Morning Star: Astrology for the week of October 6 through October 10, 2015

Sunday, October 4, 2015
This morning we wake up to the Cancer Moon in sextile to Mars in Virgo (7:01 AM) and in trine to Neptune (10:09 AM). I don't know what it is like over on the left coast of the US, but in the East, the seas are pretty mad. For the last few days the surf has been violent with waves cresting up to 11 feet. On top of that, from what I understand, the rip currents are deadly while the tide is so fierce it is eroding the coastline. Of course, this is aside from all the flooding also up and down the East Coast. Poseidon is pissed. Or so it would seem.

Even more interesting? NASA has discovered the existence of water on Mars. This information was released last week correlating with Mars in Virgo waxing into opposition with the pissed off King of the Sea which is due to perfect on October 6. Matter of fact, Tuesday is shaping up to be a busy Astrological day. We will get to that in a minute. But, it does appear that Neptune is taking his anger out in a furious cleaning frenzy. Of course, he's tearing up jack in the process. Somebody give him a Quaalude or something, my gosh. A state of emergency has been called in South Carolina this morning due the fall out of his rage. At any rate, this morning we will likely hear more about the assessment of what is going on along the East Coast. I'm hoping this is the end of it and it may be in this area. But, Mars is still agitating Neptune for at least the next two days. We may see the results of his anger pop up in other places, gas explosions, chemical spills/leaks, more flooding and torrential rains...all that and more.
On a personal level, the best way to use this energy is to relinquish your anger. Take your internal confusion and flux and direct it toward something productive instead of destructive. As much as external waters are violently churning there is probably a lot of internal water (emotions) churning as well. As above, so below. As within, so without. It really does work like that.
Today is an excellent day to get any such churning under control. The Moon in Cancer checks in amicably on this waxing opposition between Mars and Neptune. Plus, the Last Quarter Moon perfects this evening prompting us to continue releasing, relinquishing and letting go. As we let go, we have opportunity to open up space that once contained these dirty infectious waters and refill them with calmer cleaner waters. Detoxing works whether are you detoxing your physical or emotional body. I recommend both, particularly under this Cancer Moon. This set up is perfect for sweat lodges, hot yoga anything that mixes raising one's body temperature enough to sweat. Dance furiously. Play music passionately. Turn your bathroom into a temporary steam sauna. Get hot and get wet in whatever positive way you can think of. That's much better than being so angry that all your energy is diffused into that fact alone. If you need rest, take it without apology.
We may see an uptick of joint pain due to arthritis exacerbated by wet weather. Fevers due to colds, allergies or other bacterial/viral infections. Some folks may be less angry and more wiped out feeling as if all their energy has been completely drained from their bodies for one reason or another. All this is a grand set up for potential distraction. Some folks aren't going to be able to or are going to be so wrapped up in the hot/wet that they aren't paying attention to what they are doing.

Mercury in Libra is still Rx until Friday. Meaning, he is preparing to station, again. Meaning his Mercury Rx potential for bullshit will be heightened AS THIS MARS/NEPTUNE OPPOSITION WAXES IN. Are you listening? Be careful out there and vow to be the conscious warden of your own care taking starting right now, what are you waiting for...while releasing anything that might stand in the way of you effectively doing that. Today is the easy check in. Get a feel of how to handle this energy and hang on to that thought as we move forward into this week.

The Last Quarter Moon perfects at 5:07 PM. This puts our Solar and Lunar energies at odds falling between 11 Cancer/Libra 19.
The Sabian for 12 Cancer: A Chinese woman nursing a baby haloed by divine light. The promise to all humans that the divine may take birth within their souls. Personality integration. Illumination; or frustration.

The Sabian for 12 Libra: Miners are emerging from a deep well into the sunlight. Depth of participation in the world's work. Whole-souled giving of self to service; or inability to bring self to effort.

Do you see the two extremes in both these symbols? Illumination vs frustration. Whole-souled giving vs inability to bring self to effort. How do you stay on the high road here? How can you swing this to the positive extreme? Don't. Let. The. Darkness. Win. Period. Whatever you are experiencing right now fight with all your might to keep your candle lit. That is our main job. Hold steady. Protect the light inside you and don't let anything that is happening outside of you extinguish it. Otherwise, you risk becoming your oppressor, attacker, violator. Come out of the darkness, miner. Turn your face to the light. Otherwise, the darkness wins.

