Morning Star: Astrology for the week of October 24 to October 30, 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016

This morning we find the Moon in still in Leo. She is active in our early morning hours with a freedom loving trine from Uranus at 8:22 AM. This is a continuation of the uplifting energy we found on Sunday. However, following this aspect, our Leo Moon reaches Void status until entering Virgo tonight at 11:17 PM. The Moon does “go out” on a light note. This is a good thing that will carry us through this Monday. For the most part, the mood seems light and playful.

As the Moon is Void, though, a switch in mentality is due to come as Mercury dives into the depths of Scorpio at 4:47 PM. The brain entertains no light matters. We are concerned with deeper things. Matters of secrecy and potentially paranoia. The secret is to not let the demons of your mind slay you. Face them down. Find the truth even if you have to wade through a swamp of bullshit to find it. Don't allow fear and paranoia to riddle and infect you. Expect folks to become more and more quiet and less prone toward exchanging niceties and engaging in small talk. We have a stellium in the sign of the Scorpio now with the Sun, Mercury, Black Moon Lilith and Juno. There are serious issues to attend to at hand due this. Deeply stirring issues that demand our full attention. And, while this doesn't become all that apparent within our today, it will be a theme that carries out through the duration of the time that Mercury is in Scorpio.

This day toils on by without extraordinary emotional reaction. The Moon is waning so we are still within a cycle that is ripe for letting go, finishing things up and purging. But, overall, nothing really exciting is going on which I think is a huge relief.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Overnight, the Moon's reactivation made itself known as she met Mercury newly in Scorpio at midnight. Spidey senses everywhere were likely going off (unless you were asleep which could have, indeed, resulted in nightmares OR the a dream of the exact remedy you need in order to attend to your own illness). However this aspect is very astute in realizing if something may be afoul.

That inward stirring continues by way of a sextile from the Moon to the Sun in Scorpio at 3:44 AM. We wake up this morning realizing, hmmm...something is amiss. Something is not adding up. There is astuteness and awareness to this day that is not to be discounted. Pay attention to what your intuitive and emotional bodies are telling you. Draw no conclusions just yet, though. There will need to be efforts taken to separate fact from fiction and subsequently weigh and measure what is found to be fact before we can decide the best course of action in an effort to deal with it.
A simple deliberate expression of this energy would be to weed through and throw away old paperwork, move sensitive information off your main computer and put it in an external storage device, clean and organize, get your tax information together, make final fall harvests, watch a scary movie or read a suspense novel, dig like crazy for the truth and sort out what you find into order of priority.
The low end of this energy can be quite self-eviscerating. So, if you catch yourself ripping yourself apart for various reason, redirect. The Moon still wanes and it does so in our clean it up sign of Virgo. So feel free to purge, smudge and clear out stagnant and stale energies and mentalities.

By 4:56 PM, the Moon meets with discomfort and confusion by way of a square to Venus in Sagittarius that is followed by an opposition to Neptune at 5:26 PM. This Venus/Neptune energy continues to build as the two energies square off officially at around 10 PM. By 2 AM, the Moon is sobered up really quickly due a harsh square with the reality and responsibility of Saturn. Now. What we have with the Moon/Neptune and Venus is a mutable t-square. That means pressure and an air of uncertainty (most definitely). As if we were ships lost in the midst of the storm unsure of our direction. The outlet that relieves the pressure or helps to steady our boat is found in Gemini. This points to our current Mercury in Scorpio. Meaning, it's time to ask lots and lots of questions. Your heart may be confused. But, right now, your brain is able to dig to the depths of what is occurring and potentially come up with the answers it needs. However, don't trust everything everyone says. Because some folks will be lying. You will have to revert to your internal guidance system to be able to tell what is true and what is fabrication. In that, you should probably learn to speak your intuition's language and subsequently trust it. It most often knows what is going on before your logical brain does. Don't try to dismiss or deny it.

Even if the truth is hard or depressing, you can rely on it and steer your boat more effectively in the end. Ask questions. Again, don't draw conclusions just yet. But, gather as much of the facts as you can. While noting who is trying to pretty up the situation or delude you...cause those folks will be out there. No need to call them on it. Just tuck your knowledge away and don't forget it. Know who and what you are dealing with but realize they don't have to know you know. Put on your poker face and only play your cards when the time is ripe. Keep observing, taking note of what you discover, but; don't act just yet. Wait it out.

