Morning Star: Astrology for the week of December 12 to December 18, 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016

As the Moon was Void in Taurus last night, the Sun was quite busy. Of course, we would have felt him waxing toward Uranus via trine for most of well as felt him waxing into square with Chiron. These aspects perfected at 1:56 AM EST and 2:58 AM EST respectively. Both Uranus and Chiron reside at 20 degrees of their signs (Aries and Pisces). The highest call of this aspect pattern is awareness. With Sun trine Uranus...especially happening in the signs of Sagittarius and Aries, we may yearn for more freedom or more independence. Any hindrances to that become intolerable and we become quite prone to rebel against restrictions. However, that sneaky and uncomfortable square between the Sun and Chiron, pushes it's way through to show us, “Hey, THIS is where you are blocking yourself. This is where you are holding yourself back. THIS is something you need to be aware of because you keep stubbing your toe on it.” And “This” varies from person to person perhaps including things we don't even want to admit to ourselves. Or, may remind us of painful events from our past (that we've tried to forget or deny) whose after effects still infect how we operate today. In other words, in our quest for more personal freedom and within our efforts at pure self-expression, we discover a few pitfalls or blocks that may be hard to rectify with ourselves but the awareness of which (once accepted and self-forgiven) can truly operate to HELP us wriggle free.
Given that the Moon is Void as these aspects officially perfect, we are given a bit of an emotional break in an effort to attempt to logically look at this stuff outside of overblown emotional interaction (even though the things it may poke at give rise to emotional states in our past and show us how that may need to be dealt with more effectively). Then, as the Moon clicks over into Gemini (7:42 AM), we may try to put some of the stuff this dredged up into words or be prone to talk it over in an effort to make more sense of it.

This is all going to play into our Full in Moon in Gemini on Tuesday night. We are given opportunity to release and/or bring these Chironic issues into stronger awareness since that lunar event does come within orb of both Chiron (by square) and Uranus (by sextile). The trickiness with that is due the fact that we also have a Cardinal T-square overlaying all the sextiles and trines in Fire and Air. This t-square is held by Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn finding outlet guessed it...Cancer. Meaning, an awareness of your emotional body (Cancer) is going to be punctuated here. How well you can handle your emotions? The level of your emotional intelligence, the effectiveness of your coping mechanisms and your ability to nurture and care for yourself in regard to what you need all comes strongly into play.
The Moon reactivates in Gemini at 7:42 AM this morning. She makes a lovely air trine with Venus at 5:23 PM. This is light and comfortable...though perhaps a bit chilly since Venus in Aquarius loves snow and ice..and wind chill. She's weird like that; but, referred to as “The Ice Queen” for good reason. There is beauty in the crystalline. This aspect helps us become more comfortable in what it is that makes us unique.

Later tonight, though, emotionality and wetness become factors as the Gemini Moon squares off with Neptune. With the trine from Venus, we may have deliberately set ourselves apart from the crowd and now feel lonely or isolated. The mush of Neptune reminds us...we are more alike than we are different my friend. It can also give rise to emotional confusion in a way that is kind of likened to vertigo. Things were so clear and crystalline earlier and now...watershed. What the?
Or, it could be that we spent the day chatting it up with friends and what have you and by the time this square waxes in, we've had enough. We are tired. All talked out and ready to just dissolve into the ethers of sleep and dream.

<video of emoto's water experiment>

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

As the Moon moves away from her square with Neptune this morning, she begins waxing into an uplifting trine with Jupiter in Libra. We are once again chatty and inclined to touch base with trusted friends. Many are curious and most are prone to politeness. This trine perfects at 1:25 PM and is great for random acts of kindness which pay off for you too as they work to lift your spirits. Friendliness and niceties are exchanged like breaths of fresh air.

