Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo. Overnight, Mars squared off with Neptune. He will hang within orb of this aspect for a few days. So, even though the climax occurred overnight, there is still veiled intent and confused motivation hanging like a curtain over this day. Also, early, early this morning, the Virgo Moon squared off with her backward ruler, Mercury (3:43 AM). Some will wake up wondering if they were just dreaming or if what they remember happening overnight was real. There is a chance for a bit of confusion here. The veil between the worlds of awakening, sleeping and dreaming is very thin as is the veil between the past and the present. Everything is melding and blending in a rather disorienting way. Our emotional body is busy trying to sort things out. But, it's tough.
At 11:36 AM we do find some wherewithal through a trine from the Moon in Virgo to a deeply Earthed Pluto in Capricorn. This can feel stable and rich giving us a bit of opportunity to ground and find our center again. However, whatever is “felt” is felt at our core and emotions flow from the deepest recesses of our soul. It's not horrible. It's just deep and there is a type of “knowing” in the midst of uncertainty that enters our sphere.

By late evening (10:22 PM), though, we are ready to relax a bit with a nice sextile between the Moon in Virgo and Venus in Cancer. It's time to retreat to the home front and indulge in some gentle creature comforts. Late tonight, the Moon opposes Chiron in Pisces before reaching Void status (11:50 PM). She will remain Void for the majority of tomorrow until entering Libra at 5:43 PM. Meanwhile, minds are reeling as Mercury Rx moves in for a conjunction to Mars in Gemini early in the morning (6:37 AM) while both are in square to Neptune. This can produce storms both internally and externally. And, it can all feel greatly confusing.

The meat of this day is solid. But, it still may be difficult to wrap our brains around how time seems to just bend unexpectedly. Plus, minds will be busy as Mercury Rx builds in conjunction to our power supply. There will be plenty of opportunity to rewire and rewind our perspective. We may learn that time and space does give old wounds a chance to repair a bit and allow us to look back into our past and see happenings from new eyes allowing us to heal even more. However, there are some wounds that may be excavated that still seem as raw as when they were first incurred. Be gentle and nurture yourself through that process while remembering you have survived it; you have endured it; you are truly past it now and it cannot hurt you anymore.