Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 20 to September 26, 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015
This morning we wake up to the Sagittarius Moon in sextile to Mercury in Libra at 5:29 AM. Mercury is, of course, retrograde in Libra. Collectively we are steeped in a bit of a mental review. Relationships are on the discussion table. The type of relationship being reviewed depends upon which house you find Mercury running backward.

Mercury's Relationship Review by House Position
1st house-reviewing how you think about the relationship with yourself, your anger, your motivations/drive
2nd house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with your values, stability, self-worth and tangible goods/money
3rd house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with your siblings, peers and information gleaned from the outside world (perspective)
4th house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with home, family, emotion, mother
5th house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with children, romance, your ego, play, risk-taking, creativity
6th house-reviewing how you think about your working relationships, your relationship with your health, your doctor, your daily routines
7th house-reviewing your how you think about relationships in general..partnerships, known enemies, how you think about the terms fairness, justice and balance
8th house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with death, sex, intimacy, your shadow, debt, the way in which energy/power are exchanged within your relationships
9th house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with news entities, the judicial system, sports, preaching/religious factions, reviewing your relationship with what you think you know or what you have been taught
10th house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with authority and the public, your father, your career
11th house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with technology, higher medicine/specialists, your friends and social networks
12th house-reviewing how you may trip yourself up unwittingly in relationship with anyone, how you think about your addictions, your dreams/imaginings, your ability to forgive and absolve, how you think about your relationship with spirituality and empathy, how you think about your boundaries or lack thereof

After the check-in with Mercury, the Moon dances in a lovely fire trine with Venus at 10:05 AM. Love is alive and at your breakfast table. This aspect feels pretty good. Free. Easy. Boundless and expansive. You can definitely tell the Moon is out of Saturn's reach for a moment. This feels open and free. Comfortable. Joyful. Hey...who needs some joyful? raises hands and jumps up and down OH OH! PICK ME! PICK ME!
Oh, but...ouch, there is a square to Chiron at 11:43 AM. Twinge. Maybe we should go for gentle joy? Easy does it. Shake it but don't break it, you know? Start slow and easy.
The fire is seriously stoked right after noon, though. The Moon finds Uranus in Aries by trine as the square to Chiron begins to wane. Pain? What pain? I'm not going to let that ruin a perfectly lovely day. ARE YOU? Get out and shake the dust off. Expend some of the energy of angst that may have built up on your shoulders during the past week and break free.

From here, the Moon waxes into a 3rd fire trine with Mars perfecting at 4:13 AM tomorrow morning. The fun could last all night if you want it to. There's only one itty bitty problem with that. Our First Quarter Moon also perfects in the AM at the 29th degree of both Sagittarius (Moon) and Virgo (Sun)...and, I don't know about you; but, I'm just waaaay too old anymore to deal with a Monday after an all nighter.
Enjoy this active and fiery day. Just don't forget that a new work weeks starts tomorrow.

Monday, September 21, 2015
This morning we wake up under our First Quarter Moon (5:00 AM). The Sabians for this square are as follows:
For the Moon at 29 Sagittarius: Perspiring fat boy, eager to reduce is mowing a lawn. Desire for fitness inherent in all living being. Consciously built, thus dependable determination. Persistent endeavor.
For the Sun at 29 Virgo: Archaic manuscript discloses to scholar the old mysteries. The understanding which is built on patient steady work and persisting aspiration. Fecundate power of ancient wisdom.

Ahh...I get this mix. Do you? First we have the overweight boy who is ready and determined to get back into shape. There is nothing wrong with a little cardio obtained while also doing something, like mowing grass. The problem comes when the boy gets a bit too ambitious and ends up giving himself a heat stroke by overdoing it. He didn't get out of shape overnight. So he can't expect that killing himself for one day mowing the lawn will fix it. The Moon in Sagittarius can have some pretty overblown expectations. This is where the Sun in Virgo comes in and says, “Hey...don't be stupid about this. Put some kind of healthy cardio into your everyday routine while realizing you'll need to pace yourself. Keep your HEALTH in mind more than just your body image. This is going to be work that involves steady diligence, persistence and it will have to be something you continually work toward not just something that we both think of and obtain in an instant.” Now, know this doesn't have to be just about weight loss. Many have woken up to a list of things they would like to change. Ok, that's great! But, don't think that just because you see the need for change that it can be fostered in one big whack or in the course of a few hours. This is progressive change that requires clear steps and diligence. Change that trickles through our every day by fostering a new perspective. Take the long view and work to foster SUSTAINABLE change.

