Morning Star: Astrology for the week of November 7 to November 13, 2016

Taking a long-view of our week ahead shows me that between now and the Full Moon a lot of things are going to change. For one thing, all 3 of our “personal” planets switch signs. Mars moves to Aquarius. Venus moves to Capricorn. Mercury moves to Sagittarius. What we end up with is this nice forward moving train of personal planets led by a champion of social causes Mars who also happens to be in mutual reception with his current ruler Uranus. Those three shifts look hopeful. However, the Sun remains in intense Scorpio. The Moon moves from light and airy Aquarius into emotional Pisces before waging war and raging in Aries. This tells me that even with the positive shifts, some resistance to change, intensity, surprises, discomfort and general malaise/discomfort persists. With the exception of our Pisces Moon days, sleeping may be elusive or restless. There is an indication toward self-care and sheltering oneself from the self-created storms of others.
Jupiter remains in Libra and now seems to be teaching us to, perhaps, pick our battles and engage our talents at conflict avoidance all together. We weigh the importance of standing on our soapboxes of truth and justice against the importance of losing relationships that could mean more to us than just being right. Of course, once Mercury goes into Sagittarius, few lips will be cinched shut. Remember, however, Mercury in Sagittarius isn't just a preacher with a bullhorn. Prayer is also an excellent use of this energy. At any rate, the week ends on a high note with the Full Moon in Taurus lighting up the skies on Sunday night.

Monday, November 7, 2016

This morning, the Sun in Scorpio lingers in sextile to his current ruler, Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect perfected overnight (3:21 AM); but, was probably strongly felt building on Sunday and leaving a lingering after taste this morning. Due this, personalities may come on strong or intense. Either way, not many are willing to entertain light/social matters and, quite frankly, are not willing to negotiate about much. Some may be paranoid. Some may be forceful. Some may just linger in the shadows quietly gathering data or information---all detective-like. It's a good aspect to use for self-exploration. Facing your own demons. Re-empowering yourself. At any rate, the weight of intensity in this regard hangs around for most of the day. Genealogy research fits well with this. At least that's how I've been using it. Seems to be a quite lovely distraction from current events as well. If you have been ill, Sun/Pluto offers wonderful opportunity to make strides toward healing the body physical.

The Moon is in Aquarius today. She begins with a social trine to Jupiter in Libra at 8:39 AM. Now, the Moon is social but the Sun is in the position of “dark, quiet and mysterious.” So there is likely to be some ambiguity due this. That can meet with actual friction as the day goes forward and we encounter our First Quarter Moon that pits social Aquarius against dark and mysterious Scorpio. Prior to the perfection of that, though, our social Moon is stabilized by a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius at 1:29 PM. Do we call up a friend? Do we sit in a dark corner and brood? Do we devise a plan to bring the world together or construct a plan for personal world domination? Ah. Decisions, decisions. Of course, we can always be a little chatty. Asking the right questions can open pathways to knowledge that we have been looking for. You know, as if you were a spy at a social event or something. That works. Eyes peeled. Ears open. Nonchalant smile on your face but mentally recording absolutely everything. Oh yes. We can do that.

The First Quarter Moon officially perfects at 2:52 PM bringing a bit of pressure with her. That's how this type of building Quarter Moon operates. From now until the Full Moon in Taurus next week, emotions (and the Moon) will build and intensify. This First Quarter marks the budding of that. What it indicates is to look for blocks to our intentions from the New Moon in Scorpio to arise. Walk through the evaluative process of worth (is it worth it or no) and then start looking for ways to overcome these obstacles and push through. The seed of intention cracks its shell and peeks its tender leaves above ground...metaphorically, of course. This Quarter occurs at the fixed degrees of 15 Aqua/Scorpio 50.

The Sabians are as follows:
Aquarius 16: Business manager at his desk studies a complex project. The central control of operations needed in all organized enterprise. The head-function. Surety in decision. Management.

