Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 11, 2015

This morning we wake up to a very active and dynamic Moon in Aries. She begins the day under pressure from a square to Pluto at 8:30 AM. This could veil our morning with heaviness. But, it can also imbibe us with emotional endurance and fortitude. By 2:14 PM, the Moon is in buoyant trine with Jupiter in Leo while waxing toward a conjunction with Uranus at 4:46 PM. This is restless and expansive, but enjoyable. Unless, your freedom is restricted or hindered. Then, the call of these aspects can feel suffocating.

By our early evening hours, the Moon in Aries is kissing the Sun in Gemini by sextile as Mercury in Gemini turns direct. I'd like to take a moment of silence here to drink that fact in. Oh...let's say it again, Mercury in Gemini turns direct. Ahhh...doesn't that sound marvelous? But, that being said, Mercury will still be wonked out a little for the next day or so as he gets his winged shoes back underneath him and heads fully forward while retracing his shadow. Prepare to re-encounter certain topics of conversation or to re-visit, once more, elements that were personally covered under this retrograde. For example, I had a conversation about a month ago that got ridiculously out of hand. It went in a direction that I never intended. Before I knew it, the thing had become so convoluted and I had become so misunderstood that I just let it go, knowing I'd have to come back and play clean up later. Well. Today the day is the day to play cleanup. I'll be meeting with the person I had the original conversation with to explain myself and clear the air. The three passes of Mercury have a tendency to kick up familiar dust. This means if a topic or theme is recurring during this retrograde then it bears importance in your life. Most likely it is something you needed to view from several angles to fully understand. As Mercury moves forward, this gives us a chance to congeal this understanding while bringing final rectification to the message that the Universe is trying to deliver...or even to bring clarity to a situation in which the information we were trying to deliver was totally washed out.

Meanwhile, the Moon moves forward to sextile Mars just prior to reaching Void status (7:44 PM). Mars in Gemini is waxing into a square with Chiron in Pisces which perfects less than an hour after the Moon is Void (8:34 PM). Then, just after midnight, Neptune stations retrograde. The Moon remains Void until entering Taurus at 10:17 AM tomorrow.
Today is the day to be proactive about the clearing the air. With Mercury and Neptune switching directions, clarity will be something many are reaching for. If you've misunderstood or need to make amends in some way, this evening and the next few days are good to do so. Also coming under this sky is exposure of the truth. As Mercury rights himself and Neptune pulls backward taking his veil with him, things will begin to make more sense. Two and two will be put together by many and if there is a veil over the truth, it's about to fall off either by your deliberate efforts or by Universal assistance.
It's also a good day to be wary of gaslighters and instigators. A Moon/Jupiter/Uranus mix all in fire can equate to a prankster as well. But it also imbibes us with the ability to detach and laugh at ourselves and/or the situation we find ourselves in.

There is also potential for pain under this sky. The waxing square between Mars and Chiron can bring that in a myriad of ways be it through illness, nausea, dehydration from over exertion, heat exhaustion, fibromyalgia and COPD flare ups, allergies...even swollen feet or water retention in other areas. If you fall in this category be proactive about nurturing yourself back to good health. Don't ignore your symptoms which can be par for the course with Chiron in Pisces. Drink plenty of water, unless your condition indicates otherwise, and rest if you need to. It's hot and humid outside in many areas in the US, know that is taxing on your body and take the precautions needed to keep yourself healthy. Be careful if you are traveling, particularly by water whether it be on a cruise or simply cruising on your jet ski to cool off. Also be watchful while swimming. Have fun, but stay alert to potential hazards. And, this holds true while driving too. Eyes on the road. Hands on the wheel. Phone in the glove box...or something...just not in front of your face while you are supposed to be watching the road. Refrain from operating machinery if you are impaired in someway. And...ok, I'll quit being your Mom now. It's just that I worry and want you to be careful out there! It's certainly a busy day. The few hours of a Void Moon tonight are likely to be welcomed.