Morning Star: Astrology for the Week of May 22 to May 28, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016

It is official! By the time you read this, Mercury will have turned direct (9:15 AM) in Taurus. We are down to 3 retrograde planets (from the previous 5). The Sun did oppose one of our remaining retrograde planets, Mars, this morning at 7:17 AM. This week, Mars Rx will leave Sagittarius and re-enter Scorpio...our physical drive will deepen significantly and things may turn quite dark for awhile under that movement. We shall talk about that more in the days that follow.
For today, we are still sailing a bit on the high (though seemingly anti-climactic for some) of last night's First Full Moon in Sagittarius. If you could see it, you should have also been able to see Saturn and Mars very near her. You will continue to be able to see Mars close to the Moon for a couple of nights. He glows quite distinctively orange, if you are looking. For Saturn, you may need binoculars. But, he can been seen close to the Moon for the next few nights as well. You'll recognize him by his disapproving scowl...

There is wonderful opportunity for an early evening nap as the Moon passes by Neptune in square at 2:21 PM. Yes, it's a big sloggy. A bit sleepy. Potentially emotional and sensitive. Napping is about the best option. Or, meditating, praying, soaking in a hot tub or steam bath, listening to soothing music or just carving out some quiet time.

By 5:31 PM we are more awake and alert under a square from the Gemini Moon to Jupiter in Virgo. It's time to address our task list flitting from chore to chore as we prepare for the incoming week. This is a good time for looking ahead at your week and making preparations for it. My incoming week is heavily scheduled due graduations, birthdays and all sorts of other social events (ahh...Gemini season much?). So, I'll likely use this time to make sure that my laundry is caught up, gifts are wrapped and making plans for accommodating the flux in my schedule. Some folks are fine with taking stuff like this day by day. However, my fixed Mercury in a fixed house in contact with a Venus in Virgo likes to plan in advance. If this is you, this square from the Moon to Jupiter can help you get all the details in order.
The Moon bumps right into Saturn by conjunction at 6:21 PM. This is can be quite depressive and stern. But, it can also bring essential grounding and pull us even further out of the fog created earlier in the day. It prompts us to wrap up our weekend chores and finish other responsibilities. It may also be excellent for gathering wood (Saturn) or yard debris to burn in a little backyard pit after dark. Remember to be a responsible warden of your flames both literally and metaphorically.

Monday, May 23, 2016

This morning, the Moon is still active in Sagittarius. She is working her way toward a trine with Uranus at midday (11:38 AM), which may catalyze a taste for adventure, exploration of new territory or just a desire for doing something out of the ordinary.

From here, the Moon moves on to square Chiron at 3:22 PM. This is kinda “ouchy” and there is a chance that triggers could be tripped. However, following this dull gong, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 1:34 AM tonight. Due this, the emotional body becomes less reactive in our evening hours. It doesn't mean the evening is uneventful. It just means we are not as emotionally engaged. It is good for puttering....and I'm hoping it makes watching your last kid graduate from high school a little less tear jerking...since that is what my husband and I will be doing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This morning, the emotional body is settled and stern under an active Capricorn Moon. However, our hearts are all a-flutter as Venus saunters out of Taurus and flits into Gemini at 5:45 AM. I like Venus in Gemini due her lightness of being here. She is rather charming here. She can appear fickle. But, in truth, she finds delight in so many things it's hard for her to rest upon or settle on just one thing. She grows a sincere appreciation for friendship and is interested in skimming the surface of several topics...never sinking in too deeply. Though, this butterfly does risk getting her wings wet or wrinkled as she will eventually pass through the mutable t-square created by Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn in a couple of weeks. But, this is not a factor today. Today she stretches her wings and lets them dry in the Sun before flitting off to enjoy the ever changing environment.

By 10:39 PM, Venus is fired up a little due an opposition to Mars who is barely holding on to the beginning of Sagittarius. There is a bit of a polarization here that needs to be balanced out. It could cause friction between the sexes. Take that as you may...but if you balance it, it could create a spicy romantic spark...

By midnight, though, we are quite settled and ready to sleep under a sextile from the Capricorn Moon to Neptune. Snuggle up, buttercup. The Moon is waning and taking our previously heightened emotions with it. Meaning, those that had trouble sleeping under the Full Moon may finally get a good night's sleep tonight.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We likely slept under a vivid dreamscape last night as the Moon found Jupiter by trine at 3:40 AM and then found Mercury by the same at 5:35 AM. Perhaps we were so steeped in dream that we were actually talking in our sleep. Either way, if you can recall your night's adventures, there could be a message or two in there for you if the startle of the alarm clock waking you up doesn't chase them away.

Today, the Moon is still active in Capricorn and emotional states are due to grow heavy, perhaps a little suspicious and we could be prone to want to control the situation as the Moon finds Pluto by conjunction at 10:21 AM. This is quite an intense and serious feeling best used to continue dumping emotional garbage off at the curb instead of hanging on to it. For the most part, it's best to mind your own business but do be wary for emotional manipulation and potential abuses of power. We are handed the tools to blow such apart later in the day. But, the negative end of this Moon/Pluto conjunction is no light matter. On the positive end, we release demons and find the strength to break free from negative emotional attachments. But,'s pretty heavy no matter how you swing it. Responsibility weighs heavily upon our shoulders and the job ahead of us seems rather arduous.

