Morning Star: Astrology for the week of December 26, 2016 to January 1, 2017

Monday, December 26, 2017

The Moon entered Sagittarius last night at 10:20 PM. This morning (9:18 AM), we find her squaring Mars in Pisces. This can manifest confused motivation or demotivation. Either way, it is not conducive of direct forward motion. Mars is in PISCES. Ok? So, this is not the Mars we know. How do you move (Mars) in the ocean (Pisces)? You float or swim. You do not run. You have to surrender to the currents and tides. Sometimes skitter sideways or do nothing at all. It will behoove you to remember you cannot fist fight Neptune. The more you struggle here the more quickly you will sink to the bottom. If our traveler Sagittarius Moon wants to get anywhere, she will remember and be mindful of the territory she is traversing right now. At the very least, this can kick off ambiguity in regard to what we need to be doing or feel like doing. Release and go with the flow.

Overlaying the entirety of this day, we have the building energy of Jupiter waxing into opposition with Uranus who is quivering in station preparing to turn direct in just a few days. What that means is Uranian energy is extra twitchy. Not only might we have demotivation and ambiguity to deal with, we may also have anxiety and just the mere sense of off the hook craziness that accompanies this waxing opposition that perfects at 1:31 PM. And, I have no better word to describe this set up than crazy. Like potential loose cannon crazy. Ok? Even better reason to kind of hold yourself at bay for now, just to see how this plays out.
There is potential for positive manifestation of this. But, remember the energy is all around you not just coming to you. So, expect some bolts to fly out of metaphorical (or literal) machinery. Thankfully both Uranus and Jupiter are still amicably within orb of Saturn. Grounding is accessible and highly suggested. As well as a sense of purpose and priority. Remember where it is you are trying to go even if you might not have a direct line of actually getting there right now. Still, hold that sense of “true north” in front of you as a reminder.

Of course, all the regular cautions apply in regard to the potential anxiety associated with Uranus. Many will feel itchy/twitchy enough without adding more stimulation or amped up chemicals in their body. Maintain a clear circuit. Drink plenty of water. Engage Saturn by way of boundary...likened to a Teflon coating allowing things to roll off your back instead of trying to hold them on your shoulders. You can move physically to offset some of the twitchiness. Dancing or some other type of fluid-like movement is recommended. Set your motivation to music (Mars in Pisces).
What we are being called to do is balance out the “rebel against all things” energy of Uranus in Aries with the more subtle and less direct movements of Jupiter in Libra. We have this “sudden knee jerk energy” countered with an ability to discern the “others point of view” and assess things like impact and collateral damage. We may see how waging a violent rebellion is not helping. We may be reminded that what we need to do is pull together instead of continually allowing ourselves to be fractured. We may learn the value of passivity and just being nice. We may learn that we can be our independent and unique selves (Uranus in Aries) and still surround ourselves with folks who lift us up and bring joy to our lives (Jupiter in Libra). You can maintain your sense of identity and still be appreciated and enjoy others. Yes. I promise you can.
But, yeah, overall it looks like a pretty wild ride when Jupiter and Uranus are facing off. Be careful out there. Many will be hyper aware of their surroundings today.
Unfortunately, what we end up with following the perfection of this big and important opposition is a lunar square to Neptune (5:42 PM) followed by Mercury Rx perfecting in 2nd sextile to the same (11:49 PM). Now. This looks rather emotional and potentially confusing. We have the opportunity to both be fed a bunch of lies or discover some that folks delivered to us at the 1st pass of Mercury/Neptune. There is a potential for washout however you look at it. Easy does it now. We are very, very sensitive and probably anxious and maybe even in shock. Take some alone time. Ground. Turn off the noise. Deal with your emotions and look for fact more than you play with fiction.
Later tonight and leading into tomorrow, the Sun in Capricorn finds Mars in Pisces by sextile. Plans can be made here. Ideas for addressing things. But, we realize we might have to be a little sideways or indirect about it. We know what must be done. But, we are going to have to do it “under the veil” to a degree.

