Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, June 19, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in fiery Leo. Her first and only major aspect within this day is a sextile to Mercury in Gemini at 3:36 PM. This is chatty busy and forward moving. Air mixed with fire has a tendency to be that way. Still yet, there is also a sense of leisure and pleasure wrapped up with the potential chattiness as the Moon is also waxing into a conjunction with Venus that perfects in our deep twilight hours (3:59 AM).

There are some minor lunar aspects sprinkled throughout the day too. The Moon passes in sesquisquare to Chiron 2:55 PM while forming an inconjunct to Neptune at 9:12 PM. This is followed by a semi-sextile to Mars at 1:36 AM. These minor aspects typically make up the subtle nuances of our day. Often, they slip by unnoticed unless you have a personal planet involved.

Overall, though, the day looks pretty good. It is Friday. We gear up for the weekend by touching base with the folks in our circle and discussing leisure plans for the weekend. Some may embark on a short weekend trip or plan an informal friendly get together. The energy is busy and active but not in an overwhelming way. It's filled more with gentle excitement and promise than harshness and emotionality. That sounds pretty nice to me. Enjoy this subtle energy and make plans to be actively engaged tomorrow under a sky that holds the potential for a flurry of event and adventure.