Morning Star: Astrology for the Week of January 10 to January 16, 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

This morning we wake up under a Capricorn Moon leaving her trine with Jupiter in Virgo (3:34 AM). By lunchtime, she is conjunct Mercury RX and ready for a short rest (VOC) before entering Aquarius at 3:23 PM.

The first aspect our Aquarian Moon makes is an itchy awkward square with a slow moving Mars in Scorpio (10:32 PM). Mars is moving quite slow these days because he is preparing for a retrograde trip. Which, on a personal level, out of all the Rx periods, I hate Mars' the most. As a Libra person (including Mars) you would think I would enjoy this. But, I most certainly do not. Nope. Not a bit. Thankfully, we still have some time before we have to worry about it too much. Mars has not even entered his shadow yet. He is just moving rather slow. He doesn't even make it to the sign of Sagittarius (where he will station Rx) until March. He enters his shadow on February 18. Then, he stations Rx at 8 Sagittarius on April 18. Finally, he stations direct on June 30 at 23 Scorpio. He exits his shadow on August 22.
Today we only have to deal with a brief square from the Moon to Mars which is just agitating enough to catalyze arguments and disagreements especially between those who may be power hungry and those who are more socially conscious. On a personal level, it could merely catalyze a bit of ambiguity or an uncomfortable situation in which we have to do something that we would rather not.
The best way to navigate this energy is to first and foremost, remember it is brief and temporary. The discomfort will wane quickly. Also, rise above conflict and realize not everything is worthy of spilling blood. Don't make it bigger than it needs to be. It doesn't always have to be kill or be killed. There are other options that Mars in Scorpio does have a tendency to miss. Realize we all have to do stuff we would rather not from time to time. Do it quickly and efficiently without procrastinating. Get it over with instead of standing around bitching about it which only serves to delay the process and make you more resentful over having to do it in the first place.

Monday, January 11, 2016

This morning we wake up still under the influence of the Moon in Aquarius. However, she is quite stable this morning due a waxing sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius at 12:35 PM. We are calm, cool and collected. We are well prepped to meet this Monday and do whatever it is we need to do.
Overall, it looks like a pretty calm day...which sounds nice to me. The Moon is not overly swamped with emotions. Aquarius Moons just don't have a tendency to get all tore up about the little stuff. Plus, the Moon is well supported starting the day off with a sextile to Saturn followed by a nice sextile to Venus at (5:59 PM) and a sextile to Uranus at 8:09 PM prior to going Void.

Take advantage of this day. With the emotional body settled and well supported you can focus on the tasks you have at hand. Or, if your work is all caught up, this looks like a pretty good day to just relax a bit. There's just enough supportive energy in this day to allow us to effectively engage in whatever we decide. Things go quite smoothly. So, take advantage of that since it is NOT a typical thing for a Monday.
Aside from that, we may be a little dry today but that is due to change. After the sextile with Uranus the Moon is Void until entering Pisces 6:54 PM tomorrow. So, today is excellent for getting a good run and go on new projects and toiling on them all the way through tomorrow (nearly) without much distraction. But, tomorrow night? We may have worn ourselves out by then. Again, take advantage of the ability to make some headway today.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

As I mentioned in yesterday's write up, the Moon is Void in Aquarius for much of this day. She doesn't enter Pisces until 6:54 PM tonight. Under this Void Moon we can handle projects we started yesterday rather dispassionately. We are mindful of the checks and balances and most folks will be fairly subdued. It's a nice emotional break prior to a potential emotional storm that sits just on the horizon under our incoming Pisces Moon.

Shortly after the Moon enters Pisces, Venus trines Uranus at 7:11 PM. Now, I see the potential for a stroke of unexpected luck here. In the US, the news is all aflutter over the growing PowerBall jackpot. This Astrologer is going to buy her ticket under Venus/Uranus for tomorrow night's drawing. Yes, I can get down with investing about 10 bucks on a chance at a little over a billion dollars. That's a manageable and well calculated risk.
Other than that, though, Venus trine Uranus sets many hearts ablaze. We could crave weird things. We may want to reach out and socialize or merely try something new. It's the tendency to be impulsive that usually upsets a person's apple cart under this sky. So, try your best to refrain from that. However, if an unexpected but welcomed opportunity presents've briefly measured the potential for return on investment and for all intents and purposes this looks like JUST the opportunity you've been waiting for then, don't hesitate to jump on it.

