Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Sunday, May 10, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aquarius leaving her sextile with her traditional ruler, Saturn, who is currently retrograde in Sagittarius. Today, she trines Mercury at 1:11 PM and opposes Jupiter at 7:52 PM. Then, finally she finds her modern day ruler, Uranus, by sextile at 3:05 AM in the morning.
Sounds innocuous enough. Right?

Surely, on the surface, it does. Yet, when you check the condition of the planets that the Moon makes contact with today, you'll see that there is quite a bit going on beneath that easily discernible surface. Jupiter is inconjunct Pluto. Mercury is in his shadow and still squaring Neptune. So our overly logical Vulcan-like Moon meets with a drunken logic system. Then our collective emotional bodies find themselves at odds with individuality that is currently being rebooted. In that, we are tasked with experimenting with “who we are” making necessary nips and tucks while striving to also find clarity in our current Mercury soup.
Logic is blurred with a purpose right now. Neptune fogs what Saturn will eventually bring to form. Saturn solidifies while Neptune waxes in to show us the gray areas. Well, Mercury is past Saturn. So, we are at a point where what we believed was solid is starting to fray at the edges. In the long trek of Mercury's retrograde in his home sign, we will be called to re-wire our perspective. The Polaroid “snapshot” in time has already been taken. However, this picture does not develop for quite a while. What you see initially is going to look completely different by the time we get through this retrograde period. Right now, we are looking at only the gray while somewhat anxiously awaiting that blob to take form. Forcing the picture to dry before it's time simply is not going to work. We might as well put on our patience pants now while we wait.

I've a feeling that those who appear to be in dominant positions will eventually find themselves on the flip side of that coin while those in subservient positions will be the one's holding the true power in the end. In reality, that's how it goes anyway. A group is only as strong as it's individual members and the ability of that group to meet the demands of the collective. Strength comes in flexibility more so than from the stoic inability to change...which is pretty stressful to our Sun's current position. The ego wants to hold it's ground, you know? An example of this is how we ultimately control the marketplace through our collective consumer power. Is it corporations that hold all the options? Not really. Especially when a large group of people decide to stop feeding that pig. In that, the corporation MUST move toward meeting consumer demand or sink. That's already been proven in our world even if we still have a long way to go. However, it's still a concept to keep at the forefront of your mind today.
Are you so stubborn that you will stand on your ship and let it sink? Hey man, it's your with it what you wish. But, it's much more effective when battling a storm on the open seas to lift your anchor rather than to have it sunk overboard...I'm just saying. I've said it once, I'll say it a million more times, you CANNOT fist fight Neptune. Why? Because Neptune is the higher vibration of Venus and Venus doesn't engage in hand to hand combat. So take that inkling and shoot it up even up instead of closing off while following the flow. Don't completely disregard your value system or your power, either. There is certainly a balance to be struck between standing your ground, expanding your base of wisdom and leaving room for the path ahead of you to expand bringing more options instead of fewer while remembering there is more power in numbers. An effective group can accomplish much more than the strongest man can accomplish all his own.

It's of no coincidence that Venus in Cancer meets Saturn Rx in Sagittarius by inconjunct before the Sun even comes up today (3:02 AM). Our innate ability to hold ourselves on center without having to be constantly hovered over by authority feeds our ability to be supportive and nurturing toward others. In that, we are able to let go of the reins of control we attempt to place upon others out of fear. However, that dynamic works conversely too. If we can't hold ourselves on point, we have little faith that others can do it either. So we cling, manipulate and whine...enable. I know which end of that polarity I'd rather fall on. If you are going to enable, then opt for enabling someone to a point of independence THEN don't be afraid to let them fly or fall...wherever their course trajectory takes them.

On the surface, this day looks alright. But, there is still a veil cast upon what is truly going on. In that, I advise you, again, to rely less on what you know and rely more on what you feel. You may feel, at times, like you are groping around in the dark. In that scenario, you cannot rely on your have to pull from insight and intuition, the inner illumination. That and the ability to bring folks together instead of allowing differing opinions to further push us apart is what brings the true power potential of the day to the surface. Our Lunar body needs for things to make logical sense today. But, there isn't much room for that to happen anytime soon. Release any attachment you have to things making logical sense and opt to rely on your other senses...a higher emotional intelligence and an ability to mix different elements in experimentation, instead. You can pontificate the outcome. But, in truth, you won't know how it will play out until it actually does. It's not your mind that is going to lead you there's your heart. Don't be afraid to follow it. Expect the “standing your ground” vs “working to bring folks together in an effort to foster change” to come to a pinpoint under our Last Quarter Moon tomorrow morning. It will likely be quite dispassionate but it's still occurring, all the same.