Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 17 to July 24, 2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016

This morning, the Moon in Sagittarius creates a fire trine with Uranus at 4:58 AM. Overlaying this we have a water trine created between the Sun in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. The Moon squares Chiron at 6:11 AM and enters Void status until entering Capricorn at 3:34 PM. Yet, the water trine hangs with us for the majority of the day.

Heal. Rest. Restore. That is the main call. Cancer Sun calls for self-nurturing. Mars in Scorpio is asking us to stop so our energetic stores can be replenished. Chiron in Pisces says you have not been resting well. So, it's time to start.
Of course this may be difficult. The Moon is getting fatter by the minute and some folks find it hard to simmer down long enough to rest when she is in this condition. However, under the VOC Moon, we may find opportunity for just that.

As the Moon enters Capricorn this evening, it's a good idea to plot out the week ahead. Meaning, prepare ahead of time as much as you can. For me, this includes buying/preparing food for the week ahead. Making sure I have clean clothes to wear to work. Penciling in reminders in my schedule. Stuff like that. It seriously comes in handy when things get chaotic within the week itself. So, tonight offers wonderful opportunity to get prepared.

Monday, July 18, 2016

I need to go to work. However, I do not want to go to work. That is the feel that I'm getting from the Moon in Capricorn at an inconjunct to both Mercury and Venus in Leo. It's fleeting. But, it's also Monday. So, partially par for the course.
By midday, the Moon in Capricorn is softened and subdued due a sextile to Neptune in Pisces (1:37 PM). By nightfall, though, we find her steeped in a conjunction with Pluto (9:26 PM). This can be a marker for paranoia, obsession, power struggles and subservient emotional control/manipulation tactics. Threats, even. Or someone so obsessed with the fume of their own power that they abuse others with it knowingly or not. The highest use is deeply rooted integrity, strong use of personal authority, fearlessness in the face of fear, staring down personal demons and resisting temptation catalyzed toward greed, power lust and a dark yearning to control others. Nightmares are also possible here. Yet, even our nightmares can tell us quite a bit about the hidden fears that linger in our psyche. Learn from them more than you fear them.

At 2:28 AM, Mercury in Leo is simmered down and gains a bit of maturity through a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. If you did have a nightmare or a stirring dream, jot it down. Record (Mercury/Saturn) for later study. Also know that this energy hangs with us through tomorrow. Be properly assertive in speaking your opinion but remain responsible for the impact of what you say. There are plenty of grown up issues to address out there so address them like a grown up instead of a screaming spoiled child.
In our early morning, the Moon meets her Earthy companion Jupiter in Virgo by trine. It's time to get down to business. Expanded Earth energy says our benefit lies in being grounded and practical. It calls for us to model emotional maturity and responsibility. It does not call for us to preach about how everybody else is doing everything wrong. It calls for personal awareness of what kind of modeling you are portraying in your own life moreso than a nitpicking or bossing around of others. Plus, there is a call to productivity here. Farmers often rise with the chickens. Many of us will be inclined to do the same tomorrow morning...if we manage to get to sleep under this heightened lunar energy to begin with. This is also where our preparations for the week made on Sunday begin to bless us. Both Jupiter and Virgo love being prepared. And, you may be glad that you are too, at this point. Remember it is a humble rising under Jupiter in Virgo, though.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ok. So, thankfully today starts off grounded. We are going to want to hold on to that. The opportunity comes through a trine early this morning with the Moon in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo as I mentioned at the end of yesterday's write up.
However, by midday, the nearly Full Moon is poked and catalyzed by a square to Uranus in Aries. Let us not forget about the potential of instant regret due to impulsive or erratic action. Know, though, that adrenaline will likely rise causing us to feel anxious or unsettled. Anxiety and nervousness and a feeling of being “on edge” are likely. Breathe through it. Rise above the chaos for a better view of the situation and think things through before you respond. And, I do mean respond instead of reacting. That is the higher pole of this square. Know that many will become reactive instead of opting to rise above because they are unaware of what is happening. You know, though. So be accountable for your own actions in the face of someone else potentially popping their cork. Self-control here is essential but teeth grittingly hard to achieve at times.