Overall, this is definitely a Monday (and a half!). Things have potential to get more than a little crazy and unpredictable. That is going to take a toll on the emotional body. Tread carefully. Keep boundaries tight and radar up while realizing the shortest distance between two points IS a straight line but we are not exactly moving in a linear fashion right now. Engage “spotting” your target when you feel like you are spinning in circles to avoid needless dizziness. Realize there are tides and undercurrents to contend with...resisting or trying to fight that is just going to drain and frazzle you even more.
I feel as if we are able to get through this day without some type of explosion or something crazy happening with electrical and/or water systems; then, we've just witnessed some sort of miracle. Please be careful and aware out there while maintaining clear boundary and purpose. My suggestion is not to mirror the ugly you may perceive in the world but to counter that ugly with something that is more a true expression of yourself and one that promotes peace and togetherness moreso than violence and lashing out. I'm not saying that is going to be easy. There may be things that poke at you and try to get you to react violently or angrily. Don't let that control you. You control you. With that, we want to build a brighter future (Saturn in Sagittarius) not compound ourselves with future regrets.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This morning the water begins to dry up a bit. The Sun holds in sextile to Mars in Pisces. So, there is a little dampness there that calls for subtlety and grace. But by 3:32 PM the Moon is locked into a fire trine with Uranus while also in sextile to Jupiter. This is a “wildfire” set up. Yet, with the Moon also moving toward Saturn (conjunction at 4:12 PM) we need to work to keep this at a controlled burn. The ultimate truth bears the keys that can set you free. However, when it swings it's sword to cut away the chains it might hurt or the truth may be hard to deal with in the first place.

That fact is accentuated by the Moon also squaring Chiron just a few minutes after bumping into Saturn. Before you do anything, let that truth settle in. Notice what painful dust it stirs up and acknowledge/deal with that proactively. Echoes of the past are entirely possible here and these may not be welcomed memories. Remember, you are not there anymore. Maintain a sense of the present.
By 8:46 PM we are inclined to circle our friends about us in support as the Moon sextiles Venus in Aquarius. This brings more wind to the wildfire though so be sure to tend that carefully. Following this sextile, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 10:13 AM tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Sagittarius. She re-awakens in Capricorn at 10:13 AM. She is very slim now...almost completely dark as she continues releasing and detoxing up until the New Moon late tonight (1:55 AM).

After the Moon slips into Capricorn, Mercury finds the Sun via conjunction at 1:48 PM shortly preceding Saturn's official square to Chiron in Pisces at 5:55 PM. The Saturn/Chiron square perfects at 21 Mutable 01. The Sun/Mercury conjunction occurs at 7 Capricorn 14. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun/Mercury RX (and eventually, the Moon) conjunction reads as follows (From Dane Rudyar's “Wheel of Significance”):
In a big living room flooded with sunlight canaries sing. The happiness that radiates from an integrated personality. Firm self-establishment in social comfort or respectability.

The Sabian for the Sun/Mercury/Moon conjunction reads rather optimistically. It feels warm and when you consider sunlight and canaries you can't really help but to think of yellow and brightness...all indicators of joy. With Mercury Rx, this surely comes from inside us. A self-fostered sort of comfort within oneself that radiates outward bringing warmth to our surroundings with it.
Believe it or not, Saturn is here to help us with his harsh square to Chiron. What he is doing is bringing boundary, awareness and stability to our more deeply invasive pains. Fostering and radiating joy and comfort within oneself for the mere sake of it IS an effective coping mechanism (as well as owning/acknowledging these elusive pains/illnesses to begin with) and that's exactly what Saturn wants us to do. Sagittarius is a Jupiter sign that does equate to joy, generosity and warmth at his highest vibration. While Saturn lingers in Sagittarius suppressing and disciplining the sign of Jupiter, we have to learn to create these feelings ourselves. Sometimes, in order to do this, we must take ourselves to a quiet place out of earshot of the rest of the world. Create boundary so we can hear our hearts speak truth to us once more without outside interference. Know this is not a bursting forth of joy that has us running around the room. It's a quiet warmth. A comfortable inner glow. A humble joy.

Most typically, a Sun/Mercury conjunction signals a time of a busy mind, rapid communication, possible mental over-stimulation. But, if we take Mercury's retrograde cue here, we can envelop ourselves in silence in an effort to offset the spinning brain. Bring stillness to the chatter and take just a moment to delve deeply inward. Meditation, of course, works well here. As well as just sitting quietly with the TV, radio and electronics silenced. Seek not more information at this time. Instead, seek inner peace and quiet solace. Emotion follows thought here. The Moon officially finds Mercury by conjunction at 11:47 PM.
If you can manage to find that quiet peaceful space inside of you, it's only going to help you later as Mercury Rx next finds Mars in Pisces by sextile just after midnight. With a quiet and peaceful mind (Mercury) you can easily roll over into dreamland (Mars in Pisces). With a busy and worried mind you can toss and turn all night. Too many distractions and we could become accident prone or start acting out or trying to numb our pain instead of acknowledging it. Controlling and directing one's own thoughts is a chore for Mercury Rx in Capricorn. You have full license to berate yourself with worry or to throw a big leash on that brain and tell it where it needs to go.

