Morning Star: Astrology for the week of December 27 to January 2, 2016

Sunday, December 27, 2015

This morning, we wake up to the Moon newly in Leo (5:32 AM). It's a rather demure day. The Kitty Cat Moon is prone to seek out comfort and perhaps do a little preening. There are a few minor aspects that trickle throughout our day. But, the first major aspect the Moon will make doesn't come until tonight. She trines Saturn in Sagittarius at 1:19 AM.

This brings waxing stability and a sense of grounding. Solid Earth to stand on along with an ability to be gently productive, should we choose. Mainly, it's a day that many will use to get their feet back underneath them in preparation for the final work week of this year.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Leo Moon is in a different kind of mood this morning as she leaves her stable trine with Saturn and begins waxing into trine with Uranus in Aries which perfects at 12:15 PM. We are ready for new experience. The tempo of the day is quick and pointed. We are ready to shake loose any left over emotionality from the holidays. And, believe me, there was plenty to go around. Good or bad, emotions are emotions and today we are quite ready to dry out and step out of nostalgia or whatever else may have swamped us over Christmas.

However, we are still a little squishy due a waxing sextile between the Sun and Neptune which perfects tomorrow morning. What the trine to Uranus may allow us to do is to look at our squishy in a different light. We can hold it away from us a little bit and become inventive with ways in which we might use our squishy to make something creative. We do dry out a bit and are able to detach from the overwhelming influx of water but there are still parts that need to be wrung out. Sun sextile Neptune comes on gently enough (and with enough Earth due the Sun's position in Capricorn) to mold and shape the squishy into something useful.

Overall, the day calls for drying up malingering emotions, re-framing a face that has learned from the experience and imbibing all that with an air of responsibility and creativity not to mention compassion. Inventiveness and experimentation come into play and we are likely a little more physically active than in previous days. However, our energy could be a little scattered and erratic causing us to tire more quickly. Our legs could feel a little wobbly as we try to meet the activity demands. Sun/Neptune can provide the grace to deal with that. At the very least we are a little dreamy and distracted as this sextile waxes in. Don't try to tackle all the things all at once. Engage in one thing at a time while being satisfied that progress is progress no matter how large or small. Then, at the end of the day, don't forget to kick back and relax a little.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This morning the Sun does sextile Neptune at 8:18 AM. So, we may have a little grog and fog to deal with on a personal level as we try to drag ourselves out of bed this morning. However, our fiery Leo Moon is prompting us into activity with a sextile of her own to Mars in Libra shortly at 8:34 AM.
Make sure you are fully awake before you go running off into the world, though. There is a mixture of Mars and Mercury energy waxing into the equation (in which the Moon is involved) that can cause us to be accident prone. This is not good given that we are already distracted and groggy due Sun/Neptune.

Mercury in Capricorn squares off with Mars in Libra at 9:53 AM. Then, the Moon squares off with Venus at 12:39 PM. There is an air of discomfort and agitation that can accompany this combination of aspects. With Mars squaring Mercury, we may try to move too quickly or our minds may be racing from topic to topic in a way that we are not fully focused. Or, relationships could be distracting us from work related issues while we are forced to bear in mind what we need to be paying attention to because of the name that signs our paychecks. But, yeah. Clumsy. Distracted and uncomfortable definitely comes to mind today.
Slow down. Think about what you are doing and shield yourself from feeling the crunch of being hurried. Breathe deep and walk slow. Pay attention while you are driving and watch out for others who may not be so engaged. Car accidents, cuts on the hands and broken bones are not that uncommon for Mars and Mercury in harsh aspect. Most will want to grumpily rush about. What we need to do is take it a bit easier on ourselves and slow down to a manageable pace.

Following the square with Venus, the Moon is Void until entering Virgo at 2:00 PM. This movement brings an air of practical diligence into the equation allowing us to triage our tasks at hand. However, weepiness, emotionality and tiredness can also begin to creep in as the day moves further forward given the fact the Moon's very first aspect from the sign of Virgo is an opposition to Neptune at 4:41 AM tomorrow morning.
Meanwhile, Venus hangs on to the final degrees of Scorpio before finally stepping into the Sagittarian light at 2:17 AM. Hearts are set to lighten a little and value systems broaden and become more generous as Venus switches signs. She will be a busy lady in Sagittarius. But, tonight, she's only making a grand entrance. We have time before she starts interacting with the big players of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron during her journey here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2015

The fog of sleep malingers as we try to wake up this morning. The weather has probably been quite wet and foggy most of the week. This morning we can feel that resounding in our emotional bodies under an opposition from the Moon in Virgo to Neptune in our early morning hours (4:41 AM). However, grounding does find us through a nice trine between our Earthy Moon and Sun at 6:30 AM. A hearty good solid breakfast is in order in an effort to give us solid fuel for the day.

