Morning Star: Astrology for the week of August 8 to August 14, 2016

Monday, August 8, 2016

This morning, we wake up under a still active Libra Moon. Not much is happening other than an opposition from the Moon to Uranus at 1:42 PM. This can produce an underlying feeling of anxiety for most of the day. On the worst end, it could cause friction by way of difference of opinion as Moon in Libra and Uranus in Aries don't really have much in common. The key to this is, of course, balance. Maintaining a sense of independence and freedom of expression within your relationships is important. Shooting for this balances the polarity of the sky.

Following the opposition with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at midnight.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

This morning is fairly easy and relaxed as the Scorpio Moon starts the day with an easy sextile to Venus in Leo at 10:45 AM. Moods are quiet, gentle and introspective for the most part. By noon, the mood relaxes even more and the water flow increases with a trine from the Moon to Neptune at 11:39 PM.

Today is earmarked for going with the flow and deeply assessing personal desires. The veil of Neptune waxes in just in time to snuggle us to sleep.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The subdued feeling of yesterday continues today as the Moon makes gentle aspect to both Mercury (6:48 AM) and Pluto in Capricorn (8:06 AM). The introspection deepens due this sexy and intelligent mini-trine. The negative swing of this, of course, is paranoia. However, the positive is deeply focused to a fine pin point as if we are gifted temporarily with X-ray vision able to see problems from the skeleton out.
Tension does find us under the First Quarter Moon that perfects between the signs of Leo and Scorpio at 2:22 PM. This is a “keep your secrets to yourself” type of aspect. Scorpio Moon has been digging around in the closet and found a few valuable trinkets in there. She doesn't need the boastful Leo Sun showing her hand before she is ready. As a matter of fact, blurting secrets before they are due or giving away your game plan before it's time to execute are downfalls of this energy. Hold your cards close to your chest for now. I know you might be excited about your next move; but, shh...put your poker face back on until the time is just right.

By 7:22 PM Mercury is in a full blown trine with Pluto in Capricorn. Thoughts run deep and focus is enhanced. Dig deeply into the details of the task ahead of you. Many double check their evil plan to take over the world. Curse words roll from the tongue in long colorful soliloquy...but listen closely, these are likely muttered softly under one's breath. This isn't an out loud chattery aspect. It's quiet. The brain spins in depth and detail. Thoughts are introspective. Folks are hesitant to share unless in quiet corners with those they trust the best.
By 1:23 AM the mood lightens just a bit and practicality and a sense of gentle humility enters the equation as the Moon waxes into sextile with Jupiter in Virgo. Dreams likely pack rich symbolism throughout the week. Pay attention and jot down what you remember if you can.
Following a trine with Chiron at 2:13 AM, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius tomorrow at 1:26 PM.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

This morning the Moon is Void until early afternoon. We toil and muddle through dispassionately. Time clicks slowly by.

As the Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:26 PM, the mood becomes lightened and more animated. By 9:06 PM the Moon is conjunct Mars. If the night is clear, you may see the little larger than a quarter of a Moon snuggled up to the shiny orange planet. With thoughts still running deep with Mercury in Virgo yet within orb of a trine to Pluto, this aspect could be the motivational push forward we have been looking for. Emotional momentum begins here as we desire to move forward with our plans. It's not that conducive of sleep, though. This could turn into a burning the midnight oil type of thing. It can be had to settle Moon/Mars down enough to rest. Plus, the Moon is also waxing into an uncomfortable square with Venus in Virgo (6:00 AM) who is likely reminding us that are plans are too broad and we aren't being mindful enough of the details. We've packed too much to be practical. To balance this all out, check details and rectify when necessary.

The week has mostly clicked by with only a few hiccups. However, from tonight forward, the energy in the sky begins to tighten and intensify. Tomorrow, Jupiter opposes Chiron. Then on the 13th, Saturn stations direct in Sagittarius. By the weekend, resources could be stretched tight and a feeling of loneliness and self-criticism could wax in as Venus squares Saturn who is vibrating strong as he continues to change direction.

