Morning Star: Astrology for the week of October 11 through October 17, 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015
This morning we wake up to a really dark Moon in Libra. She entered the sign at 4:46 AM. Her first aspect is a check in with Mercury (newly direct YAY at 7:13 AM) while also moving over the North Node, BML, Nemesis AND Juno who are all snuggled up in the early degrees of Libra. Our relational Moon is assessing absolutely everything that ever had to do with relationship. The ability to balance stuff that combines energy it into a united force instead of an antagonistic one is at the forefront of many minds. We've been slammed around enough in the review to be hyper aware of it by now? Right? Venus RX. Eclipses that involve the NN in Libra then a freaking Mercury Rx in the sign itself to boot. Oh heck yeah. The principles of Libra have been trampled over for months before we ever even got to Libra season. These were messages the Universe was intent on delivering and quite a few have gotten the message whether that be in terms of relationships with themselves, their romantic partners, their enemies, their work mates, their wealth or lack thereof, their children, families....whooooooosh across the board.

Why. Because we are expected, collectively, to know more about this stuff. Our aim over the last few years in terms of “heeding the call of the Universe” has been pointed at the sign of Libra and all that she is about. So, tell me what you've learned. And tomorrow, become prepared to proceed into future relationships with this new knowledge and awareness under your belt. Bring it to the negotiating table with you since that is where many will find themselves over the course of the next few days. Exercise what you've learned. Burn the peace pipe. Bury the hatchet. Or cut ties completely and move on. The scenarios will vary. But, this is the blind scabbard of justice that falls in the 3rd Decan of Libra. Either you make the cut or you don't. Either you learned from the review that just passed by in front of your eyes or you doom yourself to repeating the same mistakes. Your choice. If you've not spent time honestly assessing yourself, your value system, tweaking and discovering what it is in your subconscious that keeps tripping up in relationship and seeing where you can be a better partner and choose better partners or NOT. Either way, you are starting again from wherever you are.

Shortly after the Moon leaves Mercury, she finds Saturn by sextile. We are stable and supported emotionally as the Sun finds a trigger point from an inconjunct with Chiron at 9:56 AM. Ouch. Yeah we know that little trigger is a part of what makes us who we are. We are painfully and acutely aware of that fact, thank you very much. Dear Universe, that means you can stop pointing it out now....but, HA, that ain't going to happen just yet, sweet pea. The Universe is sending Jupiter to shine a spotlight onto that Chiron soon enough...soon enough. So, take this little check in as a personal reminder that those little trigger points aren't going anywhere. Remain aware of them and continue trying to operate in the world effectively with them instead of denying them.
But, overlaying all this is the bubbling strength and restorative power of Jupiter in Virgo waxing into trine with Pluto in Capricorn. This is a big deal folks. Lots of restorative energy in that. Lots of benefit wrapped up in it for those who know how to use power responsibly and for those who reach out generously and honestly in efforts to serve others. Hello, day of the Underdog. Hello, day of the unsung hero. Feel like doing the right thing has gotten you mostly nowhere? Well get ready to feel like you've been boosted upon someone's shoulders while the crowd cheers your good efforts; because, lots of folks are due a day like that..having held themselves true through the collective storms we just came through. You'll see.

By 11:50 PM the Sun is in opposition to Uranus in Aries bringing more emphasis to the Me/We continuum and checking in on the intelligence we've acquired on that journey. Can you be independent and free and still make partnerships? Yep. You sure can. In the right partnerships for the right reasons. Without surrendering your own identity in the process. Without forcing yourself into some kind of socially acceptable mold. Yes. Yes, you can and not only CAN you but YOU SHOULD. That's part of the message we were to pick up on with the Nodal transit along this axis. Be sure of who you are and gently assert that as you enter into relationship. Be wary of the impact of your actions upon others. Realize, yes, you can do it all on your own but you don't always have to. Sometimes the answer to a problem is not to rush in and beat it to death but to find the compromise...the balance point...the fulcrum that evens things out. The fence always has two sides. There is always a cheek to turn; a chance to handle things more gently than forcefully. Opportunity to compromise...if everyone can get over themselves long enough. Detach from their ego a little bit (Sun opposite Uranus) and realize their point of view isn't the ONLY point of view. You know?

Monday October 12, 2015
This morning, emotions run deep and there is energy out there that will have some reaching out desperately grasping for straws. The Moon in Libra is in square to Pluto in Capricorn at 7:20 AM. The lower end of this energy will prompt a person to reach out with passive forms of control...emotional manipulation, temptation and what have you in an effort to hold on. The well developed and aware energy user will realize this is an opening of the black hole that you need to throw all the trash into prior to making a fresh start. It's wide open and swirling...finish throwing that stuff in. Keep purging and purging and plunging those depths and get all that over and done with. A new door waits at the end of this day. We all know that. Clean out the space for it.

