Morning Star: Daily Astrology for the Week of November 14 to November 20, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

This morning, we wake up the Full Moon in Taurus officially perfecting at 8:53 AM. Following this opposition, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini at 8:24 PM. So, the * POP * occurs; then, the echoes of that reverberate through the day. I think the perfection of the Full Moon will bring some relief. Last week was fairly wild. And, that wildness seems to be ongoing as the Moon kept growing and growing, finally resulting in the Super Full Moon we saw rising last night. Now, essentially what a Super Full Moon means is that the Moon is positioned at it's closest point to the Earth in it's orbit called perigee. The term “Super Moon” was coined by an Astrologer not an Astronomer.

It does seem as if every time we turned around this year there was one BIG IMPORTANT LUNAR EVENT after another. To the point of exhaustion almost. Of course, I follow the Moon and think that all her movements are significant. However, this particular full moon IS very close to Earth. If the sky is clear Luna will be beaming quite brightly. It will likely be a beautiful sight to see; but, not so conducive of also being able to see the Leonid meteor shower...which is quite unfortunate. But, yet, there is still plenty sparkling in the sky to see. The meteor shower peaks on the 17th as the Moon is waning. So, there may still be chance to see or wish upon a shooting star or two as the week moves forward. I merely think that aside from looking at our ephemeris and charts, that it is important to also go outside and actually LOOK at the sky. I think it's pretty amazing not to mention grounding and humbling. Laying in my own yard as a youngster is what kick started my love of Astrology and Astronomy (yes, you can love and respect them both). At any rate, real time observation is just as important as speculation, in my opinion. It only deepens your connection to what is happening all around you. We need to take time to acknowledge our connectedness to the Universe particularly in times that feel so divisive.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon read as follows:

THE SUN AT 23 SCORPIO: Placid white rabbit metamorphoses into a dancing elf. Revelation of unexpected vital urges latent in all beings. Great creative potentialities. Capacity for self-maintenance.

THE MOON AT 23 TAURUS: A jewelry shop filled with the most magnificent jewels. Abundance of permanent spiritual values; or social display of traditional racial achievements. Profusion of inner gifts.

To me, it feels kind of crazy to consider that we only have one more Full Moon in the calendar year 2016. But, it's true. The last one comes on December 13th, the Full Moon in Gemini. The Full Moon in Cancer occurs in January of 2017.
This Full Moon creates a Fixed t-square with Pallas in Aquarius. The t-square, of course, finds outlet in Leo. What it offers is a chance at release, grounding and assessment of priority and value. It also offers us a chance to assess the current groups and circles of friends we are associated with to discern if all still aligns with our core agenda and values due the t-square with Pallas.
Pallas in Aquarius is HIGHLY intelligent. Both, the asteroid and the sign, are known for higher minded abilities. Yet, this is not really a huggy lovey thing. It is very clear. Quite detached. Yet, does collaborate with like-minded folks in groups and alliances making this a wonderful opportunity to assess your connections in that regard. Are you able to be you (Leo) in these groups and still find acceptance? Does the mindset of the group or the agenda of the collection of folks still align with what you (Leo) believe in? Do you feel connected here or do you feel as if you are set apart? All these are up for re-consideration. If you feel it is time to exit a group or collaborative effort, it doesn't have to be made personal. However, if you continue in these groups that you feel no longer seem aligned with you or feel as if you have to hide or squirrel away parts of yourself then that becomes a self-compromise that in the end does effect the work you intend to do within that group and the work the group does itself. So, it's not personal per se; but, it does bear individual impact thus becoming an assessment important enough to lend a moment or two of your time.

We've plenty of time to assess all this under the Void Moon that covers most of our day. As the Moon enters Gemini, she begins waxing into square with Mercury in Sagittarius (2:56 AM). There is plenty of room for philosophy and discussion. There is certainly more than enough to think about. That “busy brain” feeling could indeed lead into another night of restless sleep. So, as hard as it may be, I again suggest limiting the amount of external mental stimulation to which you are exposing yourself. Rest is very important. Collectively we are on edge enough without just looking for something else to stir us up. We need our sleep in order to make well-balanced decisions and remain healthy. Definitely be mindful of that.
At 3:26 AM the Moon is in a windy trine with Mars in Aquarius. Again, not exactly a settle in and rest type of aspect; but, white noise machines or even a fan blowing may help to soothe you into sleep. None of this is likely to totally offset matters of grogginess tomorrow, though. The Moon does square Neptune tomorrow at 10:54 AM bringing the grog, fog and potential increase in emotionality. That fact alone makes getting rested as much as you can tonight even more important.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Today is largely about Mercury and Mars. The Moon is in Gemini having entered the sign last night. She aspected both Mercury and Mars through the night giving us a sense of impending brain spin. That spin is due to occur under today's sky as Mercury in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius officially meet via sextile at 12:23 PM. This follows the Lunar square with Neptune at 10:54 AM. We may be emotionally weary and while the sextile between Mars and Mercury is not harsh or forced, it is busy. Have you ever ingested so much caffeine in an effort to wake up that your brain feels totally wired but your body is about to fall over at any minute? Yeah. It can be a lot like that. However, it can also show us in times of emotional weariness and misdirection, there are beacons of truth and support that can be found. After the assessment made at yesterday morning's Full Moon, we should know exactly which shoulders we can lean on if needed. Also, which ears we can trustfully bend in an effort to air our grievances or talk through how we feel and meet with acceptance and support. There ARE voices of reason out there in this chaotic world. Seek them out and realize you will know them because they help you feel better not worse.

