Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Monday, May 18, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon entering Gemini (5:28 AM). I really like PEOPLE who have Gemini Moons. However, since I've following and paying attention how the movements of the Moon make me feel, Gemini is one of my least favorite transits...followed by Sagittarius. For me, when the Moon is in either of these signs, it is muddled by my Neptune in Sagittarius and squashed by my Saturn in Gemini. I don't feel muddled by Sagittarian folks and I don't feel squashed by Gemini folks. So, I know there has to be a way to swing these transits more effectively for myself. But, I've not figured it out quite yet. For now, I'm content whining about how it makes me feel though. So, if today's Astrology sounds more dire than you actually experience it, know that it is because the author is probably getting slammed. It happens. Astrologers are human too. We play favorites in regard to energy...or at least I do.

That being said, yesterday I referred to today's Astrology as crappy. I'd like to rephrase that. Today's Astrology is shifty. SHIFTY, I said...which could indicate either a negatively experienced change in circumstance or a positive one. Either way, the way we think about things is due to be re-examined not only today but throughout this Mercury Retrograde. Opinions will shift. Perspectives, minds and outlooks will change. Information held deeply within our selves are likely to revealed and that doesn't necessarily mean that information will be published into the world, but it certainly will become apparent to the individual. I've already made a couple of discoveries about my own self in regard to seeds of thought that were planted within me when I was very young that I've just followed not realizing that they may not be true. Now, these seeds weren't deliberately planted with malintent. They were just seeds who stuck and grew. I have a chance now (and so will you) to re-assess those plantings and decide whether or not I want to incorporate them as personal truths since I now know of them consciously. If I don't want to incorporate them, I'll release them at the Full Moon in Sagittarius. However, if I want to keep them, I'll re-institute them at the New Moon in Gemini. In the meantime, I'm prepared for Mercury's retrograde to bring more of this up for review, not just for me, but for the collective. This isn't the ONLY operation of this retrograde. But, it is one that is VERY apparent to me because the retrograde occurs in my 4th house....roots, foundation...the house that built me. With that in mind, note which house this in your chart the retrograde will take place and prepare to be given opportunity to rewire your thinking about matters that deal with that house. I'll give you a some examples:
1st house: Rewire how you think about yourself, how you engage in activity and initiate, reconsider what motivates you
2nd house: Rewire how you think about and assess your own value, your possessions, money and what is important to you
3rd house: Rethink everything you've ever learned, how you make friends, the way you incorporate information and learn
4th house: see above and also rethink the principles upon which your foundation was built. Rethink your concept of family, home and your idea of the archetype of mother
5th house: Reconsider your idea of fun and play and how you give yourself permission to do so or not, challenge what you believe in regard to areas where you feel like you do not shine
6th house: it's time to reassess how you think about your daily routines, your health and your day to day work and areas in which you may think you are helping. Re-assess how you set your priorities.
7th house: rethink your concepts of “fairness”, “justice” and “balance”. Reconsider your thoughts on relationships and partnering
8th house: Check over your thoughts and beliefs surrounding death, dying, sex and grief. Challenge your idea of what fair energy exchange is along with the proper usage of power. Rethink what it is you think you owe to others and what it is you think they owe you
9th house: reconsider how you feel about the news, politics, religion and sports. Challenge yourself in regard to what you publish to the world and what it is you incorporate as truth and personal belief
10th house: rethink your public image and career aims. Take careful consideration to look over and edit (if found necessary) any plans you have made and challenge yourself in regard to how you think about leadership and reconsider how it is you, personally, lead. Reconsider your archetypes of Father and authority.
11th house: reassess how you think about advances in technology (and your possible reliance on it), reconsider the results of your experimentation and how challenge your idea of “community”
12th house: don't think at all...paint something or let music speak for you. I'm kidding. Reassess how you interpret your dreams, fears and challenge the way you think about concepts such as imprisonment, emptiness, illness, addiction and unconditional love.

Of course there is more to consider during this retrograde than what the house position in your chart has to say. But, that is enough to give you a start. Just know that if Mercury continually aspects a planet or point in your chart, then that planet/point will play a role in the rewiring in one way or another. Also know that whatever point is being affected, it has also been hazed by Neptune (or very soon due to be) and that Saturn will eventually turn direct and assist you in solidifying the rewiring work you are doing now. In that, yeah...things will be confusing at times but it will be brought to form eventually and re-solidified anew.

Did I mention that Mercury officially turns retrograde today? Were you able to infer that? LOL!
As the Moon enters Gemini she also perfects in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius (8:51 AM). Saturn is barely hanging on in Sagittarius getting ready to jump back over into Scorpio for a bit of review himself. We've still got awhile yet before he officially enters Scorpio again. That doesn't occur until June 14 after Mercury is direct again (June 11) and AFTER Neptune turns retrograde (June 12). Mark that week on your calender. There's a HUGE drying up that occurs at that time. Veils are dropped. Illusions are shattered. Questions are answered as Mercury retraces the steps in his shadow.

After we experience the potential heaviness and drag of Moon/Saturn this morning, the Moon moves on to temporarily link up a mutable t-square between Mars, Neptune and Saturn. The Moon, here, acts as a bridge bringing the combination of the energy from these three planets together. Shifty. We may feel scattered, tired or angry for no true discernible reason. Overall, the energy feels frustrating to me. However, the answer lies in practical triage as the missing leg of this mutable mess falls in Virgo. Only problem with that is Mercury is also the ruler of Virgo and he is quivering in his station right now. Triage may call for a re-assessment of priority. The whole set up makes me want to grit my feels grinding, pressured, confusing and overly frustrating to me. And, if you are relying on the masculine energy within you to guide you through this, it will likely feel the same to you. Mars is seriously messed up right now. So is Mercury and the Sun is due to pass through this mess soon too. However, look at the sky and see where our more feminine energies are...Neptune is at home, Venus is very well placed and still within orb of her higher octave. I'm about to tell you to let go of the reigns here and address this energy passively without trying to control or manipulate. Aim for acceptance and rolling with the punches instead. Don't try to think your way through whatever occurs...feel your way through. It is your heart and your stomach that will effectively guide you in this day. Observe more than you act. Float rather than lashing at the current. Let go of your desire to control instead of trying to hang on to it. Listen more than you speak. It's going to be taxing. But, it will be less taxing if you just accept the fact that in life you don't get to call all the shots. Especially not today. It helps, also, to realize that those who are trying to control and call the shots are going to be much more uncomfortable than you today. Save yourself some frustration in that regard. Get comfortable in duality and, when in doubt, look to our current North Node and heed it's call to balance things out.