Remember, we are in the school of relationships right now. Which means we are learning through relating. It is this chapter in the syllabus that may indeed teach us about heart break, putting folks too high upon a pedestal or flat out being deceived. Necessary lessons. Hard ones. Yes. But this is information you need to learn and what you CAN learn from it will serve you well under the promise of our incoming New Moon. You'll see. Gather as much truth as you can. Accept it. And, then, take your time deciding what you are going to do about it. You may realize that it's not that you have lost something; but, have been freed from it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Baby, it ain't over til it's over. And, this morning we wake up with an astute sense of resolve and resilience that I suggest you put to use toward your own benefit. If you paid attention yesterday, you may have uncovered a secret agenda or two. Perhaps something valuable disappeared, endured water damage or has proven itself unstable or untrustworthy. Today, you will be given an opportunity to see exactly how you can clean that mess up. The Moon hangs in a gritty Earth trine with Pluto in Capricorn. A plan is being developed and we are quite willing to endure it through step by step...even though we may not willing to share those steps with anyone at this point. But, yes, there is quite an air of determination here on the emotional front. Again, these are no light matters.

Meanwhile, Venus sobers up and lightens up a little as her personal rain cloud dissipates a little and finds Jupiter in Libra by sextile. Here's where you can glean the lessons from loss. You may have found out who is out to use and or abuse you. Who is out to deceive you and which relationships are built on a mound of shifting and uncertain sands. At the same time, you probably uncovered what is true and trustworthy and those are the relationships that Venus is prone to show appreciation for today. She meets Jupiter by sextile at 11:20 AM. This indeed does have the potential to bring a lighter spot to the mood today which is a good thing. You'll find it by showing appreciation to those relationships in which you are supported and the support is trustworthy and without alternative subservient agenda. Lean into them. If you find there are none, then start looking at the types of folks you allow into your life and declare that you will make wiser choices in that regard in the future. Find better partners and friends while deciding to be a better partner and friend yourself.

By early afternoon, whatever delusions came crashing to the ground in regard to love and relationships is left in the dust. We are grounded and motivated to get down to more “real” business as the Moon trines Mars in Capricorn at 2:34 PM. Being able to say you accomplished something within this day is going to help you feel better. So, get busy.
Meanwhile the emotional body swirls as we toil due a waxing opposition to Chiron that perfects at 4:32 PM. There is still pain. There are still potentially “triggering” moments but by remaining practical and acting with integrity we can work our way through it. Following the hollow opposition of the Moon to Chiron, she is Void until entering Libra at 9:52 AM tomorrow. Use the Void Moon to be your own best caregiver. Nurse your wounds. Triage the situation and let the ongoing plan unfurl as it will. But, take very good care of yourself in the meantime.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

This morning the Moon is lax to wake up. She enters Libra in our early morning hours and takes her time getting there. Therefore we are mostly going through the simple mundane routines of early morning hours quite dispassionately. However, get ready for things to pick up speed as we move forward.

Shortly following the Moon's entrance into Libra, Mercury in Scorpio meets the Sun in Scorpio by conjunction. Secret and sacred information is revealed to you here. The puzzle pieces click together and there is a certain type of “knowing” that accompanies that. This type of aspect is also ripe for things like mind racing and headaches. It could even denote some stormy weather inside and out. But, the intuitive body is picking up on cues and I strongly suggest you listen to those without allowing the “knowing” to run over into fear or paranoia. I strongly suggest cutting away at things that cause you to become over-stimulated such as caffeine and other chemical stimulants as well as over consumption of media and electronic stuff. You are going to be plenty stimulated without it. I promise. No sense in running the risk of exacerbating the situation.

By 10:40 PM Mars is sextile to Chiron in Pisces and the ways in which we cope with being triggered and how astutely we can recognize our own personal biases will be tested. Act with integrity and fortitude while employing strong leadership skills in order to meet the demands of this energy. Employ effective coping mechanisms and do what needs to be done instead of trying to escape or deny. It's going to be pretty undeniable anyway. Might as well handle it like the boss you are instead of allowing it to fester.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Things seem to rectify themselves quite well today. We feel a bit lighter. We've learned who we can trust. And, even though that knowledge may have least it will serve us well in the future. You won't be wasting time on those types of relationships anymore. You can now go full lean into supportive and well-balanced ones instead. The mood of the day gets a tremendous lift this morning by way of a conjunction from the Moon to Jupiter in Libra. Knowledge is power, folks. Use it wisely. Show appreciation within those partnerships that have proven themselves to be tried and true.
From here, the Moon meets Venus in Sagittarius by sextile. This is another buoyant aspect that suggests you lean into and accept the truth. This mood is further stabilized and offers us a solid path to walk forward on as the Moon sextiles Saturn at 1:55 PM.

