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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Monday, May 23, 2016

June 2016 Astrological Happenings

June 1: Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces 10:42 PM (12 Gemini/Pisces 00)

June 3: Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces 00:15 AM (12 Gemini/Pisces 01)
Sun in Gemini opposes Saturn Rx in Sagittarius 2:36 AM (13 Gemini/Sag 07)
Venus in Gemini opposite Saturn Rx in Sagittarius 8:47 PM (13 Gemini/Sag 04)

June 4: Sun in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo 6:58 AM (14 Gemini/Virgo 15)
Venus in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo 8:49 PM (14 Gemini/Virgo 17)
New Moon in Gemini 11:01 PM (14 Gemini 53)
SUN AND MOON AT 15 GEMINI: Two dutch children are studying their lessons together. Conscious approach to spiritual truth and underlying meanings. Open- mindedness. Clarity of thought along traditional lines.
MERCURY AT 20 TAURUS: Wisps of clouds like wings are streaming across the sky. Exalted state of consciousness; lightness and breadth o being and understanding. Mystical and ecstatic self-expansion.

June 6: Venus in Gemini conjunct Sun in Gemini 5:50 PM (16 Gemini 36)

June 9: Mercury in Taurus opposes Mars Rx in Scorpio 1:01 PM (25 Taurus/Scorpio 50)

June 12: First Quarter Moon 4:11 AM (21 Gemini/Virgo 47)
Mars Rx in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces 7:24 AM (25 Scorpio/Pisces 09)
Venus in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries 11:13 AM (23 Gemini/Aries 38)
Mercury enters Gemini 7:23 PM

June 13: Neptune stations Rx at 12 Pisces 02
Venus in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces 5:15 PM (25 Pisces/Gemini 10)

June 14: Sun in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries 3:54 AM (23 Gemini/Aries 41)

June 15: Sun in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces 5:36 PM (25 Gemini/Pisces 11)

June 17: Venus enters Cancer 3:39 PM
Saturn Rx in Sagittarius squares Neptune Rx in Pisces 11:31 PM (12 Sagittarius/Pisces 02)

June 20: Second Full Moon in Sagittarius 7:03 AM (29 Gemini/Sagittarius 33)
SUN AT 30 GEMINI: A parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds. Use of individual vanity in raising racial standards. Examination of intellectual values for use in the soul life.
MOON AT 30 SAGITTARIUS: The Pope is holding audience in a hall of the Vatican. Wealth of spiritual resources which can be tapped for the glorification of every relationship. Concrete form of ideals.
Mercury in Gemini opposite Saturn Rx in Sagittarius 10:56 AM (11 Gemini/Sagittarius 52)
Mercury in Gemini square Neptune Rx in Pisces 1:12 PM (12 Gemini/Pisces 02)
Sun in Cancer 6:35 PM

June 22: Mercury in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo 6:59 PM (16 Gemini/Virgo 03)
June 26: Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn 8:02 AM (16 Virgo/Capricorn 29)
Mercury in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries 10:32 PM (24 Gemini/Aries 05)

June 27: Chiron in Pisces stations Rx 4:48 AM (25 Pisces 15)
Venus in Cancer trine Neptune Rx in Pisces 9:53 AM (11 Cancer/Pisces 59)
Mercury in Gemini square Chiron Rx in Pisces 12:25 PM (25 Gemini/Pisces 15)
Last Quarter Moon 2:20 PM (06 Cancer/Aries 30)

June 29: MARS IN SCORPIO STATIONS DIRECT!! 7:19 PM (23 Scorpio 03)
Mercury enters Cancer 7:25 PM

June 30: Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto Rx in Capricorn 11:29 PM (16 Cancer/Capricorn 22)