Morning Star: Astrology for the week of March 27 to April 2, 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016

On a personal level, this is the time of year that I am reminded of how many Aries folks I have in my life. The birthday reminders start on the 23rd and run all the way to April 1. As a Libra, I have stopped and asked myself if it could be true that opposites attract due this phenomena. I mean, I'm so not Aries. So. Not. Aries. However, one of my tasks in this lifetime was to learn how to use my Mars. So, I have all these Mars people in my life. Each of them different. Some are positive role models. Some, not so much. But, they are all teachers just the same. Drawn into my life as solid example of the energy I need to develop more fully. It was only after I found Astrology that I understood this. I have what is considered a “debilitated” Mars in Libra. He is conjunct Uranus and Pluto while trining Saturn. To be “debilitated” he certainly is a force to be reckoned with. He is also in a tight opposition to my Chiron which, of course, is in Aries. Once I noted that configuration it was easy to figure out the purpose of all these Aries folks. My parents and my stepmother. My oldest and dearest friend. My nemesis, even. Literally, the asteroid Nemesis also resides in Aries in my natal chart. After all, though my NN is in Capricorn, it is also in my first house. So, there is plenty to learn, grow and develop in Aries territory, too, in an effort to fully meet the call of my North Node. I do get a little aggravated at times, though. It's like the Universe made me a Super Libra; but her overall plan was grow me into this Capricorn/Aries thing. Calling me to initiate. Take charge. Be the responsible warrior. “Not fair,” I say. But, had it been a less challenging path, I would have been excruciatingly bored. So, in the end, the Universe knows best, I guess.

I mention this because among the collective, we are being called to do much of the same thing I've been called to do in regard to my Mars. Re-learn how to effectively initiate. Learn to pick our battles. Refine our warrior selves in such a way that we do not unwittingly become the ugly force we recognize in our enemies. We are being called to start over. Learn to walk again, metaphorically. While also being called to discover our own personal truth while gently and humbly (GENTLY AND HUMBLY! I said.) but unashamedly walking forward with it. This is the Universal task being laid before us right now. So, keep that knowledge tucked under your hat as we slowly move into Spring and summer.
Long-term trajectory aside, today we wake up to a Void Moon in Scorpio following a trine with Chiron in Pisces at 10:46 AM. She remains Void until entering Sagittarius at 2:47 AM. We quietly and gently traverse this rather dispassionate day. Contemplating our spiritual emergence and what it may hold. We heal. We rest. And, prepare to begin, again. Quitting remains a non-option.

The eclipses have ended for now. Though, the adjustments they have caused us to make will be an ongoing issue. The dull gong resonates through still echoes. Soon, we will pull our feet back under ourselves and attempt to stand again. But, today, our feet are best found propped up and relaxed. Bare and unrestricted. Oh, a pedicure would be nice!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

This morning the Moon is brilliant in Sagittarius. She spends most of the day waxing into a a conjunction with Mars (4:13 PM) followed by a trine to the Sun (8:13 PM). It's a good day to get out and about. Motion and action satisfy the call of today's Moon. She wants to wander, roam and venture out to explore. Therefore, being trapped in an office most the day may be a little dissatisfying. My suggestion, if this is you, open a window if you can to let fresh air in. Take frequent breaks to get up and move around. And, later tonight, plan on going for a walk or to the gym. Something that gets you moving. In my opinion, something that preferably gets you outside.

I don't know the specific fire conditions in your area. But, if you are good to go, then today would be a good day to burn Winter's old clothes. Double bonus if you save the ash and till it in your future garden spot. As a matter of fact, the next two weeks (during the waning moon) are excellent for final preparations to your dirt in your garden, pots or whatever for planting. Our waning Water or Earth Moons are perfect for planting veggies that produce underground like onions or radishes. Mine went in the ground under the Scorpio Moon. However, you have plenty of time and ample opportunity under Moon in Capricorn or Pisces prior to the New Moon in Aries.
Overall, it is a fairly playful day. I even see some room for laughter and finally getting to lean into your budding Spring fever. Our hair is down. Our clothing is light and springy. I called a halt to the season for closed toe shoes about 3 weeks ago. Many will”in toe” after today.