Scorpio 16: A girl with aristocratic features smiles entrancingly. Fervent outreaching of self in moments of purest beauty. Leaping to meet the potentialities of life. Blossoming forth.

From here, it seems puzzle pieces start clicking together. There is a good mixture of elements in the day to tackle more intricate and detailed projects. Brains are buzzing quite well even if lips are not moving much.

Overnight the Moon makes a nice sextile with her modern ruler, Uranus at 1:28 AM which could equate to a bit of restless sleep or mind racing which overruns into tomorrow with an early morning square to Mercury in Scorpio at 4:58 AM. To avoid the restlessness and potential mind-racing dismiss yourself from stimulation overload. Dig for the relevant information, yes. But, don't get too involved in stuff that may only serve as a distraction in the end. Unless it's a distraction that brings you peace and resolve, then go for it!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

This morning we wake up to a sextile from the Aquarius Moon to Venus in Sagittarius at 8:55 AM. Following this, the Moon is Void until 4:46 PM when she dips her toes in the seas of Pisces. Overnight, motivation shifts from being adherent to matters of tradition and production and puts on his social battle gear as he enters Aquarius. The early morning sextile to Venus encourages us to venture out and meet the day.

Mars in Aquarius is a champion of social causes. He also fights his battles more with high minded principles than precedent. He is not afraid to do things differently and find new ways to address old problems. He is active within tribes and communities. His traditional ruler is Saturn. So, we do have some steadfast and responsible energy following his transition. But, his modern ruler is Uranus which gives him the ability to see when the old ways aren't working anymore and it's time to invent new solutions. And, he doesn't fight alone. He runs with a hoard. Even if that hoard may be dressed in lab coats and eyeglasses.

In regard to the meat of the day, after the Moon clicks over into Pisces there is a chance for increased emotionality. Sleepiness. A need to withdraw into quiet solitude. General rule of thumb, step up emotional boundaries, drink plenty of water and don't deprive yourself of rest. Look for healthy escapes from daily drama like delving into fiction or setting your mood to music...which absolutely is effective under a Pisces Moon. Don't like how you feel? Change the station.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Emotions rule the day as we begin with a lunar conjunction to Neptune at 9:15 AM. Well. That's gonna be fun. Not. But, really, there may be tears, lethargy, profuse emotions and mourning to contend with. I deal with Pisces Moon square Neptune every day and have for the last 44 years or so. Let me tell you something, emotional boundaries are no joke. Isolating yourself or protecting yourself from the potential sickness of the world is definitely indicated because, today, it's highly contagious. Our physical bodies are also likely to be highly reactive to what we feed it. So, I suggest keeping it light and healthy. Plenty of water. Fresh fruits and veggies. Keep caffeine and stimulant intake low or you'll run the risk of over-stimulation (which can make emotionality worse) and anxiety. Folks are quite sensitive today. Know that. You will likely be quite sensitive for one reason or another as well. Protect and care for yourself.

The rest of the day the Moon waxes into a depressing square with Saturn in Sagittarius. Veils drop. Disappointment waxes in. And the mood has a chance to turn quite dour. However, whether we like the truth we encounter here or not, we are called to walk through stages of acceptance since it is what it is. We can't do a thing about it until we realize/accept it as truth. This does enable us (force us) to strengthen our boundaries and wall up more negative outside influence. As in, shut the door on it and go deal with yourself. I'm telling you this is likely to be quite a trying day. But it will pass. Shelter and care for yourself until the storm passes.

