased boundary and grounding. Serving just the right amount of reality and truth we need to gain traction within this day. Now, I didn't say it was fun or that it felt good. Moon square Saturn rarely ever does. However, we can walk on it. The ground is steady but the feeling is rather cumbersome.
This dour affect persists through our morning hours. From here, the Moon waxes toward a conjunction with Venus still in Pisces (12:36 PM) and the Moon reaches Void status. This is the pause folks. This is the place to get your final footing. It may also cause a feeling of sinking ache that will need to be addressed prior to what we have on tap next.

The Moon remains Void until entering Aries at 4:47 PM. At that time, the general mood shifts significantly. The Moon's next stop is a conjunction with Mars (9:52 PM) that coincides with the perfection of Mercury in square to Uranus in Aries (10:32 PM). BOOM! The train bolts out at top speed and EVERYONE is certainly AWAKE. Expect a whole lot of angry folks who are spewing expletives in response for various reasons. Social networks will be a flurry of potentially volatile exchange. We may see some very extreme exchanges and folks may indeed take impulsive and seemingly rebellious action in response. It all seems to happen very, very quickly indeed and illustrates a huge shift in the energy we have had leading into this week.

Mercury in harsh aspect to Uranus is very catalyzing. It has a very sharp tongue and a quick sword. As it coincides with a lunar conjunction to Mars in Aries, the energy is also poised with violent inclination. The aspect is said to bear genius potential. However, there is a very thin line between genius and madness. By harsh aspect and this energy prefers to jump rope with that line rather than stand on one side or the other. I have no doubt it will be hard to manage this without building regret.
The main thing, in the words of my Aries grandfather who suffered both a Mars and Mercury to Uranus affliction, is not to get excited. Once you let this energy piss you off and cause you to react unconsciously or erratically, it's too late. Things spiral out too quickly to take anything back. However, if you can slow yourself down enough and are able to effectively handle/address your own hot head, you can stay in front of this catalytic energy instead of having your ass burned by it...basically.
Previous and continual efforts at grounding (are you tired of hearing that yet) and boundary really pay off here as well as the efforts you took to maintain proper hydration. If you overloaded yourself with chemical stimulants and sugars, you are surely going to feel the malefic effects of those now. So, veer away from those (as tempting as they may be) in the early part of this day for best results. Tiger's eye still works well here. But, for the Mercury/Uranus square, stones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, sapphire and emerald are going to help channel this erratic energy due their clear and cooling properties. And, veritable “cooling” (along with grounding) is going to be essential to meting this energy out at its highest vibration. Copper and silver jewelry also help with the conduction of this veritable electricity. Wooden pieces also help.

Know though that if you are able to harness this that does not mean everyone else will be willing or able to. There will be more than one metaphorical train pushing mindlessly ahead at full steam here. Watch for them while knowing the best thing to do in that instance is side step out of the way. On the low end, this is manic, unstable, erratic and potentially cruel. On the high end, it is self-persevering, inventive, pioneering, brave, focused AND deliberately calmed and cooled allowing the potential genius of the Mercury/Uranus square to make itself accessible. Even if you can tap into the higher end of this wave, it's likely to be teeth gritting. That's why they give you that little thing to bite on before they send literal electrical shocks through your system...cause your body wants to clench it's jaw. For real, focusing on releasing the tension in that jaw as a result helps. How you traverse this day is going to be dependent upon how well you handle your own anger and respond to potentially catalyzing information.
Sleep is likely going to be elusive tonight. Folks are pretty wound up for one reason or another. Be mindful. Think about what you are doing. Invoke pause. Don't allow something to infuriate you to the point that you do something erratic that you may eventually regret. There is nothing “stable” about this. Any stability has to be deliberately fostered by you. There is nothing pretty or easy about this day. But, it will likely “inspire” you to move in some way. Cattle prods and lightning bolts are fairly effective in that way.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Yesterday's angst follows us into today as the Aries Moon remains active and Mercury continues to receive shocks to his system by the way of his (now waning) square to Uranus. However, we start to be better able to wrangle the energy as the Moon moves into sextile with the Aquarius Sun at 3:51 PM. This is easier to manage energy that shows us how mindfulness does pay off. We bravely enact change here in an effort to forward our agenda rather than get startled into action like we potentially were last night. This is a smoother more aware forward motion that is worth holding yourself at bay.
It is, however, brave and forward moving. It is also inclusive and bears in mind humanitarian efforts that benefit the globe moreso than individualized concerns. This is where we are called to look beyond what is best for the individual and blend that in ways that benefit the whole of society. It's less loud and impulsive but still focused on birthing positive change. It also reminds us that there is power in numbers and in collective movements. A group of motivated individuals chasing down a definite cause can make much more headway than one person alone. We will surely see that here.
There was likely some that took to the streets yesterday. By today, those folks are more highly organized, locked arms and pushing forward in regard to the agenda they have chosen to support. If this happens, remain wary and alert while keeping safety initiatives at the forefront. There will be push back.
By 9:30 PM, Mercury is sextile Chiron. The tone may turn emotional and triggers may be tripped. We openly acknowledge the ache of the collective pain and are directed to assess our own possibly elusive biases connected with the situation. Pleas for peace and accommodation are likely heard. Unfortunately, this cry is likely met with force instead of compassion.
At midnight our Moon squares off with Pluto. The “powers that be” Capricorn takes a hardline stance in response to what is going on and attempts to manipulate the agenda by force. This can be dangerous. However, it can also imbue the individual with the fortitude, bravery, tenacity and focus he/she needs to hold their ground.
This feels like a very severe and potentially terrifyingly quiet dull gong. Almost as if the air is sucked out of the room for a bit in response to the forcefulness. If you've ever experienced back draft in terms of fire, then you know exactly what is happening here. A veritable explosion is forthcoming as all this continues to snowball from here. Before the Sun rises in the morning, the Moon is explosively conjunct Uranus in Aries (5:30 AM). This lights up the waxing Cardinal t-square that involves Mercury in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra that will shuttle into our Thursday quite powerfully. The Moon (the collective/individual emotional body) is thrown right in the middle of it. Yeah. That crazy train is moving forward at full capacity by now. Buckle your seat belts.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sleep was likely once again an elusive entity overnight. I want to say we hit the ground running but I don't know that our feet ever left the ground to start with. We are definitely awake. Many are likely nervous and anxious due to both the Moon's involvement with Uranus this morning and Mercury's ongoing interaction with the Lightning God overlaying that. Today, we are going to blow all that up (expand it and put it under the spotlight) with Jupiter thrown in the mix.
By 8:53 AM, the Moon is officially square Mercury. The angst of the past few days and the lack of sleep could lead to headaches and a frazzled emotional system. This could also denote interaction with authority (Capricorn) as a result of our Aries initiatives. Meanwhile, Mercury moves into square with Jupiter 10:16 AM as the Moon holds at opposition to the same (9:01 AM).