At 6:21 PM the Moon is opposed Uranus, just as the Sun was last night. This is where we do a check in with our relational emotional intelligence. Have we cut off the possibility of partnering completely and decided to become the lone wolf? Or, have we garnered a bit of relational expertise through all this mess. Can you be engaged in relationship without losing yourself emotionally? This transit will fill you in. Do you care too much about what others think and about how stuff may or may not affect them? Do you care too little? Balance it out.

Our New Moon in Libra waxes in at 8:06 AM and provides us with opportunity to incorporate all that we've learned through this sideways Venus Rx/Eclipse/Mercury Rx ordeal and come back to the relational table to employ what we've learned. Or not. They are your mistakes to repeat if you choose. But, know that learning what was important, leaning toward partnerships that support you as you and being an equal part of such partnerships (which includes involving your true self that you discovered with all those fun times of transits in Leo) is kinda the point of this New Moon.
This New Moon wants us to recognize the good and supportive relationships that we have and to sheer away the ones that aren't so wonderful. Venus falls in the first Decan of Virgo where she is prone to meticulously prune things away that don't support our strongest growth. So, as we prune with Venus using one hand as we extend our other hand out to accept the support from the sources and relationships where we find it. And, in that cutting away and subsequent acceptance and reception we find the fulcrum...the balance part of Libra where we can compromise without cutting our nose off to spite our face. Where we can be ourselves and gather folks who encourage us to be ourselves around us while we offer up to them the same. Reciprocity or bust. With an assload of learning experience just flashed before our eyes in an effort by the Universe to drive that point home.
20 Libra and the Sabian for this New Moon-Old rabbi sits contentedly in room crowded with books. Interest in permanent rather than transient values. Accumulation of ancient wisdom brought to use. Competent service.
Yep. It's a lot like that in the school of love and relationships these days. What reference books do you have at your personal disposal? After the perfection of the New Moon in Libra, the Moon is rightfully worn the heck out and reaches Void status for a little rest. She remains Void until entering Scorpio at 5:39 PM tomorrow. Needless to say, this New Moon is likely to be quite a personal and rather quietly resolved affair. It can be an agreement quietly reached with yourself even if it eventually will ultimately affect how you deal with others in the future.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Libra as Mercury makes another sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. Sober and emotionless realizations are made here. In the dark. In the quiet. In the morning. Not many are willing to talk about them though.
The Moon awakens in the primordial depths of Scorpio at 5:39 PM. Emotional intensity grows. But, um, let me tell you something...if you are in a romantic love relationship that grew closer through all this Venus/Libra/Eclipse mix then this little check in from the Moon in Scorpio to Venus in Virgo (3:14 AM) is going to be, or has the potential to...really pack the bow-chica-mow-wow. Ahem.

 On the other end of that pendulum lies the potential to absolutely cut yourself apart for presumed relationship failures. Don't waste your time on that. We are not walking backward here. We are walking forward now. Learn from the past. Honestly assess where you have room to improve your chances for intimacy. Entertain no other alternative. Dismiss Venus in Virgo's tendency to cut themselves apart because Scorpio can make those cuts excruciatingly deep. Discard your disdain over your lack luster love life and don't take it out on the rest of the world. Please. Just. Fix it. Don't wallow in it or make it worse. We get to start over in this arena. Don't miss the opportunity.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Wow. The fact that things have been a bit emotional and wonky really catches up with us this morning. What a great day it would be to get to sleep in. Possibly foggy. Rainy. Curl up on the couch and pretend to be reading a good book while you are secretly napping kind of day. Slow and easy. Don't fight the flow. Sink into the drag a bit. Enjoy the depth of the day. The Moon is in trine to Neptune at 8:25 AM.

By 6:23 PM the Moon is a bit more motivated to forward motion as she checks in with Mars in Virgo by sextile. Nice aspect there. You can see the very depths of the mess that has to be cleaned up and you've got the drive to get busy doing it. Scorpio and Virgo energy works beautifully together. One bringing the mess and all the gunk to the surface. The other sorting it out and cleaning it all up. Both are resourceful and know how to survive with the meager supplies they may have on hand. Both are tough as nails too. Put this energy to good use, folks. Clean something down to the bare bones. Make it an all out emotional upheaval and detox if you have too. But, sort the details of some kind of mess out (literally or metaphorically) to best express this energy.