However, there are still a few loose ends to tie up and likely some suspicions to rectify as the Moon squares off with Pluto at 4:11 PM. Not everyone is out to get you. Don't let the demons of your mind convince you otherwise. Don't become emotionally manipulative or greedy/needy in an effort to keep folks at your side. If they want to go, let them. You will survive. It may hurt. But, you will survive. Keep reverting back to those folks who have your back without sinking claws in them to attempt to hold on.
Overnight Mars squares off with Uranus which could catalyze anxiety and impulsiveness. Know that you are not the only one who had to face off with the truth and potential heartbreak this week. It's a bear many will wrestle and some will be prone to strike back in light of that tonight. Act wisely not impulsively. Take the time you need to effectively respond instead of just react. Let the dust of excitement settle and wane before you decide what to do next. And, don't act out in spite. It will be tempting...but don't.

This energy carries over into our morning hours. There will be battles fought in the relationship arena for sure. The Moon in Libra enters this square between Mars and Uranus in the early, early morning hours (opposite Uranus at 5:47 AM and square Mars at 6:10 AM). Cut the leaches free. Remember who you can trust and I don't care how much the leaches come back begging and writhing for your attention...set them and yourself free. Following the square with Mars in the morning, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 10:11 PM. That leaves us a full day to contemplate and sit with the consequences of our actions. So make sure you acting with purpose and not just allowing the knee jerk blow up and burn it to the ground mentality to take over. Tomorrow, in fact, may feel quite lonely at times and rather hollow. Set yourself up for some “me” time and realize what remains in your life right now will remain and there are more solid relationships out there begging for you to pay attention to them or build them to begin with.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

As I said, the Moon is Void just about all day. Take advantage of that and lean into self-care efforts, quiet time and personal space. In the meantime, Venus in Sagittarius meets up with Saturn. This offers truth and stability and reminds you that true faith will serve you well. The knowledge you acquired this week will serve you well in time too. We've learned some very hard heart lessons. So, plan to be easy with yourself. Take a looong good look at yourself and honestly assess the ways in which you can choose better partners and decide what “poisons” you'd like to purge yourself of in the future. No more abusers. No more users. No more jealously or calls to be paranoid. Plan to not invite that into your life anymore. Realize you have the power to make better choices. And, write your New Moon intentions so that they illustrate exactly what you want those to look like. Get them ready for tomorrow. A fresh page. A new start. A new chance at removing blocks to the intimacy and removing fears that may continually usurp you dawns with this New Moon. Don't miss your chance to put that energy to use. Use today to get re-stabilized and ready. Take the time to contemplate not only what you want but assess why you want it in the first place, too.

It's a wonderful day for meditation and prayer. Cleaning, purging and emptying out stagnant energy. Smudging. Soaking in mineral salts. Relaxing and retreating in way you choose. Rest and restore in a quiet and peaceful way. You deserve it.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Today we realize there was reason that we found out the things we did mid-week. There was a reason we uncovered that deception. There was a reason some things exploded. There was a reason why we were hurt and angered. Today, we may mourn over those things. And, that's ok. Mourn if you need to. But, plan to let this stuff go. Set your vows and intentions in such a way that it attracts more of the trusted, tried and true your way instead of leaving the door open for more deception. Know you know. So don't forget. But, don't allow that knowledge to turn you bitter or forlorn. Keep reaching for the ideal and realizing that the ideal is something we strive for. It is not a ripe fruit waiting for us to pluck it. It takes work and cooperation from others and you should settle for nothing less.
Allow yourself to dream of the possibilities as the Mercury trines Neptune at 8:58 AM. Get lost in dreams not in lies. Then, as our New Moon opens up at 1:39 PM, let the truth of your intentions be known. They will pack a certain amount of magical power so be certain you know what you are wishing for. Otherwise, wish away and trust that Universe will take care of making it happen. You can get lost in remorse and wallowing or you can declare a new dawn and a new day while you are equipped with knowledge (albeit potentially painful) that will serve you quite well in the future. You'll know exactly what you DON'T want anymore. That's for certain.

The Sabian for this New Moon reads as follows:

SUN AND MOON AT 8 SCORPIO: A high mountain lake is bathed in the full moonlight. Illumination of the soul by transcendent wisdom. Quite touch with cosmic strength; or wayward moody effort at greatness.
Your dreams are possible. But, so are your nightmares. So, be very careful which one of those beasts you decide to feed.

The Moon joins the dance with Mercury and Neptune in our evening hours (4:56-6:13 PM). Emotional, perhaps. Dreamy, maybe. But, ambitious it is not. Relax. Indulge in entertainment. Music. Fiction for entertainment purposes and matters of leisure and gentleness. Let the brain drift and ebb and flow but don't let it steer toward negativity and paranoia. You know what you need to know now. You can operate much more aware now with those facts in tow. Plus, a little napping and prayer never hurt a darn thing. Not even once.