Speaking of darkness, the Moon finds Pluto by opposition at 8:14 PM. In literal world, I'd advise you to batten down the hatches and protect the home front. In the metaphorical, remember, it's not kill or be killed. It's purposeful survival. It's control yourself or allow yourself to be controlled. The waxing square from the Moon to Uranus (7:05 AM tomorrow) will help us assess whether our emotions are free from outside influence or not. Take control of yourself without running over folks in an effort to push your own agenda. Let them be. This is about you.

The same destructive, subservient, vindictive energy we feel coming from Moon/Pluto can also be used for survival and emotional regeneration...fortitude, endurance, grit, tenacity, etc. Every fence has two sides, says our North Node, Sun and Mercury in Libra. Pick your side wisely. You do have a choice. Be prepared to deal with the fact there will be others on the opposite side of the fence allowing this energy to make them batshit crazy, to be blunt. Batten down the hatches and protect the home front. Radar. Up. Don't let the darkness win. Be a good neighbor. Don't just watch for the helpers, jump in and be one. 

Monday, October 5, 2015
This morning the ground is still soggy and the emotional body is unsettled due the square between the Moon in Cancer and Uranus in Aries perfecting at 7:05 AM. However, the Moon is blessedly Void from here. All. Day. She doesn't enter Leo until 4:32 AM tomorrow morning.
Emotional hangovers ring like a dull gong in our bellies and heads. Numbness could set in. Take the day slow and easy. Do only the minimal necessary to get through this day and conserve your energy. Tomorrow is busy Astrological day.

Tuesday October 6, 2015
Early this morning the Moon passed into Leo (4:32 AM). Her first aspect is a nice grounding trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. We wake up a little more emotionally stable, which is a good thing.
At 7:57 AM, the Moon is in sextile to quivering Mercury Rx in Libra. Emotional conversations are re-visited. Messages from the past are possible. Childhood memories could float to the surface of our awareness. We may even run into folks from our past...friends, neighbors, enemies, old lovers. Echoes are entirely possible.

Meanwhile, the Sun is darkening and deepening in temperament due his strongly waxing square to Pluto. Eyes are narrowed and personalities come on strong. Efforts to control others are in place. Some will succumb to the temptations of greed or abuse of power. The strong will overcome these temptations and hold themselves true. Face off with yourself and your fears. Be brave. Don't be weak kneed and succumb to the darkness. There is true power that can be used for your own betterment here. Don't let the world use it against you. Be the pillar of strength.

At 6:58 PM, wobbly Mercury in Libra is stabilized by a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. Keep your eye on the prize. Hold your aim steady. Assume control of the steerage in your head while keeping your perspective pointed to the long term. Keeping your feet firmly planted in the right now. Plot the path forward using wisdom gleaned from past journeys.
The washout energy between Neptune and Mars has been building all week. It perfects tonight (10:53 PM) bringing hot/wet strongly into the equation. Review the tips for that in Sunday's write up and keep applying them. Let go. Surrender. Forgive. Detox. Sweat. Sleep and rest if you need it. You cannot fist fight Neptune. He can, however, be

There is quite a bit of mental pressure mixed with diffused efforts and calls to service all wrapped up in this day. It can feel like trying to climb a slippery slope. Back up and get ready to punt. Re-assess. Re-boot. Deal with yourself and wait this out.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Today, the Sun might actually peek out from behind the clouds. We wake up to a nice sextile between the Moon in Leo and Sun in Libra perfecting at 7:41 AM. The rest of the day, the Moon spends waxing into trine to Uranus (5:11 PM).
The sunlight is bright enough for us to assess the damage incurred the building energy of Sun/Pluto and Mars/Neptune. It feels like one of those days where the weather is nice outside but there is something hollowed and subdued within us that may keep us from enjoying it. Solemn. Perhaps quiet. But, hope is still alive and stirring. After the trine to Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Virgo at 3:51 PM tomorrow.