After the First Quarter perfects the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 8:33 AM. By 10:52 PM she is in sextile to Neptune. Softened and subdued. Progress can be made in this day. But it is not achieved by force. It's gentle, compassionate, imaginative but, also, responsible. Moon in Capricorn in sextile to Neptune creates a nice malleable and shape-able clay. Not too much water. Not too much dust. Productivity is possible. Whistling while you work or setting your daily tempo to some nice motivating or flowing music is suggested. Aim for gentle, flowing production as well as aiming to lead with compassion.
When we lay our heads down tonight, we are liable to feel pretty good about what we've managed to accomplish. The grounded Moon in Capricorn meets the glory of keeping all the ducks in the right order, Jupiter in Virgo. Our steps forward become more clear and we are inclined to believe we can manage them.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
This morning the sky is dark and heavy. What the heck happened? Last night everything felt fine so what is this ominous feeling hanging in the sky? It is the Moon perfecting in conjunction to Pluto at 8:05 AM. Hey, you made quite a bit of progress yesterday by being FLEXIBLE! Don't turn into a greedy control freak today. Remember where your benefit Virgo. Retain your practicality and don't be afraid to get your own hands dirty while involved in the work ahead. One diligent well thought out step at a time. Also, don't forget to assess your true motivations behind what it is you want to achieve. Peer into that shadow (they are growing longer these days) and ensure that you are the one steering this boat.

The Moon crosses over Pluto once a month. But, this passage is likely to be felt a bit more strongly than the routine conjunctions; because, Pluto is stationed. His powers are heightened. We've got a lot to rebuild and that is likely strongly felt this morning. We didn't get in this hole overnight so don't let the weight of the work crush you. Vow to survive it and incorporate the need for change and rebuilding into your daily routine. This ain't one and done. For sure.
By 10:56 AM the Moon is square Mercury Rx in Libra. The second square between Mercury and Pluto is tightening, due to perfect again on the 24th. Not only are we feeling emotional pressure but we are feeling mental and social pressure too. You may receive outside criticism today that informs you that you are going about things all the wrong way. I'm not telling you to totally dismiss these conversations. Listen to what the person is saying while realizing, in the end, the consequences of your choices fall on your shoulders. In other words, hear what they have to say but reserve the ability to make a decision on your own. Take your time and weigh out the facts and the opinions. But, think for yourself. OK?

Over top of all this darkness in the morning and mental conflict in the late morning, there is a bubbling and gurgling occurring in our hearts. Venus is waxing into liberating trine with Uranus giving us the ability to break free from some of our feelings of being beholden to others. It's my life. It's my choice.
The trine perfects at midnight tonight and it follows a square from the Moon to Uranus. Some of those folks doling out friendly advice might get a lightening bolt hurled at them in response. Don't freaking tell me what to do or how to feel! WHAPOW! Our give a damn breaks and we realize and are inspired by the fire trine between Venus and Uranus. Independence and the ability to assess what is important to you without someone telling you what that should be reigns supreme.

There's a chance for conflict in this day. There is a chance that some folks will get told to go fly a kite. Oppressive relationships could be released or blown apart under this sky. Remember who the boss of your life is. If you can't answer that question by assessing the reflection you see in the mirror, then something is horribly wrong. Yeah. Fix that.
Following the square to Uranus at 7:13 PM, the Moon is Void for a loooong time! She doesn't enter Aquarius until 1:56 PM tomorrow. Let the pot simmer for now. We wake up to a new atmosphere tomorrow.
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
This morning, we wake up to LIBRA SEASON! I do hate to see Virgo season go, frankly. But, as a Libra, I'm also inclined to welcome this time of year. Autumn is my all time favorite season. And it begins today! The Fall equinox, Mabon, pumpkin spice everything, warm apple pies, lovely vividly colored leaves, cooler nights, scare crows and fodder shocks, hay bales and campfires....yes...yes...yes! Happy Birthday Fellow Librans! The Sun entered the sign at 4:03 AM.

The Moon, however, is still floating around in Void status. So, none of this may tickle our fancy until later on in the day. The lights on the Moon come back on as she enters Aquarius at 1:52 PM. The wind starts picking up at this point as we have a nice Air Trine between the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun newly in Libra. Things are light and breezy...not to mention well grounded. The Sun is also waxing into sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon finds the same by sextile at 2:35 PM...the same time it finds the Sun. So, yeah the wind is really whipping but the day is solid and grounded. Air feeds fire but fire is subdued and grounded by Saturn right now so steady forward progress can be made if you can deal with Mercury Rx. Saturn in Sagittarius prompts us to do something instead of just think or talk about doing it. What this set up does is create a wonderfully supportive mini-trine between the Sun, Moon and Saturn. I like it. I really, really, do. I think most everyone else will too. Here we are at the mid-point of our week and we meet with a feeling of balance and stability. Uh huh...I'll take it!  Of course, this also means the Sun is headed toward a conjunction with the Nodes, BML, Mercury, a square with Pluto and an opposition with Uranus. But, eh, we can talk about that later. Happy Fall!