Love is free and uninhibited under Venus/Uranus. This isn't a day to try to keep it locked up or controlled. Let her dance with wild abandon and freely be the muse she loves to be. She's just coming off a repressive conjunction with Saturn. So, let your heart move about freely and joyfully. Doing so will have your emotional body frolicking in tow. However, self-denial and repression are going to have a different type of emotional impact. Now is not the time for that. Now is the time for Venus to be unleashed and free to explore new things and experiences.
The window for an uninhibited Venus is short-lived. Her next aspect is an uncomfortable and potentially emotional square to Chiron tomorrow night. So, again, take advantage of this energy while it lasts.
My big advice for tonight is to get everything laid out in preparation for tomorrow morning before you go to bed. Check that your alarm is set if you have to get up early and do everything you can to arrange things so all you have to do is get up without having to think about it too much. Don't stay up too late if you have business to engage in tomorrow. Make it as easy on yourself as you can by engaging the foresight of preparation. You'll thank yourself for it tomorrow. I promise.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This is the day that the waters begin to rise and things start getting a bit wonky. Wednesday starts out innocuous enough with a Lunar trine to Mars in Scorpio at 3:56 AM. This is a very intuitive aspect and it could pack some potential for pretty active dreams due the timing of its perfection. Who were you making love to in your sleep? What deep desires are bubbling and stirring as you awake this morning? What will satiate your hunger?
Speaking of waking, that might be hard to do. We may prefer to stay lingering in our dreams or perhaps even over-sleep as the Moon finds Neptune by conjunction at 8:17 AM. It takes effort to drag ourselves out of bed. Some may be struggling with a new onset of illness, even...waking up with the sniffles or a head cold. In other areas, wet weather and foggy conditions could be a factor in our early morning hours. It's just a draggy kind of morning where many could be distracted, tired or emotional due various reasons. Slow down a little bit.

Tonight, the Moon squares off with Saturn at 4:07 PM as the Sun finds Jupiter in Virgo by trine at 5:50 PM. Ok. There's a little bit of a push and pull here. What I see (or actually what I'm hearing right now) are words that say in one way or another, “I deserve better than this.” And, you know what, you may be right. Moon square Saturn at it's most raw is grumpy and depressed. Sun and Jupiter together can have us putting ourselves on a pedestal while thinking our pay off for effort given thus far has been largely overlooked. What I would encourage you to do in order to meet this energy the most effectively is to come to a sober realization. This is how it is. Right now. But, there are things I can do to make my situation better. Plus, there are things I can do to help others in their personal situations. How can you expect anyone to be willing to help you if you are never there offering assistance yourself? Refrain from self-exaltation and lean into some humility, practicality and simple generosity toward your fellow man. That is going to make our current Pisces Moon feel better and, in the long run, it's going to help you feel better about yourself too. Otherwise, the energy of the day can run toward bitterness rather quickly.

Not only is there a potential for depression that turns a wee bit narcissistic, but there is also the potential for hurt feelings and disappointment as Venus finds Chiron by square at 7:26 PM. So, there is a bit of an ache wrapped up in this too. Well...Moon in Pisces carries a certain illusive ache with it all by itself. But, Venus square Chiron doesn't help matters one little bit. Many may feel hobbled or hindered. But, with the right perspective we could discover a tunnel that leads out of that hole and foster an opportunity to look at the situation differently. That potential lies in the ability to remain humble and of service to others while finding gratitude for the small and simple. Know that “ache” is going to feel really real and in some instances the pain of today will be acutely felt. So, be easy with yourself and others. Try to foster a sense of humor about it (if at all possible) and take yourself a little less seriously.
Venus in Sagittarius has big expectations. Par those down a little and don't be so generous that you end up putting yourself in a hole. Charity begins at home. You can't pour from an empty cup and a constant desire for immediate gratification along with a poor frustration tolerance are factors that will put you in a position of disappointment. A little gratitude fostered for daily simple blessings will go a long way in easing the discomfort of this day. Whining that you are not getting your deserved cut is only going to make you feel worse. What can you do to help the situation aside from lamenting over it? It is what it is. What will you do about it?

By 9:13 PM, the Moon is sextile Pluto which can deliver a sense of personal restoration and a recognition of your own powers of endurance and fortitude OR have us steeped in greed and desperation. Look. It's one of those days that has the potential to launch itself on the wrong foot or out of the wrong side of the bed. Manage the best you can while realizing it is just one day. Do what you can while giving yourself recognition for your accomplishments and forgiving yourself for where you may have fallen short. Then, power down tonight and get well positioned for a little bit of a better day tomorrow. Things always look better after a good night's rest.
Overnight, the Moon will conjunct Chiron (1:22 AM) and square Venus (1:55 AM).