Later tonight (11:50 PM) the Moon does square Neptune which can rain on our little Spring parade. However, it occurs so late in the day that it could be perfect for sending us off for a good night's visit to dreamland. Since the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius both deal with the dreamscape, sleeptime could bring interesting scenery and symbolism. Either way, getting physically active in the heart of the day will likely bring more sound sleep tonight.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

This morning we wake up fairly easily for the most part. Our active Sagittarius Moon waxes into a mind-racing trine with Mercury at 8:57 AM which is followed quickly by a square to Jupiter at 9:57 AM. We yearn for the far reaching in order to cast of the dust and bring air and movement back into our lives. Only problem with that, there is work to do and responsibilities to take care of. The Moon finds Saturn by harsh conjunction at 11:19 AM. Saturn and Jupiter are separated by a mere 1 degree at this time. The pressure of their square is waning, but still present. The Moon passes through and links the two back up, temporarily. The mind spins trying to tackle all the jobs we have before us. While Jupiter and Saturn remind us not too get overwhelmed nor take ourselves and our work too seriously. Instead, take your time and diligently chunk out one thing at a time instead of trying to do everything at once. Think about how much more freely you will be able to move once you've checked some of these “burdens” off your list.
Today is certainly a “get up and get busy” type of day. That doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. As a matter of fact, I highly suggest you do.

At 2:37 PM, Mercury gets a peek at Jupiter's checklist through an inconjunct. Then, motors rev as the Moon finds Uranus by, yet another, fire trine at 6:03 PM. Get busy in the morning. Note your progress on your to do list in the early evening. Then, by tonight, feel more free and less encumbered due your progress under the Uranus trine.
As a Capricorn rising with Venus in Virgo and Saturn Rx in the 6th, I always consider work and responsibility and those blessed task lists first. Tonight, though, feel free to be satisfied with what you've accomplished and cast that task list aside for lighter and more social activities. Oh, the wind longs to play with your hair. So, give it an opportunity.
There is a bit of “crunchy” that enters our atmosphere later tonight as the Moon squares Venus in Pisces at 9:56 PM and Chiron at 10:38 PM. So, don't OVER do to avoid aching muscles and tired arches tonight. Remember, slow diligence this morning and carefree in the later afternoon. Then, rest (perhaps a nice hot soaking bath) and recuperate tonight. Many may discover that even though they have spent the last two days “running” they have yet to escape the problems in their heart. Nor, have they been able to dissolve them. Echoes are a possibility. Past lovers. Old friends. Overly rose-colored memories. Potentially painful reminders of the past OR there is also a possibility of fostering a sense of closure. It all depends on whether you decide to wallow or finally realize you can live “without it.”
Following the square with Chiron, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 1:46 PM tomorrow. Yet, Mercury and Venus remain quite active after the Moon goes to sleep. This starts tonight as Mercury waxes into trine with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius at 11:03 PM.

The trine between Mercury and Saturn, of course, falls in fire signs. The brain is ready to take off with plans for the future and this is the perfect “pause” in emotionality to allow us to assess those plans. We want to lay solid pavers toward our future. This is a good time to pontificate their future placement and make our plans more concrete. There is no brain fog here. We are sharp. Quick. Decisions are swift and final.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This morning we wake up to the Moon still Void in Sagittarius as Venus bleeds due a conjunction with Chiron as she also crosses over the SN at 5:08 AM. Those “stubbed toes” of our past still ache. And, our new shoes may hurt our feet. Be easy with yourself. Forgive and accept as you heal and repair. Expect the echoes. Know, at times, they will be quite alluring. Yet, also, know that this is the same sneaky and wild energy that mermaids and sirens use to lure sailors to their deaths. Ok? I don't suggest following or becoming overly enchanted. What waits at the end could consume you. As a matter of fact, there is a story about a sailor who stuffed his ears with wax and tied himself to a mast post on his ship to avoid being “lured to his death” by these callings. Yeah. There ain't a darn thing wrong with guarding yourself against such, as well. Develop strong coping mechanisms while refusing to be caught in the undertow.