We do meet with a bit of resolve as the Moon sextiles Pluto at 7:58 PM and subsequently trines the survivalist Scorpio Sun at midnight. We'll make it. We have lots of work to do. But, we'll make it. Overall, it is a watery day. How it goes for you depends on how well you are able to deal with your own emotional body. So keep that in mind. It is also a highly intuitive day. So, pay attention to what you feel more so than what you see. Non-verbal communication will tell you loads more about what you are dealing with than actual verbal exchanges. Don't discount what your intuitive/emotive body tells you today. Remember, though, in order to “hear” that correctly you must seek a place of quiet reprieve. Meditation is a stellar activity for this. As is spending time in or around actual water. If you don't know how to swim, at least learn to float.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

This morning the Moon still swims in the oceanic waters of Pisces. Early this morning she met Chiron by conjunction. Yes, you may feel triggered. Remorseful. Lost. Confused. Sick. Emotional. All those things. Lean into effective coping mechanisms.

By 4:18 PM the Moon is in watery trine with Mercury in Scorpio. Listen more to what folks are not saying than what they are saying. Again, be aware of the non-verbal communication and heed your intuitive body. This is followed by a rather uncomfortable square to Venus in Sagittarius at 6:18 PM. Venus begs us to come out of our Piscean retreat and engage in matters of world affairs, adventure and all that. There is some self-negotiation called for here. You can engage. Or you can leave the door shut.

Following this square the Moon is Void until entering Aries at 8:46 PM. Now, what this means is the mood is about to change from subdued, tearful, remorseful and flowy to fiery, angry and active. This Moon's movements will light up fire trines across the sky for a bit. Use today to get rested, stabilized and ready for that. The call to action could begin as early as tonight when the Moon sextiles Mars newly in Aquarius at 11:07 PM. This is tactical. Less violent and more engaging of mental capacities and networks in an effort to solve/tackle a problem. Though, at it's lowest, it can be ice cold in its acts as well. The best way to deal with it is to rise above the initial instinct of kill or be killed and devise a more intelligent less bloody way to deal with the situation. Work smart not hard.

Friday, November 11, 2016

This morning we are busy and motivated under our Aries Moon. She remains largely unaspected for most of the day until meeting Jupiter in Libra by opposition at 6:57 PM. This can make emotions over-blown at it's worst. But it is can also be a call to keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Either way there is a “rub” between Me and We, violence and decorum, activity and leisure. Balance it out as best you can and remember your “benefit” lies in peacemaking Libra not war mongering Aries.

Negotiation and compromise can occur here and that is a wonderful expression of this opposition. But, we have to bear in mind that everyone has individual needs to be addressed in that. Tough job. But, we have to start somewhere and Aries Moon is great at initiation and engagement.
How you address this opposition is going to determine how well you address the waxing square from the Moon in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn at 10:10 PM. Allow emotional situations to get you all heated up and by the time this square waxes in you could be downright bloodthirsty. Efforts of emotional control may come about. Misuse of power and social standing may occur. But, your best efforts are bent toward self-control and an awareness of cause and effect, action and consequence. Know that we may see some ugliness come about due this aspect.
The mood does become stabilized a bit as the Moon meets Saturn by trine at 10:21 PM. It is, however, a fire trine so we may be called to “do something about it” whatever “it” is for you at the moment. Act with integrity and responsibility and you can't go wrong here. Proper and mature self-assertion (not necessarily aggression) is called for.
At 11:55 PM, Venus moves from Sagittarius and sinks into Capricorn. Values become stabilized. We are encouraged to be responsible in regard to matters of money and relationships. We value stability, caring leadership and well earned reward. The stuff you work for not necessarily the stuff you are freely given. Venus here may not be the most social. But, the social connections she does have are sturdy. She is comfortable with her own company and has a financial plan. She knows what is important and is willing to work toward her material goals. It's not a light and lively Venus. But, here, she is a steady and reliable Venus. Classic beauty.

