Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 13, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Taurus leaving a sextile with Neptune and waxing toward a powerful trine with Pluto (11:38 AM). This aspect is rich and Earthy bringing rejuvenating power to our emotional body along with fortitude, the power of endurance and survival, and depth. It's also very grounding. We could use some of that, I think.

After her trine with Pluto, the Moon moves on to square Jupiter in Leo (6:07 PM). This is followed by a sextile to Chiron (11:09 PM), after which, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini at 1:51 PM on the 14th.
Today is a good day to work diligently at clearing out the fields and preparing them for the next planting—so to speak. It's also a time for fertilization of things that are currently growing. And, yes, I'm talking in metaphors here, but it is also very literal in terms of gardening. However, when you are working with the Universe in regard to gardening, you are reading the current energy in the sky and getting hints about that overlay onto the rest of your life too.

You see, right now, garden vegetables have bloomed and are starting to produce. This is the time in which to feed them enriching nutrients because they need it. It's also time to weed and hoe in an effort to keep unwanted plants from stealing precious nutrients and water from the soil. At the same time, some things in the garden are ready to be harvested that were planted in early spring...peas, onions, etc. That being said, you would also want to prepare those spots for a second planting of either the same or something different. No sense in wasting the garden space. Now. Overlay that onto the rest of your life.
Feed, nurture and protect what is bearing fruit. Weed out what is sucking valuable energy from your life. Harvest from the intentions you planted in early, early spring (particularly in Pisces season) and get ready to use that ground to plant something new at the Gemini New Moon.

The latter holds true, also, if something has recently left your life. This opens space in your life's garden for something new too. Of course, there is mourning associated with that. Under this Moon, we can also feel grief in that regard. Taurus Moon in trine to Pluto can bear that and is geared to endure. Man, are Taurean Moons ever built to endure...with or without Pluto. But, WITH Pluto? Wow. Unfortunately, natives with a Taurus Moon that incurs an aspect from Pluto are given this endurance for a reason...because they are going to need it throughout their life. As a matter of fact, folks that live along the Taurus/Scorpio axis are the load bearing creatures of our Universe. They are phenomenally strong, steadfast and usually very, very loyal once their trust has been earned...not to mention very protective and at times, quite territorial in regard to certain things. I've got several folks that live along this axis in my life and I'm here to tell you they are some tough, steadfast and solid folks. They are the rocks you seek out when you need support. They are the ones that will stand up for you when everyone else is afraid or when you are too weak to stand up for yourself for one reason or another. They are also the one's that will squash you like a bug in light of your betrayal whose potential they probably sniffed out before you ever committed the act.

Bear in mind that all this enduring and steadfast power is here for you to access today. On top of that, we are gifted with the solidness of more fixed energy with the uplifting and expansive square from Moon to Jupiter. The negative end of that aspect's polarity would have us blowing emotional circumstance out of proportion or writhing in fear that there will never be “enough” to sustain us. The positive has us clinging to both our faith in ourselves and whatever higher power we pray too in an effort to push through current circumstance. It enables us to stand strong in light of whatever hardship we are facing and continually push toward potentially better days one diligent and solid step at a time. Dig deep. Find your grit. Tend your garden and allow a stern sense of resolve and a gentle belief in both yourself and in the “powers that be” to support you as you move forward and prepare to begin again. By the way, that “begin again” opportunity comes in under the New Moon that whispers, “Take one giant leap forward.” Get prepared for that.