More support in such an activity comes with a sextile from the Moon to Pluto in Capricorn at 7:51 PM. Emotional strength, forbearance, integrity and fortitude is on hand to assist us with whatever we find ourselves involved in.
Next up is a root strengthening serum delivered like an inoculation from Jupiter in Virgo. Speaking of which, ya'll getting the flu shot? Because, if you are planning to, now is the time. If not, never mind. But work to pump up your immunity either way. Flu shot or no it's time to stock up on Vitamin C and start being mindful of your health and how your daily routine supports that or not. Your health plays largely into the legacy you are able to leave behind...wouldn't you say? So, it's worthy of your attention however you decide to deliver it.

Thursday, October 15, 2015
The Moon finds Chiron by trine at 5:14 this morning. From here, she rests in Void Status all blessed day. Meanwhile Mars find Pluto by trine. You talk about an opportunity to move mountains in regard to getting work done. This is aspect you need right here! And without swamping emotions to distract you? Heck yeah.
I don't recommend starting anything new. But, if you have stuff that you need catch up on now is the time. Gather all your outstanding projects and blow through them one by one. You'll have the energy to carry you far in this regard. You get double bonuses if you use this tremendous energy in an effort of service toward others or to help yourself or someone else rebuild. Power, under this aspect, is fully restored. Enjoy the heck out of that. Because you are really going to feel the power surge over the course of the next few days when the Moon wakes back up.

Friday October 16, 2015
The Moon entered Sagittarius, ready to head off on a new journey, at 5:19 AM. But, I'll be darned if she doesn't trip over a block in the road right out of the gate. She meets Saturn by conjunction at 10:07 AM. Do we really need to be reminded that we have to behave ourselves on this trip? Can we not just run off and have fun and adventure? Um...Saturn says no. We need to go over the ground rules first.

But, then, as we pick ourselves up from our stumble we look around and see our friends coming to join us on this trip. Yay! Folks to talk to and share the journey with emerge as the Moon meets Mercury in Libra by chatty and exuberant sextile at 3:15 PM. Whee! Field trip!

Oh, but wait a minute, did we leave the coffee pot on? Did we pack our toothbrush? Did we miss an important detail? Were we a bit too excited and perhaps maybe a little too idealistic in regard to what this trip was all about? The Moon meet Venus by square at 7:18 PM while meeting Neptune by square only minutes after (7:35 PM). There's a bit of shaky uncertainty mixed in that mutable t-square which finds outlet in Gemini. If you are surrounded by friendly social contacts and are able to maintain your curiosity about the trip itself...then really, who cares if you forgot your tooth brush. Call someone you trust to check in on your house while you are gone. It'll be alright. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Don't worry too much. Have a little drink and relax and quit taking things so seriously. Saturn's well in the rear view by now.
Venus officially opposes Neptune at 10:53 PM. Something we value or cherish could disappear. We could be love drunk. Or, gifts could appear out of the clear blue sky. We could be at risk of over-idealizing matters of Venus. Perhaps one of the negotiators at the bargaining table under the New Moon in Libra was trying to pull the wool over our eyes. We didn't see it until...just now. Only the Universe knows which end of that stick you'll be handed. What we have is a perfectionistic, particular and, sometimes, critical Venus in Virgo opposing the Lord of all that dissolves and swirls together in an endless vast sea, Neptune. Compassion is brought to our hearts and criticisms soften. Forgiveness and acceptance are both possible here. But so is a complete heart breaking emotional washout. The potential for veils to drop or be constructed in matters of money and love exist under this opposition...both of which meet their demise through heartbreak eventually. We can get all swept up or completely swept away.
Lets sleep on it. Shall we? Better than drowning in that mix at any rate. Our hearts are tired. Let's let them rest or at least wring them out and hang them up to dry.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

There is a bit of ambiguity in the mix this morning as the Moon squares off with Mars conjunct Jupiter in Virgo at around 8:30 AM while squaring Chiron and sextiling Uranus all at the same time. (HA! Piece of cake! Good morning to ya! Grab your coffee.) Did we overeach? Over step? Over promise? Over do? Over expect? Were we too confident? Here's where we find out. The best thing to consider is whether you were putting forth your best efforts regardless of the results you are shown within this day. Did you try your best? Honestly? Then that's all that really matters. Ok. Seal that in your psyche right now. If you missed your mark that's alright. There will be time to try again just don't forget to learn from your mistakes and scale back a little if you need to. See? Look outside. The world ain't ending today. There is time to choose differently.

The outlet for this t-square is, again, in Gemini who's ruler is walking across relationship issues for a third time. Practice what you've learned. Pull all your options out and look at them. Feel your emotional attachment to each choice. Assess that while still holding the stuff at arms length...not too tightly. Balance this out. You can do that. Adjust your aim. Your perspective. Your approach.
A sense of purpose and a sense of direction are going to carry you far in this day. Feel free to take advantage of that if you can.