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'll be interested to see what plays out weather-wise today. Mercury is quite active. We begin the day under a Pisces Moon. But, the bigger news is Mercury Rx conjunct the Sun at 9:05 AM. This occurs at 23 Capricorn. Shortly after, the Moon in Pisces opposes Jupiter Rx in Virgo (10:14 PM). A little while later, the Pisces Moon sextiles Mercury Rx and the Sun subsequently linking up a trine between Mercury Rx/Sun and Jupiter Rx all lined up at 23 degrees in Earth signs. And, oh yeah, guess where the nodal axis is...under the Moon and Jupiter Rx. So, yeah, this looks like the set up for a fairly interesting day in several ways. If you have personal planets at 23 Taurus (give or take a few in either direction) what you have today is a beautiful kite in your chart, by the way. Nice.

For the public at large, I smell hints at the incoming eclipse season. Watch what is bubbling through your world right now and take note. There is a chance that something you encounter today becomes a bigger issue in the near future. It could be a bigger issue in a good way or a bad way. Don't judge it just yet. Merely note it. Record it in your brain as you move forward. Chances are, if you are paying attention, you'll notice what you need to notice. If you need additional direction, look to where the nodal axis is transiting in your chart. That's the area of life you should be watching for clues.
As weird as this sounds, I'm getting catfish symbolism from looking at this set up. Let me see if I can explain. A catfish can lie at the bottom of a lake underneath a veil of sediment and be very easily invisible. Undetectable as he is lying there motionless. However, if he twitches...even just a little bit, the sediment at the bottom of the lake begins to stir making a small underwater dust cloud. If he keeps stirring and moving at the bottom of the lake, it can eventually make the whole body of water completely muddy. Today, look for where that catfish is starting to stir. For more on catfish symbolism, go here

Interestingly enough, the Moon is Void after her sextile with the Sun at 11:32 AM. So our observations can take place during a time when we aren't necessarily wearing our feelings on our shoulders. Then, the trine with Mercury to Jupiter officially perfects at 9:16 PM just prior to the Moon entering Aries at 9:49 PM. Premonitions and spot on intuitive hits are such a big possibility today. Listen to what messages you are receiving from that realm today. Turn the volume down on everything else if you have to. But, definitely listen to what that little inner voice is trying to tell you.
Then, sleep on what you've observed today. Tomorrow looks fairly active. You'll want to be rested enough to engage. So, let this pot simmer for awhile.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Today we wake up under an Aries Moon who is fairly well positioned for a day in which quite a bit can be accomplished. We are busy bodies as we rush about taking care of what needs to be taken care of and driving our car forward as best we can. It's obvious the blur and haze of the Aries Moon has faded. Now, the Moon waxes toward a “dirt under your tires” traction grabbing trine with Saturn in Sagittarius which perfects at 7:22 PM. Reality blessedly comes back and a lot of folks are going to feel as if they have truly just woken up from a dream. The last few days were kind of like that.
Today, though, we are moving forward (even if it isn't at a hair on fire pace) diligently and with a sense of purpose. Even if that purpose is just to regain a sense of routine.

Overall, things probably go as planned today. We are active and have grabbed a bit of traction. This, my dears, is a good thing. There is a bit of tension that begins brewing overnight as we prepare to enter tomorrow's First Quarter Moon. Get your chores (responsibilities) all in good order so you are well positioned to deal with whatever that may hold.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Somewhat latent emotions were likely brewing overnight as the Moon squared off with Pluto just after midnight and met Uranus by conjunction at 2:16 AM. This morning, though, we awaken to a rather comfortable trine between the Moon and Venus in Sagittarius. These two have both recently been sent through the metaphorical “wringer” in the recent past. This meetup feels nice for both of them. And, it's likely to feel good to most of us, too.
Eight minutes later, though, Momma Moon meets Mercury by square. This can cause conflict between the emotional body and the logical mind. It can also cause disagreements, headaches and friction between how we feel and how we think. Sometimes the decisions that are best for the “business of your life” are not the most comfortable decisions. This aspect will bring that fact to your awareness. Be honest with yourself and make the best decision regardless of the level of difficulty.

At 6:27 PM our Aries Moon squares off with our Capricorn Sun creating our First Quarter Moon. This occurs at 26 degrees in Cardinal. And, typically, First Quarter Moon's are pretty stressful. Challenges present. Conflict arises. That damn catfish is stirring up more dust. The key is to get Capricorn and Aries energy to get along. This can signify areas of work in conflict with areas of your personal life. Your ambitions versus your ability to meet your responsibilities. Fighting/bickering in the work place. Yes, we could hear about some disgruntled employees today..or bosses. Remember, you are the boss and CEO of your life. The power is in your decision making and your ability to keep your rail car on track. So, bring focus to that fact and deciding what to do next is going to come easy. Take a deep breath and proactively deal with it while using a sober minded business approach. Whatever “it” happens to be for you.
Following the peak in tension at the First Quarter Moon, we get a break. The Moon is Void until entering Taurus at midnight. So, after you deal with it, get some rest. Give yourself a pat on the back for “taking care of business” too. You deserve that.