Thursday, September 24, 2015
Windiness continues into our Thursday with a lunar trine to Mercury Rx in Libra at about noon. All those “reviews” set forth via house position are assessed on an emotional level. It's not a watery affair. The Aquarius Moon is quite analytical and can do it's assessments with a bit of detachment. Plus, it's inclined to experimentation and taking a nice well thought out view of the situation as a whole. This is an amicable aspect that occurs in Air. So the brain and the emotional body are busy places; but, many will be holding their thoughts close to their chests for now. We may talk to our closest friends or perhaps consult an expert; but, we are still basically thinking things over for now. Weighing our options. Checking out the other side of the fence. Rewiring and reviewing before we decide how to move forward.

Mercury is in square to Pluto, again, at 6:32 PM and he takes the windiness and puts weight on it. Information is held even more closely to our chests because at this point. We've decided we don't really know who we can trust. The mental pull is deepened and risks turning paranoid and obsessive. Are your thoughts being controlled? Are you looking at this too closely or not closely enough? Are you being influenced by folks with an alternative agenda? Are you missing a key part of the puzzle? Hang in there. Help is on the way through a lunar sextile from to the Moon's current ruler, Uranus in Aries at 10:05 PM.
Something “stuck” is jostled loose at this point. We remember our “give a damn” and how it keeps breaking. Release yourself from the opinions and judgments of others and do your thing. Know that mental “weight” is likely to be a “thing.” Prepare for the rebuild to begin as Pluto FINALLY turns direct at 10:17 PM. Then, prepare for motivations to make a shift from what you can do for you (Mars in Leo) to how you can fix the situation, help or serve others (Mars in Virgo). Mars passes into Virgo at 10:19 PM. Shifting is happening. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and wait for the dust to settle. Then, grab your broom and sweep that dust up! Mars is in Virgo, I said! Dirty life? Clean it up!

Friday, September 25, 2015
Overnight the Moon in Aquarius opposed Venus in Leo. We assessed the needs of the many (Moon in Aquarius) in contrast to our personal desires, values. Our own self worth is a large part of that equation. If we feel we are not “enough” we may try to supplement that with material things, for example. The Aquarius Moon is detached from this. Venus, herself, is in a period of detachment as well still lingering in trine to Uranus. She wants to cut the chord in a way. She wants to be herself and be more to express herself more freely. Those feelings tug, pull and swirl in our hearts as we sleep. The Moon is Void until entering Pisces today at 3:44 PM.

It's quiet. Subdued. Many are in deep contemplation about their current life circumstances. But, it's quiet. Contemplative. Introspective.
As the Moon enters Pisces mid-afternoon, she immediately meets Mars in Virgo by opposition. Well, isn't this a nice steamy hot emotional soup. It's diffuse, suffocating and overly expansive at the same time, restrictive and boundless..yes, all at the same time. Real/unreal/right/wrong...swirl, swirl, swirl, steam, steam, steam....bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...
Have you ever watched a movie that had a “flashback” scene? The edges of the picture frame start to blur and they play that weird throwback music and the scene fades from present day back to past? Yeah! It's a lot like that.

This is how the aspects roll going into that:
Moon opposite Mars in Virgo at 4:31 PM
Moon square Saturn at 4:41 PM
Mars square Saturn at 9:14 PM September 25th.
Those aspects, that's the real. The present day. Current life events. What is solid. Ambition is regulated and responsible. It is beholden to securing (Saturn) the truth (Sagittarius). It does solid work for solid pay. Day by day. Week by week. It's the solid daily grind of routine and answering to being accountable for our actions. Solid. K?
But...(cue the flashback music)
Saturday, September 25, 2015
We are in the “real” as illustrated at the end of Friday's write up. We are trying to take care of business. The brick walls we are hitting in those efforts are real. We might be a little grumpy and tense. We want to relax but there is work to do. So, we toil. Keeping it real and as Mars waxes into square with Saturn tonight, that real could feel really heavy and really hindering. Grind. Grind. Grind. Everyday. All day. For...what? Exactly? Is my security worth this dead and dulling burden? Harumph. We fall exhausted from the weight into bed as the Moon leaves Saturn and begins to wax into conjunction with Neptune at 4:12 AM. The “real” we are carrying around dissolves like a bouillon cube...diffusing, blurring, melting away. Frustrated tears are possible. So is release, acceptance and forgiveness.
Sunday morning, we wake up with this soup under the spotlight through a lunar opposition to Jupiter. Our benefit lies in cleaning up the soup that has boiled over. All the while, we assess the damage and remember how we got here in the first place through a lunar inconjunct to Mercury Rx in Libra and a sextile to Pluto that covers up the majority of our Sunday. What can we do differently? Can this be fixed? Where do we go from here? Swirl...swirl...bubble...bubble...keep your pot on a slow simmer. Prepare for the unexpected. The answers will come. Some blocks may amazingly dissolve. The unexpected is due to occur...under the eclipse coming to our sphere next week. Hold steady. Deal. Get ready for perspective to shift and for things to start popping loose at the seams (not all in a bad way either) in the week to follow.