Emotional boundaries, though, are of great importance as the Moon squares Neptune. Many may feel emotionally wrung out and may simply need some time alone to recuperate. Don't neglect that if it is needed on a personal level. Do know there are plenty who are not interested in spreading fear and hate even if they seem to be getting drowned by all the more dramatic speeches.
At 6:36 PM the Moon's affect brightens a bit due a windy trine with Jupiter in Libra. We can feel better here. But, Jupiter does expand. Bear in mind perspective, scaling back if need be in regard to emotions that may become over-blown due to over-stimulation or fatigue.
By 9:35 PM the brief optimism brought forth by the Moon/Jupiter trine gets squashed a bit as the Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. The voices die down. You are left alone to contemplate things on your own which can bring forth depression or even a feeling of oppression. Yet it is wonderful for emotional boundary efforts. Feel free to limit your exposure and be diligent about adhering to your deepest emotional needs here.

Overall it is a back and forth kind of day. Gemini at it's lowest is fickle switching moods as the wind blows. But, at it's highest she tries to bring reason to the emotional body and enjoys being able to talk about how she feels. She is curious and light for the most part. But, in days in which she has to deal with both Neptune and Jupiter during a catalyzed brain spin coming from Mars/Mercury, it can be downright exhausting...talking until your throat is sore and your brain is numb. Which, in some instances, that may be exactly what we need. To feel heard. To finally just let it all out (how we feel) into the open air in attempt to make sense of it all. Just know there will be a lot of that going around today and much of it will be emotionally flavored. Many will likely be quite exhausted word-weary by nightfall. Your individual Mercury and Moon placement becomes important here. For example, I have Moon in Pisces and Mercury in Scorpio. I may not be involved in the discourse. But, I assure you, I will be listening, yet, subsequently dismissing myself from the entirety of the thing when it starts to feel like “too much” and, surely, at times it will feel like that to more folks than just me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This morning the Moon still resides in Gemini. She met Chiron by square early (5:59 AM) which may have pushed buttons and tripped emotional triggers. What we say and how we discuss certain topics could be influenced by personal bias, pain, fatigue, sickness and/or ignorance/misunderstanding. It is good to be aware of that. Lean astutely into effective coping mechanisms.
By 5:59 AM the Moon is sextile Uranus which lightens the mood quite a bit. There is potential to gain emotional wisdom/intelligence here and even foster a bit of hope within that process. A bright spot. At it's lowest, it can feel anxious. Uranus has a tendency to pack that too. But, if you've kept your boundaries strong and dismissed yourself when needed to repair and recuperate; then, the chances toward anxiety are lessened helping you to better be able to engage in the high end of this energy.
Following the sextile with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Cancer at 7:58 PM. Take advantage of the lessened emotional impact and allow yourself to detach a bit. Tie up loose ends and finish projects. Or, just relax. No crime in that.

As the Moon clicks over to Cancer, her home territory, emotions become something to contend with once again. Emotional awareness and knowing how to self-nurture and support others without smothering or expectation is highlighted. We seek the comforts of home and deliberately fostering that nurtured and well-protected feeling is greatly accentuated. Gather you ducklings for a good wholesome home cooked something and offer yourself reprieve in the comfort of your shell tonight.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

This morning there is a tug of war between “want” and “need” as the Moon in Cancer opposes Venus in Capricorn. Many will be emotionally inclined to want to stay in their shells but Venus is telling us to heed our responsibilities. Well. I'll tell you something. Your FIRST responsibility needs to be directed at self-care. If you are not well then your work in the end will suffer. Sometimes Capricorn planets need to be reminded of such. Taking care of yourself is just as much of a job as meeting deadlines and being productive. Balance the opposition out; feed your Moon and focus on need before you worry about ambition. Not that Venus is typically ambitious anyway. But, in Capricorn she does appreciate an honest days work and relishes in well earned accomplishments. Self-care counts as work. Otherwise, balance inner work with outer work and this opposition becomes much easier to finagle.