However, it also coincides with a lunar opposition to Saturn at 2:04 PM which reminds us we still have lots of work ahead. There are still plenty of dark spaces that need to be rectified even under the brightness of Moon/Jupiter. Yet, we are actively working on it.
By 4:18 PM, the Moon is sextile progressive and rebellious Uranus while also squaring Chiron (4:26 PM). Those aspects are waning but still quite strongly in force as our Full Moon in Gemini culminates at 7:06 PM at 22 Sagittarius/Gemini 26.

The Sabian Symbols for this Lunar Event read as follows:

THE SUN AT 23 SAGITTARIUS: In New York, Ellis Island welcomes the immigrants. New openings that come to all who are willing to risk self for the sake of greater selfhood. Reorientation. Presumption.

THE MOON AT 23 GEMINI: Three fledglings look out proudly from their high nest. Conscious self-establishment in the soul and its threefold nature. Innate self-confidence. Superiority of real being.

Just after midnight, our Gemini Moon meets Mars in Aquarius by whipping air trine. Sleep may be an elusive thing tonight due this (and the mere fact of the Moon's fullness). There is plenty to think about and plenty out there stirring in the collective emotive body. Following this trine, the Moon is Void until entering Cancer at 7:09 AM.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Moon wakes up in Cancer this morning. This is where the tides begin to rise. This is not what I would call a comfortable Cancer Moon phase. Which makes it even more imperative to be astutely aware of how to handle your own emotionality and your ability to cope in more high emotional circumstances. This Moon will be at odds with most of our sky.

Today, though, is spent mostly in watery landscape colored by a waxing trine from the Moon to Neptune in Pisces which perfects at 10:18 PM. We are prone to retreat. Quiet. Escape. Rest.
I suggest you go full lean into all that. For tomorrow the emotional system is pulled tightly as we try to rectify all that we find ourselves at odds with. You are going to want to be well rested in preparation for that.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

And, so, the friction begins this morning as the Moon stands off with Mercury in Capricorn (also in shadow) at 5:25 AM. Many will be prone to contemplating smashing their alarm clocks this morning. Fine by me. I hate alarm clocks. But, yeah, we'd rather reside in our comfy abodes than be drawn by Saturn to engage in the world at large. Yet we realize we have responsibilities that we must meet. Doesn't mean we are going to like it. But, big Momma Moon takes issue this morning with the barking voice of responsibility and authority. In a literal sense, this can create conflict between matters of home and work. Disputes between Mom and Dad and a need to bring more balance to the whole work/home life dynamic.
Yet, the conflict here exacerbates as the Moon also meets Pluto by opposition at 9:38 AM. Here, threats are possible. Emotional control and/or manipulation efforts come into play. Fear is used as a control tactic and it's not like you are not aware of what is happening. Remember, the only thing truly under your control is you and no one can really make you feel anything unless you voluntarily give them the license to do so. Be aware of someone using your fears against you and use this opportunity to stare down those fears and do what you need to do anyway.

Emotional states are exacerbated and enlarged as the Moon squares Jupiter at 2:08 PM. Do a perspective check. Is this thing really as big as it feels right now? Wherever you are emotionally grows and expands exponentially. So, yes, there is room for euphoria here. But, we are still under Pluto's influence so there is also room for paranoia and fear to blossom. The best use of this energy has us pulling ourselves up and out of the doldrums by reaching out with kindness to our fellow persons. Being nice when you don't feel like being nice. Being generous when you may feel as if you cannot afford to be generous. When you engage in such that IS an act of bravery in and of itself and THAT TOO has potential to spread like an exacerbated contagion just as much as any darker set of emotions.
By 4:37 PM the Moon is agitated by a square to rowdy and rambunctious Uranus in Aries. At it's lowest this is high anxiety and a feeling of twitchiness. At it's highest it is the birth of emotional freedom. Meaning, you choose how you feel and no longer allow that to be dictated to you. You detach from the rhetoric of the world and decide on your own what needs your attention and what does not while telling the rest to find it's way to the door.
To offset the potential at anxiety, remember to reduce your intake of stimulants (by way of your mouth or your eyes). Drink plenty of water. Remain well grounded and know when and where you may need to declare a personal time out. Avoid impulsiveness and instead learn to breathe through the adrenaline rush and rise above the catalyzation toward action so you can effectively respond to emotionally poking or surprising events instead of just react to them.