Yet, the potential remorse for not doing so comes on quickly as the Moon finds Chiron by sextile just an hour later (2:09). She also meets Mars in Scorpio by sextile at 3:13 PM. This creates a kite in the sky. A wonderful enveloping of protection nearly like a divine safety net that wraps of the gentle loving care of the water trine with Sun, Mars and Chiron and tops it with responsible leadership energy.
At 6:58 PM, our Full Moon in Capricorn POPS at 27 Cap/Cancer 40.
SUN AT 28 CANCER: Indian girl introduces college boyfriend to her tribe. The human soul as intercessor between primordial natural forces and the intellectual order. Self-integration. Linkage.
MOON AT 28 CAPRICORN: The aviary of a rural mansion filled with singing birds. Enhancement of personality by familiarity with spiritual values. Joying in the significance of things; or mental confusion.
There is a bit of a challenge to the concept of tradition here. It is quite obvious that the methods of handling stand offs in the past are not working. We have not been taught, really, how to diffuse or extinguish conflict. Peaceful conflict resolution is not a course they teach in school. But, wow...wouldn't that come in handy?

The reason I mention standoff is because we have opposition under a Full Moon. When there are oppositions in the sky, there is a literal standoff between polar opposite signs in the zodiac. The key to rectifying this is balance while aiming for the higher expression of each polarity. In this instance, what we want to do is pull out the best version of our inner parents. The high end of Sun in Cancer is sensitive, nurturing and intuitive. The low end is manipulative, moody and perhaps even codependent. The high end of Moon in Capricorn is integrity, emotional maturity and personal accountability. The low end is attempting to control the emotions of others or dictating how someone should feel and, of course, abuses of power or influence due a subservient agenda.
As this Full Moon perfects the POP will likely be palpable. As if someone hit a release valve on the emotional body. You may not realize how wound up you've been for the last few days before now. But, this orgasmic energetic pop that deflates the balloon of tension will show you exactly how wound up your emotional system has been. Breathe out and allow the deflation to occur. Release...release...release.
Following the perfection of the Full Moon, she is Void until entering Aquarius at 11:12 PM.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This morning we wake under an Aquarius Moon. Emotional detachment and an ability to bear in mind the mood of the collective is upon us. High functioning emotional intelligence is at our disposal. However, we don't want to allow that to veer toward ice cold. We still want to care; we just do not want to be overly affected with illogical emotionality. We want meaning for our feels. But, we do cool off here a bit.
Venus also gets a little settled and grown up with a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius at 9:20 AM. I love grown up love. And this trine brings maturity to matters of personal desire and accountability toward things we value. Plus, it brings a little patience and diligence to the process of getting what we want. It's stable, responsible and reliable.

That stable reliability finds our emotional bodies, too, as the Moon sextiles Saturn at 5:36 PM and subsequently opposes Venus in Leo at 6:27 PM. Aquarius and Sagittarius get along just fine for the most part. This eases the tension (along with Venus' trine to Saturn) across the polarity of the opposition. We must compare how our personal set of values compares to that of the collective. We will see how we differ but can also find commonality. We are reminded that it is not always about what is best for “me.” No person is an island and we should all recognize what role we play within the collective. This helps to balance the needs of the many against the desires of a few (or just you). Hopefully, a well balanced compromise can be reached when we all maintain a cool head and responsible heart in the negotiations.
At midnight, the Moon also opposes Mercury in Leo. Both are still within orb of Saturn which settles things to a degree that opinions and view points can be shared in a way that folks don't necessarily take it as a personal attack. Every voice matters. Collecting them and analyzing them for a common theme/solution would be the forte of the Aquarian Moon. We are socially conscious here and honestly looking for a solution that fits in regard for the betterment of society rather than just pounding away at a personal agenda.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

This morning is without major aspect allowing us to study/contemplate the details of the information exchanged over night. By early evening, the Moon meets Uranus in Aries by sextile and a “EUREKA!” like solution to the problems we've been mulling over may appear.

Yet, by 9:57 PM, our Aquarian Moon squares off with powerful Mars in Scorpio. No. The answer is not to kill all who oppose us, says our logical and peace-loving Vulcan-like Moon. There is no need to go to extremes. However, planets in Scorpio often miss this. For Mars, here, the options are typically kill or be killed. Our first go to may be to fight fire with fire. But, here we are called to fight fire with ice. Remain cool and continue to disallow this from feeling personal. Folks are likely impatient and hungry for satiation under this square. Don't fall prey to that. Don't let your passion control you. You are the boss of it. There is also a chance for ambiguity and there may be trouble really “getting into” whatever task you have ahead of you. In harsh aspect, we need to pull upon the Eagle foresight of Mars in Scorpio and the predictive, analytical and heightened emotional maturity of the Moon in Aquarius to balance it out. The negative end of this has us loosing all compassion and concern for the collective as a whole and my prompt violent outbursts. I know which pole I'd rather reach for. I've seen enough violent lashing out. I'm ready to move toward conflict resolution and violence diffusion. That would be new. I'll take some of that. Who's with me?

