Morning Star: Astrology for the week of May 1 to May 7, 2016

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Early this morning, the Moon is Void as the Sun in Taurus meets Neptune in Pisces by sextile (8:01 AM). Just a few hours later, though, the Moon flickers back on in Pisces (10:34 AM). Hello, water-colored world. Today, the elements of Water and Earth mix in such a way that it produces a creative moldable clay. It is an excellent day for artistic ventures. Music venues. Going to the movies. Taking a nap. Relaxing and day dreaming. It's whimsical. Magical. Blurry. Wet. Perhaps even a big nostalgic due the retrogrades. In some cases, it can also be quite sensitive and emotive.

In my neck of the woods, it has been raining. So, the pollens in the area have been settled a bit helping to ease those affected by allergies. However, our systems are very sensitive under this sky. We could still battle a few allergic reactions particularly those that affect the's a great day to get a bad case of poison ivy, for example. If it is sunny where you are, you could lose track of the amount of time your skin is exposed to strength of the Sun and end up with a burn. Not many folks are going to be fully mentally engaged under this sky. So, my only caution is to just be careful while you are drifting around under this foggy haze. Otherwise, I highly recommend floating to wherever it is your imagination may take you.
Productive? Not so much in the realm of heavy lifting. However, creative projects can reach completion with this nice push of inspiration coming from the strong vibe of Venus and Neptune coloring our skies today. My activity suggestions? Make love. Make art. Drink a little wine. Relax. Have some chocolate. Take a nap. Melt. Pray. Accept. Forgive. Smudge. Self-pamper. Be gentle and soft. Tell Saturn to take a hike and then get lost yourself in the trickling stream of dreams.

At 2:17 PM the Neptune/Venus lovefest continues as the Pisces Moon finds Venus by sextile at 2:17 PM. Such a slow paced flowy day. I wonder where our drifting may lead?
There is a wee flicker of angst that creeps in later tonight through a square from the Moon to Mars Rx in Sagittarius (11:36 PM). Blur it out. With this much Neptune, it can be done. It will be ok. Shhh...slip into dreamland which promises to be just as water-colored as our waking hours. This feel carries over into our tomorrow. Don't be afraid to get your toes wet and don't be afraid of the rising emotions. Drift upon them as they ebb and wane. Express them by way of your heart and soul. Turn your brain and your “need to overpower” ambition off. Some of the angst from this Mars square could come from suddenly remembering something you were supposed to do earlier in the day. If that occurs, repeat after me, “Fuck it. I'm going to bed.” Yeah. You read that right. Forget about it...again.

Monday, May 2, 2016

This is no ordinary Monday. We wake up to the Pisces Moon sinking into a conjunction with Neptune at 6:24 AM. A nice luxurious sextile with the Sun in Taurus follows at 8:00 AM. This is followed by a brilliant opposition to Jupiter in Virgo at 9:24 AM. There is magic in this day. The movements of the Moon activates the beautiful kite created by the Earth trine between Jupiter, Pluto and the Sun. The Moon, as she crosses over Neptune and opposes Jupiter also crosses over the tip of the kite. Magical manifestation of dreams, imaginings...our watercolor world becomes tangible, graspable...possible. Anything is possible. So, steer your imaginings to something worthy instead of worry.
In day to day life, Mondays are earmarked for “getting back in the swing of weekly production.” Good luck with that. I'm not saying you cannot be productive. I'm saying, productivity doesn't come in a linear fashion. Focus is a bit skewed. The edges of our periphery blurred. We may have to blink twice to be sure we have seen what we have just seen. Entertaining the presence of Angels on the Earth disguised as everyday folk is entirely possible. Watch for them. Listen acutely. They may have important, supportive and heart healing messages for us.

A reality check does find us and the dark hollow sound of regret threatens to knock upon our doors with a square from the Moon to Saturn at 12:39 PM. The boss sneaks up on you and says, “Focus!” You respond with, “Wait, what?” But, your brain is spiraling trying to figure out exactly where you are and what you are doing. The deep rich sextile between the Moon and Pluto Rx in Capricorn helps to keep us plugging after we've been plopped back down into reality (4:17 PM). Still, we are more of a floaty emotional sea than a rock of dependability for others right now. Pluto draws us down, deeper down into the emotional depths. Allow the sinking to occur.

