Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, May 29, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon opposite Uranus in Aries (8:18 PM). That's quite an alarm clock there. But, yes, we are likely to feel like we've been jolted. Either way, this is an opposition where on one side we are inclined to operate in pairs and or teams (Moon in Libra). We need a partner. On the other, we are inclined to act independently, go our own way and do our own thing. There is a bit of a tug of war here that needs to be balanced out. We can be independent and still be in partnership. We can be unique and still be part of a team. It does not have to be either or even if it may feel like it.

From here, the Moon creates a square with her current ruler, Venus in Cancer (4:21 PM). This pits need against want and creates a loose Cardinal t-square between the Moon, Uranus and Venus. The outlet for this pressure lies in Capricorn. We are called to take charge of the situation and make decisions that are best for all a boss...because you are the boss of your own life, right? For example, we may miss the way Momma used to make apple pie but we are stuck with the way our partner makes it. There is compromise to be to be had here and that compromise is likely to occur in with ourselves, in an effort to accommodate relationship or to smooth things over at home. We do this by acting maturely and responsibly. In the pie situation, for example, if you don't like how your partner makes apple pie (Moon in Libra) because it's not how Momma used to make it (Venus in Cancer) then you can always make the pie your damn self (Capricorn). You know? Either way there is conflict here that needs to be assuaged on a personal level. You can say, “I'm fine” all you want but that doesn't make it true.

Personally, I feel that I'm a tough person to strike a deal with so I'm not great at self-compromise. I have a tendency to be an all or nothing type often forgetting about the possibility of a middle ground. Don't repeat my mistakes. Often there is a middle ground if we are willing to be flexible enough to find it. Otherwise, though, this aspect (Moon square Venus) can be uncomfortable. There could be bouts of indecision, procrastination in regard to making a choice and/or denial of what it is we truly need in favor of temporary pleasures or in an effort to accommodate someone else. There may be something we really need but we don't have the funds to purchase it, for example. In that we are called to make executive decisions in regard to matters of finance (Capricorn). There is a myriad of ways this can potentially play out. Momma (Venus in Cancer) may not like our new girlfriend (Moon in Libra). Daddy (Capricorn) tells her to get over it; because, you are a big boy now living your own life and making your own decisions. But, inner compromise and negotiation is the key to wrangling all this effectively. Realize you cannot please everyone all the time and sometimes we are in that group of “everyone” who is not pleased. Such is life. This discomfort, too, shall pass. Patiently iron out the wrinkles, if you can.

From here, the Moon is Void until plunging into Scorpio at 5:34 AM tomorrow. A 12 hour VOC Moon gives us room to rest our higher emotions and deal with whatever is at hand. Meanwhile, Mercury Rx is on his way to a conjunction with the Sun (May 30) just prior to the Sun squaring off with Neptune (May 31). As the Moon enters Scorpio tomorrow, the waters will begin to rise again. And, they begin to rise from the inside. I'm thinking of a car overheating here. Sun, Mercury Rx and Mars all conjunct in Gemini and squaring Neptune looks a lot like that. Don't ask me how I know. Literal Astrology is literal. But, at any rate, the Moon plunges into our deepest emotional recesses and finds that they are hot and threatening to boil over. If not tended to appropriately, there could be quite an expulsion/eruption on hand here. Use this VOC Moon to bring some of those emotions to a low simmer. Take a break from swamping situations and get yourself on center. Purge excess water as the Moon enters Scorpio if you need to but don't try to hold boiling emotions in. Hit your release valve safely. Get them out in a safe way instead of allowing them to explode and boil over hurting yourself and, potentially, others.