At 11:05 AM the Cancer Moon meets Neptune by watery trine encouraging us to go with the flow. Venus, too, will soon be encouraging us toward the same as she waxes into sextile with Neptune which perfects on the 19th.
Cardinal Moons, at times, are bent on control. Here, under this water trine, we are encouraged to let go of the need to control what is happening and float where the seas may lead us. Sure, that's tough...especially with Mars and the Sun in fixed signs. Even Venus in Capricorn can be fixed in schedule and control. But, the ability to “go with it” has it's place just as much as regimented routine. Today is the proper “place” for flow moreso than force.
By 7:51 PM the Cancer Moon squares Jupiter in Libra. Remember, Jupiter expands. So if you have pushed yourself too hard throughout the day that feeling becomes exacerbated. If the “feels” become too much, call a time out. (Seems as if I've said that a lot in this week). Remember our benefit right now falls in Libra (Jupiter) and Capricorn (Venus). Making and upholding trusted and true connections is important. Though, many are dead set toward burning bridges. I'd worry less with disconnect and worry more about where we feel true connection and support. But, that's just me. I've also burned a few bridges in my time so if you assess that as needed I'm not the one to try and stop you. Just don't make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotional flare...that's all.

At 9:40 PM the Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn and here comes that nasty desire toward control again. At it's lowest this aspect is insidious, quite frankly. Emotionally manipulative. It uses guilt as a weapon and what you care about is sometimes hit with veiled threats. The better use of this energy comes by way of emotional purge and astute awareness of one's own shadow along with acknowledgment of why we may feel so compelled to cling or control. With an opposition, too, there is very often a stand off between energies. Meaning, we may actually encounter friction from the outside world or even meet with potential of invasion on the home front. Step up protective measures if need be but know when it comes to controlling emotions the only person you have reign over is you. This aspect can also breed paranoia and fear. These are things that must also be dealt with on a personal level. Do you want you need to do to care for yourself and to feel secure without allowing that to boil over into being bossy, manipulative, violent or demanding.
Also? Know that intuition is kicking with the Moon in Cancer also waxing in trine to Sun in Scorpio (perfects tomorrow at 5:03 PM). Unfortunately, some of this “impending sense of doom” kicked into high gear under Moon/Pluto may actually be relevant. Tomorrow is definitely a mixed bag of surprise and confusion. Address your fears appropriately.

Friday, November 18, 2016

As I begin to type this, I am already feeling the anxiety. Definitely not a good sign. Ok, let's look at this thing.
This morning we wake up to the Moon square revolutionary and potentially shocking Uranus in Aries at 7:10 AM. Yeah, that's enough to kick start the morning with anxiety. Couple that with the fact that Mercury is also waxing into square with Neptune in Pisces (11:04 AM) and what you end up with is upset and confusion. Routines/schedules are not likely to go as planned. That could make us anxious, sure. And, then in our rush, we are distracted due Mercury/Neptune which could lead us toward being accident prone. So, number one rule....SLOW DOWN. That will be the hard part. Because the morning starts off feeling rushed and quite unsettled. Breathe. Triage. Breathe.

I don't want to predict catastrophe. I don't LIKE to do that. But, I do see the potential for it today. I also see that potential coming through decorated with lies and skewing of information which only has the potential to make it feel worse. Now, this could be a globally impacting thing or merely a highly personal thing. Either way, it will draw upon your emotional intelligence, your ability to stay calm and cool in the face of uncertainty AND your ability to separate truth from fiction. I encourage you to draw no conclusions based on the supposed facts that may be presented to you today. Weigh and assess the information and put out fires where need be. But, don't expect any of it to make much sense “in the moment.” Again, deal with the anxiety. Breathe deliberately and slowly and remain VERY mindful of each step you take forward while being willing to slow down within that process. Rushing is your worst enemy today.

What is going to help, though, is this waxing trine between the Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Scorpio (5:03 PM). Again, the line of logic we are getting is unclear and the truth may, in fact, be blurred or veiled deliberately. Or there could even be a chance that the information given was confused. Ask for clarification if you feel that may be the case. But, if we remain settled and grounded this water trine points our intuitive body toward acknowledgment that something is askew. It may not lead us to answers. But, it can be trusted. Though intuition can be misinterpreted, it does not lie. If it feels “off” (even if you can't logically explain why to yourself or anyone else) chances SOMETHING IS OFF in some way. You should trust that feeling more than you trust what someone may say to you in regard to it. Overall, it is watery. It is not linear. And it's not likely to make much logical sense. Follow and heed your radar.
Following the trine with the Sun, the Moon reaches Void status until entering Leo at 10:15 PM tonight. The feeling of something being “off” rings like a dull gong. It's an unsettling day. Lean strongly into emotional wisdom, slow down and listen to what your intuitive body is telling you. Shelter and protect is job number one.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Moon's transition into Leo does help to dry up some of yesterday's watery feel. However, her first aspect is an ambiguous stand off with Mars in Aquarius. We may feel at odds with what is perceived as a collective movement or agenda. We may wonder how we fit into that plan or if it fits with us to begin with. There is friction between collective action and personal identity here. It makes me think of the potential for “mob mentality” in which you ditch what is “true to you” just because you were whipped up into a frenzy with the rest of the crowd. Don't jump on any band wagons. Remember to think and act for yourself and lend your efforts only to those groups that align with your core beliefs. It kind of hurts to say that. I think we should be drawing together instead of drawing lines. But, sometimes, the lines and boundaries are important. This is one of those times.