At 10:52 AM our warrior Mercury squares off with the formidable force of Dark Lord Pluto. Through it's lowest expression, this births paranoia. At it's highest, it is a ferocious detective. Fearlessly looking for clues and insight into how this “construct” got so effed up. It is a square. So, no light and easy thing. Therefore, arguments with authority, potentially violent protests and insidious plans can be birthed or acted upon here. The Moon IS void, though. So that helps a bit. But, yeah, there could be some sailor mouths out there. Sailor mouths and mermaid echoes. You know...that whole wax in your ears thing is starting sound more and more appealing to me. Just, in that, don't get too wrapped up in your own negative inner speech. Don't become a victim of your own mentality. Feel free to unravel and re-wrap your brain/perspective, if necessary.

The Moon steps solidly into Capricorn at 1:46 PM. I guess all the ruckus with Venus, Chiron, Mercury and Pluto finally rustled her up from her slumber. We are called to become accountable for our own emotions. Become steadied and imbibed with integrity, foresight and forbearance. Stabilize. But, prepare to soften with the mud of creativity. The Moon sextiles Neptune in the morning immediately prior to our “final flush” Last Quarter Moon.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

This, my friends, is a VERY powerful day. We begin soft with a sextile from the Moon to Neptune at 10:01 AM. I like this aspect as it brings compassion to authority and limbers up an otherwise “bottom line” oriented Moon. Plus, there is the factor of creative clay/mud which allows us to sculpt our emotions into the art of our choosing. While the influx of water does cause our hearts to stir a bit, it also brings with it the ability to accept, forgive and bring forth a final purging of water that may have grown stagnant in our hearts. Release. Create. Bring form to this instead of allowing it to lay and sour bringing birth blood sucking mosquitoes.
Our Last Quarter Moon waxes in at 11:18 pitting our Capricorn Moon against our Aries Sun at about 11 degrees of Cardinal. There is an internal negotiation that needs to occur here between the Corporal and the Warrior within. Battle strategy may need to be re-negotiated. However, know this can cause conflict with authority figures in mundane manifestation. Re-set your priorities if needed. But, definitely reserve the right to call your own shots while remaining accountable for any consequence that may bring. Just don't forget the potential consequence when you are firing away. The solid responsible Capricorn Moon knows that shooting out of the gate is not a good idea right now. Allow the drag to happen and use that time to ditch excess baggage. Work to become lighter and think less of what has happened and, instead, focus on what you want to achieve in the future. Continue releasing. Cutting negative attachment. Recognizing and rectifying ways in which you trip yourself up and get ready to start off with more solid and lighter footing...soon...soon enough.

Holding true to being a “Day of Thor,” following the Last Quarter Moon, Mercury meets up with Uranus in Aries by conjunction at 4:50 PM. EUREKA! His hammer falls and busts up all kinds of bullshit. Let me tell you what, I'm the type that loves this aspect. Of course...I would with Mercury in Scorpio in the 11th house. But, mental lightening zaps (and thunderstorms), for real, turn me on. Others see it as mania. I see it as invigorating and enlightening. My grandson has this aspect in Aries in his natal chart. He's only 3 but he speaks like a very well-educated adult. It's like one day he woke up and instead of babbling he was speaking fully formed and grammatically correct sentences. He picks up on new concepts quickly. But, he doesn't have an inch of patience. Not one. Waiting is excruciating for him as his little eager mind yearns to be fed with new knowledge and experience. I sit back and watch him with both fear and awe. Because, I realize...”Oh my gosh. He's smarter than every single adult around him. WE could be in BIG trouble.” LOL! Plus, he's really cute. So, yeah, we are all screwed.

I'm telling you what, though, mouths will have NO FILTER today. Something may roll off your tongue before you even get a chance to really think about it. At the same time, though, brilliant ideas and solutions may also wax in. The best possibility of that happening occurs if you took the time to get the garbage out of your brain and did the mental purge as called for under Mercury square Pluto and the Last Quarter Moon. Calling a halt to wallowing and freeing up brain space opens up room for brilliance to come in. But, it may not be a bad idea to back off from the caffeine. Expect today to be kind of loud and fast paced.

