Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I've always loved breakfast. Even more than loving breakfast, itself, I've always loved being able to wake up to the smell of someone else making it. It's a rarity these days. I'm the breakfast chef around here. So, it's fairly uncommon to get to wake up to the smell of already brewed coffee (unless I set the alarm on the pot to brew before I get up) and breakfast goodies. However, when I was a kid and would spend the summers with my grandparents, I always woke up to the aroma of breakfast being prepared. It's one of my favorite memories. Plus, my Mom used to make homemade biscuits all the time. When she had cut all the round biscuits she could out of the dough, then, she would take the remaining scraps and make what she called a “monster biscuit.” It was my job to declare what the “monster biscuit” looked like. Some days it was a dragon. Other mornings a turtle. It was always different. Always fun. My mother always encouraged and was subsequently entertained by my imagination. She has a Moon conjunct Neptune that totally “gets” my Pisces Moon square Neptune in that regard.

As I got older, I started waking up before my parents. So, I often made breakfast for them. Ironically, the feeling, for me, was the same whether I was waking up to someone making me breakfast or was creating that inviting aroma for someone else as they woke up. That's just how a Pisces Moon works, I guess. Which reminds me...

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Pisces creating a trine with Venus in Cancer (7:18 AM). Not much will tempt us out of bed...except perhaps the wafting smell of bacon that lures us into the kitchen. But, oh, is this aspect dreamy! The entirety of the day is fairly dreamy (and watery, and emotive, and slippery). It's almost as if we are walking around in a daze. Half awake. Half asleep. Here, but not here as clarity ebbs and wanes. Memories float in only to float away again. A song reminds us of something from long ago and, for a moment, we are there only to turn around an instant later and feel a million miles away from it again.

At 3:05 PM the Moon is conjunct Neptune and we are officially swept away. Shore unseen. At 6:29 PM the Moon squares Mercury in Gemini. Where did the day go? It's dinner time already? How did we get here? Don't bother trying to make sense of it. Don't bother wondering how time moves so slowly one minute only to disappear the next. Don't bother trying to get your ducks in a row. Let them float. By midnight tonight, the Moon is sextile Pluto. We are deeply steeped in our inward selves...deeply...what gems will we find in the depths? The “pull” increases in intensity. Follow it. Feel what you feel. As if you'll have a choice.