So, Mars has shifted. Venus has shifted. And, our next personal planet due to shift is Mercury. This occurs tomorrow as Mercury lifts herself up and out of the deep waters of Scorpio and arises as if newly baptized in the fires of Sagittarius almost as if he is speaking in tongues (which by the way, this placement is excellent for learning a new language if you are looking for that opportunity). Mouths and minds are aflame! Mercury in Sagittarius is very forthright about preaching, teaching and saying exactly what it thinks. You ready for that? Mercury's inclination to be a trickster is accentuated in this sign as well. Mercury in Sagittarius loves a good belly laugh and doesn't hesitate to pull a joke or a prank or two in an effort to spread that laughter. Discretion so much. In the head and out the mouth is generally how it goes. Yet, at it's highest, this placement is wise and does have extensive knowledge to share. It should since it spent so much time researching in the sign of Scorpio. Now, we come forth with this knowledge and truth and barely take a breath in preaching it.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

As the Sun rises this morning, the Moon is conjunct Uranus (7:46 AM). Of course this is definitely a “get up and go” type aspect. However, though it may get us moving early, the Moon reaches Void status following this. Meanwhile, as mentioned in yesterday's write up, Mercury lights up in the sign of Sagittarius at 9:40 AM. Make a joyful noise! Speak with gratitude and optimism! Dare to laugh.

As the Moon remains void, the Sun also trines Chiron in Pisces. Yes. There is fire in the day with the Moon and Mercury. But there is also a quiet rippling of water under the surface that bears quite personal significance. Efforts at self-care and indicated and become more punctuated as the day moves forward.
The Moon remains Void until entering Taurus at 9:25 PM. At this point, the fire energy settles a bit and we are more inclined to entertain creature comforts. Though, some may veer toward stubbornness, we are all looking for a nice leisurely field to graze and laze in. It's perfectly OK to treat yourself. It's been a busy, emotional and somewhat noisy week. Feel free to dismiss yourself from that noise tonight. Cows don't enjoy to be startled. So, grab your favorite snuggly things and grab a bowl of comfort food to chill.

Overnight, we may meet with a bit of ambiguity as the Moon in Taurus squares off with itchy twitchy Mars in Aquarius at 2:07 AM. Yes. The Moon is growing and with that the nights can become more restless and sleep more and more elusive. Playing a game on your phone or PC could satisfy this or at least keep your hands busy while you are still lazing on your couch. Or it could be that over-stimulation is keeping you from sleep already. Turn off the electronics early if you must.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

This morning the Moon lingers in Taurus only to meet naptime at about Noon due a sextile to Neptune. Hey, it's Sunday. Why not?
It's a rather leisurely day. By 9:46 PM craving run deep and so do emotions. The Moon meets Pluto in Capricorn by way of gritty, yet solid, Earth trine at 9:46 PM. Endurance is delivered as well as fortitude and integrity....and if you are lucky some late night dark chocolate treats! Emotions are strong as are emotional attachments. Make sure you are only holding on to what is worthy, true and solid. I don't suspect sleep will come easy tonight. Our Super Full Moon pops to perfection at 8:53 AM. Why not stay up and greet her “Hello.” She's going to be beaming full on through your windows anyway. Taunting ad teasing you to come out and play with her in her full lunacy. Perhaps there will be late night prowlers and howlers. Surely the cats will be quite vocal if nothing else.

The Sabians for tomorrow's Full Moon read as follows:

THE SUN AT 23 SCORPIO: Placid white rabbit metamorphoses into a dancing elf. Revelation of unexpected vital urges latent in all beings. Great creative potentialities. Capacity for self-maintenance.
THE MOON AT 23 TAURUS: A jewelry shop filled with the most magnificent jewels. Abundance of permanent spiritual values; or social display of traditional racial achievements. Profusion of inner gifts.

The ruler of the Moon, itself, falls in Capricorn. It will be important to be responsible in regard to the things we value and act all grown up in our relationships and stuff. Share your goodies if you have excess. But, mainly realize that best possessions are not those that someone else can steal or take away. This is an excellent Moon for releasing things like negative attachment, debt (monetary or Karmic) and realizing that you came into this world owning absolutely nothing. Anything you claim ownership over is basically an illusion. You own nothing but yourself, your actions, your consequence, your values and what love you hold in your heart. And, that's about it.