Morning Star: Astrology for the week of August 9 through August 15, 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015
This morning we wake up to the Gemini Moon creating a lovely sextile with the Sun in Leo at 7:29 AM. As the Moon makes contact with the Sun, she also creates a lovely sextile with Uranus (2:30 PM). Right now, the Sun is waxing into trine with Uranus. The two are separated by 4 degrees. So, in about 4 more days, this trine will perfect. Today, though, the Moon links the two up in a delicious mini-trine. Talk about a great day to let loose of your cares and just enjoy the sunshine. There is marvelous opportunity for that under this sky.

There are some reminders of hurt and accountability as the Moon makes a square to Chiron at 2:56 PM and an inconjunct to Saturn at 5:04 AM. It's not like we are flying about without consciousness.
At midnight, the Moon sextiles Venus Rx in Leo creating a soft place for us to land for the night. Chances are we rest well. It was likely a busy but satisfying day.

Monday, August 10, 2015
A lovely sextile between the Gemini Moon and Jupiter in Leo greets us as we rise from our slumber this morning (7:46 AM). From here, the Moon is Void until until entering Cancer at 8:09 AM. Our emotions shift from light and airy to watery and intuitive.
The shift today is not harsh. It's more of a gentle transition. Yet, the waters will rise as the Cancer Moon moves forward. Today, though, the biggest topic of conversation may be in regard to dinner plans. The Moon meets Mercury in Virgo by sextile at 6:11 PM. Momma Moon and Nursemaid Mercury are discussing nutrition and the best way to provide it to their wards. The needs of the “belly” are highlighted between these two signs. Eat well. But be mindful of sensitivities and the need for nutrients.
notice the opposition of these first two pictures...I thought that was pretty cool
What can occur within this mix, as well, is motherly nitpicking. Take your umbrella. Wear your seat belt. Make sure you have on clean underwear in case you are in an accident and have to go to the hospital. You know the drill. Why do Mom's do this? Because they worry (Virgo) and they care (Cancer). It's ok to advise someone to back off if their “mothering” becomes “smothering.” Call out your boundaries.

I'm also seeing a bit of social grooming here which CRACKS ME UP! Social grooming is something that occurs in the animal kingdom. But, the thought of this occurring in the mainstream human population...say, while one is riding on the subway or just hilarious. But, yes, the mixture of these energies can produce such. Though, I don't expect someone to pick lint out of your hair while you are on the bus, a loved one could very well straighten your collar or pull a stray hair from your shirt. Ahhh...Virgo. Yes, my shirt is tucked in, my shoes are tied and I turned the coffee pot off before I left the house. Promise.
But, thank you for letting me know you care.
Tonight, the Moon makes a lovely trine with Neptune at midnight. Sleep well my pretties. You brushed your teeth right? Flossed, too? Ok, Goodnight! Sleep Tight! No bed bugs will bite because I had the place fumigated last week.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Um. Speaking of Virgo. This morning we wake up to JUPITER IN VIRGO! Yes. There is a bit of a “shift” to be had here. Jupiter in Virgo is NOT Jupiter in Leo. Not even close. Jupiter in Leo was all about self-discovery. Finding yourself. Learning about yourself. And, as long as we have this stellium in Leo (Sun, Venus, Mars) those lessons are ongoing but wrapping up. However, Jupiter's shift into Virgo overlays a whole new lesson plan. Now that we “know who we are” we are going to learn “what we can do with that.” Application of talents. Offering of self into service. “Exaltation” is brought to things like the service industry, healthcare industry, practical magic, personal healthcare, getting organized, to do lists, clean up efforts (globally and on the home front) and the ability to USE one's personal intelligences through the art of manifestation. Virgo is a manifestor bringing mental concepts out of the Air and onto the Earth in tangible form. It's time to make it real, whatever “it” happens to be for you.
On a side note, if you struggle with things like grammar, spelling, punctuation and you write in a public forum (social media or what have you), either grow a set of big shoulders and get over the nit picking of not what you say but your ability (or inability) to punctuate and spell it properly or hone your skills. I'm just saying. Unpaid editors and content managers will blossom on social media and in the comments of news articles during Jupiter's stay in Virgo. Mind the Orbit commercial...CLEAN IT UP!

Just as Jupiter moves into Virgo, the Moon in Cancer also opposes Pluto Rx in Capricorn. Now, here is where the mothering is the most likely to become smothering. There could be emotional manipulation at play as well as acts meant to keep wards dependent. Know how to tell the difference between true offers to help and acts of help that are meant to foster control over you through creating dependency.
On the other side of this fence, if you feel like you have what it takes to help someone else or their situation, ask first. Don't just barge in and take it upon yourself to start “fixing.” No. Not a good idea. Wait to be asked or take it upon yourself to offer. DON'T JUST ASSUME everyone is ready to accept the wonderful solutions for all their problems that you thought up this morning while drinking your green tea. That's creepy. Don't be creepy. Or pushy. Or a know-it-all. Temper that a bit. Jupiter in Virgo=everybody is a critic. Yeah, it's likely to be a “thing.” Not the only “thing” but a thing.