Venus in Gemini is not going to understand this seriousness at all. And, there is a bit of a disconnect between our heart and emotions today. We have a desire to flit freely but it's hard to do under all this emotional weight. And, the emotional weight doesn't understand this desire to flit around either. So, there is a bit of angst that comes along with that. It's fairly easily resolved, though if you are ok with “Work now. Flit later.” It's not going to help that Jupiter and Saturn are inching closer and closer in square (due to perfect tomorrow)...there's just so much to do and plenty of pressure to perform! And authority figures are particularly pushy, which always makes my rebellious self just want to lay! But, my world one thing I've noted coming from this incoming square is advertisements telling my community to buckle up because there will be special task forces in place to make sure you are throughout this week and over the holiday weekend. So, yeah. Simple manifestation, but fits. The authorities are watching, taking notes and writing tickets so let's just be careful out there. Yeah, even you Venus in Gemini...I know you want to zip around in your little red sports car but remember to be careful if you are day tripping.

By 9:12 PM we have had quite enough of all this serious business and are likely to let it be known as the Moon squares off with Uranus. Enough! There is more to life than this! Eh, I don't really see a party occurring here but we may be more prone to engage in something a little bit more exciting than making sure the financial books are all in order. However, it is antsy and potentially impulsive. So, we could see a few unexpected emotional outbursts as well. Your best bet is to deliberately cast off the burdens of the day that have weighed you down and give yourself some room to breathe. It may be a bit too unsettled for a good night's sleep. But, then again, we may throw our temper tantrum and end up wearing ourselves out. Ya never know. Following a sextile with Chiron at midnight, the Moon is Void until entering Aquarius at 10:27 AM tomorrow.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

This morning, as the Moon is Void in Capricorn, Jupiter squares off with Saturn in Sagittarius. And, we are not likely to enjoy it much. Many are tired. Physically exhausted and this energy calls for us to dig deep and keep plowing at a time when we'd really just rather not. We muddle through most of the morning, cleaning up our task lists. Then, at 10:27 AM the Moon is reawakened and possibly even a bit refreshed in Aquarius.

Her first aspect is a sextile with Mars in Sagittarius at 11:04 AM. Meh, there's a little motivation there. But, if you are part of the generation with Neptune in early Sag or late Scorpio energy could be greatly diffused. Do what you can as you can while being ok with that. Yeah, your boss may be pressuring you but the Aquarius Moon doesn't really care. It's a Thursday that precedes a holiday weekend and many are ready for it. So, just smile and say “ok” and keep muddling until it gets here.
At 4:00 PM things lighten up rather nicely under a chatty and social trine from the Aquarius Moon to Venus in Gemini. Calls from friends discussing holiday plans are likely to start. It actually looks like a nice and breezy evening is in store. I'll take it! This air trine is followed by another carefree air trine between the Aquarius Moon and Gemini Sun at 10:00 PM. Can we practice celebrating the weekend now? I don't see any kind of rule against it! And, if there is, we can talk ourselves out of it. Mercury is direct. The wind is blowing. People are lightly chatty and social...enjoy!

Friday, May 27, 2016
Tis the eve of a holiday weekend. A holiday that beckons memorials. Which makes Mars finally leaving Sagittarius and diving back into Scorpio at 9:48 AM rather apropos. We are a little more focused and steady as the Aquarius Moon finds Saturn in Sagittarius by sextile at 11:33 AM.
However, there may be an unexpected twist in our schedule or a conflict of ideologies as the Moon squares off with Mercury in Taurus at 2:45 PM. Why can we not just teleport ourselves to the weekend? It seems like the final hours of Friday just drag...

Keep yourself busy. That time to quit siren will ring eventually and set us free!
I know there is a lot of “ugly” associated with Mars in Scorpio. However, I'm seriously hoping it brings a bit of restoration to physical energy...a regenerative type of thing. At any rate, I'm going to give that restorative potential a shot this weekend. Wouldn't be a bad idea for everyone. Rest. Restore. Regenerate. But, first, let's punch our time cards out and exit work week like we MEAN IT! K? Maybe, just maybe we can sweet talk our bosses into letting us do this early! We do have 2 charming Venus/Mercury contacts through Mercury in Taurus and Venus in Gemini...worst the boss could do is say “No”...right? But, chances are the boss is just as ready as we are for a break.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ahhh, the weekend has finally found us. And this morning we wake up to a sparkling sextile between the Aquarius Moon and her modern ruler, Uranus in Aries. We are so ready to break restrictive chains. We want our schedule wide open for freedom. There is a lot of air and just enough fire to help us jump start a few fun activities in earlier morning and evening hours.

However, by 4:19 PM, we meet with ambiguity and perhaps a bit of demotivation as the Moon squares off with Mars Rx in Scorpio. Hey...remember that chance at regeneration? Don't wear yourself to a frazzle with social activities and forget about it.
Following the square with Mars the Moon is Void until dipping into Pisces at 5:06 PM. Yep, it's time to slow down and rest. Not a darn thing wrong with that. Relax. Melt. Float. Take in some hydration to offset some of the windyness we've experienced under the active Aquarius Moon.