It's a quite trying and potentially argumentative day. With Mercury in shadow, some of the things we are dealing with both collectively and individually will likely be revisited. So, even though you may think you are making a final decision about something...chances are you will be called back to this table to look over the details a few more times before it is officially “stick a fork in it” done.
The key is to remain grounded and “unfuckwithable” (meaning beholden to a strong emotional fortress or boundary). So, whatever you need to do to achieve it.
Quickly after the square with Uranus, the Moon trines Chiron in Pisces (4:51 PM) encouraging us to acknowledge elusive Chironic issues and lean into effective coping mechanisms which, in this instance, could most definitely include self-isolation or withdraw. Following this aspect, the Moon is Void until entering Leo in the morning. It's a good time to retreat into your shell and indulge in space carved out for personal healing efforts. We've the rest of the evening to metaphorically lick our wounds.

Friday, December 16, 2016

After last night's personal retreat, we feel more rested this morning. It was a wicked backlash kind of Thursday. Over now.

We have a day of a pure Leo Moon which encourages us to dip into what Leo loves best. Joy. Gently. Humbly. Shared. A small spark of warmth under an icy cold sky.
We may reminisce about warmer more youthful days. We may incorporate something from that childhood into our current holiday. That feeling. That warm glow of innocence. No one gave it to you. It originally came from you. Find it. Bring it out to play today.
Joy. How do you do that? Do you remember? It's the best gift.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Overnight, the Moon opposed Venus in Aquarius at 3:23 AM. Now we find her twirling her way into a sextile with Jupiter in Libra (5:51 PM) followed quickly by a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius (6:24 PM). This is buoyant but also stable and comes with the feeling of a more mature, more solid sense of deliberately fostered joy. Some may use this to put a personalized touch on their heartfelt gifts to friends and family. Some may use it to sign and send their holiday cards. It's enjoyable and warm regardless of how you look at it. The seeds of joy we planted yesterday are growing and multiplying. We light hopeful candles...

Then, our infectious feelings of joy spread as the Moon in Leo dances with saucy Uranus in Aries at 7:57 PM.
This is a good day. A whirlwind of warmth in the midst of an icy cold season. A soft glow surrounds us. Let it in. However, that looks for you. Encircle the hearth.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The glow we fell asleep with continues to burn this morning as we up under a warm fire trine between the Moon in Leo and Sun in Sagittarius (7:27 AM). Good cheer continues.
At 11:56 AM the Moon comes into opposition with Mars in Aquarius causing a bit of friction and ambiguity. We may find ourselves set apart or at odds with a particular group. Feeling as if we don't fit in or don't align with the group's agenda. Remain true to yourself while accepting others as they stand...walking away if you need to.

Know that such friction can work to spoil what was otherwise an amicable gathering...if you allow it.
Following this opposition, the Moon is briefly void until entering Virgo at 12:52 PM. The inner Hermit emerges and the gatherings begin to dwindle. We retreat to our cottages ready for a bit of reprieve.
Tomorrow is a new day in many ways. Mars' time in Aquarius is finishing. He enters Pisces at 4:23 AM Monday morning. Meanwhile, Mercury stations retrograde at 5:49 AM. Call it an early night tonight. But, only after you have shuffled things about so that your morning routine goes off without a hitch. Mercury Rx will be working against you in the AM. So, make sure you do what you can tonight to be efficiently and all Virgo prepared while allowing yourself more time than you may typically require to get where you need to go tomorrow morning. With Mercury acting all crazy and the Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune as the Sun rises, there's bound to be something...