The meat of the day is fairly Eeyorish, though, as a square between the Moon and Saturn waxes in at 11:35 AM. We are grumpy gusses and we could be feeling some emotional pressure to perform. Plus, depressive emotions are also possible under Moon/Saturn. Don't wrestle with this too long or too hard. The energy is due to shift in our later evening hours.
By 7:33 PM the Moon has left her square with Saturn and waxes into a rich grounding trine with Pluto in Capricorn giving us the energy to give this day one final push. This is the endurance we've been looking for and we are ready to sink into the deeper pleasures of the night. Most of the day is set at a trudging and grumpy pace. But by the end of the night we have cravings for satiation of deeper more primal desires. And, our power is restored a bit. Take things slow again today. One diligent step at a time while holding strong under the pressure. Being able to look back and see that you actually did accomplish something will help you ease into that yearning for a sense of satisfaction later. Small steps matter. So, keep your eyes on making just a few. Then, tonight, aim for restoration and maybe even a bit of sexual healing to ease you into your nighttime hours. The Moon opposes Chiron at midnight. However, with a good night's rest we are at risk of feeling much better in the morning.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

This morning, the Moon is leaving her opposition with Chiron and waxing into a nice buoyant conjunction with Jupiter at 11:51 AM reminding us that it is time to sweep out this old year in preparation for the new one that is knocking on our door. Under this aspect, though we could feel better, we are fairly inclined to clean something. Isn't there a closet that needs organized or drawers that need their contents sorted? Is it time to take a peak at the 2016 calendar and start penciling in our plans? Yep...that's kind of the air of today. We can feel the New coming and we are inclined to make preparation for it while chucking the final dust of 2015 out the front door.

From the conjunction with Jupiter the Moon waxes into a social trine with Father Time, Mercury in Capricorn, at 12:35 AM. The time to consider your New Year declarations falls under this trine. So is the time to recount and reconsider the finality of 2015. It's also a time for responsible and practical decision making. Following this trine, the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 1:42 AM. If you plan on making New Year's resolutions, I'd save them for the New Moon in Capricorn. The Moon is waning until then and we are still tying up loose ends from 2015 while continuing to sweep out the dust of the year until then. Plus, don't forget that Mercury is in his shadow. He will retrograde soon which means thoughts and conversations embarked on now will likely be revisited and reconsidered in the near future. Leave yourself some room to change your mind.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! The first day of 2016 looks rather relaxed and social. The Moon is in Libra and sextile Venus newly in Sagittarius this morning (7:07 AM). Early morning phone calls bearing wishes for a blessed New Year to our friends and loved ones is a high probability. Or, we could be inclined to finally foster a sense of relaxation and optimism which causes us to indulge a little longer in the pleasures of a comfortable bed. There isn't much pressure to perform this morning. The mood is rather light and social.

This mood carries throughout our Friday. And, perspectives upon the New Year are due to shift under Mercury's movement from dour business minded Capricorn into hopeful and inspired Aquarius. Locations who have seen unseasonably warm weather are likely to be reminded that it really IS winter in their part of the world. Aquarian energy often brings ice and Mercury does have a thing or two to say about the weather. So, prepare for the temperatures to start falling and for the crisp cold air to begin circulating bringing the truth of winter with it.

Our later evening hours do pack a little tension with them as our Last Quarter Moon waxes in at midnight between our Libra Moon and Capricorn Sun at 11 Cardinal 14. Keep sweeping. Keep flushing away the remnants of 2015 and enjoy the heart warmth from the morning as tonight may have a tendency to be bit chillier. As our Last Quarter perfects, so does a stabilizing sextile between the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius. This grounds us and reminds us to be responsible and accountable in matters of relationships and worldly affairs. Both the Last Quarter and the sextile from the Moon to Saturn bring an air of sobriety and realism with them, though. With Mercury now in Aquarius that realism is crystal clear. We realize it is time to get down to the business of planning out a whole new year and of deciding what it is we may want to do with it.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Envy and jealousy threaten to wax into our morning as the Moon in Libra squares off with Pluto in Capricorn this morning at 8:24 AM. The better way to handle this deep energy is to sink into the relationships that are the most solid and work to foster stronger and deeper bonds within them. Know, that paranoia and greed can also be factors. So be careful how you swing this and cognizant of the potential as the day moves forward. Desperately trying to control others and constant paranoia and greed in relationships is not a pretty sight. Let go more than you claw to hang on.

Any attempts to control or manipulate in the realm of relationships is going to be met with staunch resistance as the Moon opposes Uranus in Aries at 11:25 PM. So don't get tangled in that mess this morning. Strive to foster interdependent relationships instead of ones that have lopsided power. And, refrain from desperate attempts to keep someone under your control. Cause, that's likely to blow up in your face later. Again. Let go. You own nothing and no one but yourself. Boss that around if you feel froggy but don’t think you have the right to tell anyone else what to do or emotionally coerce them into doing something. And, if this controlling manipulative energy finds you as a target, break free from it under the Moon/Uranus opposition. Nobody needs that shit. Cut the ropes of negative attachment today. That's part of 2015 that malingers and needs to be swept away too.

Know, however, that deep drives and emotions are going to be a thing in tomorrow's sky as both Mars and the Moon move into Scorpio. So, use today's Moon/Pluto aspect to get your gears straight in preparation for that. Following the opposition with Uranus at 11:25 AM, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 2:37 PM tomorrow. So, we've got plenty of time (over 24 hours of VOC Moon) to get our emotional body settled before we plunge the Plutonic depths of Scorpio tomorrow.