Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 27, 2015

This morning we try to wake up under a Scorpio Moon in trine to Neptune and, potentially, the taste of salt water in our mouths. Well, that's what happens to me when there is a lot of Neptune. Beyond that, sleeping in just feels good. I hope you indulged in that if you could. The day is fairly subtle. It could be fairly introspective and, at times, emotive. But, overall, the mood is sedate. This feeling of sedation is accentuated by the Sun's waxing trine to Neptune, which is due to perfect on Wednesday just prior t our Full Moon.

By 6:07 PM the Moon is in a fortifying sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. This is deep and pushes us to assess those lingering leviathans of our being. We feel deeply. We grieve, if that is the case, deeply. Everything that we experience on an emotional level is felt deeply within our core and everything in our core is felt deeply. This emotional intensity and feeling of forbearance hangs with us for the duration of the day.

On a side note, if you are a gardener, today is the perfect day to plant a second round of something if you need to. For instance, I'm planting a second round of lettuce and harvesting the first. Last night, we transplanted some vines that were getting too much water. Cancer and Scorpio energy is wonderfully fertile and is certainly supportive of nurturing our “children” back to health or bringing dying plants back to life. With the Moon waxing, this is a good time to put new seeds in the ground that will bear fruit of flower above ground. After the Full Moon, while the Moon is still in Capricorn, that's a good time to harvest the plants that produce fruit below ground and subsequently sew a second round of those. In that instance I'm speaking of things like onions, carrots, radishes, etc. The combination of Lunar aspects and the position of the Sun makes today wonderfully fertile. I will also be planting flowers that I expect to bloom in the fall.

It's also a day that is good for being mindful of your irrigation methods. We've gotten a lot of rain in my area lately, so we will be digging small trenches alongside some of our plants to ensure proper drainage. Moon/Pluto energy supports that. And the window for this, right now, is fairly small. It closes when the Moon enters Sagittarius. You don't want to plant at that time. And, then it re-opens for above the ground fruit/flowers as the Moon enters Capricorn and BEFORE it reaches perfection at the Full Moon. After the Full Moon we have opportunities to pay attention to what blooms below ground throughout the duration of the Moon in Capricorn, then again under Moon in Pisces. Then, our last opportunity for planting below comes in under Moon in Taurus.
We've certainly got the influx of water on a personal level as well as coming from the sky. So it may be time to address our own “water” levels and, perhaps, deliberately come up for air from time to time. I've also found our current energy to be rather sexy and alluring. So, if you are trying to get pregnant or you just want to practice, there is plenty of space in today for that. Little Baby Pisceans are being conceived under this sky. Makes sense with all this water, right? The energy is Fertile Myrtle. For sure. You could feel the stirring in your loins as your body responds. Loins. Does anyone even use that word anymore? At any rate, the sensual and sexual magnetism between Cancer and Scorpio is, frankly, ridiculous. Lovely, sensual, beautiful and just WOW.

Today is soft, introspective, fertile, wet and sumptuous. It's not a day for force, but for gentleness and slowly subdued you are moving through water. It's a perfect day for really digging deep and getting in touch with your emotional body, expressing what you find and strengthening intimate bonds. We float more than we power forward. Lots of folks may never even see the Sun today either due to overcast weather or the fact that they never make it out of the bedroom or out of their shells. Tomorrow, things go deeper, get heavier and the intensity grows. Your best bet is to sink into it instead of trying to fight it.

Special announcement from Shock Therapy: This week and perhaps for the next few, I will trying something new on the blog. At this moment, I have several readings in queue. In an effort to better manage my energy and meet these requests in a more timely manner, I will be encompassing an entire weeks of Astrology into one post on Sunday. There will not be a daily post until I can get caught up. I may check in from time to time with a write up on the Full Moon and other major Lunar movements. But, I've not completely made my mind up about that, yet. Once I get a handle on this wonderful influx of work, I will decide if streamlining the posts is something I want to keep doing or if I want to go back to the daily write ups. Your opinion in that matters as well. So, let me know which one works best for you.