There will also be exaltation brought to things like public libraries, reading in general but particularly reading PAPER books especially DIY or “how to” manuals. Writing these snippets and publishing tips in general for folks to find on their own is a much more socially acceptable way to “help” than forcing your all encompassing wisdom on the poor ingenues around you. Also, if you are a business owner, it's time to take a serious look at how your business meets the growing call toward customer service. EVERY business provides some type of service to someone. Even if you are the boss, you still have customers who are YOUR boss. Jupiter in Virgo says it is high time this was brought to your attention. Identify your customer. Figure out what they think about your product and where they feel your business can improve and get on it. You may not even have to ask for feedback. Chances are you will hear it. Consider these criticisms a gift filling you in on areas that need improvement instead of taking it too personally. Tackling this right now (the customer service element of your business) is going to pay off in spades as Jupiter in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. Again, clean it up. Simplify. Focus on building core and basic elements. Ok, I'm not going to try to cram an entire Jupiter in Virgo write up into Tuesday's Astrology. I think what I've said thus far is a fair introduction.

Our final aspect of the day is a Lunar square to Uranus in Aries which isn't all that conducive to a restful night (10:28 PM). However, if you were busy during the day and physically spent some of this accumulating energy you may be lucky enough to get some sleep. Expect that sleep may be elusive tonight and prepare for that.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
This morning the Moon in Cancer is swimming away from that catalyzing and nerve wracking square with Uranus and into a nice supportive and grounding trine with Saturn in Scorpio. This is wonderfully stabilizing and many will welcome it. After the trine to Saturn (1:43 PM) the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 4:53 PM. We have a chance to get our feet underneath us and make some solid progress in the realm of wrapping up loose ends. Under a waning Moon, this is exactly what we should be doing. Winding things down in preparation for the next lunar cycle which commences the morning of the 14th under the Leo New Moon.

The problem is our lines of logic are blurred. The mental body is drunk and potentially confused with a waxing opposition from Mercury in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces. Whatever you are working on, it isn't not going to be perfect. Perfect is a lie. So keep the ideal in mind but mindful of what is truly possible in reality. Perfection does not fit that bill. There are gray areas and, on top of that, we may not be seeing things all that clearly. Be wary of other lies and the potential for someone else to attempt to blur the lines of the truth. They pay their consequence for that eventually but don't fall prey to it in the process. Find the facts and dismiss the rhetoric. Dig under the surface and you'll find what it is that they are trying to obscure. In the meantime, make sure you are holding to the truth on your end. Overall, my advice is to toil with what is tangible. What you can hold in your hands. Simple dexterous activities keep your hands busy while the mind is allowed to wander where it will...since it is prone to doing that anyway under this sky. The Mercury/Neptune opposition perfects at 9:12 PM. We are sleeping tonight even if we have to self-medicate to do so...dammit. And we may just have to. The Moon finds Mars in Leo at just about the same time (10:01). Don't go to bed angry. Seriously, try to get some rest because tomorrow is ACTIVE!

Thursday, August 13, 2015
This morning we wake under an empowering and catalyzing trine from the Sun in Leo to Uranus in Aries. This is certainly an AWAKE aspect. One that beckons us to shake off the dust of potential judgment and make an entrance into the world exactly as we are. We gather friends around us. Social connections become emphasized. We gravitate to the places we are accepted and carry the folks that accept us along as we venture outward into new terrain and experience. Our “give a damn” about how others perceive us breaks. We are who we are, scars and all. We become a little more ok with that. Empowering. Liberating. I love the looks of this! I have Sun/Uranus/Mars conjunct in Libra and I really get off on empowering others. Today, that “empowering” becomes an internal act and I think the potential here is just LOVELY! Get down with your bad self! This Uranian action is going to provide for a wonderful set up under our New Moon in Leo in the morning. Feel free to prance.

There are a couple of humbling check-ins (which in this set up may be a good thing) that occur prior to the New Moon in the morning. The Sun meets Chiron by inconjunct at 9:54 AM reminding us of the pain still present in the world even in the midst of our self-rejoicing. Plus, the Moon makes an inconjunct to Neptune increasing our empathy in regard to the circumstance around us. So, maybe a gentle prance that allows others to join your parade as they are is your best bet. Celebrate yourself and welcome others to gently do the same for themselves. Know though, this is definitely a no shackles and no chains kind of day. People will break free from various forms of oppression or at the very least, draw attention to its presence. There is nothing quiet or demure about this day. Folks are going to be reactive. Expect that.

