Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 5 to September 11, 2016

Monday, September 5, 2016

This morning, we wake up to the Moon entering Scorpio. She makes no major aspect throughout the day. She perfects in trine to Neptune in tomorrow's early morning hours making for a groggy and or magical/mystical start to Tuesday. But, today, she is largely quiet. Introspective regarding deeply personal matters. I would also imagine this to be a wonderful week to become pregnant if you are trying (or if you are not). Use that knowledge as you will.
Scorpio's traditional ruler, in our week to come, will be seeing quite a bit of action toward the end of the week as the Moon finds him by conjunction just a few hours after Venus finds him by square from Libra. We also have the final perfection of Saturn in square to Neptune this week and a second opposition from Mercury to Chiron. Jupiter also leaves Virgo for Libra. We are working toward our second and final eclipse of the season which occurs midday on Sept 16. So. While today is largely subdued, this week ecliptic events churn and bubble in the cauldron. Enjoy the subdued yet deep cool waters of today. Rest. Restore. Listen astutely to what atmospheric nuance may be hinting toward and muddle on through this week that is bound to increase in intensity as we move forward becoming particularly punctuated under our First Quarter Moon on Sept. 9th.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Today, we move from yesterday's aspect free and pure Scorpio Moon to one which is quite busy. This morning we try to wake up under a Moon/Neptune trine perfecting at 5:56 AM. It's definitely watery which means potentially emotional and wet. But, it is also deeply creative and dreamy. Doesn't fit well within the confines of a corporate world. Yet it can be rich and fertile. Intuitive. Sensitive. Sleep was likely deep and comforting making it hard for us to pull ourselves out of the ethers and back into the material world. But, assistance with grounding oneself back into reality comes with a sextile form our Scorpio Moon to the Virgo Sun which waxes in at 2:07 PM.
More Earth energy waxes in through a sextile from the Moon in Scorpio to her modern ruler, Pluto in Capricorn, at 3:03 PM. What this creates is a brief mini-trine connected by the Moon giving hint to the waxing energy of the Sun in Virgo in trine to Pluto in Capricorn coming to our skies overnight (1:16 AM). So the energy is deep. Personalities come forth strongly as do emotions. And, if you have been feeling under the weather lately, there is a chance for energy restoration under this sky.

Black Moon Lilith is also involved in this mini-trine. She sits at about 12 degrees Scorpio in sextile to both Sun and Pluto as the Moon passes through. There is a certain primordial push toward fierceness that can be either used for self-empowerment and that ability to rightfully stand up for yourself OR a strong desire toward vengeance and bloodshed (the lower more visceral call of BML). A mild after affect of this is a very strong hunger. Appetites are growling. There is a desire for transparency, nakedness and, of course, freedom from oppression and a dictum that places restriction upon us in the form of expectation or roles merely due gender, race or what have you. What is begging to emerge here is the raw personification of your highest and most powerful energies. Use that instead of being used by it. Lilith is wild and she is calling you to remember and use the wildness within yourself to be untamed and brave against oppressive forces without allowing their subservient techniques to steer us toward wasting our beautiful anger on acts of vengeance and bloodshed which becomes merely a reflection of the oppressive power to begin with. But, instead, to rise and thrive over and above that making zero excuse for our innate powerfulness and our right to use it.

The highest expression of Sun trine Pluto is a survivalist mentality. Coming from the signs of Virgo and Capricorn, this mixture comes with a deep connection to the element of Earth. We take that survivalist nature and make it responsible and practical. We are can be willing to roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty dealing with the matters of our lives both internally and externally. The negative end of this swings toward paranoia and being severely cutting or critical. Also, Pluto's nature on the negative end can abuse power. Of course, the higher expression packs endurance and fortitude. A sense of “can do” and personal empowerment. There is also a strong sense of accountability and self-control accessible here. But, do watch for snakes (those wily slithering souls who wish to lure you with temptation or hypnotize you into servitude). There is potential for the power of Pluto to be used as both temptation and subservient persuasion throughout the week...particularly as Venus waxes into square with him on the 11th. There is also a chance for bereavement and memorial under this week's sky and the Universal energy supports healthy exploration of both these concepts as well as preparations made or partaking in harvest. Keep your motivations and intentions above board and true and you can use this energy to push you forward on your path. Resourcefulness. A concern for the world at large and a deep desire to help or do your part when you can will carry you quite far. When a sea of snakes emerges use the energies of this sky to charm them instead of being lured by their hissing false promises.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

This morning, the Sun/Pluto trine is still emitting power but waning as Venus in Libra is grounded by a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius (7:35 AM). This is staring down the long and winding road and being willing to do the work it takes to get what you want within a strong set of personal values that is comfortable with a sense of delayed gratification. What is worthy is earned not merely gifted. Venus in aspect to Saturn realizes this. She is patient. Responsible. Accountable. All grown up and willing to work together in an effort to establish a more sturdy and reliable world structure. Negotiation wins out over argument. Lean into trusted relationships which have proven their loyalty. Blessing is achieved through integrity and honesty. We are strongly nestled in a gentle sense of self-worth and reliability. We are willing to do the work needed to get us where we want to go.
By 7:47 AM, our still active Scorpio Moon trines Chiron in Pisces. We can feel the collective hurt, addiction and mourning astutely. Then, by noon, the Scorpio Moon begins dancing with Mercury Rx in Virgo who is inclined to quietly contemplate how to prevent more hurt, illness and addiction in the future as well as how to address that which is widely obvious now. I'll give you a hint. The most effective cure begins on the inside. Heal thyself, first.

Getting down to the nitty gritty and assessing the most effective cures is again highlighted by a Scorpio Moon sextile to Jupiter in Virgo at 8:44 PM. This, my friends, is the LAST lunar aspect to Jupiter in Virgo that we will have for the next, oh, 12 years or so. Jupiter enters Libra early on the morning of the 9th. So, we are also called to incorporate all the lessons Jupiter has taught us during her trek through Virgo into our emotional/intuitive systems. We should have learned practicality. Where we can best serve. How to appreciate the small and the minute. How to find pleasure in the simple and mundane. How to put ego behind us as week seek collective cures instead of seeking blame. How to fix instead of lament over broken things. How to be resourceful and mindful of the future harvest. Following this, our Universal syllabus changes. We enter the schooling of Libra where the higher lessons of Jupiter in Virgo are built upon. Did you pass Virgo school? If not, there is a still a bit of time for review. But...just a bit.
Following the sextile with Jupiter, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 9:21 PM (so...not even an hour in Void status).

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ah, what can be said about a Sagittarius Moon these days? Other than it comes with a mixed bag of pranks. Our Moon's ruler sits at the very end of Virgo preparing to switch signs. If you'll remember, we had a conjunction of Mercury and Venus upon this degree just previous to the New Moon Eclipse in Virgo last week. That called for us to make assess priority quickly and pushed out of routine momentarily. I expect the crossing of Jupiter here to be no different. A challenge wrapped up in a final exam from Virgo...most likely. So, keep the need for effective triage in the back of your mind when/if the unexpected happens (which is likely during eclipse season anyway...with or without Jupiter exiting Virgo). Remember, look to the fix instead of searching for blame.

This morning, the Sagittarius Moon is free from aspect but spends the day waxing into the tight, TIGHT square between Saturn and Neptune. What is real? What is solid? Have we fallen in quick sand? She meets “solid and sober” Saturn by conjunction at 6:08 PM. Then, she is dissolved by a square to Neptune at 6:21 PM. Reality and fantasy mix. We can feel the Earth like shifting sands under our feet which means we should make each step forward consciously while allowing the ways in which we unwittingly usurp or block ourselves melt away. Sure, it is uncertain. But, so is just about everything in it's early stages. There is opportunity for molding and re-shaping here if you can work between and with the elements of the real and unreal. Imaginary and concrete. Yes, the highest expression of this energy comes by way of bringing dreams to fruition. Yet, by square, the energy is harsh and not exactly taken on by choice but forced upon us. Just remember, you maintain the ability to direct your choices and dictate your own perspective. Use that. Your ability to work within the uncertain and maintain a sense of optimism within that uncertainty will be challenged here.

The Moon does find comfort and a bit of reprieve after she emerges from this metaphorically creative clay or quick sand (depending upon your perspective) with a sextile to lovely Venus in Libra at 9:55 PM. There is room for relaxation and socialization here. There is opportunity to make a new friend or lean into valued connections in our evening hours. The atmosphere lightens just enough so that we can relax however we choose.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Early this morning (7:19 AM) Jupiter makes his big shift into Libra. How well do you know Libra? We are about to find out. Blessed be the peacemakers. Yes. Also, blessed be those well schooled in the art of negotiation, decorum and compromise. Blessed by our friendships and trusted connections within the outside world. We will learn through our relationships, benefit from the ability to be fair and just, be blessed for our ability to be polite and operate with a sense of social restraint. We will be given opportunity to procrastinate which is divine timing in disguise. We will learn that putting glitter on a turd is just making a piece of shit shiny and not making it more valuable. We will learn about the different masks we wear and why. We will hear of unfairness and the lamenting of the same. We will learn that the concept of “fairness” and “justice” differs from person to person. We will learn the value of balance and enhance our ability to stand in the shoe of the other for added perspective. We will learn that sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence because it has been fertilized with a lot of bullshit. We will learn the art of debate and benefit more by being accountable for our actions and the impact of those upon others and upon our relationships. We will learn we are not alone in this world and make connections that will serve us wisely in our future. Relationships already on fertile soil are poised to flourish and generosity will certainly come into vogue. Even with all that said, there is much more to learn from the sign of Libra. Both good and not so good. Libra is, after all, a double edged sword. But, this is the Jupiter we know more so than he was in Virgo. In Libra he is a a mixture of Venus, the element of Air and himself...gentler, more accommodating, seeking peace and pleasure more than wallow; but, indeed, there will be challenges. Sometimes the weighing of the scales is a dispassionate and dry affair. Right is right and SLICE goes the sword. You wanted fair and here you it or not...

Just as Jupiter enters Libra we encounter the challenge of our First Quarter Moon (7:50 AM) extending between the mutable signs of Sagittarius (Moon) and Virgo (Sun) at 17 degrees mutable. A sense of balance comes in handy when circumstance brings forth shifting. Realize where your life is lopsided and even it out.
By midday (11:12 AM) the Moon is in a motivational conjunction with Mars in Sagittarius. Keep aiming for the high road and pace yourself. We are in the midst of the marathon now and positioned to soon catch a second wind through a waxing trine with Mars to Uranus. Hold true the course and keep climbing. I know the top of the mountain seems very far away. But, keep the view at the top in mind to help pull you forward. You can do it.

Mercury Rx in Virgo crosses sideways through the path of Uranus in Aries at 2:59 PM. Inspiration or upset of routine are both possible. Meanwhile, the Moon squares off with Chiron at 7:35 PM and Mercury at 8:27 PM creating a very uncertain mutable t-square that finds outlet in the sign of Gemini. You know nothing. Keep studying. Seek answers and solution from deeply within because the medicine needed will vary from individual to individual. Yes. Mercury is waxing into another standoff with Chiron bringing the potential of damaging weather, sickness, exacerbation of mental illness, influence of denial or addiction OR the ability to deeply dig into our ability to cure ourselves and in turn share our newly fostered coping mechanisms with the world. There is no room for denial here. It calls for severe self-honesty and there are many who are afraid of that. Don't be one of them.
Things do brighten significantly following this mush up mutable t-square with a lunar trine to Uranus at 8:52 PM. Yeah, don't be afraid to try something new. Be willing to incorporate change into your life that will broaden your horizons. Experiment with new coping mechanisms and free yourself from being beholden to the box you or someone else normally puts you in. Dare to be unique and proactive while also being astutely aware of your personal triggers and how you deal with the same being tripped.
Following the trine with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn in the morning (8:56 AM). Mercury officially opposes Chiron under the Void Sagittarius Moon at 7:52 AM.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

This morning the Moon wakes up in Capricorn just before her current ruler is tossed into the sea. Saturn squares off with Neptune at 9:01 AM. You had a plan this morning. What happened? Hey? Where'd the road go? It seems to have washed out or disappeared into the fog. Did I really just see that? How is that even possible? Yeah. It's a lot like that. There is also room for dreams (or nightmares) to manifest in reality. In your hands. Solid. As foreboding as this aspect pattern has been it is also malleable. Able to be used toward beneficial means. Create something real. Use the powers of your imagination to build a stronger foundation under your tomorrow. Pack empathy with you on your journeys. Dream for a purpose. Pray for a cause. Dissolve and/or take control of addictions and the ways in which you may unwittingly block yourself. Face and dis-empower your fears. May your compassion and empathy be boundaried by common sense and a sense of generous leadership. Stop enabling. However, support for someone in rough seas and enabling someone to walk out of denial/delusion or grief is largely welcomed. Let your harsh edges be softened, though. Withered by the softness and gentleness that somehow still manages to thrive in a largely unkind world. Be the leader, the journeyman who can guide with gentleness and strength instead of the one who leads others astray or forces them into servitude. Look for veils of transparency to open around matters of business, politics, education, foreign affairs, world travel and events. Realize that disillusionment means now you have the truth. You can use this.

Shortly following the perfection of the Saturn/Neptune square, the Moon finds Jupiter in Libra for the very first time in a long square at 9:23 AM. Industry (Capricorn Moon) meets what appears to be lackadaisical (Jupiter in Libra). Be careful how you judge here. The highest use of this square comes by way of something that looks like a boss who calls in trusted advisors as council. Reaching to balance the scales in a responsible and disciplined manner. Allowing yourself to see things from the perspective of the other person. Not sneering down your nose at others you perceive as not doing their part. Hell. You could gosh...RELAX a little under all this mush if you wanted. Release (Neptune) responsibility (Saturn) and make a job (Capricorn Moon) out of taking it a little easy and enjoying some down time (Jupiter in Libra) if you tried. The soup is there. It's up to you to stir know, in between eclipses and stuff. In your spare time. HA!

And, stir you should as the soup in that pot is due to thicken through tonight and into tomorrow. Pluto will have a thing or two to do with that. Rest assured. Overnight, Venus is lured by Pluto via square at 3:44 AM. Desire runs deep. Romantic skeletons fall out of the closet. Old loves rise from the dead. Or, you know, you sneak into the kitchen and make a secret midnight snack of out of the leftover Devil's Food cake. Giminy Christmas first days of Libra School and already Venus is sneaking out the window in the middle of the night to meet up with slim shady ne'er do well. Tsk...tsk...what types of shameful pleasures do you find yourself yearning for? What compromises to your integrity and values are you willing to make to get them? Maybe we should all be asking ourselves that tonight.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Due the date, alone, today will have memorials and remembrances in the United States. However, through planetary energies, there will also be an inclination toward this that encompasses the world for different reasons. Could be personal reasons. Could be global reasons. But, there is a sense of yearning and a stir of echoes that has permeated this week and met with strong punctuation as Venus perfected in square to Pluto last night. Within that, matters of relationship (beneficial or poor) were highlighted. The people we care about. Our enemies. Those we interact with in all areas. AND, all those who have passed by us by way of relationship in the past be they dead or dismissed...loved or despised. Accentuated in some shape or form. The point being, in all of it, to learn. To learn justice. To learn fairness. To learn...and this is the big one, cause and effect. As well as action and consequence.
Today, we are more inclined to mourn and lament what has been lost and in some cases, this will cause a clinginess toward the things that remain. Almost like a separation anxiety. In some cases, we may run into old lovers. Again. We are learning FROM relationships past, presents and so forth. Keep that in mind in any such encounter. What can you learn from the relationship itself? About yourself?About how you interact with others? About how you differentiate between friend and foe? And, how that subsequently affects your world. It's not always that your soul mate from another life is returning to you. Sometimes, it's something completely different.

Our Capricorn Moon is sensitive and perhaps a little emotional this morning as she wakes up under sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Waking up is slow, most certainly. By midday, our Capricorn Moon is fully awake and empowered through a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn (1:37 PM) while also subsequently squaring Venus in Libra (2:41 PM). Here, there be a pit of slithering snakes. In such instance, be the wise snake charmer.
By 10:37 PM the Moon dances lightly with the Sun in Virgo by trine. The ground under our feet solidifies. A hearty harvest brings forth a bountiful meal. The efforts of true and earnest labor pay off and with clear conscience we lay our heads down for a solid nights rest. And, might I suggest going to bed with the chickens because they will be clucking to wake you up early in the morning as our Capricorn Moon squares off with Uranus at 6:01 AM. Indeed. Lean into the accessible grounding of the Earth energy tonight. You are going to need it in the morning.