Finally, at 1:55 AM, our New Moon in Capricorn blossoms at 7 Capricorn 59 depicting the same Sabian Symbol as the earlier Sun/Mercury conjunction and, perhaps, even illustrating this need for self-fostered joy, well boundaried and responsible relationship with our pain and a self-directed brain/perspective/inner language as an activity not only for today but ripe for future intent as well. Who knows what is true or what is the best perspective anymore. It is now our jobs to declare our own truth and choose our own perspectives instead of being slain by the constant barrage of potential fabrications coming from the outside world. Inside of your heart, you know what is real, what is important and what is true. Quit allowing yourself to be distracted by the latest trending story that may tell you otherwise.
Overnight, Uranus stations direct at 2:36 AM. It's time to move forward with this intrinsically fostered awareness and personal wisdom.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

This morning the Moon lingers in Capricorn in a leisurely sextile with Neptune in Pisces. This is soft and a bit subdued. But, the fog deepens and darkens as the day moves forward the Moon finds Pluto in Capricorn via conjunction at 7:13 PM. Softer feelings have opportunity to deepen and swirl here. Emotional manipulations and acts of control creep out of our closets. Stare the demons down and dissipate them with light...oh, it was just your sweater hanging over the chair and not a real demon.
As the night progresses, the Moon squares off with Uranus newly direct at 2:21 AM. This can catalyze anxiety and nervousness or bring us just the right kind of illumination at just the right time.
Whatever Moon/Pluto and Moon/Uranus brings to us, it grows under a lunar square to Jupiter at 3:08 AM which is quickly followed by a lunar sextile to Chiron in Pisces at 3:18 AM that ushers our Capricorn Moon into Void status. She will remain Void until entering Aquarius at 8:30 PM on Friday night. A loooong Void of Course Moon gifts us with another opportunity at quiet contemplation. Don't forget your inward fostered joy and peace intentions from yesterday. Continue to employ those exercises which help us to develop such.

Friday, December 30, 2016

This morning, the Moon remains Void as the Sun waxes into a softening sextile with Neptune at 6:25 PM. The boss is tired. It's time to prop up our feet and perhaps have a nice relaxing sip of wine to help us unwind. Loosen your tie. Unbuckle your shoes and relax.
The Moon re-awakens in Aquarius at 8:30 PM.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

The sky is fairly quiet on this New Year's Eve. There are no major lunar aspects but only a pure hopeful Aquarian Moon to guide us through our day. Light. Airy. Free and surrounded by friends. These are the cravings du jour.
Our early morning hours are colored by a sneaky inconjunct from Jupiter in Libra to Chiron in Pisces. So, there may be some inner stirrings to contend with. But, for the most part, it is a quiet day.
I would say it is mostly arid with a pure Aquarius Moon. However, we do have a waxing conjunction from Mars to Neptune in Pisces to contend with as well. This perfects overnight at 1:53 AM encouraging us to stop. Sleep. Dream. Float.

Yet, the movement does irk Father Neptune. There may be nightmares to contend with wrapped up in this night. Drunken brawls are also a high possibility. I've a feeling that small gatherings of true and trusted friends are best on this night. That way things have less of a chance to become volatile or spin out of control. We could see some trouble with matters of water, gas (as in home heating systems) and general confused motivation and lethargy.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! New Day! New Month! If you are reading this on this day, pat yourself on the back for you have officially survived 2016. Grab your lighter and burn that calendar year to ash. We have a fresh new page to scrawl upon.

This morning the Moon remains in Aquarius and is uplifted by a sextile to her current ruler Uranus in Aries. We are slow to wake up most likely due last night's Mars/Neptune conjunction. Mars remains tight to the Sea God throughout the rest of the day. However the arid nature of Uranus offers us an opportunity to lighten up and dry out a bit. This is exacerbated by a warming air trine from the Moon to Jupiter in Libra at 12:39 PM. Then, stabilized by way of a lunar sextile to Saturn at 1:05 PM.
The rest of the day, this stable, airy and potentially very joy-filled optimistic Moon works toward a conjunction to Venus in Aquarius at 3:00 AM.
This is much lighter than most of our previous week. Folks want to be hopeful and optimistic about the brand New Year knocking on our door. Put to practice your deliberately fostered and self-made joy. Allow yourself to be hopeful. If you can do that, you will sail lightly through this day. The energy is also ripe for making wishes.

Welcome to 2017!