What's important to remember about this is that Jupiter is stationing to turn retrograde. That means that his energy is vibrating very astutely right now. He is an even bigger factor than he typically is, in other words. Emotions have a chance to become severely overblown. Verbal statements and Mercurian matters blossom in over-reach and are likely sensationalized. Factions such as the press, legal entities and policing factions are highly in play.
We are also going to want to deliberately employ the higher functions of Jupiter in Libra. These are justice, truth, equality, law, order, open discussion/debate, inclusiveness, logic, reason, generosity and humility. Know that Jupiter's shadow is going to be strongly in play here too. This includes selfishness, over accommodation, “prettying up or masking of” the truth, procrastination, overly passive-aggressiveness, false plays at making nice and overly gregarious and exploitative acts. It will be easy to tell the difference. One will be very loud but lack substance. The other will be quieter, more gentle and more inclusive.
The outlet for this t-square falls in Cancer. Right on Vesta. Begging us to bring homage to the concept of Cancer and to put on display her highest function. Care. Gentle enduring strength. Emotional fortitude. And, also, the fiercely protective and brave nature of Mother. The lioness protecting her cub. Your ability to consciously direct and work with your emotions becomes a veritable super power here.
Thankfully, there is opportunity to bring a bit of order and common direction to what is happening within our emotional systems by way of a trine from the Moon to Saturn in Sagittarius (11:51 AM). This trine is still active and forward moving but much more stable and has an assured direction.
From here, the Moon is Void. If you look at the time frame here, you'll see this all happens VERY quickly. As in...before noon, even.

The Moon remains Void (and many will breathe a sigh of relief due that) until she enters Taurus at 8:51 PM. Things do settle for a bit overnight. Monopolize upon this little pause and try to regain your footing, calm down, get some rest and regroup.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Today is likely the day that all runaway crazy trains hit a brick wall...that is...if it hasn't happened already. That is, of course, a metaphor. What is more likely is that any kind of runaway agenda is met with a bunch of steadfast cows that simply say rather sternly, “No.”
I don't know. Ever tried to get a Cow to budge when it didn't want to? Yeah. It's a lot like that.
This morning we wake up to the Taurus Moon seemingly much more subdued than previous days. Seemingly. In other words, there may not be a lot of external movement going on. But, I assure you strength is being expended by way of steadfastness.
Venus, the ruler of our current Moon, also moves into Aries at 10:52 AM. AHA! So, THAT'S how you get a cow to move. You dangle incentive in front of them. A cow wants what a cow wants and in this case it begins to move toward it. Perhaps we find that luscious bed of clover, fill our bellies and lay down for a brief nap as the Moon waxes into sextile with Neptune at 3:10 PM. Just as we get comfortable (and complacent)...thunder starts rolling on the horizon. There is a push coming for us that threatens to drive us from this newly found “comfort zone.”