Following the square with Mars, the Moon reaches Void status until entering Pisces at 4:37 AM tomorrow. And, by the way, this is the last official day of Cancer season. The Sun moves into Leo bright and early tomorrow (5:31 AM).

Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy birthday, Leo! Today the Sun has exited the Cardinal Waters of Cancer and entered the Fixed Fire realm of Leo. I typically delight in Leo energy. I love big cats almost as much as I love cows (Taurus). Thankfully, I'm surrounded by a lot of both since I have neither emphasized in my natal chart.
Today the atmosphere may feel a little lighter and more playful than previous days. With the Sun in Creative Leo and the Moon in Sensitive and Imaginative Pisces, it would be a great day for fantastical entertainment. Movies. Play therapy. Coloring books. Art/Music venues and the like.
Of course a mixture of Leo and Pisces can also produce a type of “whiny child” syndrome. Maybe we could all use a good nap. Either way the sky is bent toward play and leisure more than productivity today.

However, later tonight, the Pisces Moon is chastised and perhaps a little depressed under a square from Saturn in Sagittarius. Don't shame yourself over a lack of productivity. Having fun and leaning into personal care are just as much your responsibility as balancing your check book. Thankfully the Moon also meets Neptune by conjunction around midnight. We can forget about the self-chastising and sink into sleeping it off. Though, yes, things could be a little watery and emotional at this point. You need to sleep on it.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

This morning there is a good chance we wake up feeling more sturdy and perhaps a bit empowered through a sextile from the Moon in Pisces to Pluto in Capricorn at 8:09 AM. This is nice supportive energy. Just the right mixture of Earth and Water to produce tangible solid results. Working on building the products of our dreams or bringing ideals into concrete realistic form is indicated. It does have depth though. Are products are the result of some deep soul searching. Which definitely isn't a bad thing. There are gems deep within your psyche hidden more obscurely than...whatever the most powerful yet elusive Pokemon is.

By 4:26 PM the Moon meets Jupiter in Virgo by opposition. With Moon in Pisces, emotions can be chaotic. We are sensitive and at times widely susceptible to the emotional states we surround ourselves with. However, Virgo holds the medicine that Pisces needs. And, vice versa. Pisces brings compassion to Virgo's potential critical edge and Virgo brings the ability to triage and prioritize in the midst of chaos to Pisces. It's a nice mix, in my opinion. Boundaries and a bit of humility in service mixed with compassion for your fellow man is a nix concoction. The only caution? Don't allow Jupiter to blow your emotional system out of proportion. Par it down. Keep it simple. Remain practical.
By nearly midnight, the Moon sinks into a potentially remorseful conjunction with Chiron in Pisces. If we became too inflated under Moon/Jupiter we may feel the regret of that now. It's ok. There will be opportunity to learn from the experience and build better coping mechanisms for the next time a similar situation rolls around.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Early this morning (3:08 AM) the Moon entered a water trine with Mars in Scorpio just after leaving her conjunction with Chiron. This kick starts a bit of motivation. And, yes, Mars is picking up speed now. He is nearly 4 degrees away from his retrograde station! This, my friends, is progress.
The Moon is Void following this trine and our motivations simmer while we slowly wake up. Then, it returns when the Moon enters Aries at 8:34 AM.

From here, the Moon lights up beautiful fire trines with her fellow fire planets. The trine with the Leo Sun comes first at 12:18 PM. Then, there is a grounded and focused trine with Saturn that waxes in in our overnight hours. Remember, with Leo we are aiming for a warm generous glow not an overly blazing one that demands the whole stage for oneself. But, with all the fire crackling in the air it is a good day for motion and movement. It's been awhile. Expend this on work or fun. Sports (backyard croquet? Volleyball? Friendly neighborhood softball game?) are highlighted as well as jovial activity. Yeah. Get ya some of that! And, definitely share the playfulness potential of today generously.