Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Thursday, April 23, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Cancer. She passed into the sign overnight, just after midnight ending yesterdays long VOC session. At 5:50 AM, the Moon is in a nice sextile with the Sun in Taurus. This is not the morning to skip breakfast. The Moon is building. We need to be filling our bodies with energizing foods that serve as solid building blocks. Mars and Pluto are now separated in their waning trine by 2 degrees. Soon our source of renewable energy will subside. In the meantime, we need to support our bodies with what is needed.

Between 6 AM and about noon, the Sun and Moon both form an inconjunct with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. As for the Yod, Saturn Rx sits at the apex and is fed by the sextile between the Sun and the Moon. What is being tickled here is our desire to act upon our value system, our ability to self-nurture and nurture others and our ability to be self-regulated. Saturn Rx in Sagittarius should be used as a compass toward our futures here. What are you trying to accomplish (Saturn in Sag)? Does your value system support it (Sun in Taurus)? How will your actions affect others (Cancer Moon)? What is your intuition telling you (Cancer Moon)? That last statement is going to gain in importance as the day moves forward. Much of what happens today is going to be about intuition and feeling. This period of the day, while the Yod is in force, tests how we react to how we feel. Can you hold yourself on center in the midst of a rainstorm? Or, are you going to be one of those folks who takes advantage in a disaster, for example. There is not going to be anyone around to point you in the right direction or dictate your next move to you for this. The decisions you make and their potential consequences are all yours.
The Sun will hold his inconjunct with Saturn for the duration of the day and it will stay in orb for the next few. Knowing your goals will be important. Truthfulness both with yourself and others will be important. Acceptance of the truth is equally important.

Just for fun, let's check out the Sabian Symbol for Saturn's current position. Sagittarius 4: Watched by happy parents, a child takes his first steps. Life's kindliness in creating safe opportunities for growth. Full appreciation of opportunity. Crisis in self-development.
So, let's imagine that scene. Two parents smile down at their small child as he takes his first steps with trepidation. This is a time of pride for the parents. But, if the child falls, they are not going to be angry. They will be there, however, to console him and encourage him to try again. The Sabian indicates that even though the parents are not holding the child's hands while he tries to step forward for the first time, he is still being watched over and protected while also being supported in his efforts. In today's Astrology, our parents are represented by our Sun and Moon placements—which are the luminaries said to represent part of how we formed our personal archetype for Mother and Father to begin with. Now, we are tasked with overlaying those roles onto our own lives and using that gentle guiding energy to support us as we move forward toward our goals. In that, we may stumble in our efforts. But, we are to be good parents to ourselves and be supportive of our own continual efforts to get it right. How we aim to “get it right” draws from our personal value systems, how we feel and, in general, what we need; how we supply ourselves with what we need AND how we act when we may not get exactly what we want. Conversely, all that feeds the way in which we decide to engage in our future and how we decide to move forward with building it. We may assess past mistakes (or missteps) and in that, we are called to be a good parent to ourselves while also maintaining the optimism and enthusiasm of a child who is willing to give it another go.

After the Moon's leg of the Yod wanes, she meets Neptune by trine at 5:24 PM. The intuitive and emotional bodies are very active by this point. The imagination is also kicking. Be sure not to let your imagination run over into paranoia with Mercury still in orb of Pluto. Don't be surprised if tears accompany this. This aspect is very sensitive and dreamy. However, it is not harsh. To be honest, it reminds me a little of what it feels like sometimes when my hormone levels are really high. Sometimes, I will cry over what later seems like a silly thing...a TV commercial or a Hallmark card, for example. At those times, tears don't come because I'm sad, necessarily...but more so because I am feeling everything so acutely. Overwhelming feelings of love can produce tears. So can anger. So can happiness and joy. Either way, continue being a good parent to yourself and be alert to what you are exposing yourself too. If you want to feel good, for heaven's sake, don't turn on the news. You know? If you want to be depressed, well, CNBC and FOX News run all day giving you that opportunity. I'd advise pulling yourself away from all that under this trine. Give yourself some space to accommodate your emotions. Do what makes you feel better, not worse. Take a nap. Get some alone time. Pray. Meditate. Relax with a glass of wine after dinner. Soothe your emotional body with music. Soak in a luxurious bath and pamper yourself a bit. You deserve this.

Tomorrow is pressurized with the Moon bouncing off Uranus and Pluto by harsh aspect in the early morning. Be sure to gift yourself with plenty of rest. There is really a reason why parents give kids a bedtime. Without proper rest, children are grumpy and less focused. You do not want to enter Friday like that.