Thursday, October 8, 2015
Grab your mop bucket. Your broom. Your favorite clean up tools and get ready. Don't act like you don't see the mess. Don't sweep it under the rug. Today, we need to start cleaning that crap up. Like REALLY cleaning it up instead of working hard to cover it up so it looks pretty. Hide it and it's going to start to smell and rot. Don't be afraid to look at it. Get rid of it.

The Moon is still Void as we wake up this morning. But, as she rests, Venus enters Virgo (1:30 PM) and exits her shadow. Venus isn't really sure what the hell just happened but she is ready to start helping to fix and clean it up. She looks over her shoulder at the Moon and says, “Hey. Wake up. We've got work to do.” The Moon wakes up in Virgo at 3:51 PM. She meets up with Venus by conjunction at 4:01 PM and their assessment of the work ahead feels cumbersome due a waxing square from both to Saturn in Sagittarius. The Moon hits this wall of responsibility at 7:19 PM. Venus waxes into this up until perfection on Saturday. Yep. It's a long road ahead. Littered with “Test of Faith” boulders. Some may choose to walk that craggy road with crosses on their backs.

You are better off laying your cross down or at least simply wearing a small replica around your neck than purposefully martyring yourself through this. Carry the broom, instead. You don't have to hang yourself on a cross or beat others over the head with it to adhere to the tenets of your faith. Come off your pious high horse and get in here and get your hands dirty. Help with the clean up wherever you may find that mess. Flailing over there in your own bullshit is just going to make your mess bigger. Please. Anybody else tired of the self-martyring show? Enough. And our Astrology echoes this sentiment through Jupiter, Mars, Venus and the Moon in Virgo AND through Saturn in Sagittarius. Quit playing the victim in your life. Roll up your sleeves and get busy dealing with what needs to be dealt with. The REAL ROOT issues or get...the...heck...out...of...the...way.
Clean everything. Inside. Out. Organize. De-clutter. Re-purpose. Wipe the slate clean. Focus on what you can do to help whatever situation you are looking at. Help, not enable. Help, not exacerbate. Help...not wallow.

Friday, October 9, 2015
Ok, this morning we are either feeling wiped out or washed up. The Moon in Virgo is opposed Neptune at 6:54 AM. Waking up happens very, very slowly. Under a veil of fog and potential emotionality. She does receive a bit of fuel from Mars in Virgo at 10:06 AM which could clear our fogginess a bit and bring the ability to methodically deal with whatever we have to deal with forward.
Then, at 10:49 AM, holy Heavens of Mercy can I get an Amen, Mercury in Libra turns direct. Oh, we still have to endure him retracing his shadow. His energy will be a pain in the ass for a couple of days as he starts wobbling forward Hallelujah.

As the evening moves forward we may begin to feel a little better. The Moon meets Jupiter by conjunction at 5:24 PM and Pluto by trine at 6:12 PM. Bask in the restorative power being delivered by the waxing trine between Jupiter and Pluto. There is extraordinary strength in that but it is all about practicality, self-control, a willingness to dig deep and survive and a certain deep well of knowing wrapped up in faith and wisdom. This is not just a passing air of luck. This is making your own luck. This is the strength that you pull from somewhere deep, deep inside you and then subsequently APPLY. And we are going to need to collectively dig deep and find that wellspring. That window isn't being opened coincidentally. We are going to need it. Start digging in and figuring out a way to tap into it today.
Later tonight, the Moon opposes Chiron and then reaches Void status at 4:17 AM. She remains Void for the entirety of our Saturday.

Saturday, October 10, 2015
Rest is the call of the day. Things are likely very, very quiet..almost eerily so. We are also being called toward getting serious about matters of Venus. She officially squares off with Saturn today at 8:32 PM. We aren't all emotional about it. We just realize, again, that resources are pulled tight and we have a lot of clean up work ahead of us. Toil in all that. Shore up your finances. Solidify your relationships. Be the responsible caretaker of your heart, valuables and loved ones. Use today to get those messy ducks in a row and contemplate your plan. There is a New Moon coming. A fresh start. A new beginning is right around the corner. Think about how you would like to enter that gate. Keep releasing anything you don't want to carry forward with you. Leave no stone undusted.