Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rise and shine my lovelies. This morning we wake up to a building Moon in Sagittarius. The Full Moon occurs today at 12:20 PM EDT at 11 degrees mutable. Stuff is getting all heated up for better or worse. And, there is a flurry of activity and adventure to be had under this Moon. But, let's begin at the beginning.

Early this morning, the Moon opposed Mercury Rx (4:28 AM) while also waxing into square with Neptune in Pisces (8:38 AM). The day could be foggy and hazy as we wake up. However, I expect that much of this fog and grog (whether it is weather-wise or brain-wise) to burn off by midday. At 11:35 AM, Mars prefects in his inconjunct to Pluto bring punctuation to the Yod created by these two planets and Jupiter in Leo. The actions we take after the fog burns off bears importance so be present in what you are doing. Bring yourself out of the water, out of the fog, out of the ethers and into your body so you can better “feel” what is going on.

As this Yod is strongly in force, the Full Honey Moon perfects at 12:20 PM. And, it's a busy little Moon for sure. There is a waxing Fire Trine created by the Moon with Jupiter and Uranus while the opposition of the Moon to the Sun (the Full Moon itself) creates a Kite. So, once we act, we are protected to a degree. However, there is a build up of steam and pressure that occurs in that process that must be effectively dealt with. In order to do so, we are going to have to hit our release valves or risk explosion of this energy. This can be achieved by bursts of deliberate physical movement or, even, by screaming (I'm thinking of locking yourself in a closet for the expulsion of screaming but you can do it outside if you want). Either way, there is a bubbling that occurs in our Solar Plexus that heats up our Heart Chakra and boils that energy upward over our Throat Chakra and potentially out our mouths. If you hold it in, it could take off the top of your head (which sounds a lot like throwing your cap in the air after graduation, we'll get to that), let off the steam as it builds to keep a mess from occurring in that regard. This can also be a verbal expulsion that is kind of equivalent to speaking in tongues if you are familiar with that phrase.

The Moon remains active the rest of the day. She doesn't reach Void status until after a square with Chiron occurs at 5:30 in the morning. The Fire Trine with Moon and Uranus is in effect for the duration of our evening hours and even into the overnight. The trine from the Moon to Jupiter perfects at 9:32 PM while the trine from the Moon to Uranus occurs at 2:00 AM. Sleep could be quite elusive for some tonight. Physically burning off excess energy can help with that, though.
Generally, this Full Moon reminds me of graduation. Is it a coincidence that many high school graduations occur around the Full Moon in Sagittarius? I think not. But, outside of traditional schooling, we are collectively being set up for a graduation of sorts as Jupiter finishes his journey through Leo. What have you learned about yourself during this transit? Can you stretch to meet the call of your higher self (likened to preparing for leveling up in education...going off to college)? Or, better yet, are you ready to put that knowledge to practical use? I hope so, because that is what we are going to be called to do in the Virgo classroom.

Problem with that, right now, is a lot of that information is befuddled and confused with Mercury Rx and also squaring Neptune under this Moon. In that, we are going to have to patient with the picture as it develops. We may not know exactly how this picture will develop just yet. But, there is a wonderful opportunity for truth to be released and/or published under this Moon. If you trip over some of this, listen to it but aim to NOT draw conclusions about it just yet. Let that pot simmer while you discharge the feelings it catalyzes within you safely. This Moon calls more for physically moving and choosing deliberately what it is we pour our energy into rather than for thinking things through, anyway. So, when things don't make sense or when you don't know what to say, you can always answer through interpretative dance. Get your body moving and expel some of this excess energy to help work all this out. Roam. Don't shirk away from adventure. Reach, stretch and do.

In that, I'm still seeing the need for deliberate expulsion in an effort to prevent explosion. I'm back to the car overheating scenario again. In that, some radiators may be gunked up and this can effect proper water flow. So, flush them out. Also, be mindful of hydration. Literal Astrology is literal and this Moon says there is a chance of increased activity and potentially becoming personally overheated. So pay particular attention to the hydration needs of your body to combat that. And, don't forget about the need to hit the pressure relief valve. Don't allow this energy to build up without direction. Keep exerting it and releasing excess in the process. This is not the Moon to hide away at home. It's calling us to get out and about. And, it wants us to walk our truth deliberately and with says the Yod. So make sure the steps forward you make illustrate that as it will certainly pay off in the long term. Right now, the future may seem distant, uncertain and confusing (as oft the case at your standard graduation) but that doesn't mean we cannot enjoy and relish the moment. I highly encourage you to do that at least for now! Enjoy today. We'll deal with the future when it gets here.

Also, as a side note, be wary of over-exposure under this sky. Wear your sunscreen and slowly adjust to the increase in sunlight and heat. Shelter yourself as necessary. During Sagittarius Sun season, I recommend foods high in Vitamin C to ward off illnesses that occur during that time of year saying “eat your sunshine” BUT did you know that foods rich in vitamin C also help you to absorb iron found in protein? And, we NEED what Iron gives us during this Full Moon. PLUS, it helps alleviate sore muscles that are acquired after lots of physical activity. So, leaning toward foods rich in this during this Full Moon could be helpful as well. But definitely DO NOT overlook the need to remain hydrated through this potential flurry of activity. And, if you find yourself confused, you CAN pray for direction. The Gods/Goddesses are currently listening and responding.