It's one thing to involve yourself in a passionate collective movement that desires to bring about change in an inclusive and positive way. It's entirely another to take to the streets and loot and pillage. Ok? It's one thing to peacefully protest or voice your opinions and totally another to be violent and severe. It's very important to resist becoming the ugly that we may see in the world right now. There will likely be raging and roaring this in this day. There could also be chance to truly participate in a positive inclusive forward moving push but you are going to have to be able to tell the difference between a positive collective movement and one that just whips you up and into something that is not conducive to your overall goals. Mercury is still in square to Neptune even if it is waning. Facts are foggy and truths are veiled or misconstrued. Please try to remember that. Violent mob mentality IS NOT the way we want to go here. Conscious efforts to bring positive and inclusive change into our world is the better expression of this energy. But, many will feel conflicted in the whole of that.

By 6:01 PM the opportunity for positive verbal discourse comes forward as the Moon in Leo meets Mercury in Sagittarius by trine. This is opportunity to clear the air and get your facts straight as long as you bear in mind the need for proper clarification due 1) remember Mercury waning in square to Neptune and 2) the Moon's inconjunct to Neptune as this aspect perfects. Public speeches are likely emotionally colored due these aspects. But, we also have the fact that Neptune at this very second is quivering in his station preparing to turn direct at 7:05 PM. So his energy is extremely prevalent.
To add to the prevalence of Neptune, Venus perfects in sextile with him just prior to his forward motion at 6:04 PM. I see a softening coming from leadership here. Which could be a good thing. Pleas for compassion, understanding and acceptance are likely to be heard. I wish I could tell you why. But, it seems as if this started picking up steam on Thursday evening and doesn't really stop rolling by today. It seems to start with the feeling of dread on Thursday that is followed the sudden unexpected punch in the gut and confusion that comes in on Friday. By today, we are still all trying to make sense of “it” whatever “it” happens to be.

At midnight, there is some reprieve to be found by way of a lunar trine to Jupiter in Libra right after midnight. Knowing who you can trust makes all the difference; because, there is going to be quite a bit that feels wonky and untrustworthy at the end of this week.
Emotions do have a chance to stabilize as the night moves forward and the Moon meets Saturn in Sagittarius by trine at 3:37 AM. Grounding is not only necessary but essential.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

This morning past events still linger in our awareness but we do feel a bit more stable due to last night's Moon/Saturn trine. Today, though, the Moon makes a different sort of trine that is less settled and more forward moving. She trines Uranus at 12:09 PM and it may be hard to tell the church bells from the ringing bells of freedom. No one wants to be tied down or feel trapped today. Many will deliberately wriggle free from restraint and routine. Being physically active within the day will help offset any chance at anxiety. It's a great day to volunteer in social causes. It's a great day to just break free from the pack and do your own thing. It's also a good time to surround yourself with members of your tribe. What it is NOT good for (not that I think any day is good for such) is telling folks what to do. We are called to declare our own emotional independence and, at the same time, work to increase our emotional intelligence. Helping where you can and feel drawn to help, again, is a wonderful expression of this energy.

This aspect carries us through the day. The next Lunar aspect comes by way of the Last Quarter Moon which perfects as the Moon in Leo squares the Sun in Scorpio at 3:34 AM. Try to remain flexible and not so singular in your thinking. Last Quarter Moons are for flushing out emotions and finishing up loose ends in preparation for the new incoming Lunar Cycle. This one just so happens to occur at the critical final degrees of each sign. A HUGE EMOTIONAL PURGE IS CALLED FOR AS WELL AS ATTEMPTS AT PERSONAL RECTIFICATION. So steer yourself toward that end. Following the perfection of the Last Quarter, the Moon is void until entering Virgo at 4:35 AM. Under that Virgo Moon, the Sun will switch signs and enter Sagittarius at 4:23 PM. This transition will allow a brief lightening before the Sun starts bouncing off Neptune and Saturn. Make the big emotional FLUSH and prepare to feel some ease as a result.