Overnight, memories float through our dreamscape as Mercury continues to rewind. The Moon finds him by sextile at 1:09 AM. Keep your dream diary close and your Kleenex closer. The Moon also conjuncts Chiron at 3:09 AM. Even if the past does bubble up in your psyche as you dream, know that this night and the sleep that comes with it is meant for healing, restoration, folding into ourselves. Following the conjunction with Chiron, the Moon is Void until entering Aries at 1:05 PM. Meanwhile, barely before dawn, the Sun in Taurus officially trines Jupiter in Virgo at 3:58 AM. Another indication of dreaming and an astute possibility that we wake up ravished in the morning. We will need our energy on Tuesday. So, plan ahead to have something packed with energy sustaining fuel for breakfast. Our Neptune nap and dream escapade comes to a close in the morning.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

We are more grounded and the emotional body is wrung out and hung up to dry this morning as we wake up to a Void Moon in Pisces as the Sun in Taurus trines Jupiter in Virgo at 3:58 AM. We muddle around trying to wake up. We do feel a bit better physically even if we are still a little numb emotionally. The potential for dullness lasts all the way up to our early afternoon when the Moon enters “WAKE THE HELL UP!” Aries. rude.

Under Sun/Jupiter, lean hard into humility. It will be easy to have an over-pumped over critical ego in play. That's the negative swing of Sun/Jupiter. The highest expression has us offering what we have in service, sharing, being wise and humble. If, during your pleasure search, you have found an abundance feel free to pass it around. Wake up! And, pass the muffins.
Though, we may indeed feel more awake under the Moon in Aries, her first major aspect doesn't come until midnight. Here, she checks in with her back pedaling ruler, Mars Rx in Sagittarius. Mars in Sagittarius has this horrible habit of overdoing, over reaching, over promising. Scale back your ambition and expectations. Think small. Think detail. Think timing. And, yeah, we are likely to be thinking about acting...or maybe even thinking about how we've acted in past situations...more than we actually do. Is there anything you would like to re-do? Or undo? This is good day for unraveling stitches on purpose. It's a good day for back tracking or reassessing trajectory. Standing still on the path before us and deciding...”Do I still want to walk this path? Or do I want to go back and take that little off shoot trail I passed a couple of meters back?” No rush. None.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This morning the Moon is still active in Aries. By 1:35 PM she is in a nice fire trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. We hold ourselves accountable for our emotional state and take a few...just a few steps forward. We are able to grab a bit of traction in this day. I'd use it for clean up efforts. Clear obstacles out of your way. Literally clear clutter from the pathways of your home. Get rid of stuff that blocks the flow of energy in your life. Stop up the know, the ones that seep the energy out of your pores and leave you feeling lifeless. Shove a sock in them. Save that energy for something worthy.
Cutting off negative energy sucks may be met with resistance. You need to know that. Any time you cut a type of negative attachment the thing that has been suckling on your energy tries desperately to latch back on. This point is illustrated as the Moon squares off with Pluto at 5:12 PM. Thankfully though we also have energy that swoops in like a “so hot it's icy” blade at midnight. The Moon finds Uranus by conjunction at midnight.

This Uranus aspect is not wonderful for sleep. Many will toss and turn due to over stimulation or anxiety tonight. Keep cutting your losses. Keep clearing things out of your way. Do whatever you need to do to soothe and settle your frayed and angst riddled nerves. Following the conjunction with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus tomorrow afternoon. After the rise in angst and anger, we're given some time to settle down.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

This morning the Moon is Void when we wake up. So, we are pretty dispassionate. Then, when she clicks over into Taurus at 1:11 PM, we are soooo done with any drama. MOOOOOOO! SNORT!
Oh, I don't think we'll meet with many angry cows today. Perhaps a few stubborn ones who are done with plowing fields for the week. We are more prone to seek creature comforts and physical indulgences. Your refrigerator is stocked, right? Your emergency chocolate stores are full, correct? You are wearing something non-restrictive and comfortable, no? Because if you aren't, that tight waist band or aggravating bra strap is getting tossed today. We've no room for anything that pinches, binds or makes us think twice about having dessert. Mooo a bunch of that.

We fall in love with our beds as the sky darkens and the Moon meets Venus by conjunction at 1:13 AM.
Today is excellent for moving slow. Self-pampering. Swapping massages with your lover. Imbibing your atmosphere with light relaxing scents like lavender (which I've found to be a cow's equivalent to Kryptonite).
It's an excellent day for “earthing” and sinking into tangible yet simple pleasures. Show appreciation where you may have formerly taken for granted. SIMPLE pleasures. There is no room for complicated and intricate stuff. What helps you physically and emotionally feel good, satisfied and comfortable? DO. THAT! And, as a good devil's advocate, I encourage you to turn your calorie counter off today and tomorrow. It's probably drunk due to Mercury Rx anyway. Give it a rest. Eat whatever the heck your little heart wants. You deserve a treat. Self-denial is just NOT something written in the stars today. Don't even try.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Our bovine-inclined selves are softened a little this morning. A bit subdued. A little more flexible as the Moon meets Neptune by sextile at 7:33 AM. Man, it would be nice to snuggle and sleep in this morning. If you can't well...Oh bother...