Honestly, this makes me laugh a little...thinking of the metaphoric illustration of this. But, it's really not (and isn't going to feel) very funny. That thunder takes the form of a drum call that says “CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE!” by way of our First Quarter Moon that perfects at 11:19 PM. What's kind of funny about it is, in response, the cows stand up and say only one word, “No.” The push to change keeps coming. But, the Moon digs in her heels by way of a trine to Pluto in Capricorn (3:39 AM) and pushes back very powerfully and very steadily. “No. No. No.” The Moon refuses to budge. Heels are dug in. Change is resisted. Personal values are used as footholds. Our crazy train crashes to a halt. The wheels of forward motion meet with immobility and a very strong and powerful resistance. There is only one energy that I know of that can out stubborn a Taurus and that is Scorpio. However, the ruler of Scorpio (Pluto) and the Taurus Moon are on the same side luck changing anyone's mind about the stance they are taking now. It's going to be personal. It's going to feel like a “No compromise” and folks will dig in their heels and push back accordingly. It's best to choose your own position and hold your ground instead of trying to push anyone else off their path right now.

The Sabian Symbols for this hardline First Quarter Moon read as follows:

For the Sun at 16 Aquarius: A business manager at his desk studies a complex project. This symbol calls for focus, thinking and concentration. All of which are really hard to do when the emotional body is in flux. In that, dealing with our emotional bodies is the first task we must address. Once we have a deeper understanding of how we feel and why, we can then invoke the logical brain toward problem solving. We need to be in command here. Consciously steering from the helm in order to manage the situation. This symbol also reminds me of the 8 of Coins. We have experience that we have previously built to get us to our current plateau. It's now time to take that experience and acquired wisdom and stretch it into new ventures while leaving ourselves open to learning and experiencing more.
By the way, this is also the Symbol for the Moon during the Full Moon Eclipse on 8/7/17.

For the Moon at 16 Taurus: Old man tries hard to impart hidden truths to a crowd. Wisdom wants to be heard. Some want to take the “sting” out of what is happening and bring some common sense to it. But, few will want to hear that. Calm and cool have no place when folks are feeding off adrenaline and have their heels dug in. Our metaphorical words of wisdom coming from age and experience (as well as a place of common sense) could very well fall on deaf ears. Our old man could feel as if he is casting pearls before swine or talking underwater. But, the wise are the ones who listen and keep pounding the drum of truth even when they may feel as if no one is really listening.

Saturday. February 4, 2017

Today the resolve in resistance is still in force. Chinks in the armor and vulnerabilities are exposed as the Moon sextiles Chiron in Pisces at 11:06 PM. Our soft underbellies are poked at as we attempt to push back. Shore up any soft spots with protection while allowing yourself to maintain a compassionate outlook that recognizes, acknowledges and works with (instead of denies) perceived weaker spots.
By 5:42 PM, our Moon is trine Mercury in Capricorn. We are talking, at least. But, if the speech is not practical, doesn't adhere to the issues at hand and only tries to push folks around the push back becomes more fierce. At it's highest, though, these discussions can bring folks together in an effort to find common sense (HOLY SHIT WOULDN'T THAT BE NICE??) answers to the table.
In other words, what you have to say had better be practical, had better be responsible and had better include some sort of plan for realistically addressing the issues at hand or just. Shut. Up. Because, the cows don't care, man.

Following the trine with Mercury the Moon is Void until entering Gemini at 11:45 PM. Thankfully we will meet with a little more flexibility. However, it will be an ongoing struggle under that Moon to get to the truth. Everyone is going to have an opinion. Some of those opinions are going to be based in truth while others are going to be based in naïve and possibly ill informed opinion. Either way, everyone is going to be talking about how they feel about it for better or worse. Hold on to what you KNOW to be true. What you witnessed with your own two eyes. What you heard with your own two ears. Because, under the Gemini Moon, your (everyone's) sense of reality is likely to be challenged.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Overnight, the Moon gently danced with Venus in Aries (1:52 AM) helping us to get limbered up for today as we move from that locked in point of stasis we found ourselves in under the Taurus Moon. By 10:16 AM, the Gemini Moon is in sextile with Mars in Aries and folks are mobile. Things, for a bit, seem to clear up. Folks are moving around and handling the chores on their agenda.

However, by 5:54 PM that forward motion meets with the chance of hydroplane as the Moon squares off with Neptune. The tides rise. The weather dampens and what was so real and factual not too long ago is now skewed. This is where your personal “reality” begins to be tested. You might hear, “No, you didn't see what you saw. That's not how it happened.” Various opinions of the emotional nature begin to leak out. Black and white is blurred by nuance. Questions are asked. Confusion enters the room like a gaseous fog and folks become more and more sensitive and disoriented as the day moves forward....
just in time for Jupiter to say...”Hey, wait a minute...let's go back and take a look at the FACTS of what really happened.” He officially stations retrograde at 1:36 AM tonight which will feed into tomorrows veritable windstorm of information exchange as the Gemini Moon meets the Aquarius Sun by trine at 5:40 AM.

Today's brief influx of water gets blown away tomorrow as the winds duly pick up and sustain momentum until the Moon finally stands off with the ultimate truth by way of an opposition with Saturn tomorrow evening at 5:54 PM. Flexibility remains key throughout as well as being able to intelligently put how you feel about the issues at hand into words. Listen to alternative perspectives (as if you'll have a choice) but don't let anyone convince you that you didn't see what you saw or heard what you heard. The truth is the truth regardless of how someone wants to spin it. That will prove itself soon enough.