After the mental electric shock treatments, the Moon finds Jupiter in a solid Earthy trine (6:58 PM). This is nice. Grounded. Practical. Allows us to work magic with our lightning bolt inspiration and lay down a plan that helps inspiration become manifest. We are confident. Emotionally sturdy and inspired to keep moving forward with the pavers on our path forward. It also helps to ground out and direct any leftover lightening bolts. Just the energy we need at just the right time!
By 10:38 PM the Moon finds Pluto by conjunction. At it's worst, this can catalyze greed and a desire to emotionally control others. At it's highest and most beneficial, it packs tenacity and endurance. A searing emotional fire that uses outdated mentality as fuel. An excoriation of the emotional body that calls for us to keep releasing and purging...cleansing and renewing as we become deeply entrenched in the work that eventually produces an exalted Phoenix. It's dark, rich and quite sexy when used correctly. It's paranoid, fearful and greedy when left to run it's own course. Resist temptation that only threatens to pull you backward or undo you. Invoke the blessing of will power that comes from this movement, instead.

This is a night when “burning the midnight oil” could be a thing. It's been ridiculously busy already; but, the energy of the Mercury/Uranus conjunction sustains as the Moon moves on to square them both starting at 3:21 AM and ending with the square to Mercury at 5:14 AM in our early morning of tomorrow.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Fool's rush in where angels fear to tread. This is an apt statement on this April Fool's day. Many spent a restless mind churning night and wake up frazzled under today's sky as a result. However, those who managed to tame the electricity through the gentleness and grounding offered by yesterday's Earth trine, the morning begins with more solid purpose rather than just fried brains and scrambled thoughts.
Following a square with Mercury at 5:14 AM, the Moon checks in via sextile with Chiron and the SN. How are you healing? What still needs to be purged and addressed? Here is your gut check opportunity for assessment.

In our early afternoon, the Moon is also softened and subdued with a gentle sextile to Venus in Pisces who sings of rest and pleasure. Perhaps even heralding a call toward a nap at 12:40 PM. As a matter of fact, the set up is PERFECT to take a break. You know how a cat likes to curl up and snooze in the sunlight coming through the windows and doors? Doesn't that look peaceful? Give it shot! Following this sextile, the Moon is Void until entering Aquarius at 9:38 PM. At that time, we will be more apt to socialize. But, in the early meat of the day, we are mostly spent. Tired from yesterday's over-stimulation. By nightfall, we are ready to come up for air.
Sesquisquares between the Moon and Jupiter (10:12 PM) and Mercury and Mars (11:55 PM) color a push to feel better and venture outward leaving the more dust in our wake as we release the past and reach out for brighter days. Gather friends around you. Dance a little. Allow yourself to be a bit carefree and happy. Don't guilt yourself over the opportunity for social interaction and light fellowship.
You'll be happy you did.

And, happy birthday to my Dad :) The most wonderful “Fool of April” I've had the pleasure to meet. Yeah, he's a natural prankster (in case you were wondering). But, after a lifetime of interaction with him, I've learned to expect and love that about him.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

This morning, our waning Aquarius Moon meets Mars in Sagittarius by gentle sextile (11:15 AM). Oh what a perfect set up for a road trip or venturing out to catch a view of the consistently awakening Spring scenery. It's not a day you want to spend locked up in your house, for sure. Get outside, folks. Allow the fresh Spring winds and tender greens inspire you. That's what they long to do.
The calling sense of adventure and running like free uninhibited children continues with a lovely sextile from the Moon in Aquarius to the Sun at 9:59 PM. Then, overnight we are supported by a nice grounded sextile from the Moon to Saturn (2:30 AM).

Go on. Give yourself permission to play. That's what this energy is here for. Remember playtime? Fun? How wonderful it feels to physically engage in things/activities you love? Why not stir up some of that today? The set up could NOT be more perfect. Cast your worries and work aside and get yourself some of that. The entire weekend is set up for pure enjoyment and freedom. We don't have such a privilege wrapped up in such sweet divine timing as we have before us this weekend. So, on your task list for the next two days, write “enjoyment” IN INK and fully lean into that however it may appeal to you.