We do meet with a little uplifting boost at 10:07 AM as the Moon trines Jupiter. Then, the Moon slowly, slowly stops waning as our New Moon in Taurus perfects at 3:30 PM. Oh, it's such a rich and luxurious Moon, too. It's time to plant. Literally. The ground is wet, rich and ripe for putting plants and/or seeds in the ground. Sow in your garden. And, sow intentions in your life. What did you discover that brought you comfort and solace this week? Vow to make space and bring more of that into your life. We. Were. Not. Born. Just. So. We. Can. Keep. The. Mill. Running. Pay. Our. Bills. And. Then. Die.

There is such a thing as pleasure. And, it's not just some temptation to lure us away from productivity. Oh honey. Venus is calling out to you to pay attention to her. Let your resistance to her wiles slip away. Entertain her. Let her soften you, support you and make you comfortable.
But, definitely, sow. Cast out seeds far, far into your future. I don't care if you don't know how you are going to get there or tend that plant. Throw them out. One day, you'll be walking along and completely forget that you've sown these wildflowers that are now blooming beautifully along your pathway. What a wonderful surprise you will have prepared for yourself.

Meanwhile, continue to pay homage to simple blessings. Give gratitude where you've forgotten in the past. Pass out hugs and sturdy amicable handshakes. Be present. Pull into your body. Notice the miracle in a blooming flower, a small droplet of water falling from a leaf, the promise of a caterpillar, the magic in a wafting breeze that carries the softest scent of fresh honeysuckle. Simple things matter. Notice them today. None of these things give one flip about whether you've met “your quota” at work. And, you know what, neither should you. Not today.

The Sabian Symbols for our New Moon read as follows:

SUN AND MOON AT 17 TAURUS: A symbolical battle between swords and torches. Struggle between might and enlightenment, physical desires and higher-inspirations. Self-orientation. Divine enthusiasm.

VENUS AT 8 TAURUS: A sleigh speeds over ground as yet uncovered by snow. Independence of the will of the self from other circumstances. Power to mold life upon the pioneers prophetic vision.

Be present. Be gentle. Be appreciative. Pay yourself future favors. Lean into what brings you comfort. Don't waste precious energy or precious days in battle. There's more to life than strife and conflict. Deliberately turn away from it.
The call to sink into temptation increases as the day moves forward. The Moon trines Pluto at 4:38 PM. More rich soil for planting backed by enriching desire. Sink into those physical pleasures. The song goes “Afternoon Delight”...well, it's after noon, right? What better time?

We end our day as the Moon makes a conjunction with Mercury Rx in Taurus at 10:11 PM. What was it we thought was important again? Let's rethink this. Let's adjust our priorities and remember to incorporate LIFE into our living. This is followed by a soft sextile with Chiron at 3:17 AM. However, the pull of temptation doesn't leave us. The Sun meets Pluto in a powerful trine in the morning. I'm betting there are more than few babies made over the next couple of days. We'll see. We are fertile like the dark rich soil these days. Just letting you know. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini at around noon tomorrow. We indulge today and flit about tomorrow.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The fickle unpredictable mess that comes with our mutable Moon and the mutable grand cross she fills in doesn't find us until Sunday. Yep. Mother's Day is filled with triggers and emotional uncertainty. Childhood issues. Motherhood issues. Nurturing issues. All tied up with a pretty bow in a hanging basket. At times, it could actually feel like “Smother's Day”...just saying.

This morning, though, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini around noon. We lighten up a little but are still not prone to much chattiness. We are quiet and contemplative while seeking gentle breezes.
Tomorrow, things will get shaken up a bit under that Mutable Grand Cross. Get your feet under you and take very deep, slow cleansing breaths. Center and breathe some more. Remember what you found of importance over the last few days. Stretch and be ready to move on a dime in the midst of fluctuating emotional circumstance tomorrow. Be wary of the incoming butterfly effect...and, my suggestion is to use it to your advantage. Ripples of affection can turn into tsunami's of love if you flutter juuuuuuuust right...