The tendency for re-activeness increases as the Moon repeats the Sun's trine to Uranus in the morning. Yep. Could be a little nuts. I'm looking forward to it. As long as you don't let nervousness, anxiety and your overwhelming ego get the better of you, you'll be just fine. Most will enjoy this day. Remember we are aiming for inclusiveness, acceptance, personal freedom for all (not just you) and the ability to feel confident and good enough in the skin we are in while ever noticing where we still have room to improve. Hold others up just as much as you hold yourself up. Together, folks. We are in this together striving for interdependence and there is a long road ahead. We aren't even close yet. But large strides can be made in that direction right now.
Friday, August 14, 2015
This morning we wake to the blossoming of the New Moon in Leo at 10:55 AM. This is where we make the declarations of “I am.” Who is it that you have discovered you are under all this Jupiter in Leo and Venus Rx in Leo action? In yesterday's budding “self-freedom” what did you discover? Well, I'm not going to encourage you to roar that out. Instead, I encourage you to gently say these words to yourself, “I am...” Then, sit quietly with that as you decide what is you can do with it. Self-acceptance. Self-love. Self-appreciation. If you see someone struggling, offer them something you can afford to give. Encouragement. Gratitude. Respect. All are practical and inexpensive gifts. However, if you have no humility you will not be able to afford them. Remember, you cannot be personally free, truly, until we are all free.

The Sabian Symbol for our Sun and Moon under this New Moon in Leo is (From Dane Rudhyar's book The Wheel of Sigificance) 22 Leo: A carrier pigeon alights at dawn before his owners. The return of the soul-energies to the central self after a significant experience. Adventuring. Practical enlightenment.
The New Moon itself is trine Uranus, inconjunct Chiron, conjunct Venus and both the Sun and Moon are waxing into square with Saturn. Gentle (Venus) freedom (Uranus) wrapped up in humility (Saturn), sobriety (Saturn) and responsibility (Saturn). Make your declaration in a way that it provides you support to stand on. But, know if you put yourself on a pedestal allowing no room for others to honor themselves in the same way you are honoring yourself, then you will fall from that exalted position. Chances are, that plunge is not going to be graceful. So be graceful. Cats can do that. Right?

The square from the Moon to Saturn waxes in at midnight tonight. This is when humility will forcefully find you if you didn't take your doses of it willingly. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Virgo at 3:47 AM. This shift will take our “I am” vows and push them into service. I am...and I can use that for.... Be ready to fill that last bit in as the Moon in Virgo finds Jupiter in the morning.

Saturday, August 15, 2015
Things kind of feel like they are turning around by the time we get to the end of this week. I hope for most that circumstance has swung toward better and not worse. A big thing to remember under Jupiter in Virgo is that we make our own luck which is something not many like. But, it's the truth none-the-less and is the reason that traditional Astrology deems Jupiter in Virgo as a challenging placement. You have to work for it. But if you are willing to work for it, benefit is YOURS. So, don't be afraid to get your hands a little dirty and don't forget to incorporate elbow grease. You get back what you put in and nothing more. That ideology showers over us this morning as the Moon finds Jupiter in Virgo for the first time since Jupiter shifted signs. Self-exaltation is no longer the call of Jupiter. Exaltation of physical, practical, labor and a focus on service is now what gets the spotlight. Adjust your perspective appropriately.

Meanwhile, we do have an opportunity for a bit of much needed self-love as Venus finds the Sun by conjunction. Lick your humble wounds. It's ok. Treat yourself a bit. That's ok too. Share a little love if you have some to spare. That's kinda the point. Thing is there may be a bit of a push and pull between whether we should sink leisurely into self-indulgence or get our asses to work. I suggest balancing things out with a little of both. You can make your “service” self directed in the way of self-care. Preening. That suits both purposes. Hello. Spa day. Spa-aaaaaaaaaah day.

Don't think this has to be a big expensive consumer-minded driven thing. I make a killer “spa-like results foot scrub” using only beach sand and cocoa butter. Virgo is all about using what you have. Might as well start practicing. Making your own self-care supplies (and cleaning supplies) is favored under Jupiter in Virgo. Basics. Simple. Natural. Clean. So preen away but realize you really do not need to spend a fortune or put a bunch of crazy chemicals on your skin to do so.
As we relax into Sun/Venus, our minds are freed in the process. We are able to peer deeply inward. Mercury perfects in trine to probing Pluto in Capricorn at 3:53 PM. Thoughts are anything but light. They are investigative. Researching. Ridiculously practical and astute. The ability to develop plans under this aspect is punctuated. Long term, step by step, intricate processes can be fostered under this energy. We may be softening ourselves on the outside, but on the inside we are sharp. Focused. Plotting. Conspiring. Uncovering hidden agendas. Peering through an x-ray lens. You evil mastermind, you.

The tricky dicky? As minds are sharpening, emotions are rising. The Moon opposes Neptune at 9:30 PM. Emotions can skew the sharpest mind. Remember that. Let the pot simmer and keep soaking in your steam bath. Pay heed to what this “insight” is telling you. Realize the potential veracity of your emotions. Be mindful of your timing. Don't let the heat get above a very low simmer.