Jupiter opposite Chiron is not typically a pretty thing. In my area, I've seen it playing out in delayed school openings due to various construction issues. Plus, this summer's flooding (Pisces) in my neck of the woods has resulted in several schools (Jupiter) being declared unusable total losses (Chiron). Previous oppositions of the two brought up chemical spills into our water resources; Ebola and Zika awareness; flooding and severe weather damage. From Virgo's position, Jupiter has also shone his spotlight on things like religious and political division, racism, sexism and all the secret and denied sicknesses of our collective culture. I expect this event to be no different. The main thing with this is A) protect yourself by increasing barriers of protection either physically, emotionally or psychically. B) look for cause and solution of whatever problems are emerging instead of attempting to place blame and C) look for the true point...the lesson you can glean from the potential pain/sickness.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Early this morning, we are met with the uncomfortable square from the Sagittarius Moon to Venus in Virgo that reminds us to be practical and mindful of detail. From here, the Moon moves on to a sobering and grouchy conjunction with Saturn who is now officially stationed to turn direct. At times, it could feel as if we are on a journey of many miles while carrying a load of concrete on our shoulders. The mood is quite heavy and the path ahead of us feels extraordinarily long due this. Set a realistic pace and tempo. Try not to put too much pressure to rush on yourself. Slow and diligent works best.
Just before noon, the solid ground beneath our feet becomes a little mushy as the Moon squares off with Neptune in Pisces. The waves rise. Exhaustion likely settles in and emotionality becomes markedly increased. Sounds a lot like naptime to me. But, without a chance to rest, many will be fatigued and sensitive.

All through the day, there is potential for national or global headlines to include tales of Chiron in Pisces. We could also see this play out in our personal lives as pain and sickness we have denied, escaped or ignored falls under the spotlight of Jupiter as he opposes Chiron at 7:57 PM. Nurse your sickness. Acknowledge and honor your pain. Step up your anti-germ combat tactics and shore your boundaries. This might get a little messy on both a personal and collective level.

Overnight, the Moon in Sagittarius creates a potentially headache inducing square with Mercury in Virgo at 1:01 AM. The Moon is waxing to fat, minds are busy and there is an air of illness about. Sleep and the ability to rest become more and more elusive.
Saturn officially stations direct at 4:59 AM on 9 Sagittarius 47.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Initially, this morning offers a bit of relief as the Moon in Sagittarius waxes into trine with the Sun in Leo early (7:07 AM). The main problem, though (aside from the collective likely still dealing with the fall out of Jupiter/Chiron) is Venus locked in square to stationed and powerful Saturn in Sagittarius.

The key with this is to lean into that which is solid. Venus in square to Saturn is not easy but when used maturely it is wonderfully reliable and stable. There may not be a lot of fat to trim, but what is present is trustworthy. The call here is to be resourceful. Look to what you have less than looking at what you lack. Work to secure what you value. Pay homage to the simple blessings and deliver gratitude to what is steadfast and reliable in your life. Be faithful to what matters. And, hold on. Cherish the tried true and admire antiquity. Know this isn't a day for extravagant abundance. Loneliness and disappointment could be a thing as well as a tendency to be overly critical and a little needy. Balance that out with responsibility, reliability and diligent patience. Sometimes the best reward is the one that you really have to work for. This is likely one of those times.

By early afternoon, the Moon is in a painful and hollow square with Chiron in Pisces (1:19 PM). At around the same time, though, the Moon also trines Uranus (1:30 PM). This energy can play off of Venus square Saturn. We feel as if we cannot get enough and our desires are overlooked or shunned by the powers that be in the Universe. However, the trine to Uranus can help us break through and rise above some of that. Lifting us to higher perspective that can stare down that future road and see how may just be able to “get there” with a little more grunt and initiative. However, while Venus square Saturn calls for patience and diligence, Moon trine Uranus does not. It is not very patient and as a result can be selfish and impatient at its worst. The key, though, is to visualize the long haul and use the Uranus trine as inspiration to keep diligently plugging forward one well intended step at a time.
The step by step initiative continues as the Moon squares practical and detail oriented Jupiter in Virgo at 1:38 PM. From here, the Moon is Void and we ploddingly toil forward the rest of the evening. The Moon reactivates in Capricorn just after midnight.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

This morning, we wake up under the solid, grounded and responsible Capricorn Moon as Venus melts under an opposition to Neptune at 1:04 PM. What was so cumbersome or solid under Venus/Saturn is soggy and questionable today. Even though we may be emotionally inclined to be productive, we are quite washed up otherwise. Potentially lazy, sleepy or lacking ambition.

By 9:15 PM (after a day of what may have felt like wading through mud already) the Moon meets Neptune by sextile (9:15 PM) and Venus by trine (10:08 PM). It's time to give in to this washed out feeling and relax. Don't beat yourself up for what you didn't accomplish. Sometimes relaxing and restoring is an important job. And, today is strongly calling you to do that. Accomplishment doesn't come easy. So, if you managed to bring something to fruition, acknowledge your accomplishment. But, for now, lay down your to